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on 17 September 2010
The title says it all,

These are pricey headsets ill give you that but damn are they worth every single penny. I wont play any game without them.

The bass is surprisinly loud and the actual 5.1 effect is noticable immediatly when playing a game like MW2.

Only downsides for me is that sometimes when your playin something like GOW3 or something with alot of talking, it sounds like theres a tiny tiny tiny bit of muffle in there voices! Its noticable but nothing that bugs you tbh.

Last downside it the fact that unless you keep this tidy after usage, it looks awful with all the wires! There s alot of them.

Other than that...perfect. Ive ried afew different headsets in my time and these blow every single one of them out the water. Forget ASTROs...there all hype.

You want some of these bad boys :)
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on 10 July 2009
Bought these about a week ago for xbox live gaming. And I can honestly say they are amazing. The sound quality in 5.1 is brilliant even when chatting with your friends the sound is crisp. The sound you can adjust via the remote which is cool. The only thing I don't like about it is it uses two adapters. Otherwise excellent headphones. BUY THEM!!
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on 26 April 2011
I bought the Tritton AX Pro's based on the reviews here so I wont repeat what has already been said. Not quite audiophile quality in terms of how neutral they sound but gameplay is amazing. I dont have a (working) Dolby 5.1 setup and even when the speakers on the TV are on loud (and its a loud TV) nothing quite beats the ability to pin point a target based on its position on the 'sonic stage'.

Genuinely breathtaking at first and you quickly become dependent upon the ability to locate people by sound and it becomes part of the overall gameplay in a way it had not previously.

If its music you want to listen to, go get some Beats by DrDre (slightly more expensive) or Beyer Dynamic's (for neutrality - can get good ones from £30) but for gaming, I honestly have never come across anything better and more fun to use (including the mic, which is nice as I find the standard headset unusuable).

Go on, you know you want a pair!:)
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on 15 March 2011
Bought this headphones 3 weeks ago. AMAZING! Playing Bad Company 2, was so impressed when the T-90 hit me - the bass level was so deep! This headphones has real sub-woofer power! Before I had good sennheiser headphones, which has very good bass level, but with TRITTON AX PRO 5.1 everything sounds different, and better. Even when you shoot with a rifle, it will also use all speakers and the sound is totally different. And all this sound going from in-built motherboard sound card RealTek, waiting Creative X-fi 5.1 Pro in few days, sure that it will give much better sound quality, and I am not using Decoder box, because haven't Optical S/PDIF yet.

I am also watching movies and can do it in any time and nobody disturbed by loud sound. Tried Dolby Digital DTS - same as with games, perfect! All like with real 5.1 sound system.

Highly recommended to all! Play games and watch movies with full sound quality.
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on 31 December 2010
love this headset, i use it for all my gaming, especially black ops, and also its great for watching movies (really great), really feels like your in a cinema with the surrond sound, overall this is awesome... :D
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on 19 July 2011
The surround sound in this headset is really very very good. In FPS games you can pinpoint where the enemy are, and how high or low they are eg upstairs or down. I have the Rear and Bass levels higher than the other 2 settings - Centre and Front, it's just my preference and you'll find yours if you have this. Turning the bass up, you can really feel the heavyness and deepness in a bass heavy game or film, and it enhances the atmosphere tenfold. If you're coming to this headset from a Turtle Beach, firstly, great choice, you won't regret it, and secondly, it takes a little bit of getting used to to begin with. Make sure you choose the right volume settings for yourself first before jumping into a film or game proper, or you could either blast your ears off for the volume being too high, or keep getting stabbed in the back in a game because you can't hear them sneaking up behind you. My personal settings are, front = dark blue, rear = light blue, centre = dark blue, bass = light blue. Read up on the settings if you don't understand that, but it correlates to the volume for each setting on the headset.

The build quality is ASTOUNDING. This will not be breaking easily. Previously my Turtle Beach PX21 headset snapped after I just took it off normally. With this headset, that's no problem at all because it'll never happen. It's very sturdy and hardly moves at all. Mic quality is also very good, using it on PS3 with the voice changer you can hear yourself talk and it's nice and clear and easily understandable. It clips in, and you can take it out and twist it around to a different angle, it's a unique mic. Also the newer version of this headset has a breakaway cable, so if you're dying to go to the toilet but you want your headset left on, you mad man, then simply pull the connected supplied wire apart and you can go and do your thing.

