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Customer reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
The Sims 3 (PC/Mac DVD)
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on 12 August 2010
This is a good game in theory but is let down by poor finishing. Imagine a book with occasional pages missing or a film with odd scenes taken out. You can probably still get the gist of the whole thing but your enjoyment is tainted by the frustration of having to work round the problem. Sims 3 for the Mac is somewhat like that, it works but not fully. Sure, bugs, glitches and continual patch releases are common place with computer games, especially ones where custom content is common but the bugs plaguing the mac version and their sheer volume is particularly bad plus it is made even worse by a series of terrible patches which damage as much as they fix. The current patch allows the game to be played, albeit with an 80% chance that many pieces of custom content will be invisible (cue bald sims) and households will inexplicably freeze from time to time but at least it gets beyond the loading screen unlike previous patches which rendered the game unplayable and required a complete reinstall.

The main problem is that this is a poor port. EA have got into the bad habit of making cheap cider ports of their games rather than investing in native MacOS ports. Sure, cider ports have transformed mac gaming and have made it far more likely for mac users to get versions of games they wouldn't have before but it is not an ideal method for porting certain types of game such as The Sims 3. The result in this case is a bloated and unwieldy version that performs poorly even if your hardware far exceeds the specified requirements. If you install Sims 3 on a windows partition on the same machine you'll see amazing improvement with vast reduction in lag.

As this is a cider port, it means EA are far slower in releasing patches and more often than not, a patch will end up creating as many problems as it solves. There is, of course, incredibly helpful and not-at-all infuriating advice from EA for mac users with problems such as: "don't update" (meaning just put up with the minor bugs of the initial release and never be able to play any expansions) or "don't use custom content" (shutting you out of one of the best aspects of the game). Alternatively you can set about trying to use the many complicated work-arounds other frustrated mac users have had to find by fiddling with game files simply to get the game to WORK. It's also worth noting that mac users can't be assured the same content as PC users such as the Create A World tool which is available for PC users but has yet to receive a mac version (there are few signs there ever will be one). Lack of toolsets like this is nothing new to the Mac gamers and I'm sure EA will still port new expansions as they make them (because they can charge for them) but it does leave you feeling a little left out and a little cheated.

Of course I haven't really mentioned much about the content of the game and how it stacks up against its predecessors, mainly because it's how I expected. There are some good changes that were always glaringly absent from previous games like the ability to easily recolour items or a larger range for body types and personalities. There are also glaring absences which I imagine are purposely omitted so they can be put in future expansion packs to give them more substance. The inability to follow a sim into community lots, for instance, surely must be remedied in a future expansion. There are some things which annoy a great deal which are less future expansion content and rather fundamental mistake. Timing is an issue as a sim will struggle to get many simple tasks done in a day and have no time to do anything other than basic chores yet players will also be subjected to tediously long periods watching their sims sleep. The much lauded story progression aspect of the game which sees households getting on with when the player is elsewhere produces weird results with sims suddenly leaving town or moving house and starting a family in the space of a weekend. There are third party fixes to some of these things but you'd expect a little more fundamental stability from the base game itself.

Ultimately this game would have been vastly improved had it received a proper port. While mac gamers are generally sneered at by the gaming community for demanding games despite having such small numbers, I'm sure the number of mac owners that would like to play something like the Sims 3 is more than enough to justify the extra expense of a better port. There certainly were enough to justify mac ports of The Sims and the Sims 2 by Aspyr. EA have taken the cheap and easy option to get at the mac market and have produced a sub-standard product hoping no-one will notice.

If you have a mac with a windows partition to install it on, go for it. If you want to play this in MacOS X then prepare for frustration and irritation. That or wait for the price to drop even further and hope that by the time you do pick it up, EA have finally stumbled upon a stable version.
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on 4 March 2010
There are positive elements to this game: you can place furniture at an angle, and you can give everything a pattern and a colour and make it match other things. You Sim now has little 'moodlets', that tell you what s/he is particularly responding to (to what end I am not ever entirely sure, as they never seem to influence anything, but they are sort of cool and bring you in to the charcater a little bit).

