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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 2 June 2008
27 dresses is your typical chick-flick scenario: Heigl plays terminally single Jane, who juggles both a secret but long-standing love for her boss, George, and selflessly filling her spare time with helping organise her friends' weddings. But when her selfish and flighty younger sister gets involved with George and announces their engagement, Jane's endurance is really challenged. She finds herself struggling with her emotions while trying to organise her sister's wedding to the man she loves- and something has to give. Meanwhile, a gorgeous but cynical wedding writer, Kevin, becomes interested in Jane first professionally, and then romantically. But meeting Jane will prove the toughest test of Kevin's scruples.

Heigl and Marsden provide great on-screen chemistry as Jane and Kevin, each teaching the other something about themselves that they never knew, and the film really is poignant for this. Heigl inspires the right mixture of pity and admiration as Jane and Marsden is so effortlessly appealing as Kevin. My only quibble with the movie was that there could have been more laughs, but then, in the funny moments, the humour was intelligent and subtle. Every bit a credible, refreshing take on the chick-flick.
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on 4 February 2009
As a bit of a fan of romantic comedies I bought this on the chance I'd enjoy it. Settled down one night to watch it and got about half way through the story of Jane the quintisential role model for the phrase 'Always the bridesmaid, never the bride'.

As Jane spends most Saturday's acting in the capacity of bridesmaid for a collection of very varied brides at their themed weddings it then comes as a bit of a shock when her own dream wedding to her boss who she is secretly in love with turns out to be happening only she won't be the bride, her sister will. Suddenly Jane finds herself having to organise the weddig of her sister to the man she loves. In comes James Marsdens character Kevin, a reporter for the New York Times who quite fittingly writes the weddings section, reporting on the nuptuals of New York.

I must admit at this point of watching it I got a bit bored and gave up but faithfully around a week later I decided to pick it up again and was very glad I did. The second half of the film is much better than the first 40 minutes as we see Jane & Kevin's relationship begin to build and as we watch Jane put her pushy little sister in her place. The scene with Kevin & Jane singing Benny & The Jets in the bar is wonderful.

Would I watch it again, yes - is it as good as some other offerings out there no but okay.
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When i first saw this movie advertised i thought 'chick-flick' and had little interest in watching it, however a friend actually recommended a viewing, so I did buy and view around 5/6 years back now
The story is about 'Jane' ( played by 'Katherine Heigl') who works in an office, she has a 'crush' on her boss 'George' who only see's 'Jane' as a friend and a great organiser.
Her skills as an organiser promt's her many friends, in turn, to sort their wedding plans for them, also she is invited over and over again to be a 'Bridesmaid' ( she keeps the dresses and the count is totting up )
At one of the weddings at which she is again 'Bridesmaid' she meets 'Kevin' (James Marsden) who is a journalist covering 'Weddings'
Strangely for some time after their first meet 'Kevin' seems to be at every function she attends, how could that be ?
'Jane' see's 'Kevin' as an irritating inclusion in her life.
At one function attended by 'Jane' her younger sister 'Tess' makes a 'B-Line' for 'George' much to 'Jane's' dismay her boss responds to her sister's advances.
Will 'Jane' allway's be a 'bridesmaid' and never a bride ?
This film is a cut above the run of the mill movies of it's type.
It's funny with a few hint's of sadness on occasions, in short a pleasant movie, well worth a glance.
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on 26 October 2008
I enjoyed this movie enough to give it 4 stars despite the shortcomings I'm going to mention below: the plot is OK, but poorly executed either by the script or by the direction - I can't decide which. There's a corny flashback which sets up the story of Jane discovering her vocation in life - to help other people get married, and so avoid living for herself -which is just not convincing enough. Neither is the diabolical denouement - what, oh what possesses writers to put their characters through an embarrassing and totally gratuitous public declaration of undying affection? I don't know that the story-telling is convincing either - the hero isn't likeable enough, and there isn't enough depth to his character and I'm not convinced that there's a 'happily ever after' for these two characters - so in the end I didn't get the 'feel good buzz'.
Having said that I thought Katherine Heigl was great, her ditsy sister and her boss are just wonderful! If you can suspend belief just a little more than I could you'll probably love this film. For me, despite the flaws there was enough for it to be good movie, just not a great movie!
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on 9 September 2015
Fantastic movie. One of my all time favourites. Had film on DVD but Had to get this on Blu-Ray when I was bought a blu Ray player. I've probably worn my DVD out for the amount of times watched it. Such a happy chick flick. Katherine Heigl is brill in it.
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This movie was slow to start, but by the end I felt I'd had my moneys worth.
The movie is about Jane (Katherine Heigl) who has still to find Mr. Right, but is madly in love with her boss. He is, of course, oblivious to her charms. Along comes her gorgeous sister whom the boss immediately falls for, raising tensions between the two sisters.
When Mr. Right eventually comes along Jane, fails to recognise him and the story revolves around his pursuit of her, while she sets about fixing her deceiving sister.
Very entertaining and escapist movie. Despite the one or two negative reviews, I think if you like romcoms, you'll like this!
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on 18 January 2015
Fabulous film that we own, my girl bought it for her best friend as she is always watching it when she is here.... comedy and dresses and weddings and love.....great mix to watch with girl friends, especially on sleepovers with popcorn
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on 18 May 2014
I really like this film, its not your average rom com. It has funny moments throughout but its more about how the characters see themselves, how they think they should be and the realisation that you can't put yourself in an stereotypically ideal box. I like the way its down to earth full of sibling rivalry, childish behaviour, family feuds..
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on 13 June 2016
I was expecting the typical rom-com (not looking for anything fantastic, but something light and fun). This was still disappointing with resolutions that were just a bit too neat and tidy (considering the problem) and some 'icky' messages.
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Promptly replacing almost every female actress out there as the people's new 'Meg Ryan' - Katherine Heigl seems to excel at this fluffy rom-com material. Will pretty but plain Jane (the eternal Bridesmaid) ever be a Bride of her own?

"27 Dresses" has a clever story (a sort of "The Wedding Planner" 2) - a warm heart - and the laughs aren't too cringing either. For the ladies - handsome James Marsden brings that Mark Ruffalo 'gruff everyman' touch to a lot of the scenes - injecting them with a healthy dose of reality and scepticism. There's even chemistry between the two leads and their sheer likeability carries the whole thing through to the usual soul-searching tear-soaked microphone confessional on a boat at the end...

However - should you opt to buy the 'US' BLU RAY - don't - it's REGION A LOCKED and therefore won't play on our machines unless they're chipped for 'all regions' (which few are). Opt for the cheap-as-chips UK version (Region B) and you can enjoy a ruffle in a frock as many times as you like...
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