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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation3|Edition: Standard|Format: Box|Change
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VINE VOICEon 29 December 2008
Ubisofts sequel shares little with the Crytek original. The sci-fi leanings have been removed; in fact the only real similarity is the jungle setting. Controversially, the setting for Fary Cry 2 is Africa. However, its more like a safari version than anything seen on TV. The population comprises a baffling selection of nationalities, reinforcing the fact this is a fictional recreation of a country.

The plot quickly gets going, and after a few set pieces, the protagonist has been struck with malaria, and narrowly avoids murder at the hands of your intended target; arms dealer The Jackal. Various tutorials follow, explaining aspects like health and weapons.
Far Cry 2 does make attempts to innovate. Recharging health is out, replaced by an irritating syringe system. When the protagonist reaches critical health, a quick press of L2 repairs his wounds. This is done via a quick animation showing a bullet being removed or bandage getting applied. This gives weight to the character, even if they soon get repetitive.

Fire effects are where Far Cry 2 excels. Until now, this has never been realised so effectively in-game. Watching a bush fire spread, engulfing everything it touches has a truly hypnotic quality. Not only is it a fantastic visual effect, but can be used tactically in combat. Effective use of molotov cocktails prevents enemies flanking, and can also provide the means for a quick retreat.

Theres a nice selection of guns throughout the game. Ones from fallen enemies are generally in poor condition; jamming and in some cases falling apart completely. This creates a lot of tension when entering a fire fight, and treads a fine line between chaos and control. However, if combat had the same lethality as Modern Warfare, this would be a fantastic addition. Yet, headshots do not register at all, many enemies take a full clip to put down. This is unacceptable, especially considering how the odds are stacked against you. As a result, progress can feel a matter of luck than actual skill.

Vehicles are included to traverse the 50km2 landscape. This is limited to a few jeeps, trucks and the occasional gunboat. Trucks have the tendency to flip when travelling on anything other than dirt roads, and just a few bullets will cause them to smoke uncontrollably. Another problem is reading the map whilst driving. This takes a long time to get used to, and isnt helped by an abscence of map markers. It is refreshing to see Ubisoft Montreal trying a more organic approach to navigation, but like much of its innovations, isnt really appreciated.
The environment is split into sections, with the map switching upon entering a new location. This felt confusing, and an unnecessary complication, making the map seem even larger. Considering the general lack of things to do, Far Cry 2 proves that open world games shouldnt rely on size alone. Smaller, more densely populated maps are surely the future.

There are approximately 57 guard posts scattered throughout the map. When cleared of enemies the location has been 'scouted'. Sadly, this makes no difference as they re-spawn indefinitely. A very frustrating aspect, and leaves the impression that progression is impeded by poor design. Unlike the PC version, theres no quick save option. So saving is limited to safe houses, or directly after completing an objective, which can only aggravate matters. There are 221 diamonds located on the map, which act as currency. These can be used to purchase weapons and upgrades; giving some depth to a surprisingly empty game.

For everything Far Cry 2 gets right, it spectacularly fails at another.
The location is stunningly attractive and unique, yet there is a distinct lacks of things to do.
Attempts to deepen the combat system are undermined by poor basics.
Solid and boring in equal measures. A real shame, as this had the potential to be a classic.
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on 19 November 2009
This game is great, admitedly I love Africa and the game feels very real to me.
I can understand the frustrations of having to drive from point A to point B BUT you can remove a huge junk of frustration by getting the bus. You get on the bus and voila, you are transfered to a bus depot on the other side of the map. Nick a car at the bus stop and off you go. Before I discovered the bus I got a bit frustarated (but I loved the scenary etc).
If you try getting the bus and still don't like it then fair enough, I guess it isn't for everybody, but I enjoyed it as much as COD4. In fact, probably a tiny bit more, as a bit more stealth is involved.
I especially enjoyed "bagging" a Springbok from 500yards.
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on 14 February 2009
Ok, the original far cry was about a guy who becomes an animal and kills everyone, meaning it was terrible. They have now ditched that completely, and thank god they have!

