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on 24 September 2009
The original RED FACTION did not only break new ground and bring a number of innovations to the FPS genre, it was also GREAT FUN to play. It was the first game, if I remember correctly, that incorporated damage to the environments that was not just for effect but played quite an important role in the story. Now, its sequels... well, succession in times of revolution is never easy.

Like any revolution, RED FACTION (III): GUERRILLA, strives to overcome but falls victim to harsh realities - and some bad decisions. But there are also a lot of sparks coming out from under this hammer.

First off, this game tries to be too many things at the same time. It has missions and you get to augment your weapons - but it is clearly not a cRPG. And you get to explore and shoot - but, even if you will find yourself in some hairy situations, the moments of adrenaline rush and intensity are rare. Early on the weapons get too powerful and the importance of explosions overtake the gameplay. Do not get me wrong, I love the smell of a singularity bomb in the morning as much as the next guy - but you CAN have too many explosions.
Oh, and how come one can blow up building and vehicles sky high but the surrounding rocks remain intact? And while I am poking plot holes: where is all the oxygen coming from since Mars seem as barren as a red desert?

Now, unless the hero were to wear armor we would love to see, why was there a need to go from an FPS to a Third-Person Shooter perspective? There have been TPS games that work great (the excellent MAX PAYNE series spring to mind) but more often than not, the over the shoulder camera ruins the immersion - not to mention your aim.

Finally, there is the issue of graphics. I have an 8 months old system at home (i7 920, nVIDIA GTX260, 3GB of RAM, WinXP), yet the graphics were not crisper that (5 years old)...HL2 even when all parameters were all maxed out. I understand that there are way more particles on the screen and the physics of their explosion would make the game unplayable in 2-3 year old systems but I expected more effort on that department.

On the other hand, driving is great fun! A-la GTA, you can hijack almost anything: from personal vehicles to huge utility tracks. And then there are walkers you can augment. And you can drive them almost over or through everything. The most sturdy of them will take quite a beating before dying on you so I really enjoyed walking or driving through walls and demolishing buildings. Who needs a map if you can plow a path straight towards your destination?!

Did I mention explosions? True, they are a bit excessive, yet there is no denying their fun factor! And what I found particularly impressive is how the choice and design of weapons stay within the story of miners revolting on Mars.

Another piece of good news: the game may not be DRM-free (it is protected by Impulse and Windows LIVE online saves) but it has neither any malicious form of SecuROM nor does it require any type of activation.
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VINE VOICEon 4 February 2010
The initial gameplay videos and reviews for the console versions of this seemed fairly interesting, and I finally bought it around Christmas. I haven't finished it yet, and am about to get out of the opening area, but already, this is falling into the "lacklustre" catgeory. There are two things that are specifically bad, and might be wholly due to my PC, but the rest of it is a whole lot of average. The title as a whole is visually "OK" even when run at maximum settings, and some of the voice acting is decidedly hokey. RFG basically falls into the "Far Cry 2" theme a little too easily - get a mission, drive somewhere, shoot things or blow something up, drive back again. I can see this getting monotonous in a hurry.

There's also a specific problem whenever I play - the game runs much too fast. From the sound of the fan, my video card is getting a serious workout, but the game runs as if it's a silent film from 1920 and you need the reflexes of an amphetamine addict to keep up. This is clearly a problem; I've read that it may be due to using Windows7 (64-bit, in my own case), so be warned.
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on 13 February 2015
You simply can't activate the game anymore due to terrible DRM.
It will give you the same message as everyone else as you try to activate. Enter your emails and product key and it will say this...
"There was a problem activating Red Faction Guerrilla please contact THQ support for assistance.
THQ is also abandon ware, so the the customer support is non-existent.

If you do buy, you will have payed for a disc that just doesn't work anymore.
But if collecting obsolete discs is your style, knock yourself out.
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on 19 March 2014
I have to say for this game it was very good. Actually for the first time I play, i didn't get into the style of gameplay for the first time but after while testing it, it was great and very innovative. It reminds me like Grand Theft Auto but the Mars version. You are the Martian and fighting the EDF (Earth Defend Force). I don't exactly understand the first time I got into this series but after while I got how they give you think further time if how human success life in Mars. How exactly become Martian if we success build the colonies there.

The most important think I love this game is about physic. It's remind me the Frostbite engine that applied in several game from EA (DICE) but this physic engine was more amazing than Frostbite. They build from Geo-Mod for destruction physic and I think this engine was more detail, imagine you can destroy every detail structure building and each structure have different support from each pole or pylon. This game actually not focus on combat, it's more focus in destruction and you are not soldier but you are only miner who fight for Martian freedom.

i love this game but for technical problem, I gave 4 stars because you really need fast computer to run it. There are little problem before launch the game but with patch and update, it's good to go. I have high end PC and it's can go all maximum graphics but after long period time, my PC become hot and not suitable for running more than certain long time. I think it was lot of physics that required your graphic card push to maximum.
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on 21 September 2011
plus being able to blow most things apart from the landscape up. If you have played any other RF game then it is a continuation of the story you shouldn't miss.

