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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 5 December 2009
I can't start to say how much I loved this. For some reason I completely missed this series on TV, when the second series started I was a bit lost so thought I'd get this and catch up. The characters of John Mercer, Callum, Rose and Lenny make an odd but fantastically watchable quartet.
It good on so many levels, subtle and nuanced, the characters (except Rose played woodenly by Tamsin Outhwaite) are real deeply believable and beautifully constructed. Andrew Buchan has the ability to portray the deepest emotions without speaking a word of dialogue. The relationships are beautifully acted with the main relationship between John and Callum so touching in parts, its like a love story.

It doesn't abuse the background music but ends every episode with a different completely appropriate track.
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on 2 October 2008
ITV got the cream of the crop with this one. This feels so BBC. It is ever so beautifully filmographed. It is beautifully cast, except maybe for Tamsin Outhwaite.

My only gripe is that I felt a little short-changed as it only lasted for 6 episodes. This should have gone to 8 episodes, slowed down the underlying storyline a little more and allowed it to develop rather than rush the underlying storyline through.

Still, worth watching.
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VINE VOICEon 13 December 2009
Despite a somewhat preposterous initial premise--John Mercer, who's killed his aunt and uncle in revenge for what they did to his beloved sister, is busted out of gaol to work as a hitman for the State--the acting is so good, the characters so interesting, that you soon suspend your disbelief and strap yourself in for the ride. It's a gripping ride, full of suspense, humour and surprises. Intense John, bouncy Callum, sexy Rose and sinister Lenny are all characters you enjoy spending the time with and are sorry to part with at the end. Great that there's a second series, I'm definitely going to order it!
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on 25 April 2008
This is great series with a wonderful, fast paced action packed opening episode in particular. All of the cahracters work really well. The stories stand alone but also build up the relationships and the tension. Andrew Buchan as the conflicted hero works for me and you really feel for Mercer. Well done ITV- it's the only thing on the channel I've watched for ages. Please, please do commission a second series. It's cut above many other domestic dramas and deserves more time to grow.
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on 7 January 2012
I gather this is from the same stable as Hustle and Spooks, so I was expecting to enjoy it, and I wasn't disappointed. I was also inspired to buy it because it stars the impressive Andrew Buchan who I'd already seen in Garrow's Law, and Tamzin Outhwaite (who's in Hustle). I'm even more impressed with Mr Buchan now, given the diversity of the roles. And if the acting is excellent, the writing and especially the characterisation is sublime.

Initially The Fixer reminded me a little of Dexter - it's OK to kill people if they're ee-vill and the law can't touch them - but this impression faded by episode 2; it is its own thing, not really comparable. I'm making myself wait before devouring Series 2 - what a shame there aren't 10 series, á là Spooks.
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on 8 July 2010
The Fixer is another in a long line of understated, deadpan British thrillers. The main character is made an offer he can't refuse - work with these people or stay in prison for a very long time.
What follows is much about the character interplay as it is about the well written stories.
it does suffe a little from two dimensionality of the boss of the organisation but the rest of it is well done.
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on 26 October 2009
I dont watch alot of tele ,but caught the second series of the fixer recently on tv,i loved it its got brilliant characters all with their own personal stories going on,great action sequences ,the main character is so believeable its hard to say hes acting he looks so convincing ,thers some brilliant sub plots going on and the pace never lets up.This is in my humble opinion classic television,like the sweeney ,no holds barred tough gritty and realistic .Not everybodies cup of tea but for an action fan i love it and every episode is full of twists and turns you never quite know how it will end .fully recommend this for the dark and cold winter evenings .
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VINE VOICEon 20 April 2008
The Fixer seems to be the latest attempt by ITV to produce the sort of gritty urban drama that the Americans excel at. But it's not a cop show for which we should be thankful , as home grown cop shows are invariably rubbish and after the American show "The Wire" everyone else might as well give up because nothing is going to get better than that. Anyway like the brilliant French film "Nikita" Fixer works on the premise that someone who has committed a crime can be offered a life outside of prison but to in order to do so must work as an assassin for the state.
John Mercer (Andrew Buchan ) is former special forces .After discovering a terrible secret about his aunt and uncle he executes them and is subsequently imprisoned .After five years inside he is suddenly offered a way out by Lenny Douglas (Peter Mullan) who tells him that if he comes to work for him as part of some shadowy secretive government agency he will be allowed to live out of prison. On the plus side this allows him to spend time with his sister Jess (Liz White) who is a single parent. On the down side he must move into a flat he will share with Calum (Jody Latham) Lenny,s errand boy, a mouthy cocky jack the lad whose manner grates on the quiet brooding Mercer. To further complicate things there is disgraced ex-copper Rose (Tamzin Outhwaite) who also works for Lenny . Some of the things she has to do for Lenny are less than salubrious and this riles Mercer as they have a mutual attraction for each other. What really riles Mercer though is the power Lenny has over him . He feels that he is trapped in the same way he was in prison , that Lenny is less than honest with him and that his relationship with his sister makes him vulnerable.
Over the six episodes relationships develop and we gradually learn more about the characters with the initially irritating Calum becoming more sympathetic and it all reaches a head for episode six where Mercer is given a possible way out by one of the men he has been tasked to put to death. The best episode pits Mercer against his predecessor gone rogue . We also learn more about the link between Rose and Lenny.
The Fixer is well written and well acted with Peter Mullan And Jody Latham especially good. Andrew Buchan does the gloomy anti -hero thing well enough while Tamzin Outhwaite actually gets a decent role for a change as the feisty motivated Rose. If anything for me it's not gritty enough . I'd have like it to be tougher and harder hitting but for a main stream drama it's still reasonably uncompromising.
The DVD comes with a making of documentary but no commentaries which are always the best way to get behind the scenes and characters further. There is no guarantee that The Fixer will return for a second series at this moment which is a great shame as having got all the character and situational set-ups out of the way the writers could concentrate on Mercer's role as an enforcer and assassin. So if someone could fix it for The Fixer , unlike Alan Partridge to get a second series that would be tremendous. We need more shows like this not less.
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on 8 November 2009
An action packed ride, with great performances from the 4 main characters.I found the series even better than when viewed on the tv, as there are no adverts and you can really get into the story.Andrew Buchan is very believable in the lead role of the Fixer.Worth the money, and a very good watch.

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on 26 December 2011
Both the first and second series of this drama are severely under-rated. This has almost a retro feel to it, I am reminded of Callan from the 60s and early 70s. Andrew Buchan is also a much under-rated actor. He deserves more meaty roles like this instead of costume dramas. Hopeful for a 3rd series, but won't hold my breath, quality drama for adults seems to be a thing of the past on TV these days.
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