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on 18 April 2008
This game is awesome! It is the most fun I have ever had from an online FPS game and is seriously addictive.
Each of the 9 classes have their own particular strengths and weakness's and are all a lot of fun to use.
They are the Soldier, Demoman, Medic, Engineer, Pyro, Sniper, Scout, Spy and the Heavy.
There is an insane amount of different tactics that can be used (given the amount of class combinations) and with good team work this game offers pretty much endless fun.

The graphics and style are brilliant and don't take a super computer to run well.
The sound effects and in-game class specific voice communications are also amazing, probably the best in any game I have ever played and very humourous also.

They are continually updating it with new content like maps and new unlockable weapons (unlocked through achievements).
There is also a large custom community, so there are plenty of custom made maps and twists on the game to keep you from getting bored.

I would recommend you get a headset if you are serious about this game or just enjoy team based play. Mainly so you can communicate with your team mates effectively.

I honestly can't recommend this game enough, I have played it almost every day since it was released and it just keeps getting better.
With the unlockables and new games modes/maps being released (for free) very soon, it just looks like it will continue to get better and better still.
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on 23 January 2010
Great game by the greatest game company of all time. Team fortress 2 takes place in a styled 1950's world between two rival construction companies RED "Reliable excavation and demolition" and BLU "Builders league United". There is no single player campaign as all the action is focused around small multi-player maps with various objectives such as capture the flag, control point attack and defend, and a few others. Players can choose from one of 9 different characters to control during the game each with their own varied play style. There's the heavy for those who want to unleash large amounts of random damage. The medic for those who wish to heal wounded team mates or the spy those those back stabbers amongst us. The pace is fast and furious and there are many game concepts that may take a while to get used to whilst the game remains simple enough at the core to allow beginners. Only real downside of getting this game on the PS instead of the PC is that Valve haven't released any updates for the PS version whilst releasing vast amounts of new maps, weapons and hats for the PC game.
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on 17 March 2009
Team based gaming perfected. All the gaming tools are here and are superbly implemented - sniper rifles, pipe bombs, rocket launchers, chain guns, sentry guns etc. Add some finely honed maps and varied play modes and it comes together.
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on 7 November 2008
I'll try and keep this brief. The premise of Team Fortress 2 seems simple. Roughly 24 players are split into two teams- red and blue, and they fight over battlefield objectives determined by the current server map. Objectives are of the standard capture the flag/king of the hill type, but it is the variety of classes and potential for teamwork that makes this the stand out title. The classes are superbly balanced- each of them has their own abilities that are sufficiently different from the other classes to give them their own unique feel and playstyle. Valve perfected this, and no one class feels super powerful or able to lord it over the others.

It's great fun to just jump online for 20 mins as a Soldier and fire off some rockets, let off some steam and bang a few heads.... If that's all you want to do that's cool. But when you work as a team and your Sniper pins down the opposition while your Spy takes out the Sentry Guns so your scout can skip past the defences, nick the enemy intel and your heavy/medic combo wades into the enemy courtyard to provide cover for your scout returning with the booty........... it's a beautiful feeling when it all comes together....
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on 11 January 2009
I'm currently playing as a red spy and am disguised as a blue pyro, the blue team are on the verge of taking our final control point, their engineers have just placed a sentry gun at our spawn gate and the medics at the back seem prepared for an uber attack. I run behind the oncoming blue force with my cloak covering my tracks. I charge up to the first medic and place a knife into his back, quickly placing the cloak back on to cover my retreat. I then charge behind the second medic and back stab him out of the game, leaving me with one heavy and that sentry gun. The heavy is easily dispacthed with my trusty knife and the task of the senrty gun is made easier with my triggered explosives. During and after this time, my red team mates have managed to get control of the closest control point and we are well on the road towards victory.

This is just one of mny stories I could tell you I experienced whilst playing this superb online shooter. This truly is the greatest online game yet released, it is both fun and competitive as well as geared towards actual team work. Working as a team has never felt so rewarding and challenging. The graphics are similar in style to Disney Pixar films like Toy Story and each of the classes (including the aforementioned spy) each bring their own strenghs and weaknesses to any team.

