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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 25 May 2017
Excellent. Thank you.
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on 8 March 2017
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on 2 November 2015
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on 12 November 2008
Waking The Dead's sixth series in 2007 cemented its place in my heart as the best TV drama in Britain. The cast are superb; Trevor Eve can be hilarious as D.Supt. Boyd, Dr Foley must be the greatest psycho-analyst in the world and I have to say I prefer the imperious Tara Fitzgerald and the hugely under-rated theatre actress Félicité du Jeu to the previous female cast members, especially as Eve seems to spend a lot of time dissecting corpses listening to eighties ska music.

'Double Bind' is a particular favourite, a wonderfully peculiar episode (as they all are, in their own way) and the funniest scene I've seen in a long time involves Eve using Spence and Stella to remodel the death of two victims killed in the coital position in 'The Fall'.

The 2008 series was just as good and should be out soon and there's an eighth series currently being made, though sadly Du Jeu is not confirmed for the cast which could mean that Stella has been promoted, killed, finally got it on with DI Jordan or been fired for her propensity for slapping witnesses.
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VINE VOICEon 5 February 2011
It was recently announced that season 9 of Waking The Dead would be the final series made by BBC. All good things have to come to an end someday. In the meantime though, die-hard collectors of this amazing series will continue to purchase these box sets which are now being sold by Amazon at a fantastic price, bearing in mind, the quality of these episodes, brilliant as always.

Series 6 is one of the best. Consistently good, each story is one on its own, and never fails to amaze. Of the six here, I think Yahrzeit is one of the best. Based around a story of Nazi war criminals escaping from Germany in 1945 and then settling in London. Their secret eventually emerges when Boyd and Co. re-open an unsolved murder case from 1946 which reveals details of an horrific plan to create a "Master Super Race". There is a tragic twist to this story involving one of the children now grown up who is implicated in the murder of a family whose remains are discovered under the concrete floor of a house where the escaped Nazi war criminals resided. Veterna actress Eileen Atkins guest stars.

Mask of Sanity is the next best story. After being released from a secure psychitric unit where he had served many years for murder, James Jensen struggles to find the truth about what really happened in a children's home where he had been badly beaten, and to find some kind of redemption in order to come to terms with what happened all those years before. The team then turn their investigation onto Dr. Bruno Rivelli who had managed the home at the time and he becomes a suspect in three murders. Jemma Redgrave and James Fox guest stars in this absorbing episode. There are some scenes which are pretty violent and distressing in this episode, so be warned.

The Fall is a brilliant episode. A mummified sexually conjoined couple, dead for many years have fallen through the ceiling of a bank which is being renovated. A journalist finds out, and she attempts to dig deep in order to find out the real truth about what had happened to the couple since "Black Wednesday" 1992. Boyd and Co. investigate and find out a lot more than they bargain for as they follow a trail leading to Dublin and also to an organisation "Opus Dei". Alison Doody, Peter Capaldi and Oliver Ford Davies guest stars.

The other episodes are very good as always, and need no further recommendation from me. One thing though, Boyd(Trevor Eve) is continuing to show himself as a pompous and loud mouth bully which strains his relationship with Grace Foley (Sue Johnstone) and he can be irritating to watch. Despite this being unacceptable behaviour, he somehow manages to hold his team together in solving these absorbing cases.

Great support from Felicite Du Jeu; Tara Fitzgerald; and Wil Johnson.
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on 20 April 2013
Waking the dead series 6, on the whole, maintains the shows high standard of writing, production value and fantastic actors. All the plots, forgetting one episode, are all intricately written and beautifully crafted, all superbly well done. The reason this set did not get five stars is because of one particular episode titled "Deus Ex Machina", I will tell you about this disgraceful, diabolical and too stupid to bare thing lower down in this review, but I will spit out the word "AWFUL" to give you a taste of the future. Despite this, series 6 was great and still the show is going strong. While it is not quite as memorable and solid as series 5, it is still classic crime drama, with loads of sub-plots amongst other thrills that we have learnt to expect and admire - still television at its finest.

Also, throughout this series, there is a sub-plot about Mel Silver, a now deceased ex-member of the cold case team. You are intrigued about this throughout and wonder if there will ever be an answer to your questions...

Wren Boys: This is a "Good" episode. After the first part, you felt it was better than when it concluded, but still a great watch. It was intriguing to try and find out who killed the boy in the concrete pit, and there were a fair few options on who it might be. I felt that this episode was more implausible and would not happen in real life, at least not to the extremes shown here. In a way it was daft, but it was enjoyable and kept you entertained to the end. A good episode, not the best in the series, but series 6 is only just getting started.

