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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
Price:£23.49+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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VINE VOICEon 25 September 2010
I ordered this after reading a few good reviews and am pleased that I did.
It's a bit different than the usual FPS game in that your actions have consequences and shape who you are. Rather than just looking for the biggest gun you need to decide whether to help people and also how you will speak to them, be rude and it's one path, be kind and it's another.

The trading and quest elements also add another dimension which makes the whole game seem a bit more involving.
So it does not have the raw energized feel of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, but it does feel like a combination of a FPS and a RPG type game.

So it's an interesting game that manages to feel a bit different in a good way.
I'd say if you want to try a FPS with a difference and with some RPG elements give this a go.
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on 23 September 2011
Alright, first off, I've not completed this yet. Not sure I can, to be honest, from what I've seen. But I'm on my way to find some things out and it's all getting quite mysterious and exciting in the storyline. Anyhoo, I have just been introduced to the xbox 360 and was never really much of a gamer. Recently at the entertainment exchange my friend and I traded in two of his games and we got three older ones out of it. Not bad. Fallout 3 was one of them.

This is the most stunningly beautiful games I have ever seen. The landscapes are complete OMG sort of moments, if you pardon the expression. The story, from what I can make out when it's not looped into a side quest which has another story which links to another and another, is fascinating, exciting and mysterious. The voice acting is really well done and warmly performed and the written dialogue is quite brilliant, varying from harrowing to heart-warming to being very funny.

I have never played a game like this before, so am not sure whether this is part of RPGs in general, but, the moral ambiguity that is available becomes extremely powerful. Not joking, you can blow up a peaceful town with a nuke should you choose, or disarm the bomb. From what I can tell, there are no rules, no laws in what or how you can achieve things in this world.

Anyway, I have only started playing it and I feel like I'm only scratching the surface on what feels like a Proustian apocalyptic adventure. Highly, highly recommended.
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Having already played and completed Oblivion, I was a bit worried that this would meet the high expectations I had from it, so delayed buying it. When it was a great price like now, I decided to get it and give it a go.

It is completely different to Oblivion, no spells and magic, but instead weapons. It took me a little while to fully get into the game and appreciate the depth of gameplay, but what an experience when you start playing. There is the main quest which when completed will finish the game, but on the way as you interact with the very many characters, there are so many side quests, the hard part is deciding which one to complete first and in what order.

When i completed the game, i went back and started again, this time completing the mini quests and fully exploring the massive map.

Brilliant game and well worth the money.
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on 17 March 2010
I stepped back and looked at my growing collection of games and realised they where all the massive fps and driving sim releases such as cod series, gears and forza games so i went on the hunt for a few new and maybe not so popular games that everyone buys so i ended up with a few extra games and cheap at that seeing as some of these games are getting old now - farcry 2, bioshock, hawx and oblivion and fallout 3

Now on to the review this post apocalyptic war set game has an amazing feel, unique game play and fantastic dialogue. You start your journey in vault 101 in the year 2277 where you are born, live and you die, supposedly, the first half an hour or so is a lot of talking and options to fill out this is because the main part of this game is based on decisions you make so these initial few questions will effect how your character will go through the story. your father will mysteriously escape the vault one day and of course it is your duty to go find him. Out into the wasteland, this is where most of your game will take place the wasteland a large area amazingly crafted and carefully detailed with everything adding to the atmosphere from rusty radiated tins to pre war vehicles lying about. out here in this truly vast space you will complete quests, find new locations, explore and become an entrepreneur in selling trash. Along with making lots of bottle caps the newly formed currency.

I won't go in to the story too much but it is a very good story that you may craft by the decisions you make leading to dozens of different endings. I will go into a few things you may wish to do in the game - pick up lots and i mean lots of things you have a weight restriction of what you can carry but you can collect everything from weapons lying around to lawnmower parts and other utterly ludicrous objects of which you may sell, give and even create your own wonderful contraptions with. You will also encounter a few enemies in the form of ghouls and mutants genetically modified from the nuclear waste. and you can slay them with more than enough weapons although you will have to search high and low for some of the rare ones.

This game is not a shooter it is purely an rpg at heart, with a great levelling system where you may add perks and skill points to your character to enable him to do new things or gain the ability to do things better like pick locks to finding more ammo in a box.the aiming tool called vats is also an interesting concept where you sort of freeze time and choose who, what and where you shoot them. Meaning you can disable them or shoot their weapon out of their hands or you can satisfyingly just pop them in the face. adding a tactical edge to the game.

