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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 1 January 2008
When most people think of The Peep Show, they tend to focus on the POV (point-of-view) camerawork were the audience sees everything through the eyes of the characters. Granted, this does make the show very unique, but it would be a crime if this made people overlook how intelligent, true-to-life and downright funny this show is. It's certainly one of the best British TV shows ever made. It deserves the acclaim and global recognition of something like The Office.

The way the grey areas of relationships is articulated and made light of is incredible. All the secret thoughts, anxieties, and dysfunctional behaviour that we all go through with the opposite sex is laid bare in every episode. The only other show that comes close to shining a light on these intangible grey areas of life and love is maybe Seinfeld, which isn`t as stuffy, inhibited and British as The Peep Show. Take the relationship of Mark and Sophie as a prime example. This isn't your typical King Of Queens, Mad About You, Chandler and Monica sit-com couple who have their ups and downs but basically love each other. Mark has such contempt for Sophie and feels completely trapped in the relationship. I've been there -- and I'm sure there are many, many other people out there who have also been stuck with someone they don't really want ... until of course that person dumps them! As Mark says to Jeremy in Series 4: "So now she's finished with you, suddenly you're in love with her again." As if Mark is the stupidest person alive, Jeremy says: "Exactly. DUR! That's how love works, Mark."

Absolutely brilliant. Buy this show now! ... Although with Series 5 currently being made, you may want to wait until the Series 1 to 5 boxset comes out if you`re looking to buy every Peep Show in one go.
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on 6 October 2008
I'm not one for hyperbole but I'd be hard pressed to think of a better sit com in the canon of British comedy. You heard me!

Peep Show has earned its place on the vaunted Brit Com pedestal along with Fawlty Towers, Blackadder and Only Fools and Horses.

Starring comedy duo David Mitchell and Robert Webb the premise of the program is that it is shot entirely in the first person (actors use hand held or even head mounted cameras while they act through their scenes) and we the audience are privvy not only to their points of view but to their thoughts as well.

Peep Show centres around the lives of two flat mates, conservative loan manager Mark Corrigan (Mitchell) and out of work musician Jeremy Usbourne (Webb). While the "odd couple" field of comedy has been run into the ground it is no mean feat that the writers and cast are able to make this dynamic fresh and entertaining.
The dialogue which is consistently sharp and flawlessly executed by the entire cast contributes a great deal to this but where the real comeidic platinum lies is the characters' internal monologues which give us a private insight into their (and by association our own) little neuroses.

Take this little nugget from Jeremy when trying to co-ordinate his hastily assembled band in a music studio;

God this is terrible. I wish they were robots. I wish I was a robot. Maybe I could punch through a wall.

Or Mark's;

God, I'm even boring when I'm a Nazi.

These snippets provide a sense of surrealism and seem to be an incredibly liberating tool for the writers as they are able to articulate those silly, arbitrary and often hilarious thoughts that we all have which are pushed aside by our sensible conscious minds.

The supporting cast is also consistently spot-on and peripheral characters are always well written and superbly acted. Mark's macho love rival Jeff, Jeremy's ideologically confusied American girlfriend Nancy, alternately scary and sexy neighbout Toni, the entire supporting cast are lovingly crafted by all involved. Special mention should go to Matt King for his portrayal of Jeremy's band mate, Superhans. Superhans' ernest but ill conceived political doctrines and dubious charisma make him one of the most entertaining characters in the series and it is with great wisdom that the writers use him sparingly. Here are a few of Superhans' finest pieces of dialogue;

"The secret ingredient is crime!"
"What you're doin' there is, you're drinkin' an advert intcha?"
"He thinks there's a pigeon in Catalonia that's controlling his legs!"

And my all time favourite;

"People like Coldplay and voting for the Nazis, you can't trust people!"

Not only is Peep Show a flawlessly executed piece of high-concept comedy (without being overly pretentious or self referential) but it seems to tap wonderfully into that uniquely British neurosis

Shameless, profane, irreverent, endlessly quotable and accutely observed the quirky characters and brilliantly surreal dialogue very quickly transcend being merely funny and become hugely endearing.

As with all great comedy there are great moments of human drama in these five amazing series and the acting throughout is simply perfect.

I dearly love Peep Show and I'm quite certain that you will too should you ever come into contact with it!
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on 22 October 2015
This has to be the closest thing I've seen to a true Seinfeld successor. In the same way that Costanza & Co. captured something ineffable about the minute-to-minute horror of social interaction, the Peep Show team offer a slice of life that is uncomfortably close to home. Given a distinctively English spin, this is a show about the soul-crushing decisions of daily life: have a wank, or do the washing up?

