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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 23 May 2008
This is Charlatans best since their second album 'between 10th and 11th' (1992!) in terms of 'tightness' and 'cohesion'this is the best...the longevity of their sound is rare, this is their 10th studio album, yet sounds so fresh...An amazing mix of darkness, despair and simmering love underneath...'Bad Days', 'Mis-takes' and the beautiful (shoegazingly beautiful!) 'Bird' are standouts...but the whole album is a pleasure, any newcomers start here!!!
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on 22 October 2008
Ive been a charlatans fan from the very beginning, felt like ive gone through the same highs and lows that they have been through. Alot of people havent liked how in later years they reinvented themselves for every album while still resolutely keeping the charlatans sound - Us and Us Only was the Dylan one, Wonderland was the the Prince/ Curtis Mayfield one and Simpatico was the Reggae/Ska one. They have done it again with a 80's new order feel to this one.

Burgess as usual comes across as the enigmatic tom cat on the tiles, lyrically not that much makes sense but he seems to to have knack of wording things in a way that sounds cool, big deal that his voice sounds like a drowned rat - havent all great singers from Manchester?

What i love most about this band is that they have got a 'small' sound, they have never been a stadium band and i think they're proud of that, for me that gives them a really intimate loose sound (perfectly illustrated on Oh! Vanity). For most of the songs the trusty hammond is still there but the middle parts of the songs that went nowhere have gone, there is a much tighter sound to the new order type tracks which then merge into a short catchy shoegazing finale.
Ever tune but one is a winner, the only thing that lets this album down is possibly the worst Charlatans tune ive ever heard - My Name is Despair' a horrible stodgy dirge of a song, it does not fit in with the rest of the album at all - i usually just skip it every time.

That aside if you get the Charaltans you'll get this, and its a grower like all their best stuff, if you've never gotten them your missing out!
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on 4 August 2008
The Charlatans have come a long way since "The Only One I Know" 18 years ago. Sure, they've had their ups and downs in the interim, but who hasn't This album could described as a "return to form", for want of a better phrase. "You cross my path" is quite simply a superb album and its getting heavy rotation on my sound system right now. You could be forgiven for mistaking the album for New Order at times. There are five great tracks worthy of inclusion on a future re-release of "Forever": Oh! Vanity, Bad Days, The Misbegotten, Bird and The End. My absolute favourite is Bad Days with its rumbling bass intro and driving rhythm. The live version on Disc 2 sounds great, too.
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on 4 April 2008
Actaully, this is the second review I've written for this album, Amazon chose to ignore the first, so here goes.

Firstly, this is a knock-out album that stand out on its own merits, and really sounds like something they enjoyed making. I've tried to pick out some standout tracks and came up with Oh! Vanity, BIRD and A Day For Letting Go. Umm...and You Cross My Path and Missing Beats. Actually the only track I don't like is 'My Name Is Despair', which doesn't seem to fit as it's down-tempo and negative. Cheer up boys - your makeup is running.

Anyway, great album, lots of soaring organ work (I'm a sucker for a Leslie'd up Hammond) great vocals from Tim Burgess and a very together sound.

My next point is that this whole album is (was?) available as a free download from XFM. Having not bought the last 2 Charlatan albums after being very disappointed by 'Down at the Lake' I downloaded YCMP - what the hell, it's free - and was so glad I did. I love it. Now, seeing as I have it for free on my PC, why buy it? Well, there are several good reasons:

1. the CD is a double with live tracks that weren't on the download,
2. compressed mp3's just don't sound as good as CD's, and don't forget that CD's themselves are compressed (this is known as "cascaded compression") so if you're listening on a PC or boombox you might not notice, but on a Linn outfit you will, and
3.the killer - this music is worth £10 and unless you want to listen to manufactured pop-idol pap for the rest of your life, you need to support these bands financially. And if you just can't, well, enjoy!

So, an interesting move from the Charlatans and Cooking Vinyl. Good to see something different from a well known band whilst the music business, with the stark choice between change or destruction, seems hell-bent on choosing destruction.
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on 17 May 2008
This album is the best album I have heard in some time and I can wait to see The Charlatans tour this album after hearing the live bonus tracks.

Keep up the good work lads.

Anyone who knows anything about music should buy this !
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on 23 May 2008
I've followed The Charlies since the good old days of Madchester. Their hammond sound made them stand out from the crowd and although over the years the sound has taken a few strange paths (notibly the falsetto and regge years) it still can produce goosebumps. This album is a band back to the top of their game. Not since their 3rd self titled album have I listened to an album repeatedly for weeks. If you get a chance to see them tour this album or at the summer festivals, go see them - I promise you will not be disappointed. Whether you have downloaded this for free or bought the album you have made the right choice. The Charlatans have survived some of the greatest bands this country has produced over the past 20 or so years and on this form will outlive even more over the next 20.
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on 25 May 2008
The Charlatans have made their best album yet.

