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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 6 June 2007
Oh my, this is by far Dizzee's best album yet. The raw beats and big clash sounds of Boy in da Corner, developed through Showtime - can clearly be seen to culminate in this latest album. Maths and English is the most complete and cohesive sound Dizzee has brought to the market to date. Dizzee's lyrics are as sharp and street as ever - and in true Dizzee style e.g Dream (Showtime) there are elements of humour in Maths & English that help to lighthen some of the heavier lyrics.

If you're looking for true big clash grime, with pure hate lyricsc you may well be disappointed. This is Dizzee at his best - establishing his own unique sound - though the roots of the beats and lyrics can not be denied!

Yes, this album is different to the past two - but its always all about developing, evolving and pushing the underground music scene forward. Dizee we salute you! Keep doing your thing, keep doing it real, and definatly keep doing it your way! Big up!
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VINE VOICEon 18 June 2007
The first salient point about this album is clear as soon as you look down the track listing and see "feat. Lilly Allen" and "feat. Alex Turner"; this is Dizzee going "mainstream", which is just as well given that "grime" is pretty much dead in the water these days as an ongoing concern.

Of course there are still those old "gang violence" references in full flow but the juxtaposition of these references and lyrics such as "Pull your trousers up!... Read a book!... Find a pretty girl and settle!" make for an exhillarating listen, even if at times the ideas seem to jar.

Crucially though, there are a number of fantastic moments on this album.

Chief one is Pussyole, which is the finest songs of any genre that I've heard in quite some time, and excitement is also to be found on the likes of Sirens (think Jay Z's 99 Problems set in London) and Where's Da G's (which talks about "fake aggression" on the streets and includes the "find a pretty girl and settle" line quoted earlier).

As for the Allen and Arctic Monkeys tie-in's, they're good, but don't match up to the best moments on the album. And if I'm being really honest, Allen's appearance here grates on me for some reason.

And on the whole this is a remarkable album. The variety of it may surprise some, but it provides the album with the magic that makes it pretty irresistible.
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on 20 June 2008
Dizzee Rascals latest album is by far his best yet, and extremely promising to do well.
I think firstly I should point out that, there is not one song on the album I don't love!
He's back with bigger, better beats- even better, if possible, than `Boy in the corner'.
My particular favourites Lily Allen remix `wana be', `flex', `sirens' and `bubbles'.
This album is a guaranteed amazing buy, one of the best albums you could ever buy, one of the best albums you could ever get.
Even though I have heard, and listened to the songs over and over again, I am yet to be bored, its just one of those albums you will always love.
Dizzee is definitely flaunting his potential in this album, and is showing us yet again Britain holds one of the most desired rappers in the world.
Dizzee has always been a favourite of mine and after you listen to this album, I bet he will be yours too.
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on 1 September 2007
This is another great album by Dizzee Rascal. Boy in tha corner and Showtime were strictly grime. This is a mixture of grime, old school hip hop and a little bit of rock. With collaberations with Lilly Allen, Alex Turner of the Artic Monkeys and 2 rappers from America it all adds to an overall good album. Old Skool and Sirens hav been the most publized singles but very there are some other ones as good, if not better. This is certainly not a waste of money and would be a good assest to your CD collection.
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on 5 July 2007
All I will say is, despite many reviews in the press, this cannot compete with 'Showtime' for pure depth of emotion and consistency.

Some great tracks on here but, maybe it's because I'm not so into house music (although I do love the Summertime one) but it doesn't really seem to hold together. I'll allow him the gimmicky Lily Allen one as he had 'Dreams' on his last album and didn't let it ruin the whole concept, but the Artic Monkey's track doesn't quite work.

Sort of going back to 'Boy in Da Corner' in the way it is pretty sketchy but with some great tracks like 'Pussyole', 'Where's Da Gs', 'Sirens' and Bubble.

Worth a listen but not quite the step forward I was hoping for
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on 4 June 2007
Dizzee Rascal returns with his third album and its so refreshing to hear him doing his own thing but bringing in collaborators from different genres and also bringing in different sounds and styles into his own songs.

This album is much better than his previous release (Showtime) and could also give 'Boy In Da Corner' a run for its money.

Buy the album and see for yourself as I think you'll be pleasantly suprised...

Stand out tracks =

Pussyole (Oldskool)


Da Feelin'

Temptation (ft. Alex Turner 'Arctic Monkeys')

Wanna Be (ft. Lily Allen) - personal favourite.
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on 26 October 2007
Can't help feeling disappointed by Dizzee's third album - nowhere near as innovative or clever as his earlier stuff.

What's Lily Allen doing on here? She's fine in herself and I enjoyed her album but her track sounds out of place and she isn't well used as with Common or even Kate Nash's appearance on the new Kano album.

I don't really understand the Arctic Monkeys track either - seems like they went out of their way to do something together, rather than it being a good opportunity in itself, sounds like a very average album track with a sample thrown in.

Pussy'ole is a good grime track but nothing earth-shattering and probably a bit too straightforward for someone of Dizzee's obvious intelligence. We want to see him twist these things up a bit rather than come with straight aggression!

Sirens, Where's Da G's and Excuse Me Please are the good news - showing real variety and creativity.

Sirens is a terrific bit of social observation and has a really big sound - use it to scare your neighbours!
Where's Da G's is a fine pure hip-hop tune with a knowing west-coast synth, although I thought Dizzee sounded a bit outclassed rhyme-for-rhyme when put next to the very polished UGK MCs.
Excuse me Please is intelligent and minimalistic introspection, seemingly touching on the Jean Charles de Menezes shooting - who else has taken THAT on?

Too much filler here, though and as different as they are, it's hard to avoid comparison with the new Kano album, which is extremely well made and drips with quality from beginning to end. I'd like to see Dizzee give the tours a rest and come with something as well rounded and well-produced as that for his next album.
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on 2 October 2016
Great album, if you're looking at this album then you will like it. No where near as good as Boy In Da Corner but what is?
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on 10 January 2012
A good cd to buy if your experimenting into Dizzee Rascal work, Sirens has to be my favourite. Worth buying!
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on 6 November 2008
This is definately his best yet. He goes from strength to strength in my opinion.
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