Mark is the closest we have to an heir to Costanza and his life is one terrible stream of cowardly indecision and its unavoidable consequences. Watch as he fails to deal with any and every circumstance in which he finds himself. Cry as he humiliates himself at every available opportunity. He's funny because he's each of us. Jez is a perfect foil for Mark's crippling shyness and cynicism.

Jez is an uber-moron. Dedicated to partying, making his 'music' and having sex with any and everyone he can, he's at once the most annoying man in existence, and the only man who can make Mark look like a complete and utter tool.

This boxed set, which I got for something absurd like £6.99 features the first 5 series. Series 2, 3 and 4 are undeniably fantastic, but all are worth your time.

A final word has to be said about Johnson. It seems there's little to add to the praise that is rightly heaped upon Patterson Joseph other than he is a masterful actor and his character is a beaut. The scene in which he offers Jez an 'indecent proposal'; the scene in which he watches Mark on the toilet; the scene in which Mark confesses he might be gay... these are some of the finest human interactions ever captured by camera. It doesn't matter that they are scripted, they are more real than any of the conversations I have.
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I was given this by my wife as a gift. Even after reading all the rave reviews I wasn't sure if I would like it or not. (She later admitted that the main reason she bought it was because she wanted to watch it!!).

All I can say is WOW! This is the most consistently funny comedy I have seen for years. It is very cleverly written and the two main characters are both objectionable and likeable at the same time which is an extremely difficult trick to pull off. All the supporting characters are superb and very, very funny.

If you get this box set I am sure you will get through most of it in one or two sittings. It also demands repeat viewing as there are so many visual gags, as well as verbal ones which may pass you by the first time round.

Essential viewing.
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on 2 April 2007
Need I say more, this box set is just each of the series DVDs in a outer cardboard box with no extras that are sometimes found in box sets. Must own for any fan of the show and the steady sales of the DVDs have been the cause of the return of the show for two more series.

The actual show is brilliant and consistent all the way through the series and the extras available offer a little insight to the programme and some even follow on to the programmes like the really funny Jez's video will on the series 1 DVD.

This show is by far the funniest comedy on channel 4, which used to pride itself on very good quality of comedy shows. Channel 4 have put a lot of rubbish comedy programmes on recently in a miss match mess of bad/weird comedy and reality TV programmes though Peep Show has and still is shining through the crap to hold out some hope for British comedy on the channel.
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on 17 April 2013
I would rate this 4.5stars if there was an option- I do love it, but its not quite in top draw imo. Close tho, very close.........
After having not watched for a while this had me laughing, as well as cringing!
In the first episode the camera is choppy, but after that theres little bad to say; its an intelligently dumb script, switching from embarrasing to familiar- if I had to compare it to another comedy I'd say men behaving badly with Clunes character swapped for a starchier Mark- if you mixed MBB with Pete vs Life you'd be pretty close to Peep Show.
Extras aren't bountiful, but well worth watching in my view- trust me, thats a rare occurrence!
Blokey but not macho humour, insightful & fun. Buy eeet! (no, I'm not a seller!)
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VINE VOICEon 22 January 2009
Whether you find Peep Show funny will depend a lot on your taste and sense of humour. If you like The Office and Extras then there is a very strong possibility that you like that brand of excruciating humour that has you thinking of excuses to look away or leave the room; if you do then you really should take a peek at Peep Show. The humour comes from the uninhibited, politically incorrect, and uncensored internal narrative of Mark (David Mitchell) and Jez (Robert Webb), as the two immature, social misfits inhabit a sequence of excruciatingly embarrassing, self-inflicted situations. Watching Peep Show is like watching a motorway pile-up, you'll want to look away but really can't.

David Mitchell managed to infuse every word with sarcasm and irony and Robert Webb is outstanding as the selfish, talentless and inadequate Jez, they both live the characters and never once look as if they're acting. Peep Show is The Office with its sleeves rolled up and spoiling for a fight - you have been warned.
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on 1 July 2009
This is one of the best shows ever. Painful moments and subtle humor throughout the series. Definitely a worthy addition to the other great British shows like The Office and Black Books.
This box contains all 5 currently existing seasons and some bonus material like behind-the-scenes and extra scenes which are also very enjoyable.
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on 10 April 2014
Are there any funnier comedies out there? The mastery of the art of the cringe makes this one of the quintessential British comedies, with characters both pathetic and moving, whom we share many traits with in our desire to be loved and 'succeed' in a messed up, confusing world. The dialogue and acting, the POV filming are amazing. Highly recommended classic.
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on 19 April 2009
Missed a lot of this show when first broadcast. Box set is a fantastic chance to catch up on this comedy classic in-the-making. Memorable scenes, characters, and lines by the bucketful. Can't recommend enough.
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