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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 25 May 2008
This CD earns a five star review from me because, simply put, there is not a bad song on it.
Other reviewers have chosen to criticize because they feel that it's a cash in - designed to exploit the die hard fans into shelling out yet again for "another" best of. Not so. This set is aimed at the casual listener and the curious newcomer. Maiden have said that they don't expect their fans to buy everything they release, so guess what people...If you've already got these songs - don't buy them again. For those that think previous "best of" collections should be enough, remember this CD is all about making Maiden's music as accessible as possible for those who are only just discovering the band. People who aren't going to spend time exploring what may or may not have been released previously.
If you are a newcomer - You could do a lot worse than to pick up a copy of this disk. The quality of songs on offer is second to none. This release is a great springboard towards a band that play some of the most life affirming music on offer today.
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on 12 July 2008
I know some people will say "not another compilation" but a lot of us at Twickenham have not been avid buyers of the Maiden, for us late converts this is a great disc and a reminder of a great night with a band that played fantastic rock and showed genuine respect to their fans.
Okay so it's a money making venture but it's still good value.
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on 3 June 2008
Ok so this is another "best of..." album. Ok so it only covers the '80s and misses all of the recent hits. The comments in reviews below seem to cover these points a lot! REALLY, read the title!! Maiden aren't hiding this, if you don't need another best of album don't buy it. You're all big boys aren't you with a mind of you're own? If you're going to post a review, review the music. This album includes some of the very best IRON MAIDEN around. These are classic tracks from the best British metal band. If you are an old Maiden fan like me you can not help but enjoy this...it's playing in my car every morning on the way to work and if "Can I play with madness" doesn't put you in a good mood I don't know what will. If you're a newbe, then sit back, enjoy and be amazed at some of the best metal tracks around!
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on 11 April 2009
A collection of some of the early stuff from a classic metal band. Even nearly 30 years on, it still stands the test of time. How many bands would rather that their early stuff would just 'go away?' From the introductory 'Churchill speech' that always raises the hackles on my back of my neck and on through classics like The Trooper, Children of the Damned, Number of the Beast and Run to the Hills, this is a must have album for anyone who likes their music 'on the heavy side'.
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on 13 May 2008
Ok, so, if you're a Maiden fan you've heard and got all of these songs I expect, at least four times over, seeing as this is their 4th 'Best Of' compilation (others are Ed Hunter, Best Of The Beast, Edward The Great) and a lot of these songs are on their 4 live albums (Live After Death, a Real Live Dead One, Rock In Rio, Death On The Road). The live tracks from the Di'Anno era on this compilation are live for a reason; they're performed by Bruce Dickinson. So this is a good starting point for someone interested in Maiden's world, as it points their fingers to the better songs throughout the 80's but so much more could've been added, even turned it into a double disc but nevermind all that. The front cover artwork is a genius idea, combining the Powerslave and Somewhere In Time covers together. So you're either gonna buy this if you:
a) want to get into Maiden
b) already have the songs but want to carry on your Maiden collection
c) want it cos the album cover is the best one in years.
Not much else to say really. A standard Best Of to get the money making machine rolling. Still a good selection of some of Maiden's 80's classics.
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on 4 December 2008
As stated in Maiden's own release info this album is to introduce their new young (U25) fans (mainly from India / Far East) to their older music. Most of these fans have been hooked on the newer material so this album is realesed to coincide with the Back in Time tour and create new interets in the 80's music. If your an older fan who has all the old albums then don't bother (unless you want the art work). If your a newer fan and don't have the old albums this a great place to start.
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on 1 May 2008
When i read that maiden were to release another best of i thought 'not again!'. But after a couple of excelent early days tours, it seems that everyone and his dog are passionate again about the first ten years. however, wouldn't it have been better to release a live album of the current tour instead of this best of, i mean, its no better than edward the great, and its certainly not a patch on the 2cd version of best of the beast. puting all that aside, what you have here, is a cd with great artwork and a collection of songs that were taken from the '98 remasters. Another thing that i noticed about this collection is that the songs they have put on here from the first two albums are live versions, and i have got a funny idea that they are probably live versions featuring bruce on vocals (correct me if i am wrong), even still, they seem to have a real problem with using the original versions from those two albums. i know steve harris never was happy with the production of the first album, but even still its greet to hear what a fantastic contribution paul dianno made to those first two records.... my advice would be, if you are new to the world of maiden would be to go for best of the beast 2cd version.... its nice to have a best of in the collection, but there just seems to be something lacking in this one, still gets a respectable 3 stars.......carry on rockin'!!!!!
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on 7 July 2009
I have got all these eight albums released in the early years of Iron Maiden. There are a lot of very good songs in these albums. This compilation has got some of them. But there are others, like; Flight of Icarus, Heaven Can Wait, The Rime of The Ancient Mariner. This album may only be a beginner's guide to Iron Maiden. I'd first listened the Group on a radio programme with the songs almost released in this album in late 80s. The sound and lyrics of the group came very dissimilar and genuine to me.
After you'll listen these songs, be sure you'll need to listen the others...
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on 12 January 2011
I never really got into Maiden for some reason, but recently had an urge to become better acquainted with them. As they have about a million albums that all seem to have the same cover, I was unsure where to start. When I saw this compilation though I knew this was the one for me, and the bargain price clinched it. I liked it immediately and after a few listens, I loved it. I don't normally like listening to recordings of live versions (I'd rather have the album version), but the handful included here grew on me and I like them as much as any of the others now. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who wants to know what Maiden are about and it's well worth a punt at this price.
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on 14 August 2014
I received this album as a gift, shortly after I started to get into Rock and Metal. It contains a selection of the best tracks from their 1980s albums (which were, in my opinion, the best). It serves as a great introduction to Iron Maiden, with hits such as Run to the Hills, The Trooper, Number of the Beast; in fact, pretty much every track on the compilation is great. I would recommend it to anyone who is new to Iron Maiden and wants to delve into some of their best music, because this CD contains just that.
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