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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 28 December 2007
I have to say first off that I nearly didn't buy this album after I read the reviews on amazon.com (I bought the american import). The main reason I am putting a review on is because I think they were way off track, although its only my opinion. The reviews were critical of an album cover of Jordin with too much clothing and the content of the album being rushed, weak material. Many were critical of the lack of power vocals and higher octave notes. It put me right off. I still bought the album and am glad I did. Jordin's debut album is fresh and in many ways brings something new to the market. I think the reviews I read were written by people who mistake power notes for a balanced vocal ability to move effortlessly through a diverse vocal range. There is character in her singing and emotion, and there are plenty of notes at the top of her range. Additionally, they are not there for effect but as part of a crafted vocal arrangement.

The album starts off with Tattoo - this is probably the weakest song for me, although it is contemporary. It just brings nothing new. I still like it. Easy listening. One Step At A Time is an upbeat track which is catchy and energetic, I love the arrangement and Jordin has a strong vocal presence. No Air is my favourite. I love this ballad, its unique and well written and produced. Jordin and Chris sing beautifully together, there is great synergy in the song that makes you believe and feel every part of it. Freeze is a quite different track, upbeat and with strong vocals. Its not something I expected on the album, but its well placed and suited to Jordin. I also love Permanent Monday, which has a very strong writer and producer behind it. Its a powerful and emotive track.

All in all, this is a great debut album doing what a debut should - showing diversity while bringing something new. There is nothing rushed about it and it represents the material you would expect for someone of Jordin's age. The material is great and the maturity in music will come as she develops her amazing vocal talent. I am disappointed that the other reviews I read were so negative, there is a lot to be proud of on this album.
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on 28 March 2017
Great cd brought back some good memories thank you.
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VINE VOICEon 30 June 2008
This album is such a good buy, because of the mixture of songs on it, but at the same time has a mainstream vibe running through every one-the songs on the album are extremely well written and produced and it seems to me that time and money have been thrown at this album and with the talented Jordin Sparks at the helm it has been an utter success:

1.Tattoo-Catchy and definitely mainstream pop; not the best song on the album, but it is a great opener. 9/10
2.One Step At A Time-Has an R&B flavour to it and a great beat. 8/10
3.No Air-An ansolutely fantastic song-I'm no fan of duets, but this is outstanding vocally and lyrically. 10/10
4.Freeze-This song adds yet another dimension to the albuma kinda electronified ballad; its hard to describe, but its a great song. 9/10
5.Shy Boy-This has definitely crossed into R&B and the result is a classy song, which is another welcome change from what has preceeded. 8/10
6.Now You Tell Me-One of my favourites; a classy, poppy ballad. 10/10
7.Next To You-This sounds like it could've been sung by JoJo; this is good, but weaker than many of the other songs. 7/10
8.Just For The Record-I absolutely love this ballad and it is soooo catchy! 10/10
9.Permanent Monday-A brilliant song, which begins low and subtle and the chorus transforms it into a powerful and rocky ballad. 10/10
10.Young And In Love-Another change in direction back to the electronica style track. My only qualm with this track is that it could be anyone singing and doesn't really sound like Jordin all that much... 8/10
11.See My Side-A strange and different song; not my favourite. 7/10
12.God Loves Ugly-A bit of a soppy ending to the album. 6/10
13.As cheesy, totally generic songs go I absolutely love this one. There is something really great about it. 10/10
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on 19 September 2016
This lady has a lovely voice but I find the album just about impossible to enjoy and the quality of most of the songs difficult to assess because 8 of the racks have are overwhelmed by the noise of a dreadful clapping machine (sorry if that's not the right technical term). Sack the producer.
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on 22 May 2008
Don't be afraid to buy this debut album, it definately won't disapoint. Lovely melodys with beautiful lyrics that compliments Jordin's angelic voice. It is a nice mix of R n B and pop. A real breath of fresh air!
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on 23 October 2008
My initial interest in Jordin Sparks happened without me even knowing it. My bus driver was playing an album one night after school and as soon as I began to listen to these songs I really liked the music. It was so rhythmical and her voice made me feel so good after a long school day. I only heard up to track six for most of the time, but I loved the songs. I really wanted to know who this was. One track that particularly captivated me was No air, which I could tell was a duet. The power in that song that I felt from the very beginning has stayed with me.
In the early summer of this year I saw the video for No air and I saw this name Jordin Sparks, and I had heard it somewhere before. I realised that this was the album played on the bus. I was blown away by the video and it's one of my favourite ever. After a couple of listens I decided to buy the CD single. I think that No air is the best song, particularly in terms of power; missing that loved one and not being able to breathe without them. Many of the songs on the album have such power and the music takes you away, dreaming of a better place, and giving you hope.
There was a song that came with the single called Save me, which I think is one of her best, but it didn't make it onto the album. Once I heard this song alongside No air I expected great material and that was what I got. The other half of the album though was fantastic too and when I had listened to it the first time I had a real interest in her music. The feeling and the power I felt afterwards made me realise that this is certainly the best album of 2008.

