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on 3 December 2011
I have no problem with the performance of this essential wireless controller (almost classic wireless game controller), but I have issue with Sony's bad design as I shall explain below.

As you may have noticed, all PlayStation controllers can only be charged either through the PlayStation machine itself (which requires switching on the unit for charging) or by using a special charging unit that you must purchase -- Sony's lock-in idea to make you buy another Sony product (although fortunately there are cheaper non-branded alternatives).

Nowadays a 5V mains charger with mini USB connector, as for PS3 controllers, is ubiquitous and they come with mobile phones, digital cameras, wireless stereo headphones, and many other portable devices. Chances are you may have one sitting idle or shareable with another device for charging.

If you try to charge your PS3 controllers, none of them work with an ordinary 5V mains charger used with other portable devices despite the fact that the DC plug is compatible. The reason is that Sony, in their wisdom of proprietary design have decided for the charging to take place only when the USB data line is active (which doesn't exist nor necessary with mains chargers).

Here are the options if you want to charge a PS3 controller:

1) Power up PlayStation 3 machine with power consumption in tens of watts (depends on model and at least 75W when idle);
2) Power up your laptop or Desktop PC and plug PS3 controller into the USB port as for PlayStation, and again unnecessary power consumption as for PS3 if not much more for desktop PC. The laptop or PC thinks a device is attached and activates the data line in effect doing what Sony intended;
3) By a special charger unit that emulates Sony's peculiar charging condition (same as the 5V mains charger but activate the data line on the power connector pin - which is unnecessary to start with).

Sony did not only make it impossible to use ordinary chargers that only consumes a watt or two for charging PS3 controllers, the Sony way is environmentally unfriendly and inconsistent with the current trend when we are becoming increasingly conscious of the cost of energy and the environment.

Forgive the rant but hope you'd appreciate the point as valid and useful product feedback by customers.

I also hope Sony takes notice of this.
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on 4 July 2012
After several weeks trying to make it charge and thinking it was my fault, I went to forums and realised it's a known issue with cheap versions of the controller. This is the Honk Kong version (CECHZC2H) and not the European one (CECHZC2E). DO NOT BUY!

It looks like a Sony product, and it probably is, but the quality is so poor that you're probably better buying a fake one and hoping for the best. At least you won't spend a lot of money and the quality will be similar.

My controller stopped charging after about a month of usage, and it wouldn't even work plugged in the PS3. I had to reset it every time I wanted to play (sometimes not even that worked) and can only play it directly connected to the PS3, which makes no sense on a wireless controller.
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on 17 May 2014
Purchased a control pad to replace my original one was soaked in coke, then buttons and battery where not holding the battery life and buttons would not work.

Since I have purchased a replacement, I found it very efficient and quick service between the seller and I and I would highly recommend anyone to purchase one of these, and I do know some reviews may say negative things about the product not being genuine after several days of research the one I have purchased matches the same serial code as the original pad that came with the system.

Please don't be put offs about the negative reviews.
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on 23 May 2014
When I first received my controller it felt off compared to the official one which came with my ps3. The joysticks were stiffer, the response felt slower, the battery life was worse and I had major issues trying to connect it to my pc and mac via bluetooth.
The more research I do into it, the more I can confirm that this is a cheap knock off.

I always suspected, but I finally got confirmation today so I felt it I had to write a review, even though I purchased this controller ages ago.

I'd like to think the sellers are unwittingly selling these duds rather than maliciously, but all I know is I paid £30 for a controller that most certainly isn't worth £30.
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on 29 January 2011
A lo largo de la historia de las videoconsolas han habido todo tipo de mandos, de diferentes formas, colores y hasta con solo 2 botones...
Hasta que sacaron el primer mando de play station 1, que era basicamente el mismo mando de ahora pero sin joysticks, en esa epoca preferia el de nintendo 64.
Luego salio el dual shok 2, con la misma forma, pero con 2 joysticks incorporados, que bueno fue una copia de la nintendo 64, pero aun asi fue mejor mando, por los 2 joysticks, bien del que hablo es el dual shok 3, para play station 3, sin cables, solo un conector usb para poder cargarlo y luego poder disfrutar sin cables.

Tiene vibración, joysticks, la misma forma incluso mejorada y sigue siendo el preferido del mundo entero aunque sea igual que los otros 2.
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on 21 January 2015
Fake. Why this is bad?

- Analogue sticks don't have sensitivity - they're either ON or OFF, so on screen, your character is either facing forward, or rotating frantically.

- Buttons feel cheap and light, and I don't think the springs underneath will last long.

- Struggle to connect to PS3.
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on 5 April 2012
Well when this was originally received all seemed very good (Right region code, official packaging) but..... under two months later the left stick broke (my previous controller has lasted over 2 years before needing updating...it still works though!).

On taking the left stick out (they just pop out btw)it was aparent that the cup (for want of the correct term) that slides onto the stick inside the controller was not all there in the 1st place which had made it extremely easy to break.

Very dissappointed with the quality.

Must state though that I did not bother to contact the seller. On reading their details it seemed that any return needed to be done within 7 days so there didnt seem any point.
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on 22 July 2011
Having purchased a PS3 pretty early on the controllers I had with the system were the standard sixaxis ones, no vibration. I had to replace them with this as the movement joystick had become stuck forwards. The DualShock 3 addresses that lacking of vibration that used to be on the PS2 wired controllers, I'd forgotten how good the effect was and was totally shocked when playing a well known FPS and a grenade detonated nearby causing the vibrations to pulse, likewise when firing weapons and being pummeled with rounds - brilliantly adds extra impact to multiple scenarios and game play effects (not just shooters). The weight of it is more substantial too. Love it.
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on 18 May 2008
You don't realize how much you miss the rumble feature until you use it again. The sixaxis is a fairly useless feature and one that i never use. However games are greatly improved with the rumble feature. The controller now feels heavier and better in your hands. It is definitely work buying one of these now rather than waiting ages for sony to release them officially in the UK.

When on racing games you can feel the vibrations off the rumble strips. F1 CE and GT5:P are particularly good for this.

GTA IV also makes good use of the rumble feature. When there is thunder and lightning the controller vibrates. When you are smashing your car into things it rumbles. If you have a small hand gun then you get a small vibration but if you have an assault rifle you get lots of vibrations.

P.S. If you want to make the controller even better i would suggest getting the GioTeck Real Triggers as well.
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on 7 January 2014
The DualShock 3 controller is well worth the money. I made the mistake of buying a Gioteck VX1 controller to save a bit of cash but ended up regretting it. I soon found out how much superior the control difference of the analogue sticks and triggers are between the real thing and the imitations. The DS3 also feels sturdy and build to last. I've had no complaints with it whatsoever. Don't make the mistake I did - buy the real thing first time round.
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