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4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 3 January 2009
This is the man who made me love Stratocaster guitars, much more influential for me than Clapton, or other exhibitionists. There is something which makes him special to my eyes: he was a normal fellow. Seeing him on stage, with his lumberjack shirt, his jeans, just bass and drums (go for The Complete Rockpalast Collection Rory Gallagher - The Complete Rockpalast Collection), is quite a revelation.
He is the blues, and he should get much more attention that what he really gets.
In this five CD collection you get a very good impression of what he sounded like: from blues, to rhythm and blues, thru folk... and most of the time you can hear the guitar breathing together with all the instruments (you can feel the way he moves his fingers, you can follow the bass, you can listen to the bass drum kicking the song away) in the studio, a component which I miss in the recordings of many other blues musicians (and musicians in general, who have become victims of hi-fi recordings, with no spirit whatsoever).
If you want to listen to honest music, go for this, you won't regret it.
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on 30 September 2009
Got into Rory nearly a year ago. This box set shows Rory's versatility - blues, rock, acoustic- he can play it all. Look out for "Nothin but the Devil", "Bad Penny" and "Barley and Grape Rag" This man is without doubt the best guitarist ever, and he is up there with the best songwriters too. His lyrics are clever and subtle. He sings and plays the blues with raw emotion, his rock is high energy and his acoustic material is warm, with touches of humour. To fully appreciate this man's remarkable talent you need to see the DVDs of his live performances - they will just blow you away - his energy is amazing. The love he has for his music just shines through. Rory's music gets under your skin and into your soul - it has mine. So just get hold of as much of his material as you can, enjoy it and be happy and thankful for the incredible music Rory has given us.

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This is an excellent box set and includes the often hard to fine Deuce.
So in esssence you get 5 of his CDs in cardboard sleeves for a really great, hard to beat price.
True the card inners are small but I personally think it adds to the charm and means Rory's music is accesable to a whole new audience as well as some die hard fans and that can't be bad now can it?
The CDs are Deuce, Calling Card, Top Priority, Jinx, and Fresh Evidence.

1. Used to Be
2. I'm Not Awake Yet
3. Don't Know Where I'm Going
4. Maybe I Will
5. Whole Lot of People
6. In Your Town
7. Should've Learnt My Lesson
8. There's a Light
9. Out of My Mind
10. Crest of a Wave
11. Persuasion

Calling Card
1. Do You Read Me
2. Country Mile
3. Moonchild
4. Calling Card
5. I'll Admit You're Gone
6. Secret Agent
7. Jack-Knife Beat
8. Edged in Blue
9. Barley and Grape Rag
10. Rue the Day
11. Public Enemy

Top Priority
1. Follow Me
2. Philby
3. Wayward Child
4. Keychain
5. At the Depot
6. Bad Penny
7. Just Hit the Town
8. Off the Handle
9. Public Enemy No. 1
10. Hell Cat
11. The Watcher

1. Big Guns
2. Bourbon
3. Double Vision
4. The Devil Made Me Do It
5. Signals
6. Jinxed
7. Easy Come, Easy Go
8. Nothin? But the Devil
9. Ride on Red, Ride On
10. Lonely Mile
11. Loose Talk

Fresh Evidence
1. "Kid" Gloves
2. The King of Zydeco
3. Middle Name
4. Alexis
5. Empire State Express
6. Ghost Blues
7. Heaven's Gate
8. The Loop
9. Walkin' Wounded
10. Slumming Angel
11. Never Asked You for Nothin'
12. Bowed But Not Broken

If you spot a mistake just add a comment and I will change it.
'The person who cannot make a mistake cannot do anything' as my old Dad used to say...
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As a long time fan of blues music, and British blues in particular, it was with some amazement a little while ago that I listened to two albums recorded by Taste, a band previously unknown to me. How on earth had such a talented bunch managed to slip under my radar? Looking into the group a little I discovered that lead guitarist/vocalist Rory Gallagher had gone on to have a solo career, and I determined to get know his music better.

This set of five original albums is an excellent overview of his solo career, from his second solo release in 1971 through to his final release in 1990. Each album has been nicely remastered and all except Jinx contain bonus tracks not on the original releases. Each disc comes in a card slipcase which is a reproduction of the original LP sleeve. All five are gathered into a sturdy card outer. For those who want more details about recording personnel etc, there is a web address on the outer sleeve that gives full information. Currently this set offers five albums for the price of one, and the quality of the release is such that it is an excellent deal.

Musically this is an essential buy for any lover of blues and blues rock. Gallagher had a great passion for and knowledge of the blues. Presented here is track after track of music written and performed by someone with a warmth and humour that shines through. Not just a one trick pony, Gallagher produces some classic blues rock, acoustic material and country flavoured tracks. He seems to have really enjoyed making the music, and this feeling really enhances the listeners pleasure. It is excellent stuff, and I will be tracking down the rest of his solo albums ASAP.

