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4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 15 December 2008
Primal, brutal, powerful reads the tagline on the promotional sticker on Soulfly's latest album and no three words could better encapsulate the sheer intensity and impact of this album. Soulfly's `Conquer' fully captures the zeitgeist of extreme music in 2008. How spoilt we are when Max only four short months ago, delivered the re-union we all had been waiting for with Cavalera Conspiracy and the brilliant `Inflikted' album. Thrash metal has made a resurgence of sorts this year and we have seen excellent albums released by the likes of Testament, Death Angel, Metallica, Gojira, Destruction and Machine Head. Listening to Conquer, for me anyway, takes me back to the glory years between Beneath the Remains and Roots.

That is not to say that Max has totally disregarded his fondness for world music wanderings and tribal soundscapes on Soulfly albums. But somehow the few that are contained on this album complement the songs rather than distract the listener from the thunderous aggression of Soulfly's delivery. This is an album for today's world. Its lyrics are as politically relevant as its vision is apocalyptic. The pleasing thing about this album is that no two songs are the same. While Max's lyrics are still simple and at times childlike, he has still managed to create some solid new anthems for 2008. If, like me you were wondering whether to shell out the cash in the hope that Max would return to the heaviness and aggression of his Sepultura days then wonder no more. Conquer is a mighty return to form and is a soundtrack to the warfare and uncertainty of the world we live in today. In 2008 Max Cavalera is back doing what he does best. PRIMAL BRUTAL POWERFUL. Indeed.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 28 September 2008
Soulfly didn't get enough respect when they arrived back around the turn of the century, people viewed them as a side-project and just wished founder Max Cavelera would re-join his old band Sepultura. People also didn't care for Soulfly's revolving door approach to band line up, and cared even less for their frequent guest appearances.

The bands undeniable talent slowly won over more and more fans with each release, and the band also became more focused and heavier with each release and after the bands fifth album 'Dark Ages,' the public finally treated the band with the respect they deserved.

Soulfly chose to continue on the formula with Conquer, they changed very little at all and kept guest appearances to a minimum. The style of the album is very similar to 'Dark Ages,' with more Thrash Metal tenancies, a few more of the brief Death Metal moments, but all of the catchy choruses and interesting guitar solos that made the band famous in the first place were still present, but with less of the 'tribal,' sound that some people found off putting. Conquer, more so than any other Soulfly record is just straight up metal with no messing around.

Beyond the history of the band and style of the album, any record needs to be judged in terms of the actual quality. Usually Soulfly albums start of strong but tail off towards the end, but that simply doesn't happen here, the album is good from start to finish.

The production is excellent, the lyrics have stayed at the same level they always have, the artwork is fantastic and the music is the strongest its ever been, the band really benefited from keeping the same line-up form the previous album. Mark Rizzo in particular shine on this release, filling the disk with virtuoso playing and a bouncy enthusiasm. The albums greatest strengths are ironically its greatest failings however, as the only negative point is that the album can feel a little samey, with no real variety or stand out moments.

Despite that flaw, for those who have written Soulfly off 'Conquer,' is the perfect album with which to win them back over, and for those who already love Soulfly this album is still going to be the best album in your collection.
Highly Recommended.
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on 11 August 2008
All hail the king, baby. Max is back. When people thought this album's predecessor 'Dark Ages' was a return to form since their self titled debut, they were wrong. This is definitely the new king of the hill as far as Soulfly albums go. With less experimental breaks and more heavy, thrash and a bit more heavy, this is a must!!

Stand out tracks are 'Conquer', 'For Those About to Rot' and opener 'Blood Fire War Hate' it is relentless, classic Soulfly from start to finish.

Bring on their Bloodstock and mini tour next week, I sure as hell can't wait.
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on 24 August 2014
This for me is one of the best Soulfly albums you can own. It's full of brutal heavy songs like 'Unleash', 'Rough', 'Doom', Blood fire war hate' that would fit nicely into any Soulfly setlist. It is a great record full of intensity, rage, and anger. Gone are the influences of nu metal and religious themes from their early releases and in comes the violence and energy of thrash, groove and death metal! In a word awesome! Check it out if you are reading this man! You tube 'Unleash' and see for yourself!
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on 18 August 2014
I was wondering when an album in the metal genre would bring back a thrash/metal/melodic to brutal riffidge with grooves we all love to hear. And this was it. Nothing lazy and uninspiring about this one. Shame Max didn't keep this theme going. Savages is miles off this sadly. Least I got this to fall back on when needing a pure metal mayhem adrenaline hit. Well done Max and co.
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on 28 July 2008
The new album from soulfly is exactly what i expected from Max an album full of metal that most new bands would kill to be half as good as.

This follows the Dark Age blueprint more than any other album he has released since sepultura, it's heavy dark and does not feature to may guests the first guest features on the first track Dave Vincent of morbid angel and this track starts you in the right way all you want to do is head bang the next 6 tracks follow with brutality then you hit doom which is one of Max's more experimental songs the albums the next two songs kick ass and the last song is the now familiar self titled instumental.

the three bouns tracks are good the first two being a mellow vibe the last being the marilyn manson cover which is a more raw version of the song not as studio polished as the original. and you get a good live concert.

What you all want to know is if i liked sepultura will i like this well the answer is YES IT IS THRASHY AND HEAVY BUY IT.
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on 29 July 2008
Soulfly are more than just a metal band, it's got to be said. This album is thrashier, heavier and more brutal!
The pinpoint of the album for me is Unleash. Heavy guitars, Max's vocals raw and edgy, fast and definitely a song to bang your head to.
About half way during the song, the rhythm changes as well as the feel for the music (instrumentation mainly). A key feature you could say of Soulfly is they experiment with "world music" as a whole - something which I love by the way! Experimental metal music? It could be. This song is a prime example of the fact that the band explore and definitely experiment with world music (perhaps from their own background).

Also check out Doom!

A must have album for any metal fan. The best album Soulfly have released in my eyes.
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on 6 August 2008
Wow. That is the first thing that I think of when faced with the new soulfly album. I am stunned by how awesome it is and by just how much I love it. It's classic Soulfly but with a totally inspired, fresh, in-your-face sound. It's got the expected tribal feel to it coupled with fabulously raw metal. My personal favourite tracks are Warmageddon and Unleash - really good tracks and great for moshing along to!

make sure you pick up the Special Edition package which has the Bonus tracks and a lovely little DVD for our viewing pleasure. Well worth a dozen quid!
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on 28 July 2008
Soulflys latest offering is refreshingly loud,eavy and brutal who needs a paint stripper when i can play this up to volume 11 and sit back and watch it fan the flames of destruction its such a riff and drum tearing album with no other than Max supplying his throat shredding vocals to tracks like "Warmageddon" etc the sort of album to take into battle!
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on 13 December 2008
This is agreat recording,heavier than their last album,Dark Ages,but just as good.I got the side project Max was involved in a few years back,Nailbomb.And this album reminds me of this.Each track is excellant and the album never tails off,which I find with most Soulfly albums.
Buy it and you won't be disapointed.
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