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on 12 June 2009
This is not subtle by any means.. in fact its as crude as a docker with Tourettes. However.... there are some good set pieces and some good bloody action. Not sure about the female equivalent of McGyver, but all in all a solid bloodfest.
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on 13 April 2009
I watched this film expecting it to be a lot
better,it was average thats all.
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on 29 November 2010
This Australian Horror thriller (2007) does not permit the high praising reviews it has online, simply because it is a cult unknown. Yes it is ok, entertaining enough but it is short, far to quick to end and not enough tension or suspense is injected to make the plot better. It could have been darker, scarier and less polished - you can almost tell that it has come from `Urban Legend' crew.

It all feels like they are trying to get the most out of a simple, done before plot. The acting and shoot are well done but it is all a bit rushed, predictable and lacking in originality.

Plot - a couple go fishing, they get stranded and stumble across an odd house. Enter the weird family who bully them, try to rape the woman and then it's a survival fight. The characters are dense and the setting dull, not to mention the conclusion and few kills.

Shame on you who reviewed this before me, encouraging me to take a punt, simply falling short big time.
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on 30 November 2012
This may well be too slow for some,but i found the pacing just right. This couple get caught in a storm whilst boating,find an abandoned house and soon the owners turn up.
Now comes the problem,the owners are 3 vile men,the drunk father and his 2 disgusing sons,they have their plans of what to do with their unexpected visitors.
First there's the uncomfortable feeling that is given,a shower is allowed but their clothes taken,then the men start getting a little too crude with the woman. As the film goes on and the couple are taken to what is basicly a big shed full of tools,the man gets his leg broken and the woman has it made clear they want their wicked way with her.
I don't wish to give too much away,but it's up to the woman to think of a way to outsmart these creeps and the scenes that follow are well worth the wait.
As i say nicely paced,it's not quite as full of laughs as the cover might suggest,but there's some amusing nasty scenes there.
I liked this,it started off a little slow,but it's well worth getting into as even when nothing extreme is happening,it still has a very threatening feel to it,good stuff.
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on 20 June 2011
Storm Warning was a nice surprise, I heard alot of great things about this film so I decided to check it out and I was not disappointed. The film turned out to be excellent, it was directed by Jamie Blanks who also made Urban Legends and Valentine, this however was completely different and it also makes you forget about those two weak films. The story's about this rich couple an older guy with his French wife who are yachting in the ocean, they eventually drift along near the backwoods house of a bunch of psychotic dope growers. These guys are obviously not pleased to find the couple in their home so they decide to make them feel more uncomfortable by terrorising them and soon things become more unpleasant since they also happen to be totally deranged. This Ausie horror flick had lots of tension and some uneasy moments but there is a satisfying retribution in the final reel. It was also a revenge flick which was kind of neat, I highly recommend this film to horror fans.
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on 17 October 2012
I really love this film, even though it starts off all bright and airy it is not long before it throws you into the dark creepy atmosphere.

The torment and torture the lost and frightened couple are put through from the 3 nasty men is gripping, it is made believable thanks to the superb acting by all the cast and the great visual effects and makeup that really sets people to look right in the scenes.

While no surprise how the couple choose to deal with their situation in the end I must say it was very creative and gory.

I love horror films, specially gory ones as long as they have a meaningful story and well acted, this film does not disappoint in any way at all. Certainly one for horror fans collection.
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on 23 December 2013
I recently had the chance to see this film again after many years, and continue to be impressed.

Singularly good performance by all cast members and excellent direction.

There are some films for which monochrome is the ideal medium. This is one such.

As stated by other reviewers, the film should have touched on race hatred, as in the case of To Kill A Mockingbird, but did not. That is the only disappointing feature in an otherwise great production.

I would not pay the price demanded by this supplier as I consider it unfair. Perhaps Amazon will offer a copy at a more realistic price of, say, £5 in the future, in English. Then I would be happy to purchase a copy to add to my collection.
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on 15 August 2009
Storm Warning [DVD] [2007]

i bought this movie here,and it arrived today.Luckily the german authorities don't get the package in their hands,because this movie is banned in Germany.

All german DVD's from this movie are forbidden.German version are cut 2 minutes of violence,
But no one shut tell me what kind of movies i can see. i will get all the movies,no one can suppress me.

Freedom for Bloody movies forever!!!in any part of the World!! its like George Orwell's 1984, they wanna control your mind.

Greetings from Germany!
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on 24 April 2012
Well worth the money!! Any horror collection should have this movie in it, very well made film with a great simple but brilliant revenge story. Loads of original and very bloody gore and violence. If you big on the horror genre and have not seen this movie it will not disappoint.
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on 5 August 2010
Storm Warning from Jamie Blanks is a resolutely Aussie horror that benefits greatly from this slightly unfamiliar feeling location for UK and USA audiences. Shot with some eerily beautiful landscapes, Blanks also scored the movie and he gives us a well paced, gently ominous build up before our central duo - a couple lost while out boating - end up taking refuge at a remote farmhouse just off the marshland. It's here that things go horrendously wrong, as they realise they've intruded on the territory of a bitterly anti-social and very criminal family with a particular dislike for trespassers, and so a battle of wits and endurance begins, with survival the only prize. You can really feel that this is from the production team who brought us Wolf Creek - the sensibility is exactly the same: it's a 'don't go into the woods/outback today' tale of just how badly twisted and sadistic some Aussies could be in a country where areas are so remote that if you're in trouble the police might have to fly in to get to you. However, where that film was chilling due to the bad guy's normality, here the villains are camper, nastier pieces of work with a siniser patriarch and the story is more cinematic as it's pure fiction. This enables Blanks to give us a great survival thriller as an unlikely half of the hero duo brings out their brutal survivalist side in a believable way, as realism hits home and it sinks in that no matter how nice they play, they're never getting out of this alive unless they inflict some damage. This leads to some highly inventive carnage that's not for the squeamish, and makes Storm Warning an attention grabber that's head and shoulders above expectations.
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