If you are looking for a new challenge then please look no furthur, and if you are afraid that you will be dropped in at the deep end and will just get endlessly killed, don't worry, the medic class is easy to pick up and the people on the servers always seem very helpful. Please give this game a go.
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on 18 December 2009
I can't recommend this game highly enough, its been out for a while but the community around it is still incredibly strong and its still as enjoyable as ever. Great maps, great character classes, very inventive, beautiful graphics and most importantly fun.
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on 24 April 2008
I think that the title says it all really. It's fair to say that if you like shooters and you have a broadband connection, you owe it to yourself to get this game, get online and start Killing. I've been playing this solidly since The Orange Box release and I can't imagine ever getting bored.

Team Fortress 2 is easily the best multiplayer shooter you can buy today. Starting with superficials like graphics, it looks utterly wonderful. The pixar-style characters are beautiful, very funny, highly individual and (perhaps most importantly) extremely easy to spot when they are charging at you.

This is a good thing because you know straight away what any particular character is going to do as soon as you see them - each of the nine character classes behaves in a certain way which gives you the chance to adapt your own play to deal with the incoming threat. Of course, the opposing team can also see straight away what class you are playing with so they are ready for you too.

The fun nature of the graphics though does belie a game of real complexity as well though. Because each character class is so distinct, it becomes extremely important to work as a team, utilising the strengths of each class to accomplish the goal. For example, the Medic, whose job it is almost exclusively to heal other team members, works very well with the Heavy, a huge Russian skinhead who can act as a brick wall, taking fire and providing a curtain of bullets for your team to advance with. The Scout is flimsy, but very fast, capable of dodging almost any bullet, jump twice his own height and can capture points twice as fast, which means he's your advance party and will be in the enemy's face faster than any other class. But he will need the heavy weapons support behind him as on the defence he's not much cop.

It's well worth experimenting with every character class to see which one fits you best, as all of them have strengths and weaknesses. Because of this, it's fair to say that the gameplay tends to be pretty balanced. No single class is "better" than another, so you'd be unlikely to find a team full of soldiers, or spies, because there would be gaping holes in your team.

Add to this mix the Achievements that you can unlock, such as "Hardcore", for amassing 1000 kills, "Grey Matter" for getting 25 headshots or "Team Doctor" for healing 250000 points. I'm not sure what difference these make in real terms, but it feels good when you get them! There's also awards such as "Nemesis" which you get awarded for repeatedly killing the same person in a single game. That opens up an award for "Revenge", where you manage to kill your nemesis, accompanied by a fanfare.

There's a huge amount of maps out there now, both official and user-built. Some are better than others, it has to be said, but you'll soon work out which ones you like and it's all down to personal taste and playing style. Similarly, the online nature of the game does mean that your own enjoyment is fairly reliant on everyone else on the server. There's tons of players now - some of them are team players, others not so much, which can be a pain.

On the whole though, it's a much easier game to get into than Counter Strike, for example, and users do tend to be a lot less "sniffy" towards new players than other games. There are loads of servers on Steam and most are pretty good at saying whether they are Noob-friendly or for more experienced players.

Whether or not you buy it as an individual game, or as part of the Orange Box package is up to you and depends on whether you want to have Half Life 2 as well. If you don't though, and you just want a wild blast over the web, then the individual game is great value for money.

Be warned though, it is highly addictive. Hours and hours can go by while you blast away in frantic fashion. Still, I can't recommend the game highly enough. Buy it, as soon as you can. And if you see me on any of the servers, feel free to join in and take your best shot!
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on 5 June 2009
This is one of the best first person class based game i have played besides battlefield 2. Intense and very fast paced. Humorous too. Thoroughly enjoying and worth your money.Team Fortress 2 (PC DVD)
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on 12 April 2009
I have orange box on 360 but no live account and wondered what Team Fortress 2 was about! A mate plays it on his pc and told me to get it, so i did! And its awesome. a perfect mix of team play and choosing the right character to overcome an opposing team. Its almost perfectly balanced, online servers are quick and lag is minimal and its always brilliant fun! I recommend to anyone who liked Counter strike or the origional TF.
5 stars.
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on 3 August 2011
This game is absolutely fantastic, just breathtakingly funny and fun.
Recently, this game became free to play on steam and so if you download Steam you can get this absolutely free, definately worth a download.
The download is 10 gigabytes big.
PC version far outstrips the xbox 360 version on the orange box also.
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