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on 16 March 2009
This is by far the best Call of duty i have ever played! I haven't seen graphics like on COD4 before, they are incredible. I would give the AI 4 star because they are sometimes a bit easy and repetitive in combat but that is the only bad point. The missions are really fun: The British assassination mission in Chernobyl... Is phenominal: you spend the whole time hiding from huge groups of enemy soldiers that will annihilate you if you get caught, My adrenaline was going the whole time i played and at points i was screaming i was so absorbed into the game. I haven't ever seen the way the multiplayer is set out: when you get kills or win games you get XP and you use it to rank up and earn weapons and weapon modifications, I really enjoyed workig towards the ACOG scopes and red tiger camouflages for each gun and it takes ages but it never gets boring. The amount of damage each gun does is spot on and the Gun sounds they used and the amounts of recoil and controller vibration make the weapons feel powerful and very realistic. This is a must buy for any fans of fast paced, intense first person shooters.
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on 1 October 2009
What's better than this game? Possibly Modern Warfare 2 coming out soon but otherwise nothing comes close. Better than Halo, better than GRAW, better than all the other shooters out there. And even nearly 2 years since it's been out, there's more people playing this game than any other game combined. If you have online and if you like shooters, You've got CoD4. Plain and simple.
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VINE VOICEon 15 January 2009
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (CoD4) is quite possibly the best game ever made for the Xbox360. It's a first person shooter (FPS), meaning that you basically run through a map and shoot everything that moves and a few things that are standing still but look like they might move. What separates this from the glut of FPS games on the 360 is the stunning attention to detail and the endlessly replayable online facet.

The graphics, sound, environments, explosions, character modelling (vast amount of motion capture), textures and feel to the game is simply spot-on. The game plays exactly the way you want it to: heavy weapons feel powerful but slow, wall-piercing bullets rip around you making zinging noises, smoke and explosions cloud the battlefield, characters scream and generally there's a whole lot of glorious activity.

The single player campaign, telling a dual narrative set in a contemporaneous Middle East and Eastern Europe lasts about four hours or so, depending on difficulty level. However, as much fun as this is, it is really no more than a primer for the online action. The Xbox Live experience is where this game excels above anything else released.

Teamdeath match and capture the flag ("Domination") are present, as is Sabotage, where a bomb is in the centre of the map and must be carried, planted and defended into the enemy's territory; this game of back-and-forth relies on teamwork and can last twenty minutes (especially if you are unfortunate to be on a team composed mostly of snipers who refuse to push forward!). You can also tweak your online character to suit your game style: perhaps you want an automatic carbine with a mounted grenade laucher, combined with deeper impact, wall piercing bullets. Alternatively, you might opt for a submachine gun with a quicker reload, combined with a "last stand option," where, before dying, you can pull out a pistol and fire off a few more shots at your attacker. There are dozens of possible weapon configurations and perks, allowing personalised customisation, right down to the rifle pattern, such as tiger stripes or desert camouflage.

Some people seem to prefer Halo 3 (its' nearest FPS rival) but I for one am not really interested in silly monsters and 'plasma' weapons. Others have played the sequel to this (World at War, set during the Second World War) and have returned back to this, as this game gets just about everything right.

I've played and enjoyed many other games on the 360, such as Gears of War 2 and Grand Theft Auto IV. Those games are great but Call of Duty 4 is the one game I just keep returning to, month after month. The online gameplay is compulsively addictive (but does require patience and practice, as it takes some time to learn the maps sufficiently to stay alive). If you only buy one game on the 360 and you have a broadband connection and have paid for the gold Xbox Live experience, get this game and get this version as it includes a free download code for four extra online multiplayer maps, making a combined total of twenty. CoD4 is one game that is worth the money.

Now repeat after me: "Cover me - I'm reloading!"
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on 4 August 2008
Okay, so I got this game pretty soon after its release, and was real excited to play it. It lived up to these expectations, and I have to say - especially online - this is a fantastic game. But after playing it for so many hours (I think it was between 10 and 15 for me) I couldn't stand it. Sure, it's fun. But, personally I found it repetitive. Another annoying thing, not related to the game itself, is that everyone compares games with it now! Tbh, I would rather have Battlefield : Bad Company than this, so saying it's nothing like COD 4 is quite appealing. I found COD 3 more to my liking, which is NOT because of the vehicles, but I found the online combat more engaging and varied.

Pros: Very fun, especially online with friends.
Graphically immense.
Loved the shooting through walls and ghillie suit ideas.
Cons: Can get repetitive.
Story missions could vary more.

