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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
Style Name: Color Munki Photo|Change
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on 4 March 2009
I had been looking for decent monitor and printer calibration for a while. I was sick of inaccurate print colours and washed-out looking monitor screens which made proper photo editing a nightmare.

Having been seen a demo of the device, I took the plunge and bought one. Now my screens look more vibrant, and print colours look much closer to what I see on screen - although some fine tuning is still required here. All this though a single USB-connected device and some partner software.

As with the previous reviewer, I pick up on the poor written documentation - although video guidance is available throughout the calibration processes. I found it easy to follow the on-screen instructions anyway, althoug having seen it demoed obviously helped.

N.B. - An internet connection is essential for software download and activation.

Overall, I would recommend the Colormunki Photo as a great all-in-one profiling solution for most home or club users - especially now that X-Rite has revised the license upwards from 3 computers per unit.
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on 28 August 2009
I have used other monitor calibrators before and am aware of the basic concepts of colour management.

I was pleased to see that this calibrator knew I had two monitors and having completed the first calibration, suggested I calibrated the other. Monitor calibration was good, but trying it several times resulted in slightly different colours and brightness each time. I am worried about the consistency. It hangs well on the screen using the weighted bag.

Printer calibration was easy. It requires the printing of one calibration image, and after that has been read, it generates another image for printing to fine tune the first calibration. It is also possible to generate a further test patch print to amend the profile for a particular image.

The resulting prints from this calibration were too dark. I cannot find any way of making them lighter, except by deliberately lightening the image in Photoshop. (I have now repeated the profiling process, but with the same result.)

Printing in monochrome using the profile generated was disappointing. (again too dark)

The software and instructions as you go along are excellent. Videos are offered at each stage of the way if you do not understand what to do.

My biggest criticism is the fact that during the calibration process you are required to rotate the large centre wheel to selected positions. I didn't find it easy to rotate the wheel. The centre wheel also incorporates a switch and it easy to press this switch during the rotation process. This can confuse the software.

Use as a colorimeter is useful to read materials and generate a palette of colours.

So far I have found it better than personal print profiles I have had made elsewhere, but still feel it is not quite the complete answer.
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on 1 October 2009
I am new to Colormunki,
This is a great tool to have for print profiles , callibrate your screen.or projector, I wanted it for printer profiles.

The problems I had setting up , X-Rite was just a phone call away -
They stayed with me for nearly a week to help me get up and running ,
all I did was contact x-rite via E mail , They then phoned me in the U.K.
The problem was MY firewall .

I will reccomend to any person this great product, and the service is second to none,
Instructions are on a dvd that comes with the product and are on X-Rite's web page .
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on 13 January 2011
As proffessional printer using printer like Epson 4880, Epson 7900, Epson 7700, Epson 7890, Epson 9880 etc. We'd like to think we know what we're talking about in the world of photo imagery. Getting accurate colours is always a challenge as many of you will know it's not just down to the printers settings, but also down to the printer itself, the number of colours in the printer, the type of media used, the photoshop settings used etc. We prefer to print from photoshop rather than a rip so proffiling is important to us.

After our i1 profiler packed in we thought we'd try something different as we always thought the i1 had room for improvment. I had been told by several photographers that these things are amazing, welll let me tell you they are NOT.

First of all lets talk monitors, we profiled two different types of monitor, the first being a samsung 22" 1080p LCD monitor, when the profiling was the screen was very dull and had a green overcast so we tried again but atleast it was consistent as it was the same again, it made any people in photo's look like aliens, granted it was only a slight green tint but was NOT accurate. So then we tried an LG LED monitor, we did the same but this time we had a yellow tint on the screen, what was most bizare as if you put the same images on both monitor and put them side by side with the profiles done by the Munki they looked TOTALLY different, one was dull and green and the other yellow and over exposed.

So then we tried the printers, the software installs easy and looks very slick, it printed 50ish pactahes for us to scan, the device itself doesn't have any mount or anything and is a bit like a revolving tape measure, you have to drag it along the surface of the print which seemed odd as surely you could scratch the patches? anyway we left it overnight to dry to get rid of that issue (you should always leave overnight to dry anyway when profiling as colour changes over a few hours). Once scanned we printed a test image with the profile and Oh My God... Put it this way I didn't even bother trying again, I just put it straight in the box and sent it back to warehouse express for a refund (thankfully they refunded without issue). The print was awful, dull, not accurate, reds looked pink, it made peoples skin tones look like they had the plague or something....

So since then we've tried several other devices but am over the moon with the Spyer3, we bought the studio version which has all the monitor, printer, scanner profiling tools all for under £350, about the same price as this, also has some cube thing for photographers but I only do photography as a hobby (have a little Pentax K-X) so haven't got to serious with profiling my camera (didn't even know you could to be honest). My side of things is in printing, I am very particular about colours and want to finished results to be bang on every time. Thanksfully the spyder has helped me do that, the results are actually better than i1 which is a dream. Feel free to contact me at Zootaga if you want more info.