BUT - it has been said before, and it must be said again. The game is sold on a the premise of a living, seamless neighbourhood, your Sim able to interact with the world outside his or her cutaway floorplan and explore. Then several things hit you: 1) They have almost no time to do anything properly; 2) They have to get into taxis to go anywhere worthwhile, which is *just like* Sims 2; and 3)you can't follow them into buildings. It's so STUPID, insulting and immersion-breaking it's breathtaking. What game would you put up with that, straight out of the box, would not allow you to interact with key world elements? As though in Fallout 3 you could stick to the roads and the wasteland, but once your character moved inside a building s/he would disappear and a little timer bar would come on in the top of your screen and another meter would tell you how much fun they were having. This would be spectacularly awful enough in any game, but ths iteration of the Sims is *premised* on the immersiveness of the world. That is - should be - unacceptable.

I hate it. Utterly hate it. My Sim stays in his house, because there is no fun to be had sending him out only to watch his little taxi blob float across a map to disgorge him at the other end so that he can partake of some sort of putative, faceless 'entertainment'. He went on a date once. To the theatre. He meets his friend outside the theatre, they chat a bit, then it's time to go in. Only his date doesn't follow him. No. she stays outside, sitting at a bus stop, chatting to strangers in that weird Sim way as though everyone is always up for a flirt and a good joke. Eventually the little timer bar fills up and my Sim reappears, resuming the 'date' on the pavement until it's late enough to go home.

How immersive is that?

And the 'seamless world' nonsense is not the only false claim. They sell the game on the premise that you can create anybody in your imagination, then ship the game with about six outfits and ten hairstyles. Oh yes, we have to wait for 'fan-created content' or spend yet more money at the EA store. But why should we? Customisability is meant to be a core feature of the game. Does Fallout 3 ship with one gun? Why should we have to pay extra and wait longer to get the basic game working properly? I tried to make David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust era, to test the claims. I ended up with a hopeless-looking twit with a hideous mullet and a tank top. It was, quite honestly, the nearest I could get.

Then there are the timining issues. The timer is actually worse in this game than in either of the other two editions. You seem to spend half your time watching your Sim sleep. They still can't managed to get washed, dressed and fed before work. The day is still gone too quickly, partly because there is so much more to do. The frustrating thing is that the new options for activities are actually great - you can write a novel, paint, play music. But where Sims 2 encouraged you to go out. Sims 3 makes it more rewarding to stay in. Most damning of all, from my perspective, is that your Sim ages too quickly - I am by no means an addict (as you might imagine), but I seemed to be celebrating my Sims transition to 'elder'-hood incredibly quickly.

Why haven't they sorted these timer issues out? Why is there so little time to handle all the new options for your Sims, and why do you spend so much time watching them sleep? It's no fun. It's tedious. You never feel as though your are getting anywhere. You are frustratedly forcing your Sims through the endless rigmarole of feeding, bathing and sleeping, like shepherding children through the daily grind. I liked Sims 2, and this seems like a step back from that. Despite the innovations, it makes the whole experience clunkier and less memorable.

You can angle the sofa, though.
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on 17 March 2010
I am very disappointed in this game - met all the specifications except the graphics card - so upgraded my graphics card to a compatible one - things worked fine at first but started having problems with the game exiting to the desktop after 5/10 minutes. Applied patches and can now play for approximately 1 hour before it crashes to the desktop! On checking the Sims 3 website it appears that there are others having this same problem. Some are reporting problems after applying patches, others are having problems before and after applying patches. I have not been able to play The Sims 3 for longer than an hour so can't give a very good review of the game. I enjoyed The Sims 2 and had no problems with that and I was looking forward to The Sims 3 but as I say I am disappointed because I can't play the game.
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on 17 March 2011
As with a lot of other people writing reviews on here, I have been an avid fan of the Sims series for the past 10 years. When a new release came out I went out and brought it (yes even the H&M stuff). So naturally I got the sims 3 on it's release day in the UK.

Unfortunately all I can say for the Sims 3 is it looks very pretty and has a lot of good ideas, but ultimately it massively fails as an enjoyable game to play. The Sims and the Sims 2 were instantly addictive games, so much so that I still enjoy playing the Sims 2 now. The Sims 3 is okay, but just doesn't have enough to keep me playing beyond an hour.

