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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
Revolutionary Vol 2
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 11 June 2017
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on 19 July 2006
If your a fan of 50 cent or the like, well then IT's music will certainly do one of two things to you;

It will either leave make you a fan of the greatest Emcee alive OR with lyrics like, "I'll shoot your moms in the back and f*ck the bullethole until she dies", you'll possibly end up crying and traumatised for life. Either way Immortal Technique and this album is certainly not for the feint hearted.

One other guarantee I can make is that you won't find lyrics such as "...I'll let you lick the lollypop" or talk about how 'rich and bling blinged up' said person is, on Revolutionary volume 2.

What you will get is an amazing album exposing the truth about the world we live in. The subject matter is varied; everything is discussed from 9/11 and its fallout, the Bush Administration, Corporations and free trade, the rise of the Illuminati/New World Order and more.

Each song is told in a story like way that creates a vivid image of what Technique wants you to visualise mainly thanks to the lyricism which is something to be admired.

It isn't meant to be pretty boy, materialstic commercial rap made for kids who watch MTV. It is eerie, sad, gritty and hard hitting music which really hits home about the important issues in the world and how we as people allow stuff to bypass us which will only serve to be our detriment.

Overall everyone should take a listen to Revolutionary Volume II as it will certainly open your eyes to the terror the world faces in its current situation.

