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VINE VOICEon 29 April 2010
Admittedly i haven't played the first Silent Hill,i wanted too but i could't save my progress since i was using a PS2. Still, I loved the Silent Hill 2 and 3, number 4 was okay though it didn't feel quite like a Silent Hill game, it felt out of place. Having given away my PS2 when i let uni afew years back i had to buy a PS2 just so i could play this game. Well, what a disappointment.
The atomsphere is there, it feels like a Silent Hill game. You have the cut scenes, the creepy human characters and the quite frankly bizarre monsters. The problem is gameplay and camera angles. Way back in the day games like the first Resident Evil suffered from terrible camera angles, you know you're shooting/hitting at something you just can't see it. You'd think that some 10 years later developers would of learnt but apparently not so. It was just frustrating, it doesn't make it exciting its just plain stupid. That coupled with the poor lighting made this way just way too annoying and i had to give up. I realise that very dark rooms are part and parcel of Silent Hill games but honestly it got to the point where i had closed all the curtains in my living room in the vain hope i could actually see what was going on. Yes, you have a torch but its pretty much useless.
At one point i entered a room with those upside down dolls, i moved forward so i could get away from the door and the camera angle would change, allowing me to see what was approaching. Well, no sooner had i done that when the doll was on me, battering away and i was defenseless apparently unable to defend myself. It gets worse, the camera angle swings back and my character has actually MERGED with the doll, we're both abit see through. So now i can't see where i'm going, i'm inside the doll's head, i can see the outline at the corners of my screen. Such a disappointment.
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on 10 January 2015
Silent hill Origins is in my opinion a Silent Hill game almost as good as the first 2 games. The Cedar Falls Sanitarium is probably one of the most disturbing locations since the Brookhaven Hospital!

It is the first game in the series that isn't made by Team Silent but for a different group of developers, they have done a good job with the material.

The story is well written and I liked the fact it was a prequel to the first game. The map design of the town and familiar locations such as the hospital make an appearance. The enemies however are more SH2 ish but this is not a bad thing.

I only wish that the Butcher had played more of a role in the game, I thought that he was underused and the fight with him was even more disappointing.

Akira Yamaoka returns as the sound creator and the music is as creepy and disturbing as usual. Sometimes it sounds like a demon is in the room and it's just the music!

Graphically speaking the game doesn't really offer anything new, and if anything the fmv in the first Sh game looks a lot better than the beginning and ending cutscenes in origins.

The voice acting is good enough and you can tell that when they hired the actors to voice Lisa, Kaufman, and Dahlia they made sure that they sounded similar to their original counterparts in the first game. This is something I really appreciate, the resident evil series is renowned for constantly changing voices for characters which has always irked me.

The difficulty is something to consider if this is your first Sh game. If you are experienced in playing a Silent Hill game then you will kind of know what to expect. I say this because I believe that the difficulty actually changes depending on how well you are doing, and this has caught me out more than once. In the other games you can select what difficulty mode you want, but not in Origins.

Origins is also the first game in the series to properly explore melee weapons and a grappling mode. Instead of the standard pipes, wooden planks, and axes, this game allows you to throw filing cabinets and crates on top of monsters. If you get grabbed by certain monsters you can press a sequence of buttons to avoid taking damage, however if your health and stamina are low you may fail to do so quick enough.

You may have noticed that in the previous games when running around a lot, the character would run out of breath and slow down. Origins introduces energy drinks to help with that. Similar in fashion to the health drink except it will give you a stamina boost for a short while. This means that you can run for slightly longer without slowing down. Like the previous games you can of course just stand still temporarily to recover your stamina, but this can be not as effective. It is also important to keep your stamina level at a normal level so that if grappling a monster you can survive. The lower your health is the less stamina you have.

The only annoying thing about this game is the camera and the fact the controls suddenly change direction. This was originally a psp game so perhaps for that reason this problem exists on the ps2. The L1 button should show the camera ahead of you but at times it doesn't, and this can be frustrating when you can't see what is in front of you. Thankfully these moments are few and far between and you can still play the game easily enough.

Being a Silent Hill game Origins has a few different endings, so this gives the game a slight replay value. You can unlock different weapons, costumes, and the typical Ufo ending makes an appearance too.