Jordin definitely has the best female voice I have ever heard. It is extraordinary and has so much power. I can't believe Cowell didn't think she should win on American idol. She is clearly the best piece of talent on any reality show. Her music is so mature and so powerful. If you didn't know then you would never have guessed that a 17 year old was behind these songs. The album is so mature and serious, but at the same time it has that fantastic teenage feeling about it as well. The songs represent love and also that desire for a loved one in teenage years, and what it feels like. Once I had heard the album I wanted to tell everyone how amazing it was, and very few albums have that effect on me. I had that great feeling that a brilliant album gives you after the first time you have listened to it. Fortunately that same feeling is encountered every time I listen to it. The songs are so fresh and you can imagine the sun coming out and your dreams coming through.
There are different elements on this album. There are R & B songs in Tattoo and Freeze, Pop songs in One step at a time and Shy boy, and beautiful ballads in Now you tell me and Permanent Monday. All the songs are sure to please if you are interested in music and you have good taste. Her voice is so strong that you are captured in a moment and the songs are so pretty that you feel so much better after listening to them.

The opening song Tattoo gives me a great feeling every time when I hear the pumping and soothing sounds before her vocals come in. A feel good song of hope and moving on. I think it's one of the best on the album, and one of the more pop sounding songs. One step at a time is a similar sounding song . It is about having that dream and trying to make it and I know that's something many people can relate to. No air is a standout song because of the sheer power and aura of it. Chris Brown certainly isn't the best male vocalist out there, but it was Jordin's decision to have him on the record and their voices work great together. Freeze is a brilliant song and I love the jingling sounds, the percussion and beats in the beginning and the feeling of the music. This one takes me away to a better place. Shy boy is a standout song because it is so diverse and it sounds different from all the other songs. This girl has a state of mind that all girls should have! The sound is amazing and does have a club feel like someone suggests.

Now you tell me is a ballad with a great rhythm in the verses. Next to you tells the point of view of a teenage girl wanting to get next to that guy she's fallen for. Mature and teenage feeling is a great mix, and I can relate. Just for the record starts slowly but builds up with a great sound and a strong chorus. Permanent Monday is the most ballad sounding, but probably my least favourite. Young and in love is one of my favourites and it sounds very smooth and beautiful. Her voice sounds similar to Shy boy but the chorus is so diverse and strong and has a brilliant aura about it. See my side sounds nursery rhyme styled and it is a beautiful song. Simple but so amazing. God loves ugly is an ironic track for Jordin to sing. It is about confidence but one of my least favourite. This is my now is a 'winner song' and it is a great hopeful tune. I just feel like it isn't as powerful as it should be. The verses and the sounds are amazing but you expect a killer strong chorus and unfortunately this isn't so.

Near perfect album.
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on 5 July 2008
This album from jordin sparks is really good,all the songs are catchy.Here's a review for each track:

Tattoo-10/10 I still love this song,don't know why they did a american and english video,the american video is much better

One step at a time-10/10 This song is wicked,one of my favourites

No air feat chris brown-8/10 I loved this song when i first heard on her album but now it has got overplayed,that's why i have only given it 8/10

Freeze-10/10 This song is wicked, one of my favourites on the album

Shy boy-10/10 This song is sick,one of my favourites

Now you tell me-8/10 A nice song,not one of my favourites though but i still like it

Next to you-10/10 A nice pop song,nice vocals from jordin

Just for the record-10/10 I love,love this song,a personal favourite of mine

Permanent Monday-10/10- I love this song its just got a nice mellow/rocky feel to it

Young and in love-10/10 A brillant uptempo song,a different feel to jordin's voice on this song

See my side-4/10 I don't really like this song,i'm just not feeling it

God loves ugly-2/10 Again i'm not feeling this song

Bonus track:
This is my now-10/10 This song is ace,one of my favourites
Get this album now you won't regret it,money well spent in my case
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on 15 September 2008
Hard to put into words how I feel about the track `No Air'. It is one of the best songs I have heard in the last 10 years or more. Jordin Sparks has an outstanding voice and was a worthy winner of American Idol. Nothing more to say than love this album and look forward to more from Ms Sparks.
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on 10 August 2009
This is a fantastic first album fron Jordin Sparks. My 2 favourite songs are No Air which features Chris Brown & One Step At A Time. I also love Tatoo which has slowly grown on me. All the other songs on the album are also deffinately worth listening to, buy it it's worth the money.
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on 20 December 2011
one of the great talent from back in the states jordin sparks really got it and really knows how to combine great tunes, mix in a lot of great r&B, soul even some rock to make a masterpiece anyone coud and should enjoy!
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