The game is now about a man on a mission: To kill the jackal, a guy who arms both sides of a war. However on the way into the war zone things dont go to plan, you catch malaria and are almost killed. when you wake up you are hired by a faction, and rest is up to you. As every one says, the best bit about the single player is the map, 50k squared of it to be precise. The game has both quantity and quality as the graphics are stunning. the only way you know hat it is not real is the knowledge of you putting the disk in and have a controller in your hand! The gameplay is so realistic, if you go mad and run in, you die. you have to plan everything move or guess what, you will die. The game is all 'free'. you decide what to do and when. their are 3 types of missions: faction missions, buddy missions and underground missions. All the perfect difficultly, if you die, you are annoyed with yourself not the game! the safe houses are a nice touch, allowing you to save and change the time of day. missions and area are more heavily guarded during the day in some areas and the opposite in others. the game is like a adventure shooter. Currency is in diamonds, you have to really work to get hold off em, mostly 1 or 2 at a time. and a basic pistol costs 7!

Multi player is regular really, nothing special. COD has the advantage in that field. but if i had to choose one, without a doubt far cry would be my choice. I have been playing the game for about 9 hours in total and i am 4% complete. FANTASTIC!

Oh and by the way, this game should NOT be classed as an 18! violence has a bit of blood and you get the odd swearing every 45 minutes.But seriously if you are under 18 and are persuading someone to get it for you, I would compare it to COD which is a 15. FAR CRY is the best game i own by far! (and I own alot of them!)
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on 20 August 2009
...because I've just spent half an hour driving across a huge map to get to the mission location, only to be ran over by a truck driven by the bad guys that appeared out of nowhere as soon as I dared to get out of my jeep.

What I have just described is a common occurence in this game. I feel that the game developers looked up the meaning of the word 'FRUSTRATION' and tried their best to encorporate everything that the word stands for into this game. Correct me if I'm wrong but I always assumed that games should be fun. How is having malaria, a potentially fatal disease, any fun? Your character is stricken with malaria right from the get go. Sure, you have medication to take when you have a sudden 'malaria attack' in the middle of a gunfight but you are being shot at from every angle and to take it your character lowers his weapon. Cue collapsing and dying. Load last save and drive half an hour across the map and do everything all over again. Cue collapsing and dying. Load last save and drive... See where I am going with this? Ok, I know this game is about deploying tactics etc but the game just isn't any fun. If you enjoy this game then that's fine. Personally, I hate it right to the very core. Okay, I don't mind the guns jamming, it's just another factor in combat, and I don't mind having to deal with my character's complete inability for a large part of the beginning of the game to shoot a bloody gun straight. But I mind cheap deaths, particularly in a game where save points are considerably spread out (exactly why can console owners not simply save wherever they like, as their PC brethren can? It's not like the PS3 or Xbox 360 don't have room for save files).

On a positive note the graphics look nice.
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on 16 November 2008
With FPS's being a dime a dozen these days, its nice when a game comes up with a little originality, and Far Cry 2 adds a new depth to an already overcrowded market of FPS. The catch is not a straight up, linear progression shooter, but a large, open ended environment that you have to navigate accordingly and quite often strategically.

I'll cut to the chase, Far Cry 2 is a tale of vicious mercenaries and brutal faction regimes fighting for control in a strangley beautiful un-named African country. All you know is that your target is a gentleman who goes by the name of 'The Jackal', and your sole purpose in this hellhole is to eliminate him.
Your new in town and its within your best interests to capitalize on some dirty handed job opportunities, this is where Far Cry 2 really shines!