My verdict for this game is a 4 out of 5. Being one of the people that have been playing SH since 1999 I appreciate the throwback to the original game. Perhaps it is the fact that it was made for the PSP, but I just feel that this game could of been a bit better. The boss fights are not really challenging and as I said before I would of liked to of seen more of the Butcher and perhaps a slightly longer game overall. It is definately more of a Silent Hill game than 4 was, but that's for another review.
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Silent Hill Origins (the fifth title in the series) was originally developed and released for the PSP (Playstation Portable) and has been ported over to the PS2. So graphically the game doesn't match up to a new PS2 release, but it's certainly not a bad looking game.

This is the first game in the series not developed by Japanese developers Team Silent; instead Origins has been created by US/UK developers Climax. They've done an amazing job ensuring the game retains the feel of Silent Hill fans have come to expect. Although character design has certainly changed, the town, monsters, maps and sound have all been perfectly reproduced. The music has even been composed by series veteran Akira Yamaoka.

The game is a prequel and the story in my opinion is perhaps the weakest element of the game. Origins doesn't actually shed much light on the events of the first game. I like the Silent Hill games because of the journey taken by the game's protagonists and the exposure of their inner demons. It's a great concept and one not fully realised in Origins. Travis's story to me felt thrown together and his encounters with other characters (from Silent Hill 1) are very brief.

Considering such obvious work has been put into recreating the visuals of Silent Hill, it's a shame the game doesn't contain more scares. There are some eerie moments but many of them feel recycled from previous entries in the series and are nods to other titles. For example; the character of "the butcher" is an obvious nod to Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2 but he could feature in the game a lot more.

The playable locations in Silent Hill are great and perhaps the title's strength. The idea of using mirrors to enter the `Otherworld' is interesting, but I found it removed the tension associated with its unpredictable arrival in previous games. The `Otherworld' no longer suddenly `happens' and that terrible siren is also gone, which is a great shame. I found it annoying that I couldn't direct my flashlight at things also; it's a big oversight and a simple touch that would have improved the game's interaction with darkness; something I've always felt is integral to the series.

The game is long enough, but it certainly felt shorter than other entries in the series and I found the final act to be rather abrupt.

Origins is great effort considering it is a PSP port created by new (and Western) developers. However, its main flaw is that it doesn't build on the series enough. There is nothing new or daring here. The combat system has been tweaked with on-screen button actions getting you out of grapples with baddies (think Resident Evil 4) but this isn't enough to bring any freshness to the title.

It's as if developers have tried too hard to give fans what they expect. Most fans will call it a return to form following Silent Hill 4's unsatisfying departure from the series. This feels very much like Silent Hill 2.5 and for only £19.98 it'll keep fans of the series happy. The problem is that it doesn't really bring anything new to the table and because of this newcomers to Silent Hill will find it a very dated gaming experience.
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on 7 September 2008
I am a massive fan of Silent Hill, so much so that I had to buy all the wonderful graphic novels as well as all of the games (oh and the movie, half of which is truly SH)!
Silent Hill 2 is for me by far, the best of the Silent Hill games followed by Silent Hill 3 and 1. SH1 should be re-done as the graphics are the only thing that makes that game iffy by today's standards. SH4 IS TERRIBLE! The concept was good to start with but they took away all that I liked in SH games.
Silent Hill Origins is taking us back to the feeling we had in SH2, which makes me very happy indeed.
Travis is an average-Joe late night trucker that traditionally crashes on the edge of the small town of Silent Hill. Worried that he has hit somebody, he makes his way into town.....aaaah, The true Silent Hill feeling has returned. You catch glimpses of people but you are always alone in the darkness with nothing but a stick and a torch and a lot of ...well..er...things.
I never talk about plots, I don't want to give away anything.
If you loved SH2,hated SH4 and wished they would go back to the old ways, YOU'VE GOT IT IN SILENT HILL ORIGINS.
The famous SH Soundtrack is back with the wonderful sounds of AKIRA YAMAOKA filling your mind with loneliness, despair and (my favourite) the creeping fear...
If you are worried that this is a cheap port from a dinky handheld and that the graphics won't be upto scratch, DON'T BE!
I was worried about that too. At the beginning of the game they do have the grain switched on to create the 'film-like' quality to the picture and, as usual, you can only switch it off after the 1st play through. Even so the game doesn't look like a psp blown up to the res/size of a standard tv screen. It's very nice that they bothered to make sure their game looked good on a different console. The gang that made this game didn't make the previous SH games, I think they did a pretty good job of making this one! You won't be disappointed, I certainly wasn't. MORE,MORE,MORE!!
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on 29 December 2012
It was going really well until about the last 2 hours of play through. There were so many cool aspects of this game, but the end felt rushed and a lot of things were unexplained, the last boss wasn't very Silent Hill. It's a good game though and if you're a big Silent Hill fan you should definitely play it.
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on 2 August 2011
I only got this game yesterday and I'll shamelessly admit that I'm hooked, and although this is meant to be the prequal to "Silent Hill" and "Silent Hill 3" I can kid of guess that it was more of a brush up the starting sequence was quite different to previous games that's for sure although going through a burning house to save Alessa Gillespie actually left me running around in circles. (Slight spoiler)

