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Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 24 November 2008
After reading the mixed reviews on here, I wasn't expecting all that much from this latest Futurama movie (why is it that we're always more liable to believe the bad reviews than the good?!). I enjoyed Bender's Big Score but was mildly disappointed by The Beast with a Billion was a little concerned that this would be another disappointment. How wrong I was! People can moan all they like, but the bottom line is that this is definitely the most entertaining and FUNNIEST Futurama film yet. I laughed more at this than the first two put together. It's a gag a minute with some delicious parodies of Lord of the Rings and Dungeons and Dragons-type fantasy worlds. This one has definite potential for re-watching and, unlike the Beast with a Billion Backs, I look forward to watching it again and again. Lots of hilarity, particularly from our friend Zoidberg and Mom, who is one of my favourite Futurama characters! Loved it!!
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on 17 November 2008
I can't really understand all the negative reviews here: you can almost hear the comic book guy from the Simpsons declaring it "worst. episode. ever".

The first Futurama movie didn't quite work for me. Entertaining, but it seemed like the writers were struggling to fill the feature length, and chose to fill it with so-so material which would have been cut on an ordinary show (eg. the early "Fox executives themselves fired" joke dragged on far too long).

The second was much better, particularly the first half (the Steamboat Willie spoof, the Deathball scenes, Disco boogie).

The third one may be slightly less entertaining than the second, but still has more laughs than you'll get from just about any show still on TV!

So, ignore the naysayers. Buy it and make your own mind up.
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on 25 May 2016
I purchased this for my young son who started watching this with me on Sky he belly laughed his way through a whole afternoon so thought I'd treat him to the feature lenght versions.
It may not be everyones cup of hot drink but with no swearing or excessive violence is much better than the dross on commercial telly nowadays!
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on 8 November 2008
I, like most people buying this will have seen the tv series which was brilliant. Every episode watchable again and again.

Benders big score so far being my favourite film and a beast with a billion backs good, but not so good.

Then we have this... ...the name promises so much yet after watching it leaves you feeling cold and dissapointed.

It is a bit funny. The dungeons and dragons/lord of the rings idea was alright and every now and again the film pulls off a few laughs but the problem is really a lack of a solid story for the whole film. It is made up of 4 different stories written by different people then linked together 'seamlessly' so really there is no solid plot and it is painfully obviouse when each story ends and starts. This might work had it not been trying to pretend that each story was part of the same film.

To conclude i'd say that it's nice to see the planet express crew on another adventure but this film is hard to watch to the end and unless your time is worthless or you are a true beliver then you will feel it was wasted. I find myself skipping to bits that I like rather than enjoying it as a whole film.

Keep to the series box set or see the other two films.
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on 29 December 2013
Futurama has to be one of my favourite TV shows, it's so funny. If you watch it in the correct mind set you can understand the philosophical and political jokes that are what mostly make Futurama and The Simpsons so hilarious. This offers a slightly different view to Futurama but I'm not going to complain, it's still wonderful.
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on 11 November 2009
After enjoying every minute of the four seasons of Futurama episodes, I was left slightly disappointed after having watched the previous two straight-to-DVD films. However "Bender's Game" was a major improvement even though the plot was slightly slow to get going and went a bit awry once the crew ended up in the fantasy land. The quality of jokes far exceeded those of the previous films and I was enjoying this from the highly creative beginning. The film did hit a minor lull when the characters entered into Bender's fantasy land and if you're not a fan of the Lord of the Rings trilogy then you may end up getting highly frustrated with this film. I thought the idea was well-conceived as the Lord of the Rings references were not done in order of the original storyline which meant this avoided becoming a repeat story with Futurama characters.

I'm not somebody who normally watches the trivial extra features that accompany DVDs but the ones on this disc were creative and highly amusing - especially Bender's piracy warning and the cross-breeding feature. Fortunately, alot of the previous characters made appearances although it was disappointing not to see the hilarious arrogance and stupidity of Zapp Brannigan make an appearance.

