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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 7 April 2011
Coldplay have without doubt produced some of the most euphoric and uplifting songs, those which raise the hairs on your arm to those which bring a tear to your eyes. On listening to their first three albums, however, it soon becomes clear that if you take away the tracks which were released onto the global audience as singles, and study what is left, the material is distinctly average, and three or four great tracks don't make for a five star album.

On Viva La Vida, however, they have addressed this issue, not only do we have the uplifting crescendo singles we instantly recognise, but the tracks inbetween are also worthy of note and recognition. A mature album that takes one step forward from the others in its experimental ways, and is all the better for it. A crisp production really takes you into the heart of the Coldplay sound, unlike X&Y, where the sound production lost the euphoria that should have been felt when listening to 'Fix You' for example, and, as such, led to the albums detriment.

So, probably the first Coldplay album that you can tolerate from start to finish, without having to skip two tracks or more, (well one isn't that bad).
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on 9 July 2016
The first 3 Coldplay albums are all rightly lauded but this one seemed to divide fans as surely as Moses and the Red Sea. For me, it's up there with the best.

Personally my favourite Coldplay album is 'A Rush of Blood...', also one of their most underrated songs. The early B sides take some beating too IMO (Help is Around the Corner reaches levels of pathos that are perhaps no longer attainable once you have oodles of dosh).

Personally I like 'Viva' every bit as much as X&Y, with the varying sounds generally falling safely within the boundaries of rock. The Hammond organ and tribal sounding rhythm on Lost! are a high point for me. I think Brian Eno's production has a lot to be said for it, but the songs are strong melodically and interesting lyrically too.

Violet Hill will please the rock fans, while Viva La Vida was something very different from Coldplay at the time (their Eleanor Rigby?), giving the band their first UK number one single. The Indian instrumentation on the opening track reminds me of Fairground Attraction's 'Find my Love' but it's still nice and the two-songs-in-one 'Yes' is also a high point, with a rare low register vocal from Chris Martin.

Sadly for me, Coldplay went too poppy after this album. Maybe I view percussion technologies that sound post-nineties as the work of the devil and this hampers my enjoyment. The changes in style have however prolonged Coldplay's career in appealing to the Rhianna / Beyoncé market and I imagine they would say that they haven't left the self-Christened 'limestone rock' genre at all. For me, 'Viva' is their last good album. I did enjoy hearing the live performance at Glastonbury in 2016 nonetheless.
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on 9 January 2009
Plain and simple - I've never been a big Coldplay fan but this is honestly one of the best albums I have ever listened to and I have listened to thousands and thousands - most of which have been over-rated. This is a must buy for both the hardcore Coldplay fans and for anyone who respect and enjoy quality music.

Give respect where respect is due!

