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on 5 May 2016
Bought these headphones in 2010 to use with my PS3 and they still work today with my PS4. They also work with my Sky+ box too. Comfortable and high quality surround sound. Perfect for those first person shooters.
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on 27 April 2011
This does not play 5.1 dts or 5.1 aac, the PS3 CONVERTS these signals to 2.0.
It may not connect to the pc as a sound card, only as mic - u need to buy another sound card. I am 70% sure about this, but I have not tested this.
Sound quality is lower than the Roccat Kave Solid 5.1. But this had no optical card! Though I am sure if u play Dolby Digital at 620 the highest quality it will sound decent enough, and will get a different sound field from the Roccat. (perhaps this should be a exclamation mark!)
It has an optical to 5.1 converter - hard to buy separately.
If it did connect to PC u can play 5.1 dts, or the new 5.1 aac. Or even DVD-AUDIO with a little hacking.
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on 1 May 2011
Unfortunately my first pair of these Tritton AX Pro's from Amazon were literally DOA, as the power adapter was faulty, however Amazon as always, responded quickly and sent me an advance replacement which worked just fine.

The headphones are quite large but comfortable, and can be worn for long periods, sound quality is very good indeed. One can get true dolby 5.1 sound which really does make a difference in games, I'm currently playing COD Black Ops and you really can tell where specific sounds are coming from.

Music files such as MP3 ect. are stereo, but can be enhanced if one wishes by using the Pro-Logic options, one can also add delay/effects between various speakers in the h/phones. DVD Films or Blurays are played back in true dolby 5.1. Remember Pro-Logic is a simulated virtual surround sound effect, the genuine 5.1 dolby really comes into it's own within games, or when playing DVD films ect.

One observation I did make was that the first set of headphones from Amazon had been sourced from a company called Mad-Catz, while the second replacement set had a label on stating they were made in China under licence. Otherwise both units were almost exactly the same, the manual was a little better on the Chinese made second set, and the rear artwork on the boxes slightly different.
However, I did notice that the set from Madcatz seem to have a much more flexible cable, otherwise they were identical, and the sound quality from both exactly the same to my ears.

Only one power supply adapter is used, as they now use a splitter near the end of the cable to give you the 2 required 9v supplies, which is a little neater than earlier models which came with 2 power adapters.

12 feet of cable is supplied so no issues there, the only thing I did'nt like was that IMO the rather nice inline volume control unit was a little too close to the headphones, so it tended to hang down, personally I would have liked the cable between the headphones and the volume controller to have been a little longer, so that the v/control could have remained on my desk instead of being pulled of all the time. However some people may like it near at hand, for making individual volume adjustments ect, but IME once it's set you dont need to alter it too much, though it does have controls for your microphone too, so some people may find the fact it's close at hand to be an advantage, it does have a sliding clip fitted, so it can be clipped to your coat/jumper ect.

As already mentioned, there are quite a few cables at the small optical decoder box, but are tolerable, mines inside a cabinet so out of the way. I would also agree with others that the supplied optical cable looks rather cheap and thin, but it does seem to work okay, though I have changed mine for a better quality one which I already had. DON'T FORGET TO REMOVE THE PROTECTIVE COVERS from the ends of the cable optical before connecting, otherwise you'll get all sorts of hissing/crackling noises or no sound at all. Thought I'd mention that, as not everyone reads the manual, and may not realise they are supplied with protective covers especially as they look rather like clear LEDS, if they have not seen a optical Toslink cable before.

The h/phones also come with a spare set of ear pads, so you can choose between a soft material type pad or a soft simulated leather, the build quality is quite good, and should last for many years use, but most people will be buying these to get that superb true 5.1 dolby sound in games ect, and I must admit, in that department they truly excel, and certainly make gaming and listening to DVD's more enjoyable.
The microphone works very well too.

Are they worth the money? personally I think they are a little over priced, but if you want good quality True 5.1 Dolby Sounds then these are likely the best headphones to achieve that. If you don't like them you can always use Amazons excellent returns policy, but I suspect I will be keeping mine, afterall... I must admit they do sound rather good!
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on 22 July 2013
I bough these in 2012 since my detonators were falling apart, I got these from Argos. They do give a brilliant sound from them they look awesome as well. However the ones I received were not working on arrival and I had to manipulate the sound box wires before the thing worked.

It is a lot more comfortable than the detonators but they do have a problem with being very heavy too.

Having said then when they do work there are none superior. I may have received a dodgy pair as when I returned them to the shop and told them the issue I was having they took it back, dropped the box, which I had such difficulty repacking, on the floor and kicked it under the desk knocking out several parts without even checking that it was all there.