Installation onto Windows 7 64 was no problem and there is an online only activation process, with the game then running through GFWL. I had no problems at all with the game at any point of installation or play.

Set in a GTA style 3rd person free movement world you play as a miner in the Red Faction taking the fight to the EDF. Movement, weapons, vehicles and missions are all incredibly similar with the addition of destructible buildings that you can take down with explosives or your trusty hammer and are a large amount of fun. If your machine can handle it the physics of rubble and bodies flying never grows old.

Upgrades take the form of improving your weapons or getting new ones and are gained through collecting salvage from destroyed objects or completing missions. There are also radio beacons to be found that give a vehicle bomb as a reward and minerals to be collected that are an achievement and also give scrap.

Each of the sectors in the game needs EDF control dropped to zero by guerilla missions and increasing morale to 100% to improve points bonus and getting help from the locals.

Whilst there are 104 missions there are only 20 main storyline ones that unlock other sectors, with the other 84 being varying types such as hostage rescue, base defence, vehicle time trial theft and demolition tests. All of them are fun in their own right, be it through fire fights or just the challenge, but the vehicle time trials are the worst and are mostly unplayable.

The vehicles are the worst aspect of the game and make the trials difficult/impossible to do as they handle appallingly. There is the standard option of handbrake, but on most of them this just causes uncontrollable fishtailing instead of drift. The terrain is in most instances bumpy and losing control is easy to do, even once on a trial ending your chances of doing it.

Vehicles are really a tool to get around and there is not the same enjoyment in driving as in an average GTA game and is unfortunate as I lost interest in continually trying to beat very tight time challenges in some of the worst vehicles in any game I have played.

Extras include unlockable cheats and a prequel mission to the story involving a main NPC and that even if you finish the main story the game still allows you to continue on and complete the remaining content. The EDF are defeated but not banished and continue to provide a somewhat annoyingly competent obstacle.

There is also the multiplayer with different types of gameplay that I briefly tried but only came across a lobby with one player and then five in. There may still be some life in it, but I won't be trying much more to find out.

I have to admit that I have taken years to get around to playing this and completing it, flagging the first time, but having played it again I uncovered what an excellent game it is. The price has dropped from budget to bargain budget and for that I can undoubtedly recommend it for both monetary and fun factors.
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on 15 November 2015
RED FACTION: GUERILLA is all about destruction. A lot of game time is spent smashing buildings and enemies with a huge sledgehammer. What’s not to like about that? It is great fun and remains so throughout the game. Unfortunately the rest of the package isn’t quite so effective. The graphics are tolerable but not great for a 2009 game, and Mars is a pretty dull landscape. The story is instantly forgettable, and I really didn’t think about it at all during the time I spent playing the game. The missions are very repetitive and the voice acting variable (Kari Whalgren’s British accent is really bizarre). The combat is surprisingly tough and frustrating at times, especially when ammo is scarce and enemies continuously spawn. The most fun is to be had completing the missions where you ride shotgun and shoot at as much stuff as you can in a given time limit, and the Heavy Metal missions, where you get to operate a mechanical loader and smash as much stuff as possible in a given time limit. This is where RFG excels, as much of the developer’s efforts have gone into the physics of the game. Just about everything in the environment is destructible and the level of realism when an object comes apart is quite impressive. If you fancy a few hours of fun smashing things to pieces with a big hammer, and blowing buildings to kingdom come then you should enjoy this game. 3.5/5
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on 9 October 2009
I enjoyed this game, i'll admit it. Blowing stuff up and smashing stuff to bits is fairly fun.

That is, once i'd restarted after 3 hours of playing because I didn't login to any Windows Live account after i'd installed it and the game didn't mention to me that not doing so would cause my saved games not to save at all (despite the 'saving' screen still popping up). This really did annoy me.

Ok so I'm forced to use my normal email address to login to this windows live thing - which btw ran a process that crashed several times - and to input my serial locking the game to that email account. I had to make an XBOX Live account as well (on a pc game, yes i know.. explains why it took them like 4 months to port from Xbox to PC I guess) before I could play the game.

As Mr McCausland said in his review, this kind of DRM is not only invasive but is an incredibly bad move in terms of forcing the gaming market to accept such restrictive protection measures. I can't even loan it to a friend unless I'm happy to give them my Live account thing which actually reveals my email password in its config.

Just for people that do buy this: Running SLI GTX 260's and an overclocked 3.8ghz E8400 with 4gb ddr2 I can play on full with AA at 16x. When huge buildings fall there is momentary visual lag - this goes away with AA at 8x. Just be aware that you're in constant close third person (over the shoulder cam) like Mass Effect.
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on 20 March 2010
I've just finished my first play through which took me 32 hours (and I didn't complete many of the side missions)and it was fantastic but still flawed. The story has elements of Star Wars (Dark Empire and Sand People), Total Recall (mining corporations and corrupt governments but no mutants this time) and Mad Max II and Beyond Thunderdome (Marauders and whacky vehicles). You are trying to free Mars from an oppressive regime similar to our Labour government (Labour government - that's an oxymoron right there).

