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on 5 August 2013
Alright, so this was filmed in 07, when the Pistols are all pushing/past 50. Fear not, for Uncle Johnny gives it loads of welly! He's ably backed by Jones, Cook and Matlock who sensibly concentrate on laying the musical foundations, whilst Rotten provides the music-hall face mugging, expletive ridden pronouncements and vocal histrionics.
Let's face it, this is the best recorded Sex Pistols gig we are going to get, so enjoy it: they sound great and have enough energy to provide plenty of wallop. The crowd go mental; young and old alike.
Put simply: get some booze in, turn it up and lose yourself in anarchistic reverie!
Highlights: a rocking 'Did You No Wrong'; a cracking 'Holidays'; an incendiary 'Bodies'; Lydon forgetting the words but coming off as strangely loveable for it; and Lydon spitting brandy into his own eyes!
The extras (Pistols' guide to London) are enjoyable; Lydon's anti-corporate rant is marmite, I love it!
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on 25 November 2009
This as excellent DVD of the Pistol's 30th Anniversary reunion gigs. Julian Temple's filming of the gig itself and the sound quality from producer Chris Thomas are superb. The band do the business and JR is as biting and snarling as ever, and it's a superb overall document of those 5 cherished shows.
The extras, as most other reviewer's agree, are great to have, and with other opinions captured on the 'NMTBollocks' classic album DVD, what else could they have done? Top-notch disc for my money, and it will be played hard, believe me. Great that so many member's of the audience will be able to see themselves on it, too, especially the great looking chick wearing the green panties, rock on, babe; you most certainly had a great time, didn't you!
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on 12 May 2011
this dvd sex pistols live at brixton academy celebrating 30 years of never mind the bollocks is fab iwas always a fan but ashamed to say i didnt go and im gutted, this really proves what good musicians and passion they have i think the kids of today saw and heard who the originals really are im chuffed they can still sound good cos some of their earlier concerts dont suggest that, buy it if your a fan, and lets hope they tour again......
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on 10 March 2017
Fab DVD of a fab concert
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on 26 September 2017
I was at this gig.Brilliant!!!
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on 4 March 2009
certainly a must for all pistols fans, the pistols guide to london is most entertaining, rotten is on top form as usual, they're getting on a bit now but still know how to deliever the goods!
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on 24 February 2009
The Sex Pistols - Sex Pistols - There'll Always Be An England [DVD] [2008]

There are not many bands that are as milked as the Pistols. A band that released only one single "true" album but the sheer numbers of music discs and videos released under their name is quite mind bloggling! The performance being more recent means a paunchier, slower and less aggresive Sex Pistols but the newer recording means better sound and picture quality and that must have meant something to their equally aging followers like myself but hey, they have newer younger fans too and I know them personally. Having said that, I'm quite amazed to see young chaps not even born when the Pistols were the king of punks donning Pistols t-shirts even here in $ingapore! The highlight of most Pistols' concerts, apart from the music is John's wit and humour. Most concerts will have the lead saying something lame like "Are u enjoying yourselves tonight?" but not John. He talks to the audience like a mate, sometimes even slagging them off and his colourful swear words are a joy to listen to! They may be older and have less teeth in their mouth but the music is still rock solid and made me dance the pogo when I watched this video. For those of you in Asian countries who may have a slim chance to catch them live, this IS the best alternative!
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on 23 June 2008
I managed to get a review copy of this as I'd missed the Brixton gigs from last November. Is a great live show and set-list, and I'm particularly loving the 5.1 sound as well - is no substitute for being there, but I'll take it as a small compensation...

but what really made this dvd for me were the extras. one part is "the knowledge", which is the band's guide to what places in london were important in the history of the Pistols, and within this is john lydon's open-top bus trip around london - you get a taste of it from the trailer but the full segment itself is excellent. it's refreshing to let them do their own talking given all the hype that normally surrounds the band and I think you have to give a lot of credit to Julien Temple for capturing it all.

all in all I think this is a great DVD that didn't disappoint me in any way - not bad for under a tenner!
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on 2 July 2008
I'll keep this short and sweet.

This is an absolutely fantastic DVD. It really captured just what it was like to be there - the madness and the chaos of being in that crowd is represented really well (I even get in a couple of shots, though not as much as some others sadly!).

The picture and sound quality is second to none, everything is as crisp and clear as being there.

The Pistols themselves are completely on form and back to their snarling best, tearing through all the classics and even finding time for a little sing-a-long with the crowd. Rotten is vicious and abrasive but he truly appreciates the fans, calling them the stars of the show.

Great extras too, I watched them straight away and really enjoyed Steve discussing his love of pies and Rotten whining about the Arsenal cannon being the wrong way round!

Get it!
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on 8 February 2011
When I watch this DVD I can't help but think.....I damn well wish I'd been there!

As far as Punk Rock is concerned, this is about as raw as you'll get and Lydon gives an absolutely direct yet mind blowing performance that totally electrifies the concert from start to finish, top drawer!! The filming along with the sound do make you actually feel as though you're there and in my view, you can't honestly say that about most live dvds and that is what makes this one exceptional to say the least. The crowd play a great part too in this magnificent display, captured superbly, that brings and unifies the whole gig.

Lydon is in a league of his own with this performance. As I've said above, he's direct as well as blunt, hilarious at times but more to the point, straight with no nonsense and says it 'as it is'.

As a great bonus, there's also extra footage that gives brilliant inside knowledge of the history of the Sex Pistols along with an open top bus ride through London with John himself. There's also additional extras with Steve, Paul and Glen as they stroll down memory lane whilst sharing their own past recollections and this only adds good value overall to the DVD.

This DVD is well underpriced in my opinion considering what you get for your money. A mega addition to my collection, I can tell you!!! :-)
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