Jamie Frayne
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on 9 August 2016
I avoided buying this because of the mixed reviews but wanted to complete my collection of music from this brilliant band. Five stars for track 7, Viva LaVida which is a concert favourite and Coldplay through and through. The rest of the album is ok but nothing else stands out as outstanding. Without track 7 I would probably have given the album 3 at best but I hope it grows on me and now completes my Coldplay collection. I am hoping that they will release a Glastonbury album on DVD/ BLURAY as I think their pure energy is best seen as excellent entertainers and crowd pleasers. One of the best groups around.
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VINE VOICEon 13 June 2008
Despite what the pretentious 'Peelites' might say about the new Coldplay album,like its forerunners,it's a nice blend of melodic, Indie melancholia. Catchy riffs,rasping drums and soaring vocals before it's ratcheted back down to plodding piano chords,sombre organs and swirling synths then.... hey ho it's off we go again with an up tempo anthem or two.
Unlike their many pretenders like Athlete and Snow Patrol, Coldplay actually do the tuneful Indie pop thing very well. Consistently consistent you might say.
Indeed some tracks are as stirring as anything heard previously on X & Y, Rush of Blood or Parachutes.
Unfortunately Coldplay no longer appear to get objective reviews anymore. Even so called serious reviewers like The Independent's Andy Gill fall over themselves to pour scorn on the band. Picking up on everything from the name of Chris Martin's child to the charities they support...pathetic!
Listen up and don't let the negativity weigh you down and you will like what you hear I'm sure.
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on 2 February 2014
an incredible listening experience the band and the band's singer contribute well to a wonderful piece of music, I don't own any of the other albums but may purchase them in future, but would definitely recommend you buy this album
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on 27 May 2014
The decision to bring in Brian Eno, in order to energize the Coldplay sound, seems to be an unqualified success to me - the aim, apparently, was for every song on the album to sound unique and, to my ears, the brief was met. Musically, the boys are in fine form with special mention going to Jonny Buckland's excellent guitar playing and, naturally, Chris Martin's sweet vocals and powerful keyboards are prominent. My favourite tracks here are the masterful '42', which moves superbly from ballad to uptempo rock before building to a classy instrumental climax and the gorgeous 'Paradise' - for me, both rank highly in any list of Coldplay classics. I would happily recommend buying 'Viva La Vida..' to add to your album collection.
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on 11 July 2008
Been a long time fan of Coldplay, their albums often seemed to add up to much more than the sum of all the parts, you would usually find that the commercial success they got from the individual singles wasn't much - what I mean is they hadn't ever reached a number 1 single in the UK however their albums always sold loads and were the sort of albums you could find yourself playing years later at Bar-B-Ques. So when I saw that the songs released from this album unusually had done particularly well in the charts (I think Viva la Vida hit No 1) my initial thought was that maybe the band had gone a little mainstream and decided to get some pop chart success?

Either way, I bought the album and listened eagerly to what Chris Martin claimed would "Be the album people remember them by"

At first glance I was a little taken back by the ten-tracks that were on offer, I mean it had been three years since X&Y, I expected a few more, but on listening a few of the title tracks there are infact a couple of extra songs, classed as `hidden' bolted onto the end of tracks 5, 6 & 10 following 20 seconds of silence - why they done this I don't know.

So in keeping with it taking them their standard 3 years per album to make, I whacked it on in the car on the way to work and sadly was quite under-whelmed. The first track was a throwaway instrumental and most of the lyrics I was hearing throughout the songs were simple to say the least. I listened to it again on the way back from work and had pretty much written it off as a disappointment. Gutted.

I once saw Gwyneth in an interview say that Chris is one of the most talented poets of our generation...I think she must be looking at those lyrics through a pair of Versace rose coloured glasses based on some of this stuff I was hearing - not much depth, but on the other hand you got to give it to him, they're catchy, which is pretty much the highlight for me in most of the songs - they have great intro's, interestingly different instruments beating out a foot tapping rhythm and generally all consisting of a melodic ooohhh laaa la laayy or a la la la layee and such, but Martins voice is so well suited to this you wouldn't want anything else.

Following my initial disappointment as I mentioned, a funny thing happened...I started hearing the songs a few more times on the radio and saw that live performance they did outside the BBC studios and that album grew on me faster than a cold sore in winter. Now all I have to say about it following this are positive things, from the ace `Lost' onto the overplayed Violet Hill this really is a well produced effort - probably because it came from Brian Eno but none the less it's great.

I hear that there were a few songs left over from this album that they're going to stick in the next one - probably due in another three years time which I think is a bit of a shame because it is a little short like I say, but other than that expect to hear these ballads ringing in episodes of the OC and major Hollywood rom-coms for years to come - that's the calibre of what's in this gatefold digi-pack. Go enjoyeee ye la la la la layee...

Given there are 10 listed tracks on this one, going back to my sum of all parts balony; I would give it 11 out 10.
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on 20 September 2015
Coldplay on vinyl a must buy for fans of vinyl, it has some amazing songs on including

Viva la Vida
Violet hill
Fourty two
Contains a small bit of living in technicolor

It's also on the new 180 gm thicker vinyl, which my hubby loves.
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I'm not a big Coldplay fan and basically got this because of the hit singles on it. But surprise, surprise the rest are good as well. Well done Coldplay - I will be sampling more of their work on the back of this. The only slight downside (slight enough not to loose a star) is the packaging. I would have preferred a sturdy plastic case but as for the songs themselves, fantastic.
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