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Customer Reviews

3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 25 March 2013
Guitarists either love or hate Behringer's pedals. There is no doubt the RV600 is not perfect - But that price tag is very tempting.

I toyed with the idea of buying one for ages because the other pedals were too pricey - I just wanted tasteful reverb to add to my guitar sound. The reality of the RV600 is that you can have your cake and eat it, but it takes effort and for convenience you may want to pay top whack for a flashy pedal. I decided to save myself £120 and find ways around the flaws.

First off is the issue of noise. Some guitarists claim the RV600 alters the tone of your guitar. When using the mono output on the pedal, there is a tiny electric hum and a small depletion in the bass frequency of your instrument even when the unit is switched off. In fact on first listen the sound is disappointing. However, I managed to remedy this by plugging my guitar into input `A' and trailing the out-jack from output `B' - This got rid of all the buzz with no side-effects and the reverb sounded full & vibrant - Curiously the manual advises to use output `A' which must be a writing error. Secondly, I wired the pedal into the send/return on my Marshall - That cured any tone problems - With send and return you can mix the RV600 sound up and down using your amp settings. Because your guitar is plugged directly into your amp, you don't lose any of your tone and you can have as much reverb as you like. In any case once you switch to output B you need a discerning ear to locate an issue with tone.

There are a few niggles - The flickering blue light is very bright and can obscure the settings in a dark room. The plastic build is a common whinge, but as long as you don't jump up and down on it you should be OK - It's not like you need to click reverb on and off very often - Having said that, the on/off footswitch is just a tiny bit hesitant. The tone control doesn't seem to alter the sound, but it hardly matters. The pedal is best used with a 9V power pack. Batteries won't last very long.

Beyond that, the RV600 sounds quite charming. The space setting has a lovely shimmering tone, the spring modes are authentic and the echo effect has a great `infinite setting' for wacky experiments. Cave, hall and room pretty much do what you would expect. I have made some rather splendid noises with this gadget saved myself a lot of cash - But I had to persevere. Try before you buy and don't expect the earth for £30. This isn't the best pedal in the world but for a guitarist on a budget the RV600 is a godsend.
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on 26 August 2010
Being a Surf Music fan this product gives me that "Spring Reverb" sound of the surfing era. If you love the surf sound of Dick Dale, The Challengers or the The Lively Ones etc this product is for you.
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on 20 January 2016
I bought this for a tabletop analog synth system, and it works well operated by hand. The effects are pretty good, although I use it on a keyboard. If I were a guitarist I'd probably get the Boss equivalent - the Behringer is made of plastic and would probably not last very long if you were stomping it! There is no "click" on the pedal switch, and no click stops on the selector dial. The activation switch is activated by a stick of rubber under the pedal which activates a microswitch somewhere at the bottom of the unit. You have to take the pedal off to get at the battery, and there is an easily-lost spring that is not anchored to anything underneath. There is quite a hefty load on the battery - I killed a PP9 after only a few hours, probably because it has no on-off switch and you have to pull out the "in" plug to actually switch it off... anyway, if you're a guitar player, it's probably better to spend more and get a more durable unit. But it suits me...
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on 21 May 2010
While there are those who frown on Behringer's practice of "borrowing" other people's designs and producing cut-price replicas, there's no denying that this is a whole lot of pedal for your money.

For those that don't know, this is a... er, close kin cousin of the Line 6 Verbzilla pedal, with identical features and operation. It looks different though, and doesn't have the modular design of the Line 6 Tonecore series. What it does have is a wide range of pretty good and noticeably different reverb sounds, including a pitch shifted reverb sound that Behringer call "Space", but that is commonly referred to as the fabled "shimmer" sound as heard on "With Or Without You" by U2.