picky bits:
-you can go everywhere once your out the vault so its very easy to get yourself killed from the off unless you understand where and what your doing give it a few hours you will learn where is good and bad though.
-Ammo is sometimes scarce and hard to find also weapons break but this does add to the realism
-you may want to play through once or twice because there are so many story routes to take making massive decisions like whether to blow up a whole town with a 40 hour play through this may take a while.
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on 11 March 2010
You start off in a vault as a child and from there you begin your journey. There are lots of customization options in fallout, which will affect the way in which you play the game. Choices that are made early on, with your skill etc, will make a big impact on your experience.
Fallout 3 makes you feel like a part of it's world from the beginning, you feel as though the decisions you make will affect the other people in the game and the way that they see you. In terms of graphics the draw distance in D.C is staggering, when you first exit the vault and see the wastelands you will think "wow!", however some close up textures aren't up to scratch by today's standards, however, its easy to look past this. The gameplay is one of its best features, the FPS element of this game is fiddly and you're going to want to be using VATS as much as you can, VATS (Vault-tex Assisted Targetting System) is one of the most addictive and interesting gameplay mechanic's this year. You choose the body part you want to aim for and depending on the percentage of hit and your skills, you will hit or miss.
The story is one you're going to want to experience, and outside of the story there's so much of Washington D.C to experience and numerous side-quest. Finally, what's even more promising is that once you've been and enjoyed all that Fallout 3 has to offer (and trust me that's alot) you can if you want decide to purchase the 360 and PC exclusive DLC due early 2009.

Graphics: 9
Gameplay: 10
Story: 9
Sound: 10
Lifespan: 10
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on 7 August 2010
Wow. This game is brilliant. I enjoyed it from start to finish. After I completed the normal game, I couldn't resist buying a DLC. I bought Broken Steel. It was by far the best one. But this is a review of the main game so I won't get into Broken Steel, and the other DLCs.
Good points:
I thoroughly enjoyed roaming the wasteland, with my dog, Dogmeat.
The best feeling you get from this is running through the Metros, with an army of Ghouls chasing you. You're running out of ammo, and you can hear the Ghouls shrieking behind you. And you are genuinely frighened, because the brilliant music sucks you in.
I loved the karma aspect of the game. Because you can get known as an evil sod, or basicly Jesus.
And I also loved the companions.
The main story was intense. I loved it. It's starts with you as a kid in 'Vault 101'. 'Vault 101' along with other Vaults, were cities underground which the goverment built before the nuclear war. And you often see posters saying 'Reserve your spot today!'. But when you grow up, your dad flees the vault. And you escape after him. Thats the main story of the game. But I cannot tell you what happens at the end, because that is only the outcome of my game and there can be loads more outcomes. Which tells you how vast this game is. And how anything can happen.
I like the survival(ness) area of it.
Bad points:
It's not really a shooter, you find yourself hiding when you've used up your 'AP'. Waiting for your A.P to recharge again. AP is used for V.A.T.S. V.A.T.S is basicly a huge advantage over your opponent. You slow down time to pick an area of there body to try and hit.
I can't think of much more. It's that good! A must buy for anyone!
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on 29 July 2009
I never played the first or second fallout games and therfore did not know alot about the story, of which is basically after a long war between China and America the planet was eventually plunged into nuclear fire and radiation.

The game itself takes place in the year 2277, humanity has not progressed from the cultural norms of the 1950`s and since 2077(when the bombs first fell) hardly anything has progressed at all apart from weapons and armor.

You play a character who is the son(or daugther, your choice)of a scientist and you live underground in a giant shelter known as a vault.
for the first eighteen years of your life everything is going good, then one morning you wake up to find your father gone and the people responsible for the security of the vault wanting to kill you,
at this point you must leave.

When you get out of the vault you can do what you want,(just dont confront any hostile`s yet because you wont stand a chance with the weapons and armor you have)follow the trail and look for your father, find out why he left, be nice or not, or forget he even exist`s and go on to find out everything the capital wasteland has to offer(which is a lot).

In the capital wasteland there are various settlements, where people live and work if you have money you can buy weapons, armor, medical supplies, ammo and anything else they have for sale.
In these settlements you will find quest`s and mission`s to participate in which will move the story forward in a certain way depending on how you complete the quest.

The more you play the game the more xp(experience points) you will recieve, when you get a certain ammount you will level up, with various perks to choose from.
You gain xp from killing enimies, discovering new location and completing quests.

The selection of weapons and armor in fallout 3 is massive(the list of weapons really is long so you will have to see for yourself what they are).
Armor in the game comes in basic form of leather armor, to high-tech power armor and every other type in between.

Enimies in the game come in a wide variety also, they consist of raiders, talon company mercs, ghouls, malfunctioning robots, giant scorpions, mirelurks(giant crab), the enclave, deathclaws, yao guai and super mutants(one of the best parts of the game is killing super mutants).

The dialogue in fallout 3 is expansive where-by you can have a conversation with non-playable characters(npc) to find out information,depending on how good your speech skill is will determine your success.

The physics and grapics of the game are outstanding. the way in which a npc reacts to being hit or shot is very realistic(and really funny at times).

The developers of the game have also released five piece`s downloadable-content, which expand the area of play and introduce new weapons, enimies, character`s, quest`s and perk`s.(the best of the dlc in my opinion is broken steel).

Overall fallout 3 is a great game that is head and shoulders above anything else and one most certainly worth buying.
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on 1 November 2008
Combine the forbidding dystopian atmosphere of Bioshock with the huge open-ended world of Oblivion and you have Fallout 3, one of the most satisfying games I have ever played.