Back to the glory 80-s, I hear samples of The Cure ('the more we know the less we show' is taken from Primary) and New Order's fab Brotherhood album (title track). Buy the one with the bonus album, has extra tracks, live tracks and two clips.
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I'm not a big Charlatans fan by any means. I tend to buy one of their albums every now and then. Really liked "Tellin' Stories" and "Up At The Lake", not too keen on "Up To Our Hips", but I keep my eye out for new stuff.

As many others did, I downloaded this free a couple of months ago not expecting much. After all, it was FREE, but I was absolutely blown away by this album; believe the hype, it really is their best ever album.

In fact, it's so good that even though I'd downloaded it, I bought it on release. Not too sure about the bonus CD though, never did like live stuff from any band.
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on 7 June 2008
i've like the charlies since the late 1980's, although not my most favourite of bands, their stuffs been at times pretty good. Unfortunatley their last album was a load of boring cr*p and i was about to give up on them , but this CD is pretty good, Tims vocals are as weak as ever, sounds like Jagger on a bad day, if Tim was ever that lucky.Back on form, I hope so!
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VINE VOICEon 3 June 2008
As is often acknowledged The Charlatans have, throughout their now lengthy existence, always seem to have been also rans to more famous/successful bands. First they were somewhat eclipsed by The Stone Roses, who they vocally at least, somewhat resembled. Then it was Oasis, and as we entered the new millenium a whole host of new indie bands emerged to outsell and eclipse them. Like the Bluetones, a similar worthy but not massively successful band, the Charlatans just kept plodding on releasing an album regularly every two years. Incredible as it seems The 'Charlies' actually preceded Britpop and are now nearly twenty years old and have outlasted almost all their contemporaries. James, another long lasting and middlingly successful band who emerged around the same time, have recently reformed after a lengthy sabbatical, but the Charlies have never been away. Furthermore, they've had very few line up changes; this in itself is a real achievement.
After discovering the Roses only after their demise and quickly acquiring their limited catalogue I was eagerly looking for similar bands; consequently I retrospectively purchased all the Charlatans albums up to and including Us And Us Only, which was the first of their albums actually released after I'd discovered them. However, after listening to them closely I concluded that, although good, there was something slightly lacking in the band. Although the lightweight vocals resemble the Stone Roses, musically they aren't that similar, and I would say the Charlatans never actually made anything so memorable as the Roses classic first album. I think their problem was that they were often more about the sound and the groove rather than the songs; for example they did feature a number of instrumentals, often a sign that a band are having some difficulty producing enough actual good songs; consequently many of their albums although pretty decent, were often just not quite strong enough, and I would argue they never really made a real classic. I actually sold their second album 'Between 10 and 11th', however I always retained an interest in their releases.
I'm afraid I viewed Wonderland, their next release after Us And Us Only, in the same way as most of the critics who described it as their worst yet. I was so relieved at the improvment of Up At The Lake that I bought it. However, after several very careful listens I concluded that this too was a rather patchy effort, although it does contain one of my very favourite Charlatans tracks, As I Watch You In Disbelief', so I sold that too. Again I loved the single Blackened Blue Eyes from their last album, Simpatico, but the rest of the album was nowhere near the same standard and was actually another pretty weak effort.
So we come to Cross My Path, their latest. I've never totally given up on the band and I would say that this album is just about as good as anything they've ever done, perhaps surpassed only by The Charlatans and Telling Stories. After several listens it has to be said that it's still not perfect however; the songs are slightly masked by the production and the vocals are as ever lightweight and slightly buried. The singles Oh Vanity and The Misbegotten are strong tracks, although the other single, the title track is a little too frenetic for me. I also like Missing Beats (Of A Generation), Bird and This Is The End. One problem the band have always suffered from though is there isn't much light and shade, with nearly everything being played at the same tempo. They don't really do ballads and the only slow song, My Name Is Despair is a real dirge and the worst thing on the album. The release is also quite short, even if one adds the two bonus tracks on the limited edition 2 disc version, one of which is an instrumental, whilst the other Acid In The Tea is quite a strong number.
Not perfect then, but certainly their best album of the 00's and probably as good as they're ever going to get again.
If only Blackened Blue Eyes and As I Watch You In Disbelief had been released on this album!
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