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on 25 January 2014
yet another another great book from RD

first saw him on the Christmas lectures years ago.

now read most of his books.
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on 3 October 2008
How anyone can watch these DVDs and call Professor Dawkins arrogant is beyond me. The religious fanatics he interviews ... now there's arrogance for you, not to mention a kind of wilful ignorance which is terrifying to any rational human being.

The tireless work of Richard Dawkins to underline the value of evidence-based reality over groundless fantasy is of course sorely needed in times like these when gullibility and absence of reason are being increasingly held up as virtues. In these programs, the beauty of the natural world and, as a consequence, science, is inspirational, and the courage and determination on display here are a tribute to the human spirit.

Complaints? Well, some of the interviews feel a bit truncated (some of them are being made available in uncut form on various sites), and The Genius of Charles Darwin could have benefited from one more episode to round out the information on the theory of evolution, but these are minor quibbles. These shows raise awareness and curiosity in the rational viewer, and whet the appetite for learning more about natural science, and so I believe they fulfil their purpose admirably.
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on 27 February 2009
A superb DVD! Two discs. Disc 1 is a copy of the series that went out on Channel 4. It explains or rather Richard Dawkins explains Darwins theory of Natural Selection and does it in a way that all can relate to and understand. There is a wonderful interview with the Archbishop of Canterbury, in an effort to even the playing field.
Disc 2 then takes on the tricky problem that is established Religion. Professor Dawkins interviews the leaders from various faiths and asks simple but telling questions. No dinner party will ever be the same! You can discuss religion without blows!
Regardless of your perceived views on Darwin, this is a documentary you should treasure. It is both eloquent and factual and most importantly, gets your mind buzzing!
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on 3 October 2013
Excellent content, which clarifies Darwin's great work,and the TV series, which illuminates the contradictions, illogicalities and dangers of Religions, which modern informed individuals should have long ago abandoned.
There are interviews with unbelievable Fundamentalist bigots, who illustrate the danger of giving power to such closed minds.
Dawkins cool headed civilised logical approach meets blind shouting bigotry in one of the attempted interviews, and shows what the reasoning mind is up against with these "brain washed"individuals.
Unfortunately the Religious element have power,and undue influence particularly in America, where they operate to retain power ,and retard scientific and social progress, as they have done throughout our history.
Dawkins skillfully illuminates these elements in this excellent series.
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on 18 March 2010
This box set of DVD's open your eyes to some of the shameful rubbish that we, as humans, have to endure everyday. Religion and superstition walk hand in hand with each other and ride rough shod over all things of scientific value!
Everyday in schools, children are preached to,on a regular basis,unproven religious dogma of all faiths, and yet these very same children aren't even old enough to form an opinion of their own! Why, in a world full of computers and mobile phones and all things scientific,do we still have to put up with unproven rubbish and superstitious ramblings? This question is beyond me.
I must admit it may seem I have swayed a bit from the reason for this review,but actually that is exactly what Prof Dawkins is saying in these DVD's. This is a must see DVD set, as it explains away a lot of the mythology of religion and its by-product 'superstition'. I highly recommend this to all people. Whether you are believers or not, this DVD set will have you either, ranting in frustration at the television, or agreeing with the topics discussed. Fantastic viewing and a great eye-opener. This DVD set will have you debating around the table for hours after you've viewed them.
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on 1 February 2014
I brought this dvd because i wanted to learn more about evolution. I have been trying to determine if I believed in god or not. After seeing this dvd all my doubts and understanding of the origins of the world and everything in it is now confirmed.
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on 11 September 2008
Dawkins has often been accused of being arrogant. In these DVDs he shows that he's just the opposite. He is calm and courteous when confronting people who are promoters of unproven claims yet he is firm and unflinching in the face of nonsense. His commentary is not only rational but also poetic. More of these programmes instead of the commercial rubbish being dished out would make the world a better place. Highly recommended.
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on 1 November 2015
I watched these the first time round and they are still interesting documentaries. I find "Root of All Evil?" (2006) to be the worst as it is designed to be polemical and Dawkins himself comes across just as irascible as most of his chosen interviewees. However some of the attitudes he elicits are scarily eye-opening and the interviews act as salutary to people of all persuasions.

"The Enemies of Reason" (2007) is first-class documentary-making. Although, as with the previous documentary, political references show its age; it is still just as relevant. After-all, there are still NHS homeopathic hospitals and some GP practices still offer homeopathic treatment. In fact, I have never seen a better documentary about conventional v alternative medicine and Science v superstition. Richard Dawkins adopts a far more friendly and polite manner, whilst still being just as "no-nonsense"; and it does him credit. Everybody should watch this, and then watch it again some years later!

"The Genius of Charles Darwin" (2008) sees Richard Dawkins returning to his own specialism and it shows. He is never better than when talking about Evolution as his books also demonstrate.

I recommend this set to everyone. There may be good reasons not to agree with all the sentiments expressed in "Root of All Evil?", but it is harder to argue with the other two documentaries.
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on 29 June 2013
Dawkins has kind of mechanistic-chemical world view.
For him molecules in their various combinations are
the only things that matter, and they determine our
world's history from the very beginning to the end of time.
He sees Darwinism as the key to understand who we
are, and why we are. He shows us some of the evidence
for this, and sure enough, one can only agree that
genes and their evolution play a decisive role for life
on Earth.
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on 13 February 2009
Well up to RD's standard. Clear, very persuasive. It's time for all people of reason to stand up and show support for views like these. All religions are "enemies of reason", lets hope they just fade away, and soon.
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