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on 28 April 2017
Tried and trusted by me, have been using it for a couple of years now since being recommended by the Environmental Agency for use on a fishery I manage. I've used it on Burdock, Thistles, Brambles all with a positive result I have also used it on Japanese Knotweed at twice the recommended strength on the advice of EA employed contractors again with a positive result, almost totally eradicated after 3 years of treating. I will continue to use for the foreseeable future.
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on 7 July 2013
I've been buying the 5L ready mix sprayers. They work well and are very convenient but relatively expensive. With a large driveway area to attract weeds I get through more than I would like which is why I am trying the concentrate.

The back of the bottle has the mixing instructions which in a sprayer are 15ml per litre of water. The cap is the measure. 5x 15ml measurements plus water to refill my sprayer. Easy.

The cost for next day was only 50p more than the standard so I got them next day in time for the weekends work.

I would prefer not to spray at all but as I am resigned to having to I prefer to repeat spray with something that is safe for animals the moment it is dry and that does not sterilise the soil just in case the wind blows it where I don't want. Roundup fits the bill perfectly. The price of this concentrate makes the precautions I like to take more affordable.

The weeds are already showing signs of fading and I know from previous experience most will have died back in a week and nearly all will have gone in 2 weeks.
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on 11 September 2013
I bought this through Amazon as it was cheaper and easier than spending an hour or so driving to and from my nearest garden centre. This particular formulation of Roundup is better suited to larger properties and for application by a quality knapsack sprayer. Rounup has been around for many years and is one of the few herbicides now available to the amateur. Its safety is not under question. It is important to follow the instructions on the fold back lable and to take time to work out the appropriate doage rate. There has been criticism that t des not woek. It is not fast acting like the now discontinued Gramoxone and it may take several weeks for its effects t be noticed. It is best applied in warmer conditions when weeds are in active growth. It is not selective, so will kill any plant whose leaves it reaches. It is not so effective on pathways where weed seeds may germinate as the first set of weeds dies off. Products such as Parhclear might be more suitable for such places.Frankly, I don't know hw I could manage my property without this formulation of Roundup.
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on 7 July 2014
I mixed this to the minimum recommendation to kill perennial weeds on my large gravel drive. In one week most of the weeds were dead and now, a short time later, they all are. There were patches of grass, lichen, seedlings from sycamore and laburnum trees in addition to various spring weeds such as dandelion and the usual, because my drive is next to a very large field on one side and a tree laden garden on the other. I am very impressed with this result as I have struggled to kill everything for the past few seasons as weedkillers seem to have got weaker and weaker. I shall now make sure I kill things as they pop their heads up in an effort to cut the work down! I did also use a tip off YouTube about mixing a little washing up liquid in with it to make it stick, but you have to swish it gently to make sure it is not too frothy and you are just left with a lot of clean weeds!
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on 1 August 2015
This is a good product and does what it is intended for, Yes it takes a few days to work as has been mentioned by other people, I had weeds on my patio and using other products did work but the weeds came back very quickly.
I have found that this weed killer works for longer and weeds don't come back as fast, Also a lot cheaper to buy this concentrated form of Roundup as you can make it up to how strong you want.
Remember to wash your hands after mixing as this is a concentrated form even if you have worn gloves,I know this is common sense but people do forget and touch eyes or mouth, Otherwise no complaints.
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If you already have the sprayer container from a previous purchase this concentrate is a brilliant option - works out a much cheaper way to but it, and can be made up at different strengths as needed.
Does it work - every time if you follow the instructions - apply in dry weather and make sure it has a day to dry on to the leafs. For a week it will look like nothing is happening, then in week 2 total death and destruction to weeds.
I bought it to get rid of a large and very well established nettle patch. The first application got 95% of them. A second application was required for a few stragglers that managed to hang on - but that was it. Complete annihilation!
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on 27 September 2012
This is relatively slow to work but it is incredibly effective at killing weeds/grass to the root and therefore preventing their regrowth. I apply it from a 7l sprayer which gives good coverage. Also very good for spraying around areas like close to green houses or mesh fencing where you don't/can't get in too close with a lawnmower or strimmer to keep grass under control.

Timing is critical with sprays so it has to be applied to relatively dry ground and ensure that it doesn't rain for around 6 hours after application otherwise it is partially washed away and becomes less effective.

Amazon has been much cheaper than high street shops for this product although the price does seem to flucuate a lot.

If you need to spray a large area, have the time to apply it, and the time to wait for it to kick in - then this is very effective weed control.
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on 2 June 2015
We have used this product for many years and find it very effective against all weeds especially the difficult weeds such as mare's tail and ground elder. We have a large garden with a wooded area and we also use this to spray on tree seedlings which grow in the wood. Using a back pack type sprayer we are able to cover large areas and find that this size of bottle will last for 4-6 sprays over a large area so it is economical to use. The price on Amazon was slightly cheaper than elsewhere and delivery was very fast.
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on 23 March 2015
I use this on Vinca Minor that has crept through a neighbour's fence and is invading my garden. To me this has become a weed but it appears very difficult to kill. I have used standard roundup in the past on other weeds that appeared to have worked well, but this invasive plant is so prolific and taking over large areas I decided that I needed something stronger so I opted for this Roundup Ultra 3000. I have treated the invader three times so far but the Vinca seems to be lapping it up and begging for more. I am beginning to think I have been sent some sort of Vinca fertilizer. The overspray that has dripped on the grass has done a good job of killing that and hopefully it will eventually kill the vinca but it is taking it's time. I have given my opinion as OK because it has killed other weeds I have used it on. I will persist as it is almost impossible to dig up all the roots of this plant as it has tunneled it's way through root systems of garden plants and I do not want to dig these up.
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on 28 September 2015
Very good results so far for my neighbour and myself but you have to be patient, Not a quick-fix but most likely better long term results
In fact my neighbour 'phoned today to say that maybe we were looking for results far too soon, but all is now looking good.
The big test is yet to come "Ivy"which is best to ignore EU interference and add with Paraffin or diesel to overcome the waxy leaves
which, water-based formulations just run off. and that is what we shall do."F" the dreaded EU.
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