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on 8 August 2015
A basic, completely functional controller. Comfortable to use; nice to have the familiarity of previous controllers (PS2). Nothing new or innovative, but does the job well enough, only downside is price.
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on 25 April 2008
After playing MGS4/MGO at TGS 2007; Japan, I realized that the DualShock that was present there, replacing the SIXAXIS, was different. No, it's not the weight, yes the sticks are more sensitive and raised, but that's not the main reason for my liking. Let me explain.

In MGS4 (and other games, I'm using shooting in this example), when the enemy shoot at you from a side, say the left side, then the controller vibrates more on the left side. If a car just got blown up, behind you, then the lower part of the controllers vibrates. Basically, the vibration's direction indicates where a certain impact is coming from. In Gran Turismo 5, if a car slam you on the right in a hard shoulder, then, you guessed it, it'll vibrate on the right, with little vibration on the left (mind you, that's pretty handy if your driving with the in-car view, beats having to switch cameras all the time to see where the hit came from).

This version, DS3, is not just another vibrating controller like its predecessors. It's an improved version. It's slightly heavier than the DS2 (the PS2's), but that's much better than the SIXAXIS, which feels like those remote controlled plastic cars controllers; light and could break easily.

The motion control is still there, for anyone who still likes that feature. But it's better to have both. This is a must buy for anyone looking to purchase a PS3 as only the MGS4/80GB PS3 bundle is confirmed to have the DS3 controller with it. All other PS3 packages/bundles will have the SIXAXIS instead, so you can see why it's a must purchase.

BTW; there's no region lock on this, so you can basically import this from import sites and still use them (playasia.com has ceased distribution in EU territories mind you).
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on 10 July 2008
Here are some other improvements I have noticed over the old Sixaxis pad :

- The plastic case is not so shiny, and feels less slippery if greasy.

- The plastic case is stronger and doesn't creak.

- The L2 and R2 triggers seem slightly easier to press in and the plastic is more grippy, so your fingers don't slip off so much.

- Clicking the analog sticks in feels slightly easier.

Obviously it also rumbles, and don't worry about the extra weight, it's not much different to a Dual Shock 2.
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on 11 November 2011
I bought 3 of these.

TWO were fulfilled by AMAZON themselves, if I only bought one I would not be any the wiser, other to think it was a foreign one, it looked like a real one, but Hong Kong code version (see below).

The first thing that made me suspicious was there was no CE safety mark on the item, nor on the box, but as it had the Hong Kong code, I was annoyed it was not made for the UK, but as a lower cost slightly would have put up with it, as Amazon would have had to guaranteed them.

BUT when I opened the 2nd, it had the identical serial number!

I rang Sony; they said it was definitely a fake. I rang Amazon, they were useless, had to contact several times, only said send it back for a refund. The problem being, by then they had increased in price and as they would not just replace, I had to pay more for the new ones I required. That was really unacceptable as they had send out dodgy counterfeit goods. Amazon didn't care either they were fake, returned in the end for a full refund and bought elsewhere.

The 3rd came from a Marketplace seller. This one was a genuine Sony, which was good, but had a unfortunately had a code of: CECHZC2H - which the last H means it is made for Hong Kong (should have an E on the end for Europe/UK) - it works fine, but Sony said no guarantee in the UK if it goes wrong, other than through the seller themselves, which was a small seller on Amazon, so hope it doesn't go wrong!

This one also did not have the CE safety approval label on it like the UK ones do, although I'm sure as it is Sony made it is ok, it is still illegal to sell it in Europe without the safety CE label. The CE means that the electrical components and battery when charged will not blow up or injure you etc, as they are tested and approved by the maker before sale to the specification for safety in an EU directive. In Hong Kong, they do not have those rules, so even larger Companies do not have to conform to those rules when they sell in those Countries, hence why grey imports like these are not good, and at least should not be mixed in with genuine UK ones, who can tell which are which by these listings!

My suggestion ensure from the Company you are buying from (email them and wait for a reply!) that the item is designed for EUROPE/UK and has code CECHZC2E - and if buying more than one, check the serial numbers are not identical! (You won't know it's a fake of course if you only buy one, as the package looks identical to the genuine ones, really well copied fakes)
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on 7 April 2008
Just received my dualshock 3, connected it up with condemned 2 and it works a dream. It's slightly heavier than the sixaxis standard controller, but it makes games have more of a controlled feel and better understanding to when you are getting hit or fired upon. I could not wait for the uk release, so therefore i ordered it from asia through an amazon british based company, and why sony did'nt sort out the legal side out to get this dualshock to be released when the ps3 came out is beyond me.
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on 19 May 2017
like it
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on 16 May 2008
It's all very odd.