The Sims 3 appears to offer everything you would want in terms of progression of the Sims genre. The idea that you can just walk from one lot to another, a more natural progression for the sims in their careers/ home life and so forth. However the game just falls flat. For all it's free flowing ideals it is actually pretty rigid. The inital home build is awkward and buggy (roofs wouldn't go on till I patched it) and for all my trying I can't seem to jump between families, it just saves that family but none of their progression. There goes the fun I used to have controlling the whole neighbourhood (putting my God complex away now). Call me dull but I don't want to play as just one familiy at a time.

In addition to all this the whole Sims brand has just become one big money making scam, YES a SCAM. As other people on here have pointed out all ready, the base game just isn't good enough and the developers are really relying on you buying the overpriced expansion packs. Don't get me wrong, they do add to the game experience, but the difference yet again is that with the previous Sims incarnations the base game was excellent and the expansions just built on that, you did not have to rely on them to make the game playable. Also gone are the days of fans designing their own houses and clothes, etc. Now you can get fan designed stuff, but you have to do it through official channels like the main website and a lot of the time there is a price tag attatched.

All in all to sum up this review, play the Sims 2 and wait to see if they have sorted out the game play by Sims 4.
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on 20 April 2012
I recieved the item the day before the expected delivery which was awesome as I really couldn't wait to start playing the sims again. So I open the package all is fine... until I put the disc into my computer... My pc didn't even recognise the disc. It took me endless attempts and finally it worked. I then tried to install the Sims3 on the pc and errors kept accurring. So I cancelled the installation and read about the problem. Alot of online reviews had the same problem. All I had to do was defragment the pc (which took around 30mins) and try to re-install the Sims3. This worked but took about two hours to complete (the installation).

I should of read alot more reviews before I brought this game. However, I will hopefully have hours of fun playing the Sims3 tonight and there forward...(fingers crossed)
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on 2 August 2009
I bought Sims 3 because it would be an upgrade from the last one, It looked very good and had all those new features but Unfortunately after having sims 2 I have to compare them both. I think the Sims 3 is a step to far, Its far more confusing than Sims 2, alot harder to use and understand and the graphic are awfull! the sims 2 is easy to use, enjoyable, "very" good graphics, the best game I have played for graphics, and its so fun! you can never get bored of Sims 2, because "Sims 3 saying that you can go out of yuor house" but you can on sims 2! I would recommend you buy Sims 2 because its £10 cheaper, and the only difference is between them both it on sims 3, where you can go to more places outside of your house!
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on 15 January 2013
Firstly I love The Sims and have been playing The Sims 2 for a while now (and have nearly all the expansion and stuff packs and a huge amount of downloaded custom content etc) but thought it would be a good idea to upgrade and get the latest version; Sims 3. However, I wish I'd saved my money.

The Sims 3 sucks the life and soul out of The Sims franchise. Firstly, the look of the game is too twee and cartoony for my liking (even the purchasing and build screens look like something from a kids game/cartoon making it hard to carry out tasks here). Yes I know it's not supposed to look 'real' or lifelike but at least with the Sims 2 they looked somewhat like human beings. This leads me on to the fact that in The Sims 3 the characters look dumpy; that is once you've created your sim and placed them in a house they start to look squashed and chubby (even if they're supposed to be thin). The poor things look like they have water retention but overall they remind me of the floaty headed afflicted patients out of Theme Hospital! They're just so ugly!

Secondly, the game play is actually very limited. I was thrilled to read that there's an open neighborhood but this thrill soon turned to disappointment when I realized that you can't actually explore what's in any of the buildings. One of my sims decided that she would like to watch a football game so I duly sent her to the stadium and had to wait for her to get back! How boring! Other times my sim has gone into a building but you can't see what's inside of it, there's just a few option type things that you get to choose from for your sims to do while in there (which you don't get to view). Boring! What's the point of an open neighborhood when you can't interact with the internals? Also, when going into and out of buildings and into and out of cars your sims will get the Star Trek treatment and teleport into them! How lazy! EA must've forgotten to do a proper interface or have just gotten lazy (in The Sims 2 you could go into places properly and get into cars normally so why not include it into The Sims 3?).

Thirdly, and leading on from my last point, I really don't like being able to play only one household at a time. With The Sims 2 you could leave your chosen house in the knowledge that it could be left safe and sound for you to return to later (should you wish to) while playing on another lot. Here, with The Sims 3, you're pretty much stuck with one household unless you fiddle around with options menus (and even if you manage to change household you can still only play one house at a time). Anything can happen when you leave a household and switch to another though including dying, marrying random people, changing careers and having more babies etc (oh and not that this switching process is in any way at all easy to do! Oh no, unlike in The Sims 2 where you could just go up into the neighborhood and pick a house in The Sims 3 you have to faff around switching things in the aforementioned options menu).