Deus Ex Machina: As told above, this is an absolutely AWFUL episode of WTD. I had to switch it off it was that bad, and believe me I would of of watched it to the end, but it just wasn't developing and I knew it never would. It was utter nonsense, the plot was laughable. About a cult (where they injure themselves and...oh...) I can go no further. There was no way you could find out what was happening, it was all over the place and more boring than watching paint dry. You didn't care for it, and could not attach yourself with the plot as you were too perplexed with the ridiculousness of it. I have never seen anything as stupid in my life, by far the worst episode of the series ever. If this was the first episode of WTD that was ever released, I would not watch the show again. I'm sorry but it was a big let-down, but the other episodes in this series made up for this dreadful tearaway - just! It received "Poor", which still isn't sufficient really, but that's the lowest rating.

The Fall - What a change in quality! I was so relieved after seeing this, thinking that "Deus Ex Machina" may have permanently wounded the show, quite the opposite. It was a "Very Good" episode, a solid instalment. It has an engaging plot, great twists, interesting character development, and again superbly acted. It is humorous at times also, when that weirdo put posters of Boyd and Grace on his bedroom wall, ha-ha! And don't forget the unforgettable quote from Boyd to that weirdo "This isn't about fairy-tale creationism!" - really funny. The revilement is great also, it has everything WTD does best. With a really solid story.

Mask Of Sanity - This is the one about a black guy (who is an ace actor), and a kind of children's home. This one is really enjoyable also. After the cliff-hanger in the first part you left wanting to see the rest of it. The story is strong and frequent flashbacks to the past made you form a picture of what was happening back then. It was very good and thought provoking, you get involved easily and associate yourself with the characters as they went through hard times when they were younger. It is also really hard to guess who it was, which made it even better. "very Good" is the final score, equally as good in its own rights as the previous episode.

Double Bind: Now we come to the highlight of series 6, even though they are all good - Double Bind's the best. "Outstanding" is the rating it received, which is the opposite end of the board to "Deus Ex Machina", demonstrating its power. At first, Grace has a go at Boyd about his inability to deal with his emotions about Mel's death as well as the disappearance of his son. Right from the start, we are gripped. Then along comes the plot, where escaped psychiatric patient Daniel Lennon directs a family to unearth a 40-year old male corpse in their Hampstead garden. Daniel Lennon is offered medication as he can't remember killing his parents, when he escapes, he is off the medication and slowly starts to lose it. The episode is highly gripping and the amount of expectation and unpredictability makes it a classic WTD, and the link to the past could hold the key to saving and unravelling the future. The ending is also absolutely incredible, what twists! This is one of the best episodes of not just series 6, but of the show in all its entries. You can't get enough of this, remarkable episode - OUTSTANDING!

Yahrzeit: This was "Good", about the second world war and the Nazi's. The aim, throughout the episode was to try and discover who killed the little girl on the street back in "those days." However, there was no way you could do that because there was loads of people it could have been and was too well crafted for you to be sure of any. It was not the best episode in the series, like some people has made it out to be, its overrated, but still "Good." The episodes pace did slow down by the second part and the resolution wasn't really climatic like some episodes in the series as I'm sure you have a few in mind. The sub-plot with Boyd and Sarah was a nice touch though, so we could see the sweeter side of him, without all of his antics, blinding us from what's beneath the skin. The ending to series 6 could have been greater, but it was still great.

Series 6 is still maintaining the strong, streamline plots that keep you hooked and guessing, besides the one episode. Another fantastic instalment - bargain for money too, get it...expect class, like Parker Pens, or Bentley cars, as WTD is that of its own type, pure class...
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on 2 April 2011
Another wonderful series from the WTD team. I would highly recommend this series. It's a terrible shame that the BBC has just confirmed that there will be no more made after Series 9. Another wonderful series goes the way of Inspector Lynley et al... Brilliant service from Amazon as normal.
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on 24 September 2010
Thank GOD ! I was able to order Waking the Dead from Amazon UK- The series is no longer offered in America (BAH). I was also able to order a multi-region DVD player to watch each episode. Paid a little more but the price was well worth watching the series. LOVE IT!!!!!!!
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VINE VOICEon 26 June 2008
The 2007 series of Waking The Dead is one of the best ever done. The crime stories are really good and attention graping from minute one. I like that the over agressiveness of Boyd is reduced and more humour is re-introduced. The new cast is great and adds new dimensions to the team. The old cast is perfect as ever. In short: 5 stars
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on 27 June 2011
We have enjoyed all the Waking dead series and this was no exception.
Although I personally prefer 8 & 9
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