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on 18 September 2017
Good game great price
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on 16 September 2012
This game is amazing the graphics are stunning the gameplay is impressive the story is entertaining and I like the fighting because it is fun and I like the fighting takedowns and I really like the shooting and in some levels if a baddie is hiding behind a car just shoot the car and the car will blow up and the baddie will die and I really like the shooting takedowns which is you kill a baddie with one shot and the driving level is also fun and this game is fun and entertaining and I recommend you buy this game
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on 27 January 2009
Yes this game is incredibly short! finished it in two evening totaling around 8hrs. Despite the length i have started to play it again on the next difficulty rating. For me, longer length games i dont go back once i finish, so this is a rarity. I think you have a good weeks worth (4hr evening) of entertarinment here.

The game itself is very similar to Resident Evil 4 (one of the best games of all time!) and borrows bits from Virtua Fighter and overall feels like its 'on the rails' ie clear level layout - minimal lost moments so borrow from something like Virtua Cop/house of dead etc...

Part of the reason why to play it again is that the plot is very engrossing, most games you dont really care about teh characters, thats if you can here the dialouge with shoddy sound mixing.

This game is a near non stop adreniline pumping gorgeous graphics, sound, solid narrative afair that, considering you can get it for £10, is a must, i would say its better to watch the film prior, as it explains some of the stuff brushed upon in the film.
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on 15 February 2013
The graphics are like ps2 they are nothing special. The fights are very well coreographed however there are only two moves possible which makes long fights a repition. At first I found the game to be slow, boring and dull but I did after about an hours gameplay find it intresting as it follows the film only after a couple of missions. It's not open world and there is no extras so it really is all missions. The guns are accurate and one scene includes driving which is fun because the car has sharp responses. Overall faultless missions and plenty to keep gamers busy for a few hours but the game should cut out the missions before it joins the film and it should have had more optional moves in fights but regardless a decent game for any Bourne fan.
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on 18 February 2012
Amazon tells me that this game was relesed in 2008. This means that it has been sitting on my shelf for about four years. It came bundled with my PS3, I played it for ten minutes, and then put it to one side. Recently I've got the game out again and, to my surprise, found it to be quite enjoyable.

The Bourne Conspiracy is, like Die Hard Trilogy before it, a combination of (more or less) three distinct gameplay styles. The majority of the game takes place on foot. You will have to shoot your way out of most situations. At the very begining there is a bit of sneaking but that doesn't last too long, which is a good thing because the shooting mechanic is actually fairly solid. The shooting sections are mixed up with sections of hand to hand combat. Again, these sections are fairly decent and are helped by their presentation. The environment deforms nicely as you pummel your enemies in to bloody submission and the quick animation gives proceedings a nice sense of urgency. Finally, there are a few brief driving sections. These don't appear until about two thirds of the way through the game. Driving is easy and ultimately forgettable.

The Bourne Conspiracy still looks pretty good considering it is four years old. Based on Unreal technology the characters are large and animate well. The little touches help gloss over the occasional bout of slow down. You will notice how your enemies bruise and how clothes rip. There is a nice shootout in a library during which you'll see books fall from shelves. Moments like this help breathe life in to the gameworld.

Whilst this game will never win any awards it is decent enough to justify a look, particularly if you can pick it up cheap.
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on 8 September 2010
I just recieved this game off amazon today, and believe I have already completed most of it in just three hours but I will certainly be replaying this again and again! For a long time now I have looked for a brutal but realistic combat system in a game, and I looked in so many places, believing I only came close with Arkham Asylum- but then I played a demo of this on Playstation store and I just HAD to have it. The combat is fast paced, brutal, realistic (although I would love to see anyone endure the amount of punishment some of the bosses in this game do), and also sounds great.
Unleashing hand to hand combos as well as shooting builds up adrenalin which can be used to perform 'takedowns'. These brilliantly animated takedowns are hugely varied, often use the surrounding environment in very creative ways, and are so satisfying to pull off, they are also very true to the fighting style of Jason Bourne in the movies.
Admittedly shooting in this game is poor compared to what else is out there, you have a choice of four guns (pistol, uzi, shotgun, assault rifle), and they all have the power of a peashooter unless you score a headshot, which is difficult as the aiming feels too stiff. The car chase in Paris (from the first film) is also re-enacted, and this too is rather dodgy- the car handles okay, but if this was purely a driving game let's just say I would be rating this 1 star. But having said that- this isn't a shooting game, nor a driving game so its okay! This could only be described as a run-and-gun-beat-em-up, every level urging you to keep on the move, taking enemies down with brutal combos, whilst strategically placing fighters between yourself and gunmen to prevent them from shooting you to bits. Often you will be faced with upto three enemies fighting you at a time, although they lack the common sense to jump you, sudden button presses will be required on cue to prevent cheap shots from other fighters, and if you build up enough adrenalin, you can take down all three in one takedown which could only be described as epic.
The best thing about this game is that it is massively under-rated which makes it an absolute gem to play. In my opinion this is easily the best collision of the beat-em-up and action-adventure genres available, and although it only covers the first movie, there is a vast added back-story to bulk up the game content, and perhaps there is room for a sequel? (Altough I doubt it, seeing as this game has been out now for a very long time and wasn't a hit at launch).
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on 6 July 2008
So, I bought this game yesterday afternoon, and completed it, well... this morning. Probably 5hrs of gaming. Not a huge amount of game time.

The game is based around the first movie, the 'Bourne Identity', with flashbacks to what Bourne was doing before he lost his memory that weren't in the film. The characters aren't based on their film counterparts, with completely new faces being used throughout, which I thought very strange. (Maybe Damon didn't want anything to do with it, can't blame him really!)

