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on 11 August 2014
The authoring of all three discs in this Blu-ray set is appalling.

There is no main menu on any of them and no way to select a particular episode to watch. The first episode on each disc plays automatically when the disc is inserted into the player. The only way to get to later episodes, other than to let them play through in sequence, is to advance through each chapter, one at a time, until the desired episode is reached.

The worst example of how bad this is is found on disc three. Episode 7, the first on the disc, plays automatically when the disc in inserted into the player. When that episode finishes, playback does not progress to Episode 8 as you would expect, but instead plays an introduction to a special extended version of Episode 7 and then the unfinished extended version itself. The only way to get to Episode 8 without watching through this extended repeat of Episode 7 is to advance through all the chapters of it, again, one at a time. Extremely annoying and disruptive to the flow of the story.

If there is a way to directly access episodes, it is well hidden.

Otherwise, technically the discs are much better. The picture quality is generally very good, with high levels of detail, pleasing colour and deep blacks. A lossless soundtrack is not included, but the Dolby 5.1 audio provided does a good job nonetheless.
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on 22 February 2015
Lena Headey is one of many British actors who convincingly adopt an American accent when featuring in a US of A drama. So good it is you'd never guess she was from over here.
She stars as Sarah Conner, along with a strong supporting cast. Cameron, an advanced robot in human form, sent to protect John Connor from a multitude of others from present and future, is convincing, as is Connor himself.
I found myself hooked, and watched all episodes in season 1 in a couple of weeks, which is unusual for busy old me!
Season 2 beckons....
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on 6 December 2013
Very good series. I thought it would be a bit cheesy, but it was pretty good. Although, some of the stories are a bit cheesy as well as repetitive, but overall it is worth enjoying. Although this is the review for the first season, the second is was getting better. A shame it was cancelled, as the plot became interesting. However, i would not say the series is a "must see", it is worth watching - especially if you like scifi. I must admit that my review is lame at best, with no details or explanation, with more a "take my word for it" than anything else, rather than write an informed opinion.
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on 24 April 2009
AMAZING!! I have to admit..it's a blast! I'm really hooked to this series, now I'm so looking forward to watch the entire 2nd series (even if, to whet the apetite, I've already searched for pieces of the new episodes & more on the net, of course...)because it's just getting better and better! (someone,on an internet blog, once said it was close to the awesomeness of Battlestar Galactica series,but I can't compare because I don't know this other one).

Mainly I'm a fan of fantasy & sci-fiction stories, from Dark Angel and Star Wars to darker ones like Hex or Supernatural, so I'm glad to follow this new one, that has a link to the Terminator movies of my childhood too.
Plus I'm bored to watch series all set in closed space-ships with people with funny costumes (sorry Star Trekkers..it's not my cup of tea!)I prefer something more challenging,so to speak,like TSCC.

Plus Terminator 4 movie is coming out on theatres in this period, starring Christian Bale, let's hope this could bring a larger base of fans to our fav show too! (I really hope that, fingers crossed, if, no matter what, it didn't make to come out of its tv viewers crisis, not critics'! Due to the tv-schedule problems and stuff like that, it could at least move on another more specific american network: like Sci-fi or the other cable ones...'cause I desperately want to see a proper ending to this fabulous series!! :'( )

Ok, back to the specific story now: let me just tell you that this plot begins few years after Termiator 2 movie ended, (then the events of the film T3, which I didn't like, are supposed to be happened in another timeline, so no problem to understand it) the heroine is as usual the tough mummy Sarah Connor and the wannabe "emo"hero is John, her son.

Soon they are reached by a teenage cyborg, Cameron (a tribute to director James Cameron, of course, by Friedman, the writer of TSCC ;-P): she claimed to come from a not-so-distant future, where the war of the machines against humanity, guided by the most advanced A.I.,called Skynet, is burst.
She will be the good terminator, bodygard protector of young John, sent directly from the future John, to stop the creation of Skynet and prevent the next fatal war: therefore Cameron forces mother and son to jump over another couple of years to save them and succeed in doing the mission, so we find our story settled in the present time....

But is she really all-goody? Because she seems to be ambiguous about more than one thing. Is she "more"than an average cyborg indeed: she said at one point of the story,'cause she is different, perhaps so unique to have developed the ability to have/simulate feelings...John is almost in love with her, even if it sounds crazy, but could her be fully trusted?!
I leave you with the doubt...
And she's not the only one to have secrets and problems of course! ;-)
Naturally there will be other characters and flashbacks / forwards, to show the development of the story: like for example the bad terminator, whose mission is to kill John, and his uncle Derek, brother of Kylie Reeves (John's father come from the future in Terminator1, initially to save Sarah).