This album itself equates to a work of art, whilst Technqiue is Rembrandt painting the picture, albeit a gory one.
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on 2 June 2017
What is there to say, Please do not hesitate to buy this CD and I am so happy with the seller I bought it from. Immortal Tech is the truth! This is a CD you want physically in your hands not bought by mp3...
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on 24 January 2006
- Every track has a purpose, there are no directionless "I'm great, I've got loadsa cash" tracks like with so many other rappers.
- IT doesn't have the best flow in hip-hop but it's hard to fault the way he sticks to the beat, usually right on it.
- Almost every rhyme is well-constructed. Mostly none of the single-syllable lazy-ass rhyming that you see from some "rappers". A lot of dope multi-syllable rhymes.
- His opinions aren't sugarcoated, IT thrives on controversy and WILL make you think with most of the tracks on this album, even if you don't agree with his opinions.
- The beats are generally suited to the track and on-point. There are no annoying beats on this CD that you just wanna skip.
- A lot of cool/creative similes and metaphors throughout
- The album is actually constructed with thought behind the track ordering. The booklet explains the story behind each track - a nice touch. This way the album tells a story, not like most albums where the CD just seems like a random collection of tracks.
Cons/Other points:
- This CD is NOT for 50 Cent/Eminem fans and by that I mean people for whom those are their favourites. IT's purpose ain't to make club bangers or wishy-washy bling-bling crap, his aim is to voice his opinions, make you think and/or tell a narrative.
- There are a few too many skits. Tracks 1, 6, 9, 12 and 16 are skits, leaving 13 proper tracks. Although at £13 thats £1 per track - not bad value at all. Plus, Skits 6 and 12 are very thought-provoking so not a complete waste of time.
Overall - a great CD which you have to listen to a few times through before you fully appreciate it, but after that you will for sure. For true rap fans i.e. not those who just like the commercial side of rap - this is a must-have. If you're a commercial rap fan or R&B fan this is too raw for you, stick to Nelly, 50 Cent etc.
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on 10 June 2006
this album is so good, its hard to put it in to words how good it is, immortal technique is an incredible lyricist, he has an amazing vocabulary, has a great voice, and great delivery, he is one of the most intelligent rappers in the game, he knows so much about the american government system, its unbelievable, it is actually educational listening to him, he reveals things that you may never have known had he not revealed them, when he is not rapping about politics, he is doing devastatingly good battle raps, immortal technique spits quite possibly the best punchlines you will have heard by any rapper(apart from big l, he just about beats immortal technique), even though it is underground, the production of this is actually very good, it suits the mood of the songs, and is easy to listen to, not only does he deliver political and battle rap songs, he is an incredible storyteller, as proved on you never know, which is a very sad love story, i strongly recommend this, it is one of the best rap albums ever made, and even though people on this site overrate immortal technique calling him the best rapper ever, he is well on his way to becoming it, get his first album too, revolutionary volume 1, its brilliant, though not as good as this
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on 11 January 2006
For along while an indepedent artist has never recieved such mainstream recogniton, although still partially buried immortal technique is still a success despite not having a proper marketing scheme of that of commercial MCs such as 50 Cent. this album is genius, technique with an amazing flow and ability, punchlines and metaphors that would slay any battle rapper i have ever heard, ("I'll leave you full a clips like the moon blocking the sun,") plus his subject matter it thought provoking and politically minded genius.
the best song is 'you'll never know' featuring a hook by a melodic Jean Grae. it tells the story of how technique falls for a girl but how everything ends in a twist of tragedy.this song gave me goosebumps and had me on the verge of tears because it is so moving and the story telling is perfection.
buy this album you will not regret it, anything that can match Revolutionary Vol.1. let alone exceed it has to be a purchase.
Can't wait for his third album to drop.
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on 10 January 2006
In a world dominated by celebrity culture, money, sex and politics emerges one of the rawest rappers ever - Immortal Technique.
'Tech' takes all these modern day vices and annihilates them. He delves into the hippocritical, political histories of the US and other countries and tells you what he terms 'The truth'
A man of immense intellect, Tech grew up on the mean streets of Harlem NY. He started seriously writing lyrics while in prison. There he read prolifically, attaining a deep understanding of how the world works.
Revolutionary volume 2 is like no other rap album. 9/11 features prominantly along with the US response to the tragedy. The treatment of Central and South america, the drug trade, poverty in America and a painfully personal narration of his own life experiences (Internally Bleeding, You never Know) make this album legendary in its own lifetime. Tech cuts through the crap to tell you how things really are, how the media smokescreens the truth from you every day and how governments create wars to make money
Techs rhymes and metaphors are unparalleled, as is his knowledge of history of science, a true rap polymath. You won't be disappointed...
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on 17 March 2004
to put it simple and plain, technique is one of the darkest and intelligent hardcore mcs out there. easily blending hardcore imagery with insightful, socio-political lyrics that are not only well read and intelligent, but hard hitting and potent, due to one of the most clearest and distinctive voices to come out in recent years. the boy's gonna be big. the only reason why this didnt get 5 stars is that some of the beats are too keyboard-ish and basic.
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on 22 February 2006
Its so hard to describe how good this album is and the undeniable talent of Immortal technique but if i had to define him I would simply describe him as the truth. Immortal technique offers an uncensored, uncompromising take on deep issues goin on around him which is a refreshing change when compared with the majority of the mainstream candy rappers sayin much of the same thing (mysoginistic, materialistic and shallow rhymes). His intelligence and intelectual nature shown through his rhymes is undeniable and in my opinion he depicts exactly what an underground rapper is; someone who refuses to 'water down' their music to appeal to the masses and raps for the love of hip-hop, not for the love of money.
My favourite tracks of the album are probably 'Harlem streets','You never know' and 'leaving the past'. Over all the whole album is one of the best i've heard and hopefully there will b much more to come from him.
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on 3 February 2006
Immortal Technique is undoubtably the greatest rapper ever, it is impossible to put into words actually how good he is. This album does what all good music should which is influence people. You may think that because he is an unheard of underground rapper that he would rap over poor beats but i was extremley surprised to hear the beats over which he raps, they are superb. Almost every lyric rhymes yet every word he says is relavent. It is really difficult to appriciate how good his music is. If you listen to this then afterwards nothing can compare, his metaphors are simply amazing and overall his lyrics are just superb. He is better than Pac or Biggie because every time you listen to the album again you catch something new which just amazes you. His songs and deep are interlectual and you will not regret buying this cd. Even to quote him, "Nobody's as good as me, just got better marketing schemes".
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