The games 50 square kilometres are full to the brim with sweeping deserts, rickety shanty towns, bustling wildlife and beautiful sunrise/sunsets. Its impressive how Ubisoft managed to capture the realism of the African enviroment, to such a high detail is amazing. The sun rises on a new day with rays breaking through the trees incredibly realistically and the sunsets are even more breath-taking. The wildlife, the fauna and all the bells and whistles are all here in glorious HD.
The weapons animate very convincingly and even wear down and jam, sometimes breaking apart in your mitts if overused! Superb detail!
In short, this game looks fantastic on my 32" HDTV!
OVERALL 9.7/10

Far Cry 2 plays as a finely tuned FPS should play. Smooth controls, nice mechanics and responsive gunplay. A lot of the time will be spent walking/driving/swimming/boating or even gliding your way through or over the lush environment. Enemies are smart and often during a firefight, they can be heard communicating, talking about flanking, or asking which direction you were last spotted in! It all adds realism and a sense of urgency as you hide in a hut, life bar on red, AK-47 jammed as you frantically tap square to unjam.
Bullets need some nifty self surgery if your health bar depletes too quick and you'll often find yourself cringing at the screen as you pop another bullet out thats lodged in your arm!
You can enlist the help of Buddies after saving them from a not-so-pleasant situation. They'll come to your aid if your taking too much heat and if their injured, do you risk your life to save theirs? Or do you pull your pistol out and end their suffering??

Absolutely spot-on. Creeping through the tall grasses, wild animals can be heard calling out. In the middle of a vicious gunfight, the wounded will writhe about in agony requiring a quick stab of your machete. Explosions, tyres rolling over dirt roads and best of all, the guns, all sound absolutely brilliant, each with their own unique sound.

Ubisoft has included trophy support and they are as challenging as they are fun! Very! They range from completing all Assassination missions to putting your fallen buddy out of his misery! They are all fun and a nice reward for all your efforts!

Overall, I'd rate the single-player campaign more enjoyable than Call Of Duty 4, or a nice alternative to! Also after playing this game for any cosiderable time, you'll want your paycheck in uncut diamonds!!!

Highly recommended!
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on 24 October 2008
Not ever playing Far Cry before I didnt really no much about this game, I pretty much got it because my COD4 Clan where all getting it (didnt want to be left out) and I saw some very pretty videos!

I got my game yesterday and OMG! the first thing that hits you about this game is its visuals, I have owned a 360 for 18 months and PS3 for 10 months so I am quite used to next gen graphics now. BUT I was amazed by the graphics it surpasses COD4 in beauty. I am only a couple of hours in but as a single player experience this beats any FPS hands down in every way.
The scope of the game is just huge, from 50km map to the variety of missions and pick ups. The game plays like any really good sandbox action game but in first person. After a few short tutorial missions the game opens up to give you freedom to go anywhere. Dont forget this still a FPS action game so when I say freedom dont think you wil be planting flowers ala Oblivion! But still grab your wrench "pop the hood" of abanonded Jeep fix the motor and then tear off across the beautiful African plains.

The single player is apparent 30 + hours long so I have barely scratched the surface really so I wont go in to story, but it promises to be damn good. There are about 8 characters to choose from when you start the game, I am not sure if they all have there individual story lines, but I met quite a few of the during the game!

The map is littered with african conflict diamonds which you use as cash to buy safe houses and weapons ect. So you can buy safe houses across the huge map allowing u to save your game a bit like GTA. Before you enter a area you can use your minocular to scout a area out and identify enemies and ammo/health ect!

So for the single player if you think of it as GTA Africa in FPS with amazing graphics you wont go far wrong!

MAP EDITOR- one of the main reasons people are looking to buy this game. I had a quick go last night and it does look rather fun, but I need to study the manual to see how to get the most from it. All I managed to do with my blank landscape last night was make some hills! Once you get the hang of it, it will be fun creating our own maps and sharing them.

MULTIPLAYER- This is the only aspect i'm not too sure about, its rather generic nothing too special. The graphics are as good as the single player, the fire and everything works just aswell. All the usual modes are here just with different names (capture diamond instead of flag ect). I did have some fun games last night, its just nothing too amazing!
Like I said its early days and when I get online with my clan i'm sure it will be great.