Actors are perfect for their roles,(british Lena Headey alias Sarah, was in 300, Summer Glau who plays Cameron, was in Firefly series and Serenity, Thomas Dekker/ John in Heroes series) plus the story in general is smart, sensitive, deeper in meaning compared to the films: it gives the room "to breathe", to develop the franchising of the Terminator world.

The special effects are of course linked to the budget of a tv-show, but a very good one indeed! Of course if you're just looking for the special effects go directly to see a major action film, but even here you won't be disappointed.

It is a funny bumpy ride, full of questions ( some still unanswered in the finale of the 2nd season) and new directions to folllow; there's mistery, philosopy even religion in it! You can easily read the plot on multiple levels, there's something for everyone, and even rewatching it, you will find something you've missed out the first time.

Besides there's a nice selection of evocative music in the background, the last episode of the (unluckily too short ) 1st season for example, has a great song from the epic Johnny Cash, and in the 2nd season even the Garbage music, represented in the person of the singer herself, who plays the part of a shady liquid antagonist terminator...but is she really what she looks like? To answer this you will have to watch the next season...

Until then, just purchase this first season of TSCC and really enjoy it!! Bye-bye
(NB_european format of the box set has just deleted scenes for extra, too bad! Instead the american version has got a lot more, commentaries, interviews, etc..what a pity).
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on 23 July 2009
Very, very fast Shipment by Amazon! Impressive!

The Price is unbeatable, even less expensive than the DVD-version down here in Switzerland, including shipment and everything!

Yesterday I started watching and already have seen the first two episodes. I guess, the fact, that I'll be through with Episode 6 or 7 tonite says a lot about how I like this Series!!!

Summer Glau is absolutely stunning! She's not my type of girl but I'm sure, I could not stop staring at her, when I saw her on the street.. She's got an amazing Charisma!
John and Sarah are also very well casts and I'm very looking forward to watch the rest of the Series and I already preordered Sesaon two.

it's sad, they don't go on, with that!

To the Blu-Ray:
Picture Quality is not top of the arts (compared to Movies like "the Dark Knight") but I'd give it a 4 out of 5 stars, because the overall is very sharp and the colors are perfect. (I've got to admitt, that I even like the bright orange of CSI:miami, so this does not count that much :D )
Sound Quality is very clean and nice, but for me there's missing a lot of BASS and Surround Effects!
Of course, it is a TV production, for 2 channel Setups, but that doesn't count!

The Bonus content seems to be "complete" to spend another few hours with watching.

Overall I can say:
First Series I've ever bought and I don't regret it at all!

ps: I love that scene, with the Diamond in Episode two..
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on 12 March 2009
This series follows on almost directly from the second film and while remaining faithful to all the films it also builds on many of the ideas and elements. (E.g, you get to see the captured time-displacement technology, you see how the rebels operate, there's an old 'rubber' terminator as mentioned in the first film, there are different terminators with different missions and specifications, e.t.c).

The dialogue and scripts are excellent - you can go from the films direct to the series as the spoken word of the characters is identical with the characters spot-on.
Although the actors are quite dissimilar to the appearance of the movie actors the performances are very convincing (I thought Sarah Connor was particularly good).

As you'd expect with a series there's some good character development and some welcome humour - usually concerning the 'goodie' terminator.

At first I was a little unsure of a young female terminator (possibly this is to boost ratings and appeal to the male audience ?!) but to be fair I think this works well and makes sense as she can pose as John Connors sister and accompany him everywhere.

The only bad points as I see them, are firstly the budget restraints. (In a 'flashback' episode to the future terminator skeletons are seen from a distance pulling something along when it would have been nice to see more of them and see more action and effects in general).
There did not seem to be many episodes in the first season, though possibly because I enjoyed each one there didn't seem to be enough.
Also - and this may just me - is it realistic that a young teenage boy suddenly given an attractive female terminator (who likes wearing no clothes initially) and who has to obey his commands is never once tempted to `explore the relationship further' - shall we say ??

That all been said, I don't think anyone who is a fan of the films would be disappointed with this series. Its very good !!
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on 4 April 2011
I am a fan of the Terminator movies. I had heard of this series but thought it would be a let down after the movies, however after reading many good reviews I thought I'd give the series a try and I am very pleased that I did.

I had wondered how good Terminator vs bad Terminator could be brought to a television series, however the new slant in the series is that Sarah and John Connor try to stop Skynet ever being created and the show follows their progress with this. It has some interesting developments along the way, whilst still staying true to the first two movies, and fans of the films should appreciate name dropping of characters from the original movies.