An excellent release of some excellent music. 5 stars.
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on 19 August 2009
It says on the case, Rory Gallagher- Original album classics. Classics they really are.
I remember seeing Rory at a venue in London, the name of which fails me at this time, i do remember it being a great night. That was on the JINX tour. An album included here, when i had to start thinking about other matters such as holding down a job, music was placed on the back burner.
This collection of Rory albums bring it all back to me. Top Priority is my favourite album here, and i suppose is the most readily accessible for most. But the biggest surprise was Rory's last ever album Fresh evidence, which is a really good album, it's satisfying that Rory went out on a high note.
Give this a try, good price and five extremely good albums. Enjoy.
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on 14 December 2010
As with others in this series, this is incredible value: 5 original Gallagher albums for the price of one. They're all studio albums (only criticism is that an essential Rory Live album would be a great complement in this collection) which cover almost from the start of Rory Gallagher's solo career (Deuce) to his last CD (Fresh Evidence) of the early 90's. Although you might think there's the usual formula in this sort of collection to include a few poor sellers along with sure hits, I can't fault any track on any of these CDs, and the later less well known albums are a revelation in themselves. RG's boundless enthusiasm and love for his music, and exploring all areas of blues/rock & related genres are generously exemplared in these discs.
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on 22 September 2013
I was introduced to this guitar-playing singer by a friend who saw him in the 70's.
The amazing thing is that I don't really go for this sort of thing? This said, how very wrong can a person be?

What started me off was the question "name your top five guitarists of all time...?" Try it yourself.
We said "T-bone Walker and his friends like Muddy Waters, George Harrison, Willy Nelson, Dave Gilmore,
Peter Green, Paul Kossoff, Mark Knopfler, Slash, Brian May, entire cast of Wishbone Ash, maybe Montrose
not to mention Bob Marley or Eric Clapton, or Mark Bolam..." then we gave up, becasue it was too much to discern.

Please note that playing guitar loud, or quickly, or like a person possessed is not necessarily the goal! Just listen to Free (A mouthful of Grass) for example, or Simon and Garfunkel (Emily), or indeed the entire album of Wishbone Ash (Argus). Phenomenal.

You see, to cut a long and boring recommendation short, Rory Gallagher in many ways ecclipses all of these. Why?
Well because he plays guitar music from his soul; the early blues rock right through to his more developed anthems, to delta-like blues, to jazz-blues, to blues-blues. And then of course he sings too. I'm going to classify the five CD's you get in this value for money box set as follows-

i) something mellow
ii) something shocking
iii) something mind-numbingly deep and complex
iv) something shallow
v) something for driving
vi) something for the kids
vii) something to jigging about the room.

But always, this is good music. Try listening to the "Ghost Blues" without head banging; or indeed, if you just
tap your foot- then don't go any further. In fact, stop listening to music altogether you are probably dead.

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on 4 October 2008
Rory Gallagher born in Ballyshannon, County Donegal Ireland 1948. a self taught guitarist, harmonica player, writer,record producer,the first man in Ireland to buy a Fender stratocaster for the big price tag of 100 pounds, Rory formed his rock blues trio, Taste in the late 60`s and had some success in the album sales department and, played live at the Isle of wight where the band went down a storm. after this spring board into the music press Rory released his first real solo album ( after breaking up Taste)simply titled Rory Gallagher. blues, folk, rock, always a blistering live performer and with ten or so studio albums under his belt. the man was a quiet chap who didnt really live the rock and roll life, but the demon booze started to take control.always a fantastic guitar player selling over 30 million albums worldwide a liver transplant was made but the big guy upstairs took him away from us in June 1995, yet again the rock world lost another star, also its worth noting that this Classics package is a brilliant introduction, Rory`s brother after his death officially retired the ``stratocaster` to a museum.
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on 26 August 2010
I only 'discovered' Rory Gallagher 3 months' ago, thanks to video footage on an Italian daily music programme. It was like being struck by lightning...and so sad to think that he died 15 years' ago...I grew up in the UK and was listening to other rock music in the 70's and 80's.... my loss. I have purchased other CD's by Rory and have yet to find one I didn't like. This collection is a great purchase by anyone who already appreciates Rory's music. It covers almost all of his post-Taste career, from the second solo album,(which is my favourite of the five, leading on from where his previous LP left off...a mix of raunchy guitar licks, jazz-influenced 'There's a Light', the pure blues of 'Should've Learnt My Lesson' the gorgeous wistful 'Maybe I Will'), the great 'Calling Card' (another cracking album with a whole range of rock-blues, acoustic, the blistering 'Jacknife Beat' and the classic 'Barley and Grape Rag'), through the more rock-oriented 'Top Priority' and 'Jinx', to complete the collection with 'Fresh Evidence', which takes us back to a more bluesy atmosphere. Rory's health was already failing but his energy and grit show no trace. At a bargain price, this is a great addition to any fan's CD collection.
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on 29 September 2013
Having only discovered Rory Gallagher last year I now have 7 albums with more on the way. This pack of 5 albums is tremendous value and gives you a great taste of how good a versatile guitarist Rory was.

You get, slow, lively, moving and fiddly guitar work. I find it hard to believe the strength of his work and how it has taken me so long to discover this highly gifted artist.

His singing complements the songs and is a must for anyone who likes blues songs with an edge.
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