When the SIXAXIS spec was first published, there was a little fuss from gamers about the lack of vibration support. At the time, I was fairly ambivalent about this deprecation, and so after finally getting my ps3 began gaming without issue.

- But something was missing -

I couldn't place it exactly, but there was certainly a lack of immersion when racing cars or shooting mexican militia. The SIXAXIS has a good (albeit 'cheap' feeling) design, and yet I yearned to use my 360 controllers with my ps3.

Yesterday I played through the RaceDriver:GRID demo with the DUALSHOCK3, and whilst I didn't immediatley notice any difference, the fact that I felt finally like I was actually sat in that car made it all so very clear.

The range of vibrations generated by the controller in your hands adds a significant amount of extra sensory information.

The difference is like having slowly lost your sense of smell, then suddenly got it back again overnight. Your dominant senses haven't changed, but somehow you 'know' more than you did before.

Every hill bump, every fender-bender, each clipped barrier is an event that is transmitted to your subconscious and relates to the occurrence on-screen. "Ooh" you might say, "I bounced of that curb quite hard, I hope I didn't mess up the tracking".

This is what you are paying for, and now that I have it I can never look back.

The only negatives of the DUALSHOCK3 design are also true of the SIXAXIS:
I think the handles are too small and lack the right shape for my hands. I also think the L2 and R2 buttons need to be recessed and made more trigger like.

That all said, this controller still delivers on it's claims, and the vibration function has more finesse that older designs (e.g. DUALSHOCK2, N64 rumble pack).

So what are you waiting for? Get one, make sure your games are up-to-date and support the vibration function, and see for yourself.
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on 8 April 2008
I wasn't sure whether or not to bother paying out for one of these imported Dualshock 3 controllers but I am so glad that I eventually did.

GT 5 Prologue swayed me as there just wasn't any form of feedback from the original six axis controller which in my opinion really hurt the game. However with one of these the game is vastly improved the rumble is very subtlety used more so than with the older Dualshock 2s on the PS2.

You can feel the gear changes, rumble strips, collisions and even the weight of the car shifting. This alone has made it a worthwhile purchase for me. Also many other games are supported and the list is growing quickly.

Even Resistance Fall of Man is much improved with the rumble feature though you have to get the rumble update via the latest multiplayer patch as it does not auto update for the rumble features.

Seeing as there will be a considerable wait until they officially launch in the UK my advice splash out and treat yourselves you won't regret it. Happy gaming.
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on 21 October 2015
Wasn't a real Sony ccontroller despite wing advertised as one.
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First off, I didn't miss the rumble so much until I got my hands on this baby. The extra sense it offers comes in handy in situations where you've been hit from behind.

However if you're looking for the new revolution in rumble support you'll be disappointed. I am not saying it isn't worth it but the cut to retain battery life is apparent. The rumble isn't as punchy as the old PS2 one but more like 3/4 there.

Nevertheless, if you really want rumble then go ahead and buy one, you don't need to wait 5 months until its UK release, it's pointless.

The price is a bit off (if you convert the Japanese retail price to UK pounds) but if you try importing it on your own it will cost you £40-50 easily thanks to the 'ever affordable' postage cost.

As for the battery life it will run out of juice 3-5 hrs earlier than the SISAXIS one, and it is very understandable if you ask me.

As an additional feuture, the shocks are directional, meaning that when you get hit from the left the left handside of the dualshock vibrates and so on.

The motion sensor (SISAXIS)is still inluded, without suffering from the presence of rumble as earlier speculations let people believe through the internet.

I would have given it 4 out 5 stars for the lack of power but its something you will get used to and forget eventually.

As I said earlier if you ever going to buy a dual shock 3 buy it now, don't forget people MGS4 is coming and we all know Kojima likes messing up with us using the controller (psycho mantis anyone?), so you wouldn't want to miss out would you?

PS: Not all games are supported, Sony stated that all their first party games will have support with firmware updates. As for some other games you get promt to download un update which enables the rumble. However, dont expect rumble support from many lunch titles.
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