There might well be better headsets than this, but they're more expensive and I doubt the sound quality will be a massive step up. The only other pair people might recommend over this is an Astro A40. They come with a mixamp, but you might be spending upwards of £210 on it, without the mixamp for pure surround sound it's about £190. This headset is the better choice in my opinion.
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on 29 March 2011
I bought these to go with my 'silent' home cinema set up - a PS3, a BluRay player (just because its quieter than the PS3), an HD projector but NO AV amplifier/speakers - headphones only. I would recommend the product but have two things to watch out for: 1) It does have various 'line out' sockets but I found these to not function very well so if you are dependent on this feature you may want to reconsider. 2) Remember that these will only decode Dolby DTS/5.1. Most BluRays now only come with a True HD soundtrack. If you use the PS3 for watching movies then this is fine as it will 'downgrade' this and still provide a compatible optical output. However many BluRay players do not. I have the Sony BDP S373 and it will only output the audio formats present on the BluRay. The only way I can listen to a BluRay with an HD audio soundtrack on my BluRay player is to plug the analoge inputs from the headphones into the stereo 'line out' phonos in the back of the BluRay player (via a cheap adapter cable). This works perfectly well - but only gives you a stereo sound stage - no surround sound, and no individual volume control over each channel. These are not major issues but just something to watch out for - these headphones are really designed to work with PS3/Xbox, plugging them direct into a BluRay player will not always work.
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on 12 April 2011
In answer maybe, got these a couple of days ago Mon 11 Apr 2011
My biggest gripe terrible manual.At about 32 pages long it is confusing with eight languages packed into it,the
font is tiny even with glasses,important information is missed or very short on detail,while orange on white paper
is too low a contrast and certain illustrations in particular the decoder box (P10) require a magnifying glass
to read.
I could only get part of phones to work (Page 11) as there is one power plug with two leads yet the manual
only says connect to the decoder box not that the other lead should connect to the breakaway/inline box.
Also on the decoder box (P10) there is a master vol/TD button,what the TD does or how i operate it is unclear
and what is DRC.
This manual should have been in a poster with one big illustration and languages separated into the four
corners with daily Mail size fonts and line spacing.
My last gripe is the optical cable its short and stiff and has to be forced into the spdif connections,
i got a replacement from the pound shop.
My really last gripe it needs more padding and does clamp on the head a bit too much.

But once i had figured it out sound so far is good, best thing it works off opti connection on 360
but still testing sound placement etc
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on 11 November 2011
I bought this for use with a PS3 console so that I did not wake my wife on those late night gaming sessions. It also doubles as a headset for online play (so wife gets woken by me chatting anyway).

It is comfortable to wear, but will take some getting used to at first (weight). Easily adjustable so it should not be a problem to get it set-up.

Instructions are pretty good (as far as A/V equipment goes) and it should not take long to plug in. They are very specific about getting it working on the PS3, you just need to follow them and all will be well!

Sound - it is excellent. Having a Dolby 5.1 set-up on another console I did not expect this to be as good, but due to the excellent speakers and the ability to quickly adjust the sound volume settings easily on each area of sound (front, centre, rear and sub) makes this excellent for online play (crank up the rear vol and no-one will sneak up behind you on call of duty again). They are also amazing for watching blu-rays.

Headset works fine, with separate settings to adjust speech volume on it.

They also look awesome.

Only loses a star as the headset area volume unit does not appear to have a overall volume control on it, which is a little bit annoying.

Great product, would not be able to go back to TV speakers again.
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on 10 February 2011
After a great deal of research high and low I decided to go for the AX Pro`s. I have had them for about 3 weeks now and used nearly every night. Please note I am very very fussy and love to moan about something if I can but I really struggled to moan about these:

Good Points:
Build quality is solid and feels very well made
Comfort again is spot on, fit over the ears and not on them.

Sound quality is just amazing, I am a huge COD: Black Ops player and it does give you an advantage over other players. The sound direction is brilliant, you can hear a pin drop and gunfire from across the map with the ability to pinpoint the direction. Apart from on the highest volume setting there is no sound distortion at all. And if you did have it on full you would go deaf within a week anyway.
All the sound ranges are crystal clear and the bass is not what you would expect from headphones. I have jumped out of my seat many an evening whilst gaming.
The MIC control is a great feature, you can control the volume of other players from the little control panel and you can also turn off the your MIC output from the panel as well. I game at night when the rest of the house is asleep and not to wake the wife I have to whisper when gaming, this MIC picks up my voice perfectly and clear.

The Control panel (which is at the headset end) provides you with the ability to fine tune the surround sound, i.e louder from behind, louder from the front, more bass etc etc.

The AMP provides more setup options again.

When not gaming I am an avid watcher of Blu-rays, the sound again is 10 out of 10. Watched Kick Ass last night and these enhanced the film to another level.

The cable length from the AMP box is huge, more than what most will need and again a good quality feel to the cable.
The new edition which is for sale on Amazon includes the new MIC which is flexible but still solid and only one AC power plug is needed, where the old version had a more solid MIC and AC power plugs.

Bad Points:

The Setup is fiddly, it is far from a plug and play if you want the most from them. There are a lot of settings on the AMP and the control panel to master. Not the greatest instructions in the box.

The optical lead is poor quality compared to the rest of the product, not sure why they have skimped on this part of the kit. It is also short as well, meaning you need to have the AMP very close to your gaming console. (hopefully a PS3 for your own sake. )
Not the neatest wire setup, esp if you have a PS3.
Yep, 2 bad points only. :)

They are worth every penny and the best gaming headset I have used. They add another dimension to gaming and provide an extra level of enjoyment to films. I would have no hesitation in recommending these to anyone from the casual gamer to the hardcore gamer.

If you need to know anything just ask

Randel_Raines (PS3 ID)
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