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on 17 June 2008
Got this CD yesterday and I have to say this album for me is the best i've heard so far this year. I've been a fan of The Music since I heard 'Take the long road and walk it' back in 2002 and immediately purchased their debut which I found to a top record.
It's been four years since the last album was released and it has been well worth the wait. The overall feel of the album is that it has a more dance orientated feel to it then the previous two albums, though the indie sound is still there. All the tracks are amazing, though the stand out one's are strength in numbers, the spike, the left side, get through it, vision, the last one and cold blooded. I hope this album will do well cos the band really deserve it on this effort, the last album was under recognised which was a disappointment. Buy this album because you will not be disappointed at all. Five stars for sure.
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on 27 May 2009
Summary: starts and finishes very well, but overall fails to satisfy.

The Music won me over with two great albums. They are a great band, and I still look forward to their next release, albeit more cautiously following this one.

Basically the formulaic pounding drum approach gets very tiresome on this album. Anthemic tracks like 'No weapon sharper than a will' sound great live, but on the album they sound about as rock and roll as Terry Wogan. The whole album sounds over produced - very studioey. Listen to this album and then listen to Welcome to the North (produced by producer Brendan O'Brien of Pearl Jam fame) or the fizzing debut album and you immediately hear the difference. Stylistically, the psychedelia is all but gone, shoved out of the way by the pop/rock song rulebook - beat, riff, loop, sing, chorus. Its almost as if the band were under a short leash having got back their record deal, and were afraid to do anything that might scare away any new fans. The emotional connection to this record is very weak, whereas some tracks on Welcome to the North stir something inside me. There are some tracks on here that are catchy but don't really go anywhere or give anything beyond par - otherwise known as filler; 'Vision', 'The Last One', 'Cold Blooded'. Others are just embarassing for a band of this quality, namely; 'The Spike' 'Idle' and 'The Left Side'.

For those fans of the old albums who are reading this and getting depressed, its not all bad news. The pounding title track is very good. 'Drugs' has a good chorus, with Robert Harvey putting in some great impassioned vocals (even though at the start it sounds rubbish), and 'Fire' gets through on sheer energy, despite the producer's best efforts to tame it. The album is also worth getting hold of to hear the hidden song after 'Inconceivable Odds' (which is itself a good song). Very similar to the hidden track after 'Open your Mind' on Welcome to the North, and completely different to the rest of this album, it will blow you away when played very loud on some reasonably decent speakers. And take my word for it, they are still MINT live.
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on 12 September 2008
Whether you've bought The Music albums all at once (for about £15 for all 3 on Amazon at the moment) or waited anxiously for their release there is no denying this is a QUALITY album. The 2 star review below shocked me. This is the band back to their best. The 2 star review mentioned a drum machine - dont think so - they just have a drummer who is like a metronome... saw them live in Leeds and he was beat perfect from start to finish. Check them out on one of the online video sites if you must - but for £5 this album is a steal. Also the review below mentions Level42? Don't get that reference at all - the boys have taken it to another level with this album though.... :)
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on 13 July 2008
Agree with every review posted so far.

This band are amazing, I've liked all there previous songs but this is the First album I bought from them and it is quality stuff, I will now br buying all the other ones to catch up.

I cant believe this band dont get the recognition they deserve, they are awesome. Buy this album, you will not be dissapointed!!!
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on 12 June 2008
`Strength in Numbers' sees The Music return to the scene after having not released anything for 3 years. The single shows that despite their absence, they have not forgotton how to play their instruments. `Strength' is an absolute beast of a song. The guitar riff will go right through you, forcing you to move. It has that upbeat, feel good, positive vibe which is ever apparent through all the bands songs which now has got to a point where it is even more focused and better than ever. This sentiment is re-enforced further with the b-sides; `Symbol of Hope', `What am I' and `Traps'. I have not even heard the album yet, but going by the standard of these tracks, and for them to end up as b-sides; shows that quality control is as high as ever in the land of The Music. Especially `Symbol of Hope' which in my opinion is actually better than the single itself!

Amen, The Music are back.
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on 21 June 2008
This is my first review on amazon, i don't normally bother reviewing stuff but for this album i had to write this review, The Music are back and god knows why these guys have not hit it big yet, the album has the dance and rock grooves the music do so well, i don't dislike one song on this album, there all brilliant.

my top 5

4.Inconceivable Odds/Danger
5.Cold Blooded

If your a fan of The Music, you must add this album to your collection.
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on 30 July 2008
A great album from The Music which shows a development in their sound, bringing to the fore the dance elements that were present in their previous albums. Rob Harvey uses his voice in more ways on this album rather than going all out all the way through, and there are less juggernaut type anthems on here, however the new style is no less effective in creating their euphoric club rock.

The Japanese Special Edition is hugely recommended as all of the bonus tracks are well worthy of a place in the original release, and it is hard to understand why they didn't put them on.

To really understand how good this album, and all of The Music's songs are, then you have to see them live. You won't regret it!
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on 27 August 2008
I loved the first two albums by the Music but have got to say this is a big disapointment. They have ditched the rock/dance sound for a Level 42/dance sound and on most of the tracks they are using a drum machine which for me just doesn't work. As a result they have lost a lot of the energy from their previous recordings. The best song on the album is the hidden track...which isn't a good sign.
I'd recomend that you listen to a few tracks off the album first before buying as it's quite different from their previous outings.
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