The game is passable. Short, sometimes repetitive with a below average ending. The fighting is fun, but again repetitive. One major issue I had with the game was the driving sequence (only happens once, and is available in the demo). In short, it's pants. It's like they were almost finished making it and thought "Ooh, we'd better add a driving section".

It's a shame really, there are some great concepts in here, but all have been underdeveloped. It had the potential to live up to the movies but just didn't quite do so, on any level. I'm a little disappointed at spending £40 on 5hrs of game, that I would not play again.

I think rent it. Complete it. And forget it.

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on 1 July 2008
just completed this game after starting it 2 days ago. and found it far to short. it only covers the first movie which disappointed me as by the title i thought it would cover the trilogy, maybe they've done it so they can grab another 70 quid out of us for the other two?? who knows.

it was a good game but my major bugbear with it is that for a game that is fundementally a hand to hand fighting game, that was the worst aspect! the camera angles for the fight scenes are rubbish, mostly being to low or straight down depending on scenery, occasionally the 2 fighters disappear leaving you vunerable to men with Knives.

on the whole it was good and filled a couple of hours but don't expect to much more
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on 26 June 2008
I just received this game and thought I would give you guys my first impressions, in saying that I guess most of you have impression of this game already from the very lengthy and generous demo on XBL & PSN, if not I hope this helps. In short if you are anything like me and just long to be in the JB club of special agents: Jack Bauer, James Bond & of course Jason Bourne you should love this game!

As I'm sure you know, the premise of this game is, you a trained assassin and general killing machine Jason Bourne, a master of weapons, vehicles and hand to hand combat, and in this game you get to use them all. Based on Robert Ludlum's book and Universals 2002 movie the Bourne Identity, you will play out this fantastic story of espionage and action. If you have lived in a cave for six years and have never watched a Bourne film or even read the 70's book you are in for a real treat, it a great story.

As for the game, it goes far deeper into the story than the movie, you play through all the key scenes of the movie obviously, but then in between these levels the game will flash back to Bourne's previous missions. A great example of this is the opening level. The movie begins with Bourne floating in the ocean shot twice in the back suffering from complete amnesia, after a botched assassination attempt on chap named Wambosie. The game how ever starts just before the assassination screw up and you get to control Bourne and screw it up your self. The game is full of these "extra" missions where you will get to experience what Bourne has experienced!

As I mentioned the game has 3 main types of the 1st and clearly the most fun and impressive is the hand to hand combat this captures the spirit of the Bourne movies brilliantly. You really feel like a double hard bar steward as you take out 4 bad guys in one fluid takedown! The hand to hand combat works very well, a lot more basic than a stand alone beat them up (i.e. Tekken) obviously but still has a number of combo's, light attacks, Power attacks, power moves and indivual takedowns. Which are achieved by building up your adrenaline bar, the takedowns look ace and very brutal, they also include the environment. For example if your fighting near a desk and pull off a take down Bourne will throw a few punches then smash the poor henchman's head straight into the desk. This mode is really the meat of the game and just never get dull, occasionally you will meet key opponents, and these take the form of a boss battle. Depending on difficulty setting these can be quite tough, but ultimately very rewarding, you almost feel tired after slugging it out for 5 mins and your on screen counterpart is bruised and bleeding.

The second game mode is the shooting, I say second mode it actually blends perfectly with the hand to hand combat, so you could be in a big shoot out get too close to a thug and take him out with a punch to the head. The shooting is over the shoulder (ala Resi 4) it all works very well not amazing admittedly but still very easy to pick up. The characters armed stance is just like Mat Damon's Bourne and makes you feel as much Like Bourne as the combat does. There are not loads of guns to be had just the usual suspects, Pistols, M16, Shotguns ECT but they are suitably impressive and fun.

The 3rd mode and clearly the weakest is the driving, as with previous Bond games these vehicle modes do seemed to have been tacked on, obviously the amazing car chases are a big part of Bourne and the developers must have thought they where needed, but these levels fail to catch the spirit like the other 2 modes. They are playable and you can forgive them but it would have been nice if they spent a lot longer on these.

Graphically the game is quite good not the amazing, but I have just been playing MGS4!.I must say the finished game looks sharper than the demo, whether this was because I played the demo on XBOX 360 and I have just played the finished game on PS3 I'm not sure?

The game does have its let downs, It's a real shame Matt Damon is not in the game I guess Mr Damon just wanted too much money! And the game relies a little too much on quick button presses (God of War style) I suppose it's in attempt to capture the cinematic feel. Also the lack of any type of multiplayer is always a let down, I'm not sure what sort of multiplayer they could have had for this game though to be fair.

As I mentioned I am a huge fan of these sorts if movies so I did absolutely love this game as I did the Bond games, buts I can admit its not perfect. I can imagine there are some gamer that will hate this game. For starters it came out at the worst possible time, 2 weeks after MGS4 and 6 weeks after GTA4 not bright! The game is very linear, and doesn't give much chance to use your head and think what would Bourne do? As it always tell you.

I must say thought next to N64's Goldeneye this is one of the best movie tie in games I have every played, and if your still a big child who still yearns to be a secret agent then this the game for you.
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on 15 December 2008
This game does not stand out as the best game on PS3 yet at it it's best moments, it takes you back to the old bond games. the single player is good after the first couple of levels. the hand to hand combat is also relistic but it takes a little too long to kill your opponent. i was just getting into the game when it finished. i was starting to think it was really good and then it went. this game would probably be really good with multiplayer and in my opinion, the manufacturers have made a big mistake not putting it in. i would not pay more then £25 for this game and i got it on amazon for a tenner! Overall, it's OK but not wonderful.
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