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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 10 March 2017
visually stunning, amazing game, controls are a bit hard to pick up. well worth playing. very zelda esque
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on 23 September 2009
I just finished this game today, with a total of 63 hours gameplay. This is amazing considering most games these days have an average of 12 hours gameplay, so more than worth the money. Furthermore, this 63 hours of gameplay isn't just the same old repetitive junk some games are designed to spew out. This game has an intense story line, and every time you think the game may be ending a new chapter emerges.

There are several characteritics to this game which make it truly unique and awesome. The 'celestial brush', the soundtrack, the multi-layered characters etc. But my favourite aspect by far is the amount of detail put into the myth and legend aspect of the game. Almost every aspect, from the gods, the way they behave, the heroes, storylines, 'the wandering artist', the cultural references, everything has some inspiration in true Japanese myth.

Combine that with the graphical style of Japanese woodcarving and watercolours which provide the inspiration, then you get a truly stunning experience (just watch any trailer).

And in true RPG spirit, there are a number of side quests, collectables, power-ups. The designer for this game took a lot of inspiration from the Zelda games, so if you find yourself enjoying them then you will probably like this game.

In summary: Epic!
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on 4 January 2010
Theres only one way to describe this game, and that is: Masterpiece.

The gameplay feels just like a zelda game, but the painting mechanic makes that old formula feel fresh and exciting. This ability allows you to cut down obstacles, restore bridges, create bombs, make trees bloom, create fire, reroute water, and many more. By the time you have ammassed all 13 brushstrokes, you truly feel like a god.

The artsyle is also amazing. The box simply doesn't do it justice. It is beautiful. You could take a snapshot anywhere in the game, and frame it on your wall, and it would pass for a fairly decent japanese painting. The story line is full of twists and turns, and is very immersive.

The only gripes i have with this game are with the controls. It can be frustrating sometimes to draw a straight line (for cutting down obstacles) Allthough is remedied by holding down Z, to lock you into a straight line, although this is never mentioned anywhere. Another control issue is with drawing circles, although you'll be having so much fun, you can forgive this.

The game lasts around 20-30 hours, and has plenty of replay value. In fact, complete it once, with all items, and you have the ability to be immortal, and ultra-powerful, meaning you can enjoy the game as an experiance, without worrying about whether you can survive the next battle.

In short, this was a bargain at £40, let alone the current price. Pick it up!
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** This review was written by my daughter Katie, aged 14 **

A hundred years of peace and tranquillity have been shattered all over Nippon. Amid the destruction, only Kamiki Village was able to repel the spread of darkness. Amaterasu, a white wolf (that's you!), the goddess of 'the sun', sent from the heavens, has returned to Earth to restore all of Nippon, using only her powerful Celestial Brush, to defeat the evil spirits that curses each village. Your job is to restore all of the cursed zones. You must use our blossom brush to release the Wood Sprite Sakuya who watches you all the way, will help restore the rest of tranquillity with you, though her power grows weaker each time. She leaves you to most of the work, leaving you, the gift of the 'Celestial Brush' this is where your journey begins.

But you are not alone, Issune, a tiny bug like thing guides you all the way throughout the game. He maybe small looking, but he is all man. Despite being an artist, Issune isn't afraid to also use his trusty sword, Denkoku, but he does spend most of the time simply acting as the voice for his lupine companion.

Although this is your mission throughout the game, you are followed by 'The Great Warrior Susano who helps fight, and finish off big enemies. This big guys carries with him a wooden sword believing he is the chosen one from the gods. Little does he know you're going to have to help him a little, with Issune's sword. The country depends on you, to restore all that is evil, even though they believe all this help was from Susano.

In this game you can talk to the villagers, sometimes, they ask you for some help to retrieve special items, and sometimes you are rewarded with special items, that can be very rare to find. Each time people, animals, or cursed areas even are restored, you are praised which helps you gain energy and bigger ink pots to use. There are 12 brushes required to find in the game, all of them can be found in constellations from the sky, being represented by different animal gods. You start off with the 'sun rise' brush and finish with 'Iteqami' God of Blizzard, all of these will help you on your travels to defeat enemies, and help you find your way around. Be sure to visit the mini stools on your way and buy plenty of life bones, exorcist slips (to fight off ghosts) and food to feed animals (to gain praises) and sometimes there are items that certain people are looking for, and much, much more!

This game is huge, there's so much to do, and it has been such a mission for me. I've been playing this and the PS2 version for years, and have enjoyed every second - it's such a beautiful story, with a traditional Japanese theme and bright cartoon-like actions. It is complete with some great humour that makes me laugh all the way, I would recommend it to anyone who loves animals, Japanese culture and cartoons. It is even more fun on the Wii because you get to interact with Amaterasu's actions.
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VINE VOICEon 9 September 2009
Based on a mixture Japanese legends (Issun is based on the Japanese 'Tom Thumb', for example), folklore and spiritualism, Okami is centred around the reborn goddess Amaterasu who has returned to Nippon to save it from evil spirits with the help of wandering artist Issun.

The design comes straight from traditional Japanese art and is just beautifully breathtaking, adding to the mystical feel of the game. The music is inspired and really captures the mood of each section; changing from dark and menacing for fights with the baddies to light-hearted and bouncy for the comedy moments.

The game lends itself well to the Wii, being that using the brush works well with the Wiimote. You'd almost think that this game was invented just for the Wii. I found it more easy to get into and play than Zelda and far more fun to look at.