Fourthly, I resent that fact that as I've paid quite a bit of money for this game I only get one neighborhood to play in (The Sims 2 at least had 3 neighborhoods in the base game) unless I purchase extra simpoints (or whatever they're called). This whole simpoint concept is awful and insulting and should be gotten rid of immediately, especially as (in the buy screen) the game is littered with things you can only purchase with these points. If you must have these items in the game then at least have a feature that lets you turn them off (so that the people not wanting to waste real money on a sims fridge etc for a character doesn't have to view them).

Fifthly, I'm sick of having to patch my game every time I want to play it. It seems that every I switch the game on there's a new patch to download! If you need so many patches to get a game to work then it's clearly not ready for the mass market. Don't EA have quality control anymore!

Admittedly, there are a few things about this game I do like. There's less loading time between scenes which only adds to game play and I think that being able to place objects anywhere without cheats is a massive improvement over The Sims 2. It's also a faster game than previous releases meaning that you can carry out actions for your sims quicker. I also liked the fact that there are some nice colour options when creating clothing/items etc (and the clothing, item colouring is so much better in this game! You can do so much with this feature and it is fun). There's also a much wider range of jobs, interactions, description of relationships and new stages (such as during pregnancy etc) and your sims can now have personality traits.

Overall though I'm afraid that there are just too many things about his game that I don't like. It will be going onto E-Bay at the first and most convenient opportunity.
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on 2 October 2009
Initially I was very disappointed with the Sims 3 DVD. The game disc could not be read by my computer, hence it was impossible to install. I looked for solutions to this issue on the internet and found that many people were reporting the same problem i.e. the DVD could not be read, regardless of the a computer's hardware specifications.

The Answer: The only way I could install Sims 3, was through the EA Download manager. To do this you need to go online and search for the EA Download manager webpage. Then you must create an account with a user name and password. Then you can enter the serial number from your Sims 3 DVD box and the game will download. The download process took my computer approx 3hrs to complete. Once the game has downloaded, you can close the download manager and click the Sims 3 icon on your desk top. The game can then be enjoyed. Warning: you should not register your product before it has successfully installed on your computer. If you register your product before using the download manager, the download service will not be available to you.

From my experience there does not seem to be any reason to buy the DVD. The DVD, box and postage was useless. The only thing in the entire package that worked was the serial key on the box. But this can only be used to install the game through the download manager.

But the good news is, when you get the game to work the graphics and interactive Sims play is much better than before. So Sims fans will be happy with this product once they have gone through the initial disc fail disappointment. My advice is to download the game direct from EA and forget about owning the dead DVDThe Sims 3 (PC/Mac DVD)The Sims 3 (PC/Mac DVD).
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on 9 August 2011
I've been a massive fan of The Sims since it was released about 10 years ago, so I was uber excited about Sims 3, but was hugely disappointed.
The first reason being the designing of your Sims characters, In The Sims 2 this is my favourite part, I love how realistic they look and how you can have lots of clothing changes and different styles of clothes, hair etc,
With Sims 3 the graphics are awful, your Sims no longer look realistic, but they look like some weird Caroon like aliens, no matter how mych you tamper with them it's impossible to get the look you are going for (Unlike with Sims 2), and you can only choose 3 outfits (So again, Sims 2 you can have an endless supply of different tops, bottoms combos) you are very limitted with Sims 3.

In the actual game, the graphics are beautiful, the ocean views are really realistic.

Building the houses is really difficult and frustrating (Sims 2 I can build a house really quickly and easily) but with this game there's too many options and it's hard to do, also decor for your houses are limited and very basic.

Overall, a very disappointing game. It's like the creaters have tried so hard to make it realistic that they've just gone too slick and it's just gone wrong. Would not reccomend to anyone, if your a fan of Sims 2 just stick with that.
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on 5 October 2010
I was a very keen fan of the Sims 2 and I had in fact purchased several expansion packs. I was very excited about the Sims 3 and so I bought it.
I was at first excited with all the new features but however this excitement did not last.
Things began to get repetitive and boring.
Do not buy
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