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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 24 April 2016
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on 6 April 2016
This is a great series-spanning introduction to the series and an excellent reminder to those who have seen it before. It's like a mini (or is that a maxi) movie. Super for a night in.
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on 22 June 2015
Very good
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on 19 May 2014
8 episodes of the best of the x files,i fully recommend this a good double dvd series to watch again and again
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on 2 September 2013
this is just rehashed x-files at its worst. They are essential for one place, the bin. What I do not understand is why they called it essential. It was mostly the worst and badly made stories.
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This selection by Chris Carter is presumably intended as a gift to anyone too young to have watched the show when it aired, courtesy of some older wiser admirer keen to pass the torch.

The trouble is, there were better episodes that could have been chosen. Some are certainly astute choices, such as the Pilot and the tragicomic Clyde Bruckmann episode from S.3; but that sea monster thing from S.2? The episode based on Bogdanovich's Mask in S.5? As a fan who recently trawled through all nine years on DVD, often watching several episodes per day, I feel sure a better selection could have been made, even up to the last three seasons. I happen to think S.7 better than S.6 and there are many fine episodes in the Doggett/Reyes era.

So which would I have chosen? Nine maybe, one from each season: "Pilot" (the rapport established); "Aubrey" (very scary); "Clyde Bruckmann's Final Repose" (very moving); "Paper Hearts" (ref Mulder's sister); "The End" and "The Beginning" (Gibson Praise double-bill); "Theef" (grisly folk magic), "Vienen" (black oil rig) and "Improbable" (the one with God in it).

Only scratches the surface, but comedy and horror in abundance.
No substitute for living the story in full.
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on 4 September 2008
At first site this DVD is a good idea, rope newbies in by presenting them with a few great episodes...I am a fan of the X Files and have all the boxsets so my advise is just buy the boxsets it would work out more worthwhile. You would be spending 10 pound on this and for an extra 4 pound you could buy the first season (if not cheaper. I suppose for the hardcore fan money would be no object and the trailer for the new movie and other extras would be worth getting this for. The X Files is a worldwide phenomenon (did I spell that right? lol!) and it is well worth its weight in gold.
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on 19 August 2008
the X files is one of the best tv shows ever created, and with the new movie coming out the idea for this dvd release is good, it will give none X Philes the chance to see some of the shows stand-alone stories

but i can't fathom how you can have a collection of 8 definitive X Files episodes and not include either one of the episodes Tooms or Squeeze. these are by far at least one of the most "definitive" X Files episodes and has been voted by fans as a favourite numerous times.

but they have included the questionable "Post Modern Prometheus" - a special all black and white take on the Frankenstein story with no cannonicity with the rest of the series - it is unarguably a unique and special episode, but it's definitely not one that should be seen by someone who's never seen the show before.

also included is the comedy episodes Bad Blood and Triangle. these rare comedy episodes of the X Files are undoubtedly hilarious, but only to fans of the X Files, someone who hasn't seen that many might be left thinking every episode is like these. they are definitely not "definitive" X Files episodes.

in all i would recommend this to people who are fans of the show but not fans enough to buy a season box set. otherwise i really don't see any point in purchasing this dvd, if only for the extras.
a hardcore fan of the show will likely already have these episodes and more on dvd or would rather get a season box set, and a non-fan of the show shouldn't see these episodes without seeing many others beforehand.
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on 24 June 2008
I must agree with the first reviewer of this item when he says that there are much better episodes to immerse yourself into the world of The X-Files.

This DVD set is being advertised on the premise that it is preparing you for the upcoming movie "The X-Files: I Want To Believe", but I am sensing a slightly different motive. Looking at the selection of episodes that have been chosen for this release, it appears that each one covers a totally different genre. We have the "Pilot", which covers aliens. "Beyond The Sea", covering ESP. "The Host", covering a monster-of-the-week story. "Clyde Bruckman" and "Bad Blood" covering comedic and narrative episodes. "Memento Mori" covering drama...

The point I am making is that this is almost a 2-DVD advertisement to non-watchers of the show saying "Hey, look at all the stuff we can do, go out and buy the whole series!"
From the episodes chosen, it certainly does not work as a lead up to a movie. The stories are too varied and would confuse a new viewer as to what The X-Files is trying to be.

In my opinion, this set works for an avid fan to be able to purchase a new piece of X-Files merchandise in 2008 and to place on their shelves next to "The Truth" that they bought back in 2003.

My advice to new viewers who are intregued by the upcoming movie is to either buy the whole set and start watching now, or to just go see the movie with an open mind.

I'm sure the new movie alone will be a perfect advertisement to new viewers to go and buy the series, without this set ever needing to be released.
This 2-DVD set is not a thorough initiation into the X-Files world. It merely skims over the surface of one of the most in-depth and intelligent television shows of our generation.

PS: It gets 5 stars because I am one of those people who will probably be sucked into buying this so I can place it next to MY copy of "The Truth".
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on 28 May 2008
I guess Chris Carter got the prime pick of episodes, hence the preference shown to Post-Modern Prometheus and Milagro, clearly very much a "writers' episode". Heck, there will always be complaints when a nine season series is represented by eight episodes, themselves only spanning the first six seasons. There are better episodes from season 6 - there are even better Chris Carter episodes from season 6 (I'm thinking specifically of the VERY SILLY, but fun, "Triangle"). It gets five stars because it is still a jolly good bumper crop of X Files episodes for those unable or unwilling to go the whole hog and get the complete box set. It's just a shame they couldn't find it in their hearts to put out one from the last two seasons and give Robert Patrick's superb turn as John Doggett another airing.
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