It is an openworld game but not in the same style as Oblivion and Far Cry 2 where I ignored the main plot for weeks at a time. Here you have a great deal of freedom how you tackle missions but they still have to be completed in a certain order. You have to free one area of Mars before you can move onto the next. The best part of the action is the powerfull weapons, particularly the rocket launchers, and the way you can blow everything to bits - it's spectacular. There is a lot of driving with a variety of vehicles from slow trucks to fast but erratic dune buggies to my favourite, a stolen armoured personell carrier. Some of the side missions are driving time trials which are exhilarating. I've never played an actual driving game like Dirt but feel I might try one now.

However it's not all good news - there are a number of problems.

1) It's a Games for Windows Live Game which some other reviews have commented on. It's a pain but not as bad as some make out. I've downloaded and installed the GFWL software from Microsoft and after initial online activation I just play on an offline account and can save without problems. You don't have to be online to play singleplayer which was worrying some people but you do need a one-off online activation.

2) There isn't a quicksave function but a checkpoint style autosave function. There is a manual save function but this takes you back to the start of a mission so is pointless. This seems like a console hangover.

3) There are too many annoying screen prompts (press x to continue etc) which again are console based.

4) Graphics are mixed - some parts look awesome (the view of Eos from the safehouse high up in the mountains for example). However some textures seem low resolution and there is noticable tiling on most open areas (lines where the same block of texture joins the next one). Also quite a few car wheels and pipes are hexagonal not circular which means the polygon count is too low.

5) There isn't an in-game vsync option which is very unusual these days. This isn't a problem for Nvidia graphics card owners as you can easily enable vsync in the forceware but when I owned a Radeon I found the Catalyst vsync just didn't work. Instead you have to use D3D overrider which comes with Riva Tuner (free app - just google it). As an aside you might like to know that the triple buffering in both the Forceware and Catalyst software is OpenGL not DirectX so doesn't work for the vast majority of games. I use D3D overrider to force triple buffering in all games and set it to run when Windows starts. This stops your fps jumping between 60, 30 and 15 when you enable vsync to stop tearing.

6) There seems to be a problem with DX10. If you have Vista or 7 DX10 should be used automatically by this game. If you have XP the game will use DX9. However I've got Windows 7 and the game keeps switching between the two DX modes at random on start up. You can tell because ambient occlusion and sun shafts disappear from the advanced graphics options under DX9 and the framrate increases. Other people have commented on this on the forums and there doesn't seem to be a fix. Personally I'd like to be able to force DX9 because I find it looks the same as DX10 but you get higher framrates.

7) The game needs a good system to run smoothly. I use a Core i7 920 quad core processor with 6GB DDR3 RAM and an Nvidia GTX 285 2GB graphics card. At 1920x1200 in DX9 with full settings but no antialiasing FRAPS shows an average fps of 50+ (might be higher if I switched vsync off). The minimum never goes below 25 in very heavy combat scenes. In DX10 this average drops into the 30's but I can get it back into the 40's by turning ambient occlusion off (this is a sysyem hog and I can't see what it does - case of the Emperor's New Clothes I think). I don't get any stuttering or noticeable slowdowns using either api. If you have a lower spec system you may get problems with the explosions as the physics calculations the CPU is making are vast. In some missions you are blowing up whole squadrons of tanks and armoured cars in a frantic battle and the smoke from explosions is so thick and realistic you can hardly see. This is probably a game where a quad core processor is better than a dual core to deal with these CPU based physics.

Overall this is one of the best games I've played and I suggest you get it asap. I'm about to play the prequel which was extra DLC requiring additional payment in the console versions but comes free with the PC version to find out more about the Marauders. It's a pity the developer didn't take a little more care porting the game over from the console otherwise this could achieved legendary status.

I hope this review is useful to you.

I've just noticed (1st May 2010) that another patch is available for Red Faction. You can now enable vsync in-game and there is a switch for the command line which selects DX9 or DX10 among other tweaks - well done THQ
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on 10 March 2015
What a waste of time and money. So I decided to buy something worthwhile while I waited for the delayed GTA V, this was one third the price compared to the steam version, and regrettably I ordered this. I received it today and after an hour of painful installation found out that I cannot activate it.
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on 11 October 2015
Re-bought this because I originally had it as a freebie with Saints Row 2 but couldn't find the disc.Turns out, had I read a few of the most recent reviews, I would have seen that this was a no-go on Windows 10. The internet abounds with threads on the topic, but seemingly no workable solution. A damn shame, because from what I remember it was great fun - GeoMod 2 allows you to blow up a couple of key supports and watch an entire building collapse in on itself.

So, sadly, I shall be returning it to Amazon, and thinking carefully about whether or not to try it on Steam. Apparently it still works through their platform, but if it doesn't, I want to be sure of their returns policy before I fork out much more money for it than I did on Amazon....
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