All in all, I very much enjoyed this 9 episode (40 mins each) series and I have already ordered the second season.
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on 13 June 2017
This is better than the entire Terminator movie series, the plot is ridiculous just like film's plot is, but there is tons of action and it's a fast-paced TV series.
review image
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on 29 March 2011
The Story
The Sarah Conner chronicles follows on from the terminator 2 storyline. It changes where instead of Sarah dies from cancer before judgement day she is still alive due to a time jump into the future. Thus the story is focused on Sarah and John in their mission to stop judgement day whilst trying to keep John alive. What makes this story interesting though is the development of John as a teenager and his preparation into becoming the leader that he is destined to be while Sarah is battling to change his destiny whilst trying to delay hers with her battle with cancer.

John's development takes a twist though as the terminator assigned to guard him changes his decisions in the future due to his increasing closer relationship in that terminator. This is counter balanced by a new character introduced as his uncle who tries to remind John that the machines are the enemy.

This show deserves to be apart of the terminator franchise. (minus the third and last terminator films which I felt they could have done better)

The Cast
I loved the cast. It was a very good choice since they played their parts so well.

Sarah Conner is played by Lena Heady (the actress who plays Leonidas' wife from 300). I felt that she did a very good job being Sarah as the benchmark was already set high by Linda Hamilton in the films. She is tough and she will do anything for John whilst also trying to prepare a teenager John for the future.

Thomas Dekker plays John Conner and he does a good job. John is still in his teens and he is vulnerable to influence from different role models from his uncle and from his mother. Cameron adds to this conflict as she knows future John very well.

The assigned protecting terminator named Cameron Phillips is Summer Glau (River from Firefly) is not only HOT but she plays a very unique and convincing terminator. The terminator role was written for her and it was a great choice as it plays on the typical alpha male protecting. She does a great job in portraying a terminator trying to understand humans and tries to emulate one as close as possible.

Brian Austin Green plays an entirely new character (Derek Reese) introduced for the series as John's uncle. John's uncle has been living in the hell post judgement day and as a freedom fighter sent back he constantly reminds John of the suffering the people in the future experience everyday from the terror of the machines.

Richard T. Jones plays Agent James Ellison who is with the FBI trying to catch Sarah for blowing up Cyberdyne systems. He is an interesting character as he is an external observer to what is happening to the Conners and pieces together the story but is unable to accept the evidence due to his faith in his God.

The series
The script is great and there are a lot of emotional scenes which shows the human side but also there are many scenes that show Sarah's love for her son. The music is terrifying when the terminator sound comes on whilst also achieving a emotional response in scenes of beauty or hardship. The action scenes are a nice touch with stunts that looked convincing as it was really done most of the time. The CGI is of a very good quality and something you wouldn't expect from a series. The writers also inserted some jokes which work as the terminator or actors/actresses pull it off really well (more about this in my fav lines/scenes section).

About the Blu-ray
Picture quality is great, the bandwidth for normal scenes is around 20Mbps. Sound is output for dolby digital 5.1 at 48khz is around 640kbps. In other words it is fine for a series but not Dolby TrueHD or DTS-MA quality like in some films.

The Blu-ray that you get contains a blu-ray box with a cardboard sleeve. Three discs are included with pictures of the cast on them. The extras give an extra dimension and time to viewing the series which I thoroughly enjoyed as a fan of the series.

Sci-fi guest stars I noticed in this season
Jaffa master Bra'tac from stargate SG-1 as an old ally of Sarah
Zoey Graystone from Caprica as a suicidal student
Sam Adama from Caprica as a cop

Personal favourite lines/scene
"Class dismissed" - Cromatie exiting the classroom
"Much better... when you wear clothes... much better" -Sarah after noting Cameron walking around the house with no clothes
"It's freaking big"- Cameron describing the graffiti
"You've reached the future leader of mankind"- John making a voice mail account
"You mean this news could've waited..."- Derek in the shower disrupted by Sarah

I would highly recommend Terminator: The Sarah Conner chronicles for those who enjoy the terminator franchise, those who enjoy action, those who enjoy a solid script and acting and those who enjoy sci-fi. Enjoy your copy.
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on 13 December 2015
Great entertainment. Worth watching both seasons on prime but I'm not sure I can whole heartedly recommend buying this due to the awful low budget ending? It's a shame because this could have been great. Summer Glau is amazing, plus, if you like G.O.T. then you might enjoy watching Cersei in this one.?
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