I just thought I should leave a warning that if you do get these GET THE SQUARETRADE or similar insurance with accidental damage insurance as it will save you £150 when they go wrong, which they, in my experience, will do.
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on 16 January 2011
Okay, first I've got to admit, before I got this product, I've only ever used standard stereo headsets, so in terms of judging the quality of true high-end headsets, I don't have enough experience. []
It does work exactly as advertised. To keep this short and sweet, I'll only mention a few points not specificly mentioned in the product description.
1) This can play normal stereo sound in 2 channel mode, or it can process a 2 channel audio track into surround sound with Dolby Pro Logic II.
2) To play in full Dolby Digital 5.1 mode, you must select the Dolby Digital audio track on a DVD or sound file. Otherwise, your computer will just output in 2 channel mode.
3) To connect to a PC, you will need to use the optical cable included in the package. You can't connect to the decoder box with analog cables: the analog ports on the box are Analog OUT, not Analog IN.
4) To connect to an Xbox 360, you will need an Optical RCA adaptor, and use that to connect to the decoder box. There's nothing else needed if connecting to a PS3, just go into Audio Settings and select Audio Output going through the Optical port.
5) There are two D-Sub connectors for headsets, so if you and a friend have Tritton AXPro headsets, you can enjoy 5.1 surround sound on both headsets.
6) The decoder box can only process either standard 2 channel audio or 5.1 Dolby Digital. It cannot process DTS audio, its all Dolby. Also, if you are playing a Blu-ray and select the Dolby True HD audio track, it will be compressed back down to "standard definition" Dolby Digital 5.1 once the signal hits the decoder box.
7) The Xbox Live chat connector that comes with this headset will only work with an Xbox controller if there's no Chatpad, it won't plug in otherwise. Granted, if you're able to talk on Xbox Live, you don't need the chatpad but still...
8) Just another thing I forgot to mention - the Analog OUT ports are for a PC 5.1 speaker set. So, if you have an Xbox or PS3, but no speaker set, just bring your PC speaker set downstairs and hook them up to the decoder box. This is a great feature, as decent Home Theatre Speaker sets cost a good bundle more than their PC equivalent. However, PC speakers are not as high wattage as Home Theatre ones, but hey, its a cheap effective way of getting surround sound with a console.
Thanks and that concludes my review!
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on 29 June 2011
Excellent headset when first bought in february but after 3 months the mic stopped working. After a bit of research on the web i found out that its a very common fault. Got 1st class customer service from amazon when i contacted them on a saturday morning they sent me a new headset which was received 2 days later. If you buy some keep your receipt just in case they develop a fault.
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on 17 January 2009
After much debating i decided to buy these babies and was not dissapointed. To hear 5.1 sound from headphones is a beautiful thing, the detail especially on games is fantastic and brings a new dimension too gaming. Ok they are quite expensive but no more expensive than most 5.1 regular sound systems. Bad points there are two ac adaptors to plug in but it didn't put me off.
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on 16 September 2009
Wow. What a headset!

You certainly get your £140 worth of cables! Despite the amount of cables setup was easy - with sections in the instructions for 360, PS3 and PC.

The sound quality is crisp with the surround sound adding a lot to already amazing games! You can control each speaker (there's 4 of them) invidually...making the rear speakers louder than the front etc. This is easy to as this can be done on the clip and instead of numeric volume levels (such as volume: 20) it uses colours, Red for Max, Green for min and as you adjust each or all of the speakers the colours fade...!

The microphone clips on easy and it has all of the important features such as mute and volume control. I've often found that some headsets are a bit quiet and Ive had to mute the TV to understand what other people are saying...this is clear and crisp.

It does require two eletrical plugs...so make sure you have space and one optical and USb port (for PS3).

In all a fantastic product...I can't get enough and I never tire from the crisp sounds!

One warning though the Sub really really vibrates your head!!! I've had to take regualr breaks to stop my head from exploding lol
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on 2 September 2011
I wanted a gaming headset that supported as many platforms as possible (I have a Mac, Xbox 360 and PS3) and on face value the AX Pro seemed to fit the bill. Sure enough, in the well packaged box in which the AX Pro ship, there are cables for pretty much every configuration, along with a spare pair of faux leather ear pads.

The build quality seems excellent -- far better I'd say than the Turtle Beach X41 headset I had previously. The AX Pro is more comfortable too, if heavier, although it's worth noting that I have a large head! The ear pads on the AX Pro cover my ears well.

Set up was a breeze once you've clocked which wire goes where. :-) And I didn't really *need* the instruction manual.

Using a CYP AU-D41 optical switch (also available from Amazon), I've the AX Pro simultaneously hooked up to an Xbox, a PS3, an Apple TV and a TiVo and it performs equally well with games, movies and music. Microphone quality while gaming is comparable with any 'good' mic I've previously used on both the Xbox and PS3.

I've not fiddled a great deal with the audio options, but the fact that you can adjust the front, rear, centre and sub volumes means that you should be able to tweak your audio preferences to suit.

In summary: I recommended this headset.

(While I'm here, I thought I'd mention that to turn the physical headset on / off you need to press and hold the 'master volume' and 'front' buttons simultaneously on the inline audio controller for a few seconds. I don't know why the headset doesn't shut down when you turn off the audio control box, but it doesn't!)
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on 17 September 2010
The title says it all,

These are pricey headsets ill give you that but damn are they worth every single penny. I wont play any game without them.

The bass is surprisinly loud and the actual 5.1 effect is noticable immediatly when playing a game like MW2.

Only downsides for me is that sometimes when your playin something like GOW3 or something with alot of talking, it sounds like theres a tiny tiny tiny bit of muffle in there voices! Its noticable but nothing that bugs you tbh.

Last downside it the fact that unless you keep this tidy after usage, it looks awful with all the wires! There s alot of them.

Other than that...perfect. Ive ried afew different headsets in my time and these blow every single one of them out the water. Forget ASTROs...there all hype.

You want some of these bad boys :)
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