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on 6 June 2017
Waste of time putting it up and a waste of money. Got mine delivered on the 12th may 2017 never actually put it up until a week or so later, took us about 40 minutes to get it up not 60 seconds like it states in the description. Bought the sand bags for extra weight to hold it down put on extra pegs, tied it to our fence again to secure it better. So basically done everything we could to keep this gazebo safe and upright. So I am incredibly disappointed to say that with in 3 weeks we have just wasted £150 pounds or so on the gazebo and sand bags because the slightest bit of wind and rain came and completely buckled the legs. It buckled that easily that we where actually stood under it when it happened.
I have tried to find a contact seller button but it looks like after you buy it then they don't want to know. So thanks for helping me blow all that money on something that clearly isn't even fit for purpose.
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on 28 August 2016
Certainly does the job and allowed us to seat 14 people at a long table on an evening recently and it kept out the chill. The legs were weighted down with the appropriate water filled blocks and then the corners also secured with guy ropes. Not much wind but apart from a gale I think it would have held. Fortunately I had 4 youngsters to help put it up. You would struggle with two people only I suspect particularly if you're approaching 70 as we are.
When it was up none of us were certain that the central structure had fully extended but it seemed stable enough. Some of the snap fittings were a bit awkward.
I like the small holes at the edges of the roof which I presume are to allow drainage if it rains. Previous enclosures have broken under the weight of water that can accumulate. The flies that gathered in the roof were dispersed with a citronella lamp. Best to put this on soon after you've put up the tent or dead ones fall on the table!
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on 29 June 2017
Very very disappointed, after easily erecting this product it was up for 2 days (day we decorated with lights & bunting, Day 2 one of the metal legs has almost sheared of and collapsed the whole gazebo and as we lifted it back into position my son cut his hand on the metal - we tried to dissemble however could not due to the metal not being able to close. Tried to call the company and just on repeat answer phone, we had to pay £15.00 for this item to be crushed up and dismantled not very happy at all
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on 26 July 2015
RIP navy 4.5x3m gazebo.
You have been with us for 2 intense years. This year you have been up since May through rain, hail and high winds. We weighted you down with extra gazebo leg weights, and in really high winds we further attached you to 15kg parasol bases to keep you from taking off. And you loved it.
At the height of your usefulness, you provided us with a useable patio in the hot sunshine, a cosy space to shelter under in chilly evenings, offering shade to our kitchen with your high reaching blue loveliness - all in all, a stylish blue oasis in our heat parched garden.
But it was not to last. In fact it was your very own magical water-proof-ness that was your downfall. The heavy rain collected on your beautiful blue roof, and no one noticed until too late that the bulging pressure was too much. Your legs splayed inelegantly and you crashed to the ground, leaving you now looking like a massive dead blue and grey spider on the lawn.
We will miss you.
Until we replace you.
Yay for Amazon Prime!
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on 14 June 2016
Absolutely fabulous. We've had a few pop-up gazebos in the past and this is by far the best. Strong frame although still reasonably light for the size. Well made cover and loving the bright red colour. Customer service was great and fast response when I had a problem very helpful. Couldn't be more pleased 10 out of 10.
review image
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on 24 December 2017
For the price these are excellent. We had two together outside for our wedding party.

The legs at the bottom aren't that strong, so we filled bags with sand and put them in those. We used cable ties where we had them together.

For the odd use in summer I would recommend them. If you are a stall holder you would need much stronger ones, but then you need to pay four times the price.

Plenty of room in the bag when you pack them away as well.
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on 21 January 2014
As I didn't need to use this within the 30 days expiry window (of which I was not aware until I tried to get a refund) I didn't know it was going to break on its very first use until ... well ... its very first use! One of the legs has completely sheared off. We were using it at a community event in local gardens and it is supposed to be able to sustain moderate winds. It doesn't. The legs are hollow, made of a composite metal (and therefore I can't even take the article to a blacksmith for repair) and obviously not able to hold the sheer amount/weight of canopy.

I cannot now charge the residents association for whom I purchased this for the broken product and as I can't return it I am now very much out of pocket. I have seen other pop-up gazebos in use - one in Dulwich park, on the lead up to those hurricanes! - that obviously managed to sustain very much higher winds. I do not know where the users obtained them, but I wish I could have bought one alike.

This doesn't do what it says on the tin and I certainly wouldn't purchase another from this site. Why there should be a 30 day expiry window for something that is clearly NOT an everyday article, I can't understand. After all, surely the same logic applies if it were a tent. You don't go camping every day (and it's all very well just erecting a tent, but you've really got to spend the night in it and see whether it does the job). If it was a kettle, I could see the logic, but a large outdoor gazebo? No, not acceptable. No happy. Can't recommend if you want something that you can use more than once.
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on 30 May 2016
I am really pleased with this after some reviews had made it out to be poor in my opinion for the cost it is beyond my expectations .I put it up on my own but this was in perfect condition note no wind / dry it helps to have ine person on each corner (you tube has vids on how to) although i hasnt been tested in bad weather, it looks as though it could be up to the job .
Double stiching and a perfect fitting cover to it.
The bag is good also.
I bought some high viz para cord for tie down as the white stuff it comes with is not great but would do the job as the loops it fits through are quite strong on each corner.
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on 17 September 2015
Apart from choosing the wrong color, I was very pleased with it. Amazon did offer a refund but it was to expensive to return it. and as it happened, I had already cut up the box for the gazebo. I did have some difficulty understand the set-up instructions but eventually got it and had no problems taking it down. As this was the wettest, windiest summer experienced in a long time, this gazebo got some battering. I half expected it to take off or tear especially at the anchor points, but was pleasantly pleased how well it did, particularly on one night when it survived a virtual hurricane. I put the gazebo up early July and only took it down the second week of September. Importantly, I anchored the corners to the wall and a solid post by drilling and putting eye bolts in. It would not have survived the weather otherwise.
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on 22 August 2016
Very prompt delivery. Quick to erect and feels very solid. It was up for a week or so when we heard that wind gusts in excess of 45mph were expected the day before we had a garden party planned. We were worried and hubby added two extra guy ropes (experienced campers!). However, there was no need it stayed very securely! Many guest commented favourably on the apparent strength. Size is very good for a group event and could probably cope with a dozen or so people sitting closely. Overall we are very happy, but are a bit disappointed that the Velcro straps used to attach the sides, are barely long enough. For the sake of just a few more inches of Velcro the sides would have been much easier to attach.
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