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on 5 January 2018
good length. Using without any problem for last 4 years
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on 13 April 2017
This is a great HDMI cable, which performs as it should for a fraction of the price of its competitors.

The cable came packaged in a clear plastic material bag, with the safety logos printed on.

The price varies depending on the length of the cable you buy. Each size is extremely cheap for the product you're getting, with no drop in quality.

I personally use this cable to mirror my laptop screen to my HDTV. It does the job perfectly, and at the highest resolution my TV supports (1080p @ 60 Hz). However there are infinite uses for this cable as it can be linked from any device with a HDMI port to any other device with an HDMI port, something which most modern day monitoring devices include.

Overall I would highly recommend this HDMI cable as it provides a high quality signal for a very low price. Do not be put off by the cost of this cable, as it does not mirror any lack of quality compared to other higher quality cables I have purchased and used in the past.
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on 21 March 2015
The minute I plugged this cable in, I knew something was seriously wrong. The first evidence? The small wormhole that appeared in our living room, right next to our two beagles.

The wife shouted from the kitchen that she was detecting elevated tachyon levels in our reactor, so we immediately diverted power to our forward combi boiler array.

I recalibrated our George Foreman Grill (about 10 picometers), ejected the warp core from our Vax hoover, and unplugged all the air glades in the house. Praise the Lord. No more worm hole.

So be aware. If in your house you are also running a warp core then there is a real possibility thay antimatter containment could be lost, and the resultant contact between antimatter and the normal matter of the ship could destroy your vessel.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 29 July 2016
OK so I am not an idiot,

Some cable companies think I am! really they do...

You see some cable companies want to charge me £30, £50, £100, £300!! for an HDMI cable, apparently if they coat it in gold and diamond and they wrap it in some radioactive proof sealants, then my 'DIGITAL' signal will somehow give me the best possible picture..

People this is the era of Digital, once upon a time cables were analogue and as such using high quality metals and better shielding on cables did in fact give a better quality image over longer distances,

Thankfully that is no more, a digital signal will not degrade over distance and cannot be improved by using better quality materials in the cable.

Now i do not promote your locally quidy cables as the build quality is terrible, so its worth spending a few pounds more on decent build quality, and these cables do the trick, give you a nice build quality while fulfilling their requirement of transmitting flawlessly the digital signal.
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on 19 August 2016
I've purchased many HDMI cable in the past from expensive branded ones to cheap and cheerful ones. I came acress this cheap HDMI cable and thought 'Let me give it a go.' After testing it with a few HDMI devices such as smarphones, tablets and Android/media boxes I found it to be a hit and miss. Worked well on some boxes, not so well with tablets/smartphones. I guess as a back up and for the price, this is justified.

Good quality
No noticeable lag (on devices it worked with)
Audio sync spot on
Decent cable length

Didn't work with some tablets/smartphones
A little loose when used in conjunction with VGA/DVI adapters.

In conclusion, if it works for you, it is definitely worth more than its price. If not, you haven't lost an arm and a leg.

Hope this helps!
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on 8 March 2016
This is very similar to the £20 plus cables you get with Apple TV and in my opinion it has served me much longer than any other cable. I bought this in 2014 and two years later it is still serving its purpose.

It's true what they say, don't waste your money on expensive cables, because the cheaper ones do just as good, this one, perhaps, even better.
The 1.8m cable is long enough that it fits into the Apple TV unit, and reaches through to the pack of the TV without enough cable left to ensure it isn't over stretched.

The gold-plated connectors add a nice finish to the cable as well - it looks far more expensive than it actually is.
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on 11 August 2016
Just what was needed to get my Samsung LCD TV to connect to the internet so as to view the BBC iPlayer programs. I had an old small laptop, Windows 7, which had a HDMI socket and still worked and connected to the internet via WiFi via the home hub. So using this HDMI cable I connected the TV and laptop to each other, selected on the TV remote the TV HDMI then switched on the laptop. That's it !, I'm now connected to the internet via the Laptop and using the laptop can link up to BBC iPlayer. Cheap and easy to do and saved having to buy an expensive TV dongle, I can also view family photos and videos when I connect a digital camera to the laptop. Really pleased with this cable and its looks well made, recommended
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on 30 January 2017
Better than I expected for the price. The build quality is good, as is the picture and sound quality.
No interference or anything like that, can't go wrong. This links my sound bar to my telly and there was no decrease in picture quality compared to whenot the sky box was connected directly to the telly through a £20 HDMI lead (rather than through the soundbar).
I see no reason to spend more on cables, especially for bedrooms or smaller TV's. That said tv is a fairly new 50" Sony LED and the picture through this is superb.
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on 10 November 2014
I am extremely impressed with this HDMI cable. I have bought £30.00 HDMI cables in the past, and I have to say there is absolutely no difference in quality between this one and the £30.00 one. This HDMI cable is 2 meters long, which is perfectly long enough to come from the back of the television to any Blu-Ray player, PS4, Xbox One, etc. The cable is very good quality and thick so I do not need to worry about it splitting after a few months. This cable lets me take advantage of up to 1080p resolution, and it supports 3D functionality, which is an added bonus. It came extremely well packaged and with Amazon’s Frustration-free packaging, which is recyclable and very easy to open (without needing to use a knife or scissors). I cannot fault the picture or sound quality when using this HDMI cable, as this HDMI produces a fantastic picture and sound result.

Overall this HDMI cable performs just as well, if not better than those more expensive cables. Very Happy!
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on 25 August 2015
This cable is fine. One of the other reviewers noted poor build quality; so far as I can tell the one I have is pretty well made. I have fit it and forgot it, so to speak, so don't know if it would be up to frequent patching or not.

As others have noted, the picture quality with this lead is exactly the same as for £20 or sometimes £40 "premium" cables you may see. You need to know that HDMI is sent in what's called BCH coding, a digital error checking and correcting code. This means that in the vast majority of cases, all HDMI cables will give identical picture quality. Unless they are defective, in which case send it back to the shop. There's no subtlety in it - so long as the connectors don't come off, wires don't snap etc, HDMI just works. So don't waste your money on others - buy this one!
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