So it sounds good... One of the reservations people seem to have with Behringer pedals is their construction. I'm not going to go down the "it's made of plastic so it'll break" route- it seems pretty ridiculous to generalise like that. The plastic case will probably be the last thing to break anyway. The knobs feel a little flimsy, as do the jack sockets, both of which are anchored to the PCB rather than bolted to the casing, which might mean they break quicker than a more sturdily constructed pedal might. Will it last forever? No. Will you?
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on 13 July 2012
I won't often go to the effort of giving a bad review... I always feel a bit guilty afterwards. However this item is just not worth the money at all... I know it's cheap, so please go easy on me if you have and enjoy using this pedal... but the truth is it's a total and utter tone HOG!!! I only wanted this pedal for the space reverb setting, to try and desperatly imitate the beauty of the most amazing reverb on the market (in my opinion!) Strymon Bluesky for a fraction of the cost.... and I though yea this could be fun, however when I connected this up to my pedal board and run it through my peavy classic 30... I was gob smacked at what it did to my tone, just sucked the life out of valves and sounded like a 5w practice amp, whether the pedal was being actively used or not. So it might be ok I guess if you want to mess about and tone etc isn't a big deal, but if you play live and actually want to be heard... save your money....maybe consider a line 6 verbzilla? Although I haven't tried on, I hear they are a lot better? Cheers for reading.
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on 17 February 2013
I read all the reviews, It's got great sound. I got this pedal because my multi-effects pedal is totally inept, it just totally enhances the sound add together with the EM600. Great!!!
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on 29 January 2016
I rate this pedal highly. For the price of around £30 it is as easily as good as others that are more than double the price. I use it with my electro acoustic Spanish guitar through the Behringer ADI-21 acoustic amp modeler that I run it into my Behringer Xenyx 802 mixing desk (£42) using the XLR output in stereo. I also run a jack from the mono out on the ADI-21 into another channel on the desk. I then use a Behringer B5 instrument mic (£48) as a close mic on the acoustic also running into the desk. To polish it off I use the Behringer reverb machine RV600 on the effects return on the desk. This makes my Spanish electro acoustic guitar sound absolutely huge and improves the nuances and harmonics greatly. Especially on the Hall or Chamber reverb settings. A great combination and sound on a budget.
The RV600 has a good range of reverbs that should suit all situations. Mostly good for clean sounds it works on my mandolin and other acoustic instruments very well. It works good through the effects loop on both my Peavey Bandit 160W combo and my Marshall 100V stack. It has quality nobs that feel sturdy. The LED light flashes each time you select a different mode which is also useful.

I have kitted out my new home studio with a range Behringer products and spent around £500 instead of more than £2000. Perfectly good for pre-production, I would also use these pedals live.
Behringer RV600 Reverb Machine Effects Pedal
review image review image
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on 23 May 2016
Amazing pedal...
Pro's..It's cheap, it has more options than it's rival the Boss RV series..It functions brilliantly...It's a great it sounds effing amazing..

Cons...It's plastic (though it's robust)..Has a really annoying BRIGHT blue LED light (annoying on a dark stage) The function buttons are a little stiff and fidgety..

Overall, would i recommend it to my buddies??? Yeah, why not, stick a piece of dark tape over the really annoying LED light, and away you go, a fantastic pedal at the price..You won't find better for the money..
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on 22 April 2014
Very decent pedal for this price. Has a nice sound and not too much signal loss if put in the effects loop. I would recommend using a compressor with this because it can suck away some of your mid and bass and the compressor will boost that back into the mix. Can get some very nice sounds from this and a lot of variety. It is made of plastic, but I can never see this thing ever breaking! Rubber bottom comes off easily to allow for Velcro to be applied. Would definitely recommend this for the amazing price!
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on 27 February 2012
i bought this pedal to add to my ever expanding pedalboard. i didn't want to spend much on a reverb pedal because i didn't use reverb that much (i have a boss DD-7 and there is a delay setting which have reverse reverb and standard). when i bought this, the packaging was pretty banged up, but due to the post man forcing it through the letterbox, i wasn't suprised.

the pedal suprised me, the two main settings that i used were; 'cave' (amazing) and 'space'. space basically gives you a higher octave of the note you play, shimming in the background.

i love this pedal, i have since sold it on but plan on buying another some day, and for less than £40 ya cant be bad.
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