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on 28 September 2017
Almost the forgotten band in that crop of new wave - late 70's early 80's bands that defined that era . Echo & the Bunnymen , U2 , Simple Minds etc.
Pretty difficult to find the material on CD , so this MP3 download ( if like me , most of the music is listened to off Phone - Car ) is invaluable .
The quality of song & song writing and the distinctive vocals of Richard Butler is still as exciting now as 1982 , when I first listened to ' Forever Now ' .
Unfortunately ' President Gas , could have been written last year.
Off the back of the John Hughes Films and the Pretty in Pink soundtrack ( 1986 ) they took themselves off to America where they are still active & tour regularly.
Difficult to remember but the 1987 Album ' Midnight to Midnight ' was one of the first and most anticipated releases on CD.
would highly recommend.
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on 18 July 2012
The Furs have produced some of my favourite singles of all time but I have to be the dissident voice amongst the reviews so far. In my opinion you would have to be a really committed Furs fan to want all five of these albums including their extras over and above the two disc Greatest Hits that came out last year at half the price or the earlier single disc Best Of for around four quid. The first two albums are the standouts but there is still lots of filler and by the end of the five albums the band are frankly sounding more like Wang Chung than Wang Chung! The only proviso I would put on this is that the extras on the third album were new to me especially the cello (?) driven version of Yes I Do (rechristened Mary Go Round).
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on 7 April 2013
This box set includes all their hits and a lot more beside and prooves what a great group they were
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on 16 May 2017
Truly good
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Like legions of Rhino releases there is no track listing.
From experience I have often found that many of the other sets from different artists are in actual fact the remastered versions with additional tracks or at the very least a mixture of the two.
So I thought a track listing would be handy to compare them to ones you may have to se if there are any extra tracks or remastered versions.

This box set seems far more expensive than others in the original boz series so I advise you to shop around.
The ubiquitous neat cardboard sleeves are here in all their glory!!-
If you spot any mistakes just add a comment and I will rectify it Toot Sweet
(and yes I know it's not spelled that way!!)
Track listing
1. India
2. Sister Europe
3. Imitation Of Christ
4. Fall
5. Pulse
6. We Love You
7. Wedding Song
8. Blacks/Radio
9. Flowers
10. Susan's Strange
11. Soap Commercial
12. Mack The Knife
13. Flowers

1. Dumb Waiters
2. Pretty In Pink
3. I Wanna Sleep With You
4. No Tears
5. Mr Jones
6. Into You Like A Train
7. It Goes On
8. So Run Down
9. All Of This And Nothing
10. She Is Mine
11. Mr Jones
12. So Run Down
13. All Of This And Nothing

1. Forever Now
2. Love My Way
3. Goodbye
4. Only You And I
5. Sleep Comes Down
6. President Gas
7. Run And Run
8. Danger
9. No Easy Street
10. Yes I Do (Merry-Go-Round)
11. Alice's House
12. Aeroplane
13. I Don't Want To Be Your Shadow
14. Mary Go Round
15. President Gas
16. No Easy Street

1. The Ghost In You
2. Here Come Cowboys
3. Heaven
4. Heartbeat
5. My Time
6. Like A Stranger
7. Alice's House
8. Only A Game
9. Highwire Days

1. Heartbeat
2. Shock
3. Shadow In My Heart
4. Angels Don't Cry
5. Midnight To Midnight
6. One More Word
7. Torture
8. All Of The Law
9. No Release
10. Pretty In Pink
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on 6 August 2012
This box represents fantastic value for money although the cardboard sleeves are a bit irritating. The first three albums are classics bridging the gap between punk rock and 1970's Roxy Music. Even though Forever Now was recorded in the US it wasn't until the next album that they "sold out" to the stadium rock sound as so many of their post punk peers did. Mirror Moves is the weakest album in the set and although Midnight to Midnight is slick LA pop rock it contains some great tunes.

The major downer in the set is the abysmal 2002 "remastering" job done on the debut album . It has the life squeezed out of it by overcompression such is the trend these days for the downloading generation. Even the first second of the track Wedding Song is missing as you might have done years ago making a cassette copy (like they did with Girls on Film on the similarly pathetic "remastered" ie overcompressed Duran Duran debut album) Check out the original American CBS cd release as comparison to hear how the Furs debut album should sound.
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VINE VOICEon 10 August 2008
Best known for the track that graced the title of one of John Hughes 80's teen flicks, The Psychedelic Furs are somewhat linked with a kind of profile they certainly didn't start out to gain. Once upon a time this band were seen as more akin to Joy Division than the pop charts and 80's nostalgia nights. This 5 CD set covers the band from the darker beginnings through (and a little past) their commercial peak.

The band began life on the fringes of the post-punk new wave and were originally produced by Joy Division's producer Martin Hannet. Although Steve Lillywhite eventually replaced him their eponymous debut is dark, gloomy and quite raw. "Sister Europe" is its slow burning highlight Richard Butler's rasping voice coiling around the song to excellent effect.

Following album "Talk Talk Talk" sounds a little thinner in sound but still retains the swirling guitars fleshed out with saxophone lines which seem as though they shouldn't work but do. The quality of the material here is gaining in strength with "Mr Jones", "Dumb Waiters", "Into You Like A Train" and the orignal "Pretty In Pink" providing an embarassment of riches.

The next album found the band living in New York, minus sax and original drummer and with a much more transatlantic sound. "Love My Way" demonstrates the shift to slightly more commercial territory well being deftly commercial but still maintaining a little of the alternative edge. Containing "President Gas", one of their finest ever recordings the album provides the bridge from the alternative to wider commercial rewards.

"Mirror Moves" completes the transition to slick radio friendly fare on both sides of the atlantic. In a time when a great deal of the music was utterly forgettable this managed to sound a little more distinctive than most. Butler's rasp finally seems comfortable with this polished, slick record. It's a far cry from the early darkness but there are glimpses of it - "Alison's House" being a particular highlight.

After that came the Hughes film, a rerecording of "Pretty In Pink" followed by the equally uninspiring "Midnight To Midnight" which seems to have been almost phoned in by the band with the material seldom raising above acceptable. It doesn't end the set too well but it does give you a neat coda to the set.

Much has been said in other reviews of the fantastic value of Sony's neat idea to place 5 albums in a little box. The 'Furs set gives you pretty much all of their hit material and a good insight into the development of the band. They were one of those for whom many of their finest moments remain tucked away on the albums themselves so this is a much better way to hear the band than some superficial best of. Although never quite a first division 80's band The Psychedelic Furs produced a lot of high quality material which is well represented here. There is a lot more to them than "Pretty In Pink" and this is a very good way to discover the facts behind such an argument.
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on 15 September 2008
I had all the Psychedelic Furs Albums and most of there singles, but had to sell them a while back. I could not believe how many extra tracks are on certain cd's. I have played these cd's over and over again and it is just amazing from Sister Europe one of my favorite tracks right up to All Of The Law on Midnight To Midnight. For the price you really can not go wrong it is total value for money.
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on 10 February 2010
never owned all the albums on cd only vinyl so this is a must for any fan or a bargain for someone to sample how really good this band were .
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