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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 4 April 2007
I won't coment on the album as I guess most people purchaing this will already be familiar with it and of the fact that it is one of Genesis' best.

First this package contins a hybrid CD/SACD in stero and 5.1. Then the DVD contains 5.1 DD and a DTS 96/24 mixes. The SACD and DTS multichannel mixes are superb - you really will hear things in this album that you never have before. I haven't listened to the Dolby mix. Dolby is OK for movies but it doesn't do justice to well recorded music due to the compresion rate.

In 5.1 the album really does come alive e.g. the sense of being surrounded by Steve Hackets acoustic guitars in Entangled is sublime.

I'm so glad to see major releases like this still taking advantage of the superior SACD format - long may it continue and may there be many more releases like this one.

The extra content on the DVD has already been commented on and is, in my opinion, a real bonus. A 42 minute rare concert featuring Bill Bruford on drums has to be a must have for any fan of Genesis from this period.

I bought this one as a 'taster' as it's may favouritie Genesis album. On the strength of this I will buy the rest of the 5.1 releases (well up to Duke, anyway).
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on 16 May 2017
Updating Albums to CD's.
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on 12 April 2017
Great CD
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on 20 June 2009
If you're lucky enough to own the original AAD CD issue, hold onto it because these remasters are a travesty. Admittedly if you're young and new to Genesis this new "remix remaster" will appeal, since the bass has been elevated close to the pain threshold, the vocal range has been hit sideways with added reverb, and all those delicate quiet bits that made the original so profoundly beautiful have been homogenised. Those of us who remember the original mix/master have been left out of the twenty-first century marketing equation because all we do is complain that music today isn't a scratch on what it was yesterday. This issue very clearly isn't intended for us. Although odds on we'll be the only people buying it.

Did Genesis have a lead guitarist? Someone by the name of Hackett whose contribution got buried beneath the keyboard wash...he quit the band but that wasn't the reason he gave, though it should have been...well at least this new mix has tweaked a few of his grudging passages, you can now actually distinguish the weeping slide guitar from the piano arpeggios in "Ripples". So not all bad!

The music will never get anything other than 5 stars (it says so in Alan Freeman's History Of Pop)....but this new presentation gets 1 star....so average 3! Hunt out one of the older CD issues here on Amazon, this isn't the CD you're looking for.
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on 4 July 2007
Having purchased the origional many moons ago and having seen this and read some of the reviews i took the plunge, WOW this is stunning in DTS, I really think this is one of the best albums Genesis made with Phil singing but the remix has taken it to a new level, sound quality is superb the vocals stand out clearer than on the cd, also the bass is awesome you can hear every note! Squonk, Dance on a Volcano and the all time classic Los Endos are stunning.

The extra stuff 1976 live footage is excellent only a shame that they show film credits instead of the visual end to Los Endos.
I am getting Wind and Wuthering next!
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on 27 January 2004
Like another recent reviewer, I came to this album quite late. Let me tell you about it. Back in the eighties, my eccentric friend (Jon Hunt, whatever happened to you?) and I were big fans of Genesis, but whilst both of my feet were firmly in the Gabriel camp, my friend swore by the belief that 'a trick' and 'wind and wuthering' were the greatest Genesis albums. In my youthful rashness, however, I refused point blank to listen to them, such was my hatred of Phil Collins.
Recently I was wistfully mulling over the past, and my friend's strong beliefs came back to me and I decided to check these albums out. The album didn't really grab me on the first play, but after about four plays I was completely in love with it. The album has everything; the mad Dance with a Volcano (reprised in Los Endos, along with others), the amusing and uplifting Robbery, Assault and Battery and the mesmeric Entangled. Every track is a winner, even though Squonk does foretell of the horrible eighties sound to come, it is sufficiently redeemed by a fabulous rumbling bassline.
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on 23 March 2011
This is the genuine 1994 remaster identifiable on the back because the tracks are in a box-out listing. This is unique to the 1994 remaster. This remaster may sound a little cleaner than my original first pressings on vinyl and is as the band originally intended it to be. It is - in my view - way better than the later 2007 remaster which was also remixed and therefore doesn't hang together properly as well as sounding hard sonically because all the levels were jacked up. The levels have not been jacked on this 1994 version so you get real dynamics (i.e. quiet bits for quiet parts and loud bits for loud).

Beautiful music, beautifully played with some of the earlier Genesis quirkiness but more accessible - possibly my favourite album of theirs.
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on 14 June 2016
CD case was all cracked, not good for what's meant to be a 'new' item. Wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't for a present for Father's Day. Not happy
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on 30 December 2002
Now isn't it strange that the music press give Genesis 3 stars. This seems to be the band that the critics love to slate. Perhaps instead of listening to untalented opinionated hacks, have a listen to some of the most sublime popular music you will ever hear. OK, it's not 'in yer face' music, if you want that go and buy some Sex Pistols. You can't bop to it because it has some really weird time sigs. You can't eat a romantic dinner to it. But you can sit down with a spare 45 minutes a good hi-fi and a bottle of red, close you eyes and really listen to it . Check out the drumming on Dance on a Volcano, the magical keys solo on Entangled, and the beautiful, dreamlike Mad Man Moon which is just gorgeous. The title track has subtle musical touches behind the bouncy theme. Los Endos drifts finally into the distance leaving one wanting it to stay. I'll finish by saying that if you haven't heard this album I am very, very jealous, because it has been so long since I have put a new record on and been utterly spellbound.
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on 22 October 2000
I have read many reviews and comments on Genesis albums in the past, and very few fans mention 'trick'. I just can't understand this. Well, If you are a Gabriel-era fan, and hate everything from the collins era.. Well check out 'Trick' now, because i assure you, although they moved in a different direction, 'Trick' and also 'Wind and Wuthering', and just as good as Foxtrot, Selling England, and the Seminal 'Lamb'.
The production on this album is Suberb. even my worn out old vinyl copy still sounds excellent in the year 2000. Fan's of 'watcher of the skies' and pieces like it will adore 'Dance on a Volcano', and pretty much the rest of the album for its spiralling instrumental sections, and at times classic melodies. Even though all the tracks are Excellent, The Strongest is 'Dance on a Volcano, and The title track - The weakest being 'Robbery, assault and Battery', because its cheesy cockneyness gets a bit tiresome after a while. Check it out soon. If you are a genesis fan and you haven't, you'll wonder why when you hear it.
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