My advice is if you really want to try this atleast buy it from somewhere like amazon that will allow you return it when you realise how crap it is. If the results were close then I wouldn't have even bothered writing this but it was so bad I felt I should warn others. Maybe it does work for some and I'd love to know what printers etc your profiling as for me it's the worst pprinting accessory every made. Period!

Thanks for reading
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on 20 November 2010
Having used a Pantone Huey for a cosiderable time which gave resonable control over colour I did find it had limitations. For this reason I decided on the ColorMunki and immediately saw a vast difference, my photos began to look just like my screen image in every respect. The colour rendition was almost perfect. It is however very important to profile your screen your printer and then every type/make of photographic paper you intend using. This can prove to be quite costly if you like to try out various manufacturers paper, grade and finish. But the end result is certailnley worth it if you really want help to turn out that perfect picture, of course, you still need to start with the correct focussed and exposed image from the camera. Altough pricey, I feel it is well worth the expense if you really want to improve on your photography and turn out photo's that look more pleasing that the average snapshot. The end result is less wasting paper and ink once you have this system set up.
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on 29 December 2011
I found the drivers virtually impossible to get to work on W7 and I now know that these drivers are notoriously difficult to install under W7. Unfortunately, unless you have a mac, W7 is what any other serious photographer will be using. You have to manually switch off UAC and Windows Defender (leaving your rig wide open to attack just because X rite's programmers were too lazy to program the drivers properly) and even then, as with me, there is no guarantee that this will work. For a pro end piece of kit, this is simply not good enough and thoroughly deserves one star. If you don't believe me, just look at the dates - it is nearly 2012 and the drivers were last updated 2009. In fact, windows lists the driver as 2006. These guys are simply bone idle.
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on 2 September 2011
I really wish that I had bought this item sooner. I had put off buying because of the price.

Before colorMunki I used to try and print A4 and A3 photos by trial and error. As you can imagine, the ink and paper wasted while doing this was unbelievable. The end result was never anything special and I was never happy with the results I was getting from my Epson 1400 Photo ( A3+ printer).

It took roughly 40 minutes to profile my monitor and printer, including ink drying time before measurement. I chose one of my favourite photos and gingerly added a sheet of A3 into the printer. The first print appeared and it took my breath away. With no trial and error involved I had just made what I consider to be my perfect print. No colour casts and the brightness of the image was perfect with a good contrast that made everything look 3-dimensional. I have to mention the fact that I was using 3rd party inks and paper(cheap), but the ColorMunki profiled them perfectly. Once you have a working profile, you can add to it, by downloading a test sheet and putting that through the ColorMunki software. I downloaded a black and white test sheet to improve the grayscale printing. I can now print perfect black & white with no noticeable colour casts.

I had wasted much more money on ink and paper than what the ColourMunki cost, so from my point of view, I am now a happy chappie.

Mike Summerfield.
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on 21 February 2013
Bought this hoping for an end to my problem of prints not matching monitor
The monitor calibration seemed to work fine but when I used the printer calibration I just could not get a satisfactory match with monitor to print output which was really disappointing!
I returned the product reluctantly as I really wanted it to work!
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on 14 February 2012
One of my most treasured posessions now. Easily profiles my monitor AND printer. Print profiles are surprisingly very accurate!

If you are looking at one of these you will likely know what it does. I can just say it does it all VERY well and I could not do without it now.
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on 18 April 2012
Technically, this is an excellent piece of equipment which has profiled my Canon MG8200 and favourite papers better than I'd hoped for. Used alongside Lightroom 4, which now has soft-proofing, it produces prints near indistinguishable from screen images.

But two flaws exist. Firstly, the soft case/protective bag is horrible. It's really neither a bag or a case. It has to come off for printer profiling, and stay on for monitor profiling. When it's on you can't see the switch positions on the device itself, and you have to use the supplied lead-weighted strap to hang the device on your monitor. It's clumsy and X-Rite would do well to improve it.

Secondly, during the two main stages of printer profiling, the X-Rite software states that the first print of colour-swatches should be left to dry for ten minutes, before proceeding to the second stage. It emphasises that the inks and paper must be completely dry before proceeding to stage two. There's a ten-minute timer on screen to help.

But ten minutes is nowhere near enough for any of the papers I profiled. I can only speak for Canon and Fuji papers here, but most heavyweight high-gloss papers need to be left for at least eight hours before the ink/paper combination has finished 'drying'. When the colours on the paper have settled, and no more changes are taking place, you can move on to the second stage. If you begin stage two before the inks have dried, your new X-Rite profile will not produce the best results.

And don't be misled by the phrase 'instant drying' (or similar) on any many inkjet papers. This might mean 'touch-dry', but it does not mean that the print has finished 'developing'.

All in all it's an impressive tool, if you want consistent colour between your monitor and printer. And it's very reasonably priced.
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