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on 2 August 2010
I bought this set because I wanted to play Guitar Hero World Tour (4) on PC. I had already bought the xBox 360 guitars for GH (the Xplorer model) and, playing (real) drums for 8 years now, I wanted to give it a shot.

Using Guitar Hero World Tour on Windows Seven Ultimate, I just had to plug the drums and everything was already set up : no additional drivers or software to use.. Great ! Looks like Seven is fully compatible...

In the Guitar Hero games, you have 5 colors + the kick (2 cymbals and 3 toms). On the Rock Band kit, you only have 4 toms, but the game is fully compatible with the RB drumset, and it automatically converts the 5 colors to 4. The only thing rough about it is that some of the breaks are then between two colors that are too far from each othern making the break impossible to play without missing a note... But I only saw this in 2 songs, so no big deal at all.

To sum up : great purchase ! I love it, and so do my friends ! The only thing I regret is that, for some of very tough songs in the game (from Tool, for example), it looks like the game designers didn't really properly listen to the songs, because their adaptation is kinda rubbish (I play them on real drums, but absolutely CAN'T play'em in GH, it's so wrong...!)

ps: just to clarify, this is the drumsset from Rock Band 1 (one), and the cymbals addons (I wanted to buy :/) that you can find are only compatible with the Rock Band 2 (two) drumset... Too bad !
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on 21 April 2010
I've had these drums many times, they are fantastic. However, each one has failed in the same way; The pads break. 2 days after receiving these drums, the red pad stopped working, followed by the green pad. You had to hit them really hard for them to register.

A few fixes later, found on ScoreHero, and my pads are back to normal. They are very easy fixes too, most only going as far as taking the top of the pad off, which doesn't void your warrenty. I would give these a 5 star, but as they break quite easily, I'm only giving them a four. Do yourself a favour though, if you can, and buy a Rock Band 2 set (Import only, or The Beatles Rock Band Premium Edtion, as that comes with a reskinned Rock Band 2 set), as the quality of these are told to be better.
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on 19 April 2008
Price or not, the Rock Band drums are flimsy. To really rock out on this set at the highest difficulties, many modifications are all but required:

- Replacement pedal (DIY off a real drum kick pedal)
- PVC supports on the rightmost and leftmost pads
- Better drumsticks (nylon-heads come reccomanded, I found bigger size gave me more accuracy but your mileage may vary)
- Possibly sound dampening, the drums are VERY noisy and while I don't mind it a lot of people do.

Hopefully, in the future, third-party drum kits or future revisions will rectify these problems. It's also said that Rock Band compatible full (i.e. real!) drum sets might become available, although prices will of course make this already price-gouged thing look very cheap.
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on 16 August 2011
Well, I owned this kit for a year. I bought it brand new with everything else for the game and as it had all the other intruments in the "band in a box" format, I thought it would be the only purchase of instruments i'd ever have to make for my games console. To begin with, it was a precise and brilliant piece of kit. But as I played through the months, more intense songs, faster songs and the like, I began to notice a distinct lack of precision in the Red pad. Eventually it completely stopped. I had to replace the piezo sensor in it to cut a long story short. After a few weeks the piece of plastic holding THAT in place broke, so I had to botch it again. Then the end of the kit's life came while I was playing Guitar Hero Metallica. Shortest Straw "breaks the red pad clean off the kit" A much stronger kit has since been released and I would suggest that over this kit. Save this one for when your kid wants to let off steam but don't try to become a Rock Hero with it.
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on 15 March 2012
Still working even after some crazy drum solos. Get the updated ones if you can, but if you're looking for the basic ones for the older games like early Guitar Hero and Rock Band games, get these. They're bitchin.
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on 26 May 2008
First, boycott this if it makes you feel better.The rest of us will be rocking out!! Seriously, most things are cheaper in America. Sad,but true.Get over it! For the £150 I spent, this is fantastic for up to 3 people. Its one game I can play with my young sons so worth it to me. Come on, how many of you booze away £50 on a night out? Forget drinking and start drumming- you will probably get fitter as well!
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on 17 October 2009
This is the basic original drum set for Rockband (1). The size of the kit is around 1 meter wide and 1 meter high at its maximum height (approximately). You can adjust the height to suit the level you prefer or play them at a table if space is tight (they are not huge!). The drums themselves are very responsive but take care when drumming and try not to hit them too hard, (which is difficult when you're rockin out!) as hard drumming can damage their life span. The kick pedal is sturdy and reasonably durable although certain songs, particularly at expert level can effect it with time. For example, duality by Slipknot (available by download) incorporates the rapid kick pedal work which joey Jordison (SN's drummer) is renowned for. Rockband's kick pedal will struggle to compete with such fast kicking although it is not impossible to achieve high scores, it merely takes a little more effort!. If you want a more authentic drumming experience you can buy the symbols (hi-hat, crash, ride etc.)to bring it closer to a real kit. However, I believe these add-ons are only compatible with the Rockband 2 kit not the original (which I am reviewing). On Rockband 2 there is a drum training facility so if you're not too great, or just want to learn from scratch you can develop your skills and improve your playing. Personally, playing Rockband drums has enhanced my real life kit drumming, especially with the kick drum, and I am now able to play more complex off-beats which until previously, I simply could not attempt.

This product is very good value for money and will withstand the test of time well (believe me I know!).

Any questions on Rockband or the drums feel free to ask! Thanks.
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on 15 April 2011
OK I bought them for Guitar Hero and as others have said, they work fine for Guitar Hero although missing the 5th colour. Great fun, no mechanical problems so far, although I do hit the pads quite hard so I'm waiting for them to break, but then for this price, I'm amazed they still work after the treatment I give them. Only downside is the noise of you actually hitting the pads, but with the neighbours out and the volume up, no-one would notice :-)
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on 18 June 2008
People who criticise the cost of this games peripherals are really missing the point. Spending stupid amounts of money on extortionately expensive junk is as Rock n Roll as throwing TVs out of hotel windows, drug overdoses and nasty accidents with loaded guns. Don't moan about the price of the drums, buy 3 sets and change your name to Keith Moon.
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on 27 May 2008
Every review i've read on this site has been about how it costs too much, or how much more we are paying then americans...and i really just wanted to read a review on the actual GAME. So here is mine.

If you like guitar hero there's a good chance you'll love this game. Although it is much more of a game where everyone can get involved. I am using my GH guitar and have just brought the drums with trade in money from games i've finished and i'm not dissapointed.
The graphics are superb, the gameplay is as challanging as you want to make it with much less of a learning curb than GH.

Fun for everyone who'll give it a chance - Not everyone can afford this, or at least the whole 'band in a box' extras, but for those who can - give it a go !
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