Overall, get it. But don't get too enthusiastic.
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on 3 December 2008
I Had this game recommended to me several months after it came out and was suspect about it having never played any of the COD series before. It has been so worth the £40 i payed for it. Although many people go on about the campagin being to short firstly although it is quite short you have the challenge of doing it on veteran with no co-op which is deffinitly a challenge. Secondly if you buy this game and have live then there is no way you will spend all your time doing the campagin. I used to spend all my time on live on halo this game has made me stop playing that and this is now my most played game on live by far. The live set up is better than halo for several reasons. Firstly it is easier than halo esspecially for beginners and also it is much more rewarding as you go through the ranks unlocking better weapons and perks. This is the best game i own. only gears of war and halo come close in shooter terms and this beats them no problems.
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on 24 February 2009
To all you people who recently bought an xbox, such as myself a couple of months ago, this is a game that you need to have. Around christmas I purchased world at war, and I thouroughly enjoyed the online multiplayer. Modern Warfare was even more hectic and now i prefer playing it. It is an experience that i'm sure you will enjoy and it is definatly a game worth having just for the online.

The single player campaign has a storyline that is in league with today's politics and once you have finished it, you understand just that little bit more in the eyes of the soldiers who fight becuase of these politicians. I personally found World at War's campaign more delving as you feel that, It has Happened in history.

Overall, i would harshly recommend it as a top shooter, and even though it was released over a year ago, it is a game that will still live long!
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on 17 February 2009
after wanting a game i could afford for next to nothing compared to other games even though this game is at the moment a little old this was already a deffinate buy for me after i have always been a Call of duty fan.

the great features of this awsome game:

.the four free maps have some amazing bullit shot scenes that dowload in near to no time (you have clear instructions in the game case beneath the booklet(s).

.the excellent graphics makes this game come out of the screen.

.the xbox live is a key highlight of this game as you can take it to a new level playing your enemies in some great scenes and hide out.

the only bad thing that is on the game is that you will need a memory stick to hold the space of the free maps (even if you have a hard drive xbox 360)
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on 13 May 2009
I honestly cant explain how great this game is.
I have played online games since Rogue Spear was out on the PC years ago.
Americas Army, Quake Wars, Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142 all of these i used to enjoy at an epic level.

BUT, comparing them to COD4 is just not even do-able (not a word i know)

COD4 is the most addictive online shooter i have ever played, it is literally flawless. Ranking up gives you new weapons etc. I know all of this has been said in reviews so i wont bore you.

Bottom line is, this game is brilliant, its game of the year 2009 which shows two years running just how great this game is.

Its not expensive anymore, my advice is simple, BUY THIS GAME, its the best game i have ever played and will be for a long time i think.
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on 9 February 2009
I have just bought this as a second copy so my son and I can play online against each other and together as a team in one of the many Xbox live games that are online. This is by far the best Version to buy as this comes with the add on map pack for free (online voucher in box) and for this price it is only a couple of pounds more expensive than some used ones are fetching on Ebay.
I also have COD5 which I paid £44.99 for at a retail shop and I finished it within a weekend and was left seriously let down by its WW11 rehash of ealier COD titles.
Don't waste your money on the latest COD5 buy this and you will enjoy some serious gaming online as this the most popular online game with over 1.5 million people playing daily.
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on 28 May 2008
Having played COD2 and loved the single player, then played COD3 and loved the multiplayer I was hoping the fourth game in the series would be the best of both worlds. Unfortunately, for me at least, it repeats the pattern of COD3.

The multiplayer is very good and has rightly been a big hit on live. The maps are just the right size, the weapons have subtle differences and the great levelling system rewards you with new weapons and abilities as you gain experience. You can then design your own class with all your favourite weapons and perks. A nice idea which makes the game very addictive.

The single player, while very slick and looking great, mostly consists of very small linear levels with infinitely respawing enemies who magically disappear once you cross an invisible line. Once I realised that sitting back and picking off the bad guys just resulted in them reappearing within seconds, I resorted to a run and gun approach which seems to be the only way to beat the levels. No strategy, no chance for flanking or varying your tactics. Just shoot a few then make a rush for the invisible line which makes them vanish, then be presented with another corridor full of respawing bad guys and, you guessed it...run and gun for the invisible line....yawn. Nearly all the levels consist of this and it gets very boring very quickly. It really feels like a lightgun game in HD.

There are one or two good levels to break up the monotony, for example the excellent All Ghillied Up level but for the most part it is very uninspiring. A real disappointent for a so called top game to use such cheap tactics. But then the graphics are great so it must be a great game, eh?
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