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on 10 October 2008
Received my Flip today (1 day late, but Royal Mail's fault, NOT Amazon's)

I have been looking round for a digital camcorder, some over £100. As I didn't want to spend a lot I saw this one and heard good things about it.
Good things I can agree with.

Came in a nice stylish box (first impressions are important to me), and lifts out nicely with the Flip on top and underneath you get x2 AA batteries, video cable, pouch, cord and manuals etc.

Batteries easily go in the front panel by unlocking it from the bottom and sliding the front down.
Once the batteries are in, it's ready to go! Switch it on from the side, set the date, and then hit record!
Plug it in via USB, installs in a few seconds and you can access all your video files just like you would browse a USB drive or any other memory card.
You can then either copy, edit, burn your files.

The quality I was impressed with. As it uses DivX it does have a SMALL amount of artifacts in the video, but not enough to put you off.
I was very impressed with how it handles different lighting conditions, from going dark to light etc.

Overall, it's a great piece of kit. SO easy to use, no annoying menus, just easy press buttons which do what they say!
Cannot fault this superb piece of kit.

If they bring out one that holds more footage(I know they have the Mino, but it doesn't hold more) I will most likely buy it.
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on 27 January 2011
The Flip camera is one of the best camcorders out there at the moment and this basic model is just as good, although if you can, I would pay a few pound extra for the HD Flip Camera as this has more video time and a rechargeable battery too and not to mention HD quality video playback.

But even this basic flip camera is ideal for anyone wanting to try out a small easy to use camcorder whether it's to upload videos to YouTube or to just create some personal family videos, the only draw back is to keep replacing with new batteries, ut make sure you use quality batteries like Duracell as some cheaper batteries won't last long.

A great handheld and cool camcorder, about the size of a mobile phone.

I use mine for creating videos for YouTube and I find they are ideal for making tutorials and even just you talking on them, the Flip has a built in microphone which is ok, but I would possibly buy a sound recorder and try and sync it with your video in some kind of video creation software.

But not bad for the price!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 29 January 2009
Besides agreeing with all the other favourable reviews here, I've nothing more to add about this great little device, except to say that if you're one of the ever growing number of Linux users and wondering if this gizmo will work with your computer, the answer is yes, it will.

The on-board *software* will (of course!) only run on your computer if you're connected to a Windows or Mac machine, but I was delighted to discover that when you plug it into your linux setup, you'll be able to see the camera's contents in a folder, just like any USB hard-drive, thumb-drive, etc.

Just ignore the software you'll see there, and click the Dcim folder - this will take you to your videos, and you can drag and drop them into your computer in the usual manner.

I've tried it on Ubuntu and Arch Linux with no problems whatsoever.

Great little camera!
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on 5 April 2009
I first read about this product in the Sunday papers and it was given a good review, "doing what it said on the box"
The unit is compact and easy to hold, takes "AA" batteries available worldwide which I am still using one month later.used it outdoors and indoors and found it excellent for what it is, even giving a good picture inside a hall with only the DJ lights on!
Easy to use but not so easy to upload to the computer, you must have a computer running above 2Meg, one of mine runs at 1.8Meg and it will not work with it! some operations are fiddly when editing and it takes for ever to upload to the computer or when converting for Emailing.
Good points:easy to use,runs on easy to obtain batteries ,small compact size.
Bad points: fiddly software.
Pete (63 years old)
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on 7 October 2008
This item arrived yesterday---very quick postage and very well packed. I immediately tried it out and made a 3/4 hour video. I used the inbuilt Flip software to download the three video clips onto my intel imac. Everything worked perfectly and after download I transferred the .AV1 files (which were stored in the documents folder on my imacs hard drive) into apple imovie 6 HD. I then edited the clips before burning the resulting composite movie to DVD disc (using apple idvd). The image resolution was good--in fact almost as good as I had obtained previously using a much more expensive camcorder. The video had been taken in indifferent lighting indoors, but the resulting images were clear crisp and showed fine colour. The background sounds and conversations were recorded faithfully. I particularly liked the simple operation and the portability of this Flip device. However the supplied batteries ran down after about an hour of use. In future I will use rechargeble AA batteries and make sure I have a spare pair handy if the charge runs out. I am well pleased with this "toy" which seems to give such good results. I am sorry that I missed out on the latest price reduction of £10 butI still think this Flip very good value at the price I paid.
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on 22 April 2009
Fits in the pocket easily and works when you want it. The LCD is difficult to see in sunlight but that's not unexpected. Battery life is longer than expected. (Still working so I don't know how long yet but more than an hour!) Links up to my Apple Mac without a problem. Video quality perfectly acceptable for "holiday movie" clips.

Later (free) software update makes it much easier to upload movies direct to You-Tube. Some months after buying, I'm very happy with this product. The only drawback is the LCD screen, which is really difficult to see in bright sunlight. I'll have to make a hood.
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on 10 January 2010
I read the reviews and decided to give it a go as I wanted to replace my bulky camcorder and have 3 young children.
The great things about it is that it's not much bigger than a mobile phone so can quite happily fit in your bag on any day trip without taking up much room and can be whipped out at a moments notice. It's discreet so the self concious amoungst us neednt feel embarrassed. There's only a a few buttons, play, stop, zoom in/out, delete. It's really simple to use. I didnt even need to read the manual that it came with. It's plugs directly into the pc and away you go.

Now the downside. These may or maynot bother you depending on what you are looking for in a image recorder. My main complaint is that for example when I'm filming the children's assemblies what I liked about the regular camcorder is that you can pause/stop the film and when you restart it its continuous footage. On the Flip there is no pause and everytime you press stop, that's it, to restart opens a new video.
The zoom isnt so great so it becomes fuzzy unless you are up relatively close. I agreed with reviews that said their digital camera does exactly the same thing. This is no different than the video function on any digital camera and as such I dont always remember to take the Flip out with me because I can do the same whilst also taking photos.
Whilst this is a great little machine, I dont think I'd buy it again. You can buy cheap enough regular camcorders and my digital camera gets more use.
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on 23 December 2008
This is fantastic, just what we wanted to catch those fab moments with the kids as it can be turned on so fast (as opposed to finding the cam corder & checking the tape is OK etc).

This is turn on, press record, press record again to stop, plug into USB socket and download.

It really is that easy & quality is the same as the video on a Canon Powershot S3 which costs 3 times as much. We also used it on the eldests christmas concert and the quality is good enough to watch on a 36 inch TV without loss of quality.
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on 15 February 2009
I'm now at the age where technology develops faster than my declining brain, so I was delighted to find something so easy and understandable!
As someone said earlier, 2 minutes out of the box and I was up and running - why can't other bits of technology be made this simple? It's my first camcorder, so I can't offer any comparison, but it certainly does the business for my simple needs.
I'm delighted with it - I hope it lasts, but at this price I'd just buy another one if anything went wrong!!
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on 11 June 2009
As above this is a superb product. It does just what it says it will. The reproduction of the video on the computer is as good as some of the cam corders costing 3 times as much. It is very handy slips in the pocket easily and is little noticed by others when it is being used. Only one drawback is that it gives no warming of low batteries so always carry spares with you but there is no loss when these are changed. No matter where you go this little unit can go with you and produce unbelievable results.
I first read about how popular this product in the States and none of the reports were wrong.

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