Right from the beginning you will be amazed at the unique story telling aspects featuring you playing through the protagonist's childhood from baby to late-teens to stepping out of Vault 101, a place where no-one ever enters, and no-one ever leaves. Graphically, the game is stunning. Take one step outside the vault to see a vast, destroyed landscape of Washington D.C. in 2277 and you will appreciate the time and effort that went into making this game unusually beautiful for a post-apocalyptic theme. I have run into very few graphical glitches (the most serious of which was a car whose texture just would not render, no matter how many times I walked past it) which is a rare treat for modern day games. Guns and weaponry look fantastic and move fluently with each shot or swing. Baseball bats in particular look nice, showing off the grainy wooden texture impressively.

Gameplay is just unreal. You can do anything. Either follow the main quest, or don't. It's inevitably up to you whether you whether the protagonist kills a person for bottle caps (the currency of the game) or saves them for fewer caps yet possibly get help later in a quest. The world feels smaller than that of Oblivion, yet still large enough to be able give players near unlimited freedom.

The inclusion of the VATS system is very welcome, allowing you to pause the action for a bit and target an enemy's body part, shooting accurately at a Raider's head, for instance. Whether or not you hit the enemy's head is utterly dependent on your skills with the weapon you're using, your distance from the enemy, the accuracy of the weapon and your Luck rating. The overall success rate is indicated by a percent making VATS incredibly easy to use at the touch of a button. It's limited to Action Points (AP) which I find good, otherwise VATS would be too powerful and would make the game too easy.

Combat is very open ended. They have included pretty much every weapon that could come into your head. From a bog-standard 10mm pistol to a Chinese assault rifle, passing through a sawn off shotgun and ending with flamethrowers, miniguns and a mini nuke launcher, you'll find it hard to choose which one to take with you on a quest (as, like Oblivion, you're limited as to how much you can carry/loot) and that's just firearms. Melee weapons (if you're a more close quarters combatant) are varied in such a way it almost feels like Condemned. You can pick up baseball bats, lead pipes, knives, 2x4 with nails, tyre irons and the list goes on, each having its own personal statistic in terms of strength and condition (yes, your weapons wear out and break over time, including your guns).

The audio is powerful, supported by a very strong voice cast (you'll recognise a fair few voice actors from Oblivion), solid gun-shot audio and satisfying bullet-to-flesh sound. Music is also present, utilising you PIP-BOY 3000 (a device on your arm that tracks everything you need to know - and more) to pick up radio broadcasts from 2 radio stations (I personally whish the selection was larger), Enclave Radio, a never ending loop of presidential speeches with patriotic American marching band music, to a News Station hosted by Three Dog, a DJ who plays records that sound like they were from the 40's 50's, maybe earlier. Both fit incredibly well with the combat and overall theme, and so I applaud that.

Overall, this is a stunning game. I personally have been waiting for years for a game like this, and it's better than I dared imagine. 10/10, without a doubt, and VERY highly recommended.
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on 17 November 2008
When I first started this game, I was amazed by the graphics and the combat style. VAT's is just great fun, especially when you get a few levels higher and have skills to blow people in to shreds. Okay, a bit gruesome, but still it's part of the game.

The main quest line is slightly short, but you can easily crank out 30-40 hours playing this game, which for me is a decent amount. The problem with these 30-40 hours is that quite a lot of it you will be wondering around a huge map, trying to work out how to get past rubble. Once you get all the way points on your map, its a lot more fun because there is less walking involved.

Some of the quests can be slightly confusing, with not much explaining of what your supposed to do, so exploring is in order and a bit of patience is needed sometimes. Other than that the game is awesome.
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on 2 December 2008
Fallout 3 is a triumph why? There are many reasons and the first is the story.Right from the beginning you are given the choice to select your characters Race, appearance and name. Then after an initial opening meeting other vault Dwellers and your father voiced by Liam Neeson. You emerge into the hellish Landscape of capital wasteland.

The combat system used is called V.A.T.S and allows for various ways of disposing of enemies. It also allows for some unique and gory kills, hence the 18 cert and enemies can be killed with a shotgun blast at close range or laser fire at long range. Or you can place mines Or throw grenades giving the game a strategy in how the player chooses to dispose of Attackers.

Main story quest involves the search for your father, but I stress this game is total freedom you can do what you want. Explore the land take side quests, kill good people and receive bad karma or get good karma for freeing captives. This is what I Liked about it. This game gives the player moral choices, do you treat ghouls the Same as other humans for example.

To some this game can seem to be an acquired taste and
criticism saying its boring with little action is unfounded. You cant walk in any direction for more than 2 mins without being attacked by scorpions, mutants raiders etc. And the inclusion of companions especially the dog is genius if you can find it. Although having companions fight with you will mean they may take away some exp points by killing enemies which is the disadvantage.

Graphically it looks fabulous the landscape is desolate with ruined buildings smashed Bridges radiated rivers and warring bands of slavers ghouls and raiders. Audio is ok but the songs do begin to grate after a while especially DJ 3 dog who keeps everyone Informed of your developments. Their is no one way to play this game how you play it is up to you. I can't recommend it enough excellent graphics, great story characters And deep moral choices for the player.
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