But this game still has the aspect of pyschological fear and the otherworlds will undoubtably keep you on your toes but there's the upside because you can go back and forth between the normal and the reverse, which makes things a little easier also the puzzles are challenging. If your a longtime fan (Like myself) or if your new to the series I suggest you buy this game it's worth it.
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on 26 April 2010
If you liked sh1 sh2 & sh3 you will appreciate this as a return to early silent hill as it has all the old, solve the puzzles, bash or shoot the monsters chasing you, good ole silent hill maps, creepy music,

not the original developers but they have captured the essence of the game (in my opinion i am glad they never spent too much time analyzing sh4 "the room")...hats off to them.

Mirrors to the otherworld were a nice touch, no limit to the amount of stuff you can carry either which is welcomed,

I thought the game was quite large an entertained me for quite a while, highly recommended.
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on 27 July 2013
Watching my friend soil his pants (not literally) is pretty fun!! So many scares in those headphones u can hear everything seems great so far!!
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on 1 June 2008
Silent Hill origins to me is a masterpiece. It's got superb graphics, excellent sound and a wonderful soundtrack. I wasn't sure what to expect from this game after the awful silent hill 4, but I can safely say I think this game demonstrates the fact that silent hill series is back at it's very best and on top form.

I found the storyline in particular was very interesting and in depth. The controls did take a bit of getting used to. I have only given this game 4 stars for the fun factor because I found the monsters that strangle you a bit annoying. Apart from that this game is being given a well deserved 5 stars.
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on 7 September 2009
So.. Sequel or Prequel... hmmmn. Origins takes us on a journey in the
life of Travis, your average all-American, friendly truck driving guy.
He's a loner (awww) and is happiest alone driving his truck. He tends
not to forge relationships and he prefers to leave his encounters in
his rear view mirror. Until he stumbles upon a house ablaze in a sleepy
little town called Silent Hill.....

This is, actually, quite a good game in the S.H series, (better than
Homecoming in my opinion) but it still lacks a certain something. It's
not up to the standard of S.H 2, 3 or 4 (the room) in terms of
complexity, darkness, oppressive fear, subtle creepiness and plot. And
the overall time it takes to complete is WAY too short. You do sort of
get the impression this one didn't take too long to develop in
comparison to the former titles. However, it still has the foundations
of a great horror RPG with a dark dense atmosphere, nice graphics and
game-play. Along with the typical scares, puzzles and nasty creatures
to defeat which are all synonymous with Silent Hill. The extra addition
of improved combat whilst fighting enemies is also a nice new feature.
Overall a 7 out of 10 (for me). I did enjoy it, but it is nowhere near as good
as the earlier titles (but better than Homecoming).
Whether the like of S.H 1, 2 and 3 can be recreated in this
age, remains to be seen, and is doubtful. But I'd still recommend it if
you are a S.H fan, and if you're not, you'll still enjoy the back seat
ride! On a side note-- I purchased one and played it (and it had a
couple of VERY annoying glitches). however, I purchased another very
recently, and it had none?
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