I had feared beforehand that the fantasy-based plot may have caused this film to become non-sensical but it was just like the Futurama of old - a barrel of well-contrived laughs. Recommended for any Futurama lover.
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more from futurama, the science fiction cartoon from the people who brought you the simpsons. Like the last two releases beast with a billion backs and bender's big score this is four episodes edited together into one long film of roughly eighty five minutes, with one long story running throughout.

this story is a lord of the rings parody heavily influenced by the role playing game dungeons and dragons. but more on that in a moment.

the disc contains the film itself, with direct scene access.

a language track in english

subtitles in english danish finnish norwegian and swedish

and the following extras, most of which are rather short, but there is some fun stuff amongst them:

a commentary from some of the cast and the production staff

a storyboard animatic: this is the first of the four parts in rough drawing form, complete with the soundtrack but with no music [and a certain guest voice actor clearly hadnt recorded their part at the time when this was done]. it's quite fascinating to watch if you wonder how the animation process is done

the futurama genetics lab: this allows you to merge pictures together of certain futurama characters and seeing what the resulting merges look like and would be called. it's quite fun.

a dungeons and dragons and futurama featurette: a short film with some of the writers reminiscing about their youth playing the role playing game dungeons and dragons. this is played with laughs with one participant not being interested in the game at all and reacting badly because of that, so it's quite an amusing watch

as is: how to draw futurama in 83 easy steps: a feature that shows you how to draw some of the characters. the artists involved do clown around a fair amount whilst doing the drawing, so even if you're hopeless at art you should get some fun from it

3d models with animator discussion: this shows the designs of some of the spaceships used in the feature. it's short but quite interesting.

there's a single two minute long deleted scene from the feature. it's quite good.

blooperama three is a short film of the voice cast at work, making a few mistakes along the way. if you wonder what they look like and how they work then this is good viewing.

into the wild green yonder is a trailer for the next futurama dvd. it's a collection of funny scenes but it gives no indication as to what the plot is.

but the best extra here is benders anti piracy warning, a short film that parodies the anti dvd piracy ads seen at the start of dvds. this stars bender, and since the advert says 'you wouldn't steal...' it doesnt quite work on him. this is incredibly funny and has to be watched.

for a couple of easter eggs watch this on a computer, and when on the third extras screen move the pointer around the screen right next to the list of extras, and click on two of the symbols there. the first will show more film of the voice cast at work, and the second is another dungeons and dragons feature.

the feature itself?

with fuel prices rising across the galaxy, planet express have to take the fight to mom, evil fuel tycoon, to get what they need. at the same time bender gets a little too hooked on playing dungeons and dragons and - this parodies 1980's newspaper scare stories about people hooked on the game and unable to tell fantasy from reality as a result - he goes rather crazy. that's the plot for the first two parts. the next two have the characters, as a result of what happens in parts one and two, thrust into another dimension where life is like the lord of the rings crossed with dungeons and dragons, and having to battle the evil ruler of that world.

the big question of course is: is it funny?

and with these films the answer seems to be a matter of subjective opinion. personally I didn't find it quite as funny as the beast with a billion backs, and the pacing is a little slow at times, but the gags do still come thick and fast enough to make it generally worthwhile.

In my opinion, at any rate. but that's what the dvd is like a whole. so why not make up your own mind? hopefully this review will guide you in doing such.

parents be advised that this is a twelve certificate, because there's the occasional bit of innuendo and some cartoon violence and gore
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on 20 April 2013
For anyone that ever played and older role playing game, with friends and dice and one of them as the game master, this will ring a few bells. In among the normal shenanigans the crew get mixed up in Benders new fascination with what looks like Dungeons and Dragons.
Typically offbeat, bizarre and silly as ever, the Planet Express team end up where no reasonable mind should go, and have to deal with it in their usual style, poorly!
I won't say any more than that, but it made a lovely addition to my Futurama collection.
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on 1 November 2008
Apart from the brilliant title (all you sf buffs know what i mean) this is by far the worse Futurama spin off. There are the usual quick fire gags, prof zoidberg remains the pinnacle of comic horror.. but.. oh dear.. there's just no plot. The titles at the beginning credit different people for different 'stories' (I think it said there were 4 stories) but apart from a vague...'Bender has no imagination..oh.. now he does' thread, there's nothing holding this together. Seems rushed and unfinished. Not a patch on the old stuff.
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on 6 November 2008
Let me start by saying I am a big fan of the series... funny and touching, Futurama had long since taken over from the Simpsons as my favourite animation before it was mysteriously axed by the ape like eeejits at Fox.

So far for me, the DVD spin offs have been a poor substitute - maybe the format just works better as an episode? It's been diminishing returns so far - the first film made for a couple of views, the second for just one and this - well it was amusing until the LOTR fantasy began, then the plot just lost it's way. Maybe those little monkeys at Fox had it right all along....
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