Very easy to lose oneself in the game. In fact, this morning I played for over an hour without noticing!
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on 13 June 2008
I've only had this a day, so I haven't even come close to finishing it. I'm about four hours in and I have to say that in those four hours Okami has more style, character, joy and fun packed into it than the vast majority of tripe and generic sandbox games out there(not naming names)and is such a joy that I can't believe I'd never bothered to play it on my mates' PS2. I'm not gonna waffle, I'll just urge you to purchase this game and help it find the audience it so richly deserves.

The visuals are still mindblowing (especially in HD), the soundtrack is rich and the controls, whilst needing a bit of getting used to, are great. The Wii Remote controlled Celestial Brush is clearly an improvement over the PS2's analogue stick and everything else, you name it, it's effin marvellous.

So please. Buy this game and get ready to find out why videogames are so brilliant. If more games like this were made, the world be a much happier place.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 11 February 2010
OKAMI is a masterpiece indeed!

This is one of the very few games I coveted for years but could not play because it is not available for PC. Thanks to my wife's ...List to Santa there was a Wii waiting for her under our Christmas tree. And once there was a Wii in the house this was one of the first three games I ordered. And my expectations were met in every way.

The first thing that grabs you are the graphics. If, like me, you are accustomed to the detailed graphics of most PC games, Wii games seem much more simplistic. Nevertheless, the colors and artwork of OKAMI are just mesmerizing! I am a great fan of cRPGs but this was the first time I relaxed playing one.

This is an old-school cRPG, so there is no voice-acting. Nevertheless, this hardly has any impact on immersion. Playing OKAMI is like being in a Japanese fairytale - one that takes place in a HUGE, varied world. Forests and beaches, dungeons and villages, there is just no limit in the horizon.

The sounds are soothing, the imagery magical and the gameplay ingeniously incorporating the Wii-Remote movements.

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on 18 June 2008
I've been waiting for this ever since it came out on the PS2. Put simply this is a very original, beautiful, engrossing, fun game. Don't listen to the idiots who have moaned about the controls, I'm only an occasional gamer and I've have had no trouble once I got the hang of them (which took about 10 minutes and surely any new game takes a *little* practice to really nail).
Please don't let this become an underappreciated classic the way it was on the PS2, spend your money supporting a game with imagination rather than the next MMORPG, FPS or RTS that comes along.
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on 22 June 2008
Chances are if you're reading this you'll already be aware of what Okami's all about - Zelda-esque adventure game with beautiful stylised graphics, a neat paintbrush ability gimmick and charm oozing out of its virtual eyeballs. Playing it nearly two years ago on the PS2, I was blown away by how brazenly enjoyable this game is; as a result, Zelda: Twilight Princess, which I played immediately after, seemed a bit stale in comparison.

Obviously a lot of people didn't feel the same way, or at least never got round to finding out, as Okami on PS2 did pretty disastrously for sales. I guess Capcom are hoping that the strong demand for a Wii version (which always seemed a given, considering how well the idea of using a paintbrush in-game suits the Wii's controls) will reflect in the sales. Here's hoping, because Okami is still essential today, though arguably NOT if you already have the PS2 version.

With the benefit of having played both, there are definitely pros and cons for the Wii version. Con - The content is identical, so there's no extras waiting for Wii players. Pro - the loading and saving times are a lot shorter. Con (though how big of one is debatable) - the filter used on the PS2 version to give the graphics are more painted, watercolour look, is absent; it's not a major difference but the colours seem a little stark. Personally I preferred the PS2's graphics. (Possible) Pro - the audio chatter that goes with the on-screen dialogue has been quietened down a lot - a lot of people found this irritating on the PS2; personally I think it's pretty charming.

The controls are different, but whether they're better or worse is debatable. They're just... different. Personally I find they work better for the painting elements - it's slightly more fluid using the Wii remote - though I've had a few difficulties where the game suddenly decides to make the strokes huge or tiny for no apparent reason (supposedly determined by your distance from the sensor bar), which can be frustrating. Combat can be a little clunkier, mapped to shakes of the remote which aren't always detected accurately (or sometimes at all), which of course is maddening in the middle of a scrap. Largely I've gotten used to them, but honestly it often seems like something to put up with rather than something that really brings the game to new a level.

At the end of the day, the pros and cons that the Wii version provides kind of balance each other out - if you have the choice of console, I guess it's down to control preference, and how bothered you are by the cosmetic differences I've mentioned. Console comparisons aside, Okami is a fantastic game, and if you haven't played it yet you've really no excuse - it's stunning to look at, fun to play (if a little patronising in parts, puzzle-wise), lengthy and very funny (mysoginistic pixie Issun still cracks me up). This game deserves your attention!
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on 22 June 2010
I remember playing a demo of Okami for my PS2 and I wasn't keen on it so I never brought it for that console back when it first came out. For me the way you use your Wii Remote to paint with and attack enemies really brings this game alive and if any PS2 game was born to be updated for the Wii then Okami is it. The gameplay feels so much more natural and fluid on the Wii and really gives The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii) a good run for it's money as the best action rpg on the Wii at the moment. Please don't let the fact that you play as a wolf put you off buying this game or the strange Japanese cel-shaded graphics which really do look fantastic with all it's vivid colours. Capcom are in the middle of making a Okami game for the DS which will hopefully be just as excellent as this game is.
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