So sorry this review is a touch light, I just wanted to let my fellow amazonians now this game is as great as the we hoped. The single player looks to be the best FPS single player experience since...... well to be honest its probably the best! ...... and even if the multiplayer doesnt win any awards, the single player should get plenty!
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on 13 November 2008
I almost traded this game in after the first time I played it. It seemed incredibly difficult from the driving with a map in your lap and being ambushed from all angles and not having a clue where you were being hit from.
However, once I played it again I havent been able to put it down until completion. It is one of the most realistic games I have ever played in a wonderful African backdrop and I am sure there are African places like this one in reality.
The enemy are incredibly clever and try to flank you on missions and although I have to admit their precise shooting is unrealistic, each main mission is enjoyable and you really feel you have achieved something when you have completed one.
Downsides are that there are too many checkpoints which can be a nightmare to get through particularly if you cant get to a save game point.
You also have to do a hell of a lot of travelling at times, it is close to tedious but to be fair as long you dont have to repeat the journey (through dying the first time) then it is just about acceptable.
Good missions though, plenty of hours for your money and despite criticism from many sources, I didn't think it was a bad story line and it had a decent finish.
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on 23 January 2009
The first Farcry game was one that bored me, but I thought as a game it had potential. So, when farcry two came out it was only natural to find out if it has improved. The answer in short, Yes, but in long, this may as well be a completely different game. instead of being some flashy gun toting charcter who gets chased by zombies, you choose from a range of grizzled veteran mercenaries and live in a war torn land in africa.

Once you've chosen your character you get a pretty impressive cut scene where you are a passenger in a taxi, he explains the land to you while propoganda is playedon the radio. At the end of the journey though, you contract malaria, and nearly die. It then becomes apparent why you are on war torn african country, and that is to kill an arms dealer. the second scene is with said arms dealer and yet again it's pretty well scripted and acted.

After said arms dealer has left you to die, the game really starts, he dissapeares and your old boss is unreachable. So, you start your job as a mercenary doing odd jobs. These come in four categories, blowing up a weapons crate, which conveniently drives round in a circle, until you blow it to hell. Jobs for one of the two factions who's leaders just happen to live in the same town. Assassination jobs which come from a tower or a job for a buddy that increases your reputation.

Buddy? I hear you ask, yes buddy throughout the game you meet the other mercenaries that were available to choose from at the beggining. What they are basically for is that if you die they act as a get out of jail free card, but apart from Josip, I've found them pretty pathetic shots, and every time I see Warren Clyde I want to shoot that Charlie Sheen look alike in the face. Anyway... All of this so far has impressed and the game has been playable for hours, but then doubt started kicking in, the repetition got to me, and my sense of achievement, that is all so important in a game was evaporated. Also, whenever I had to do a mission the enemies annoyed me, they managed to see you from 100 miles away even if you are hiding behind the largest tree, and they drop everything just to run you off the road. Forgot to mention, their are vehicles but all FPS's have vehicles now adays. As the game progresses the sense of achievment doesn't really come back until you finally meet up with the arms dealer again, the plot takes a massive twist, and I was both appaled and smiling with glee at it.

Whether or not to get the game. Yes, it was a nce experience and provided days of entertainment and after a break probably will do again. Though if you hate guns jamming and the idea of having to take malaria pills all the time, then maybe not because both things happen a lot. It is a vast improvement on the previous game and is a pretty excellent FPS. If you like this kind of game then get it.
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on 23 August 2010
Hi Guys,

After reading through these reviews, a couple of criticisms keep resurfacing. As someone who is currently replaying the game through again, I thought I would add my tuppence:

1) It takes an entire clip to kill someone!

Depends on the weapon you are using. Quite early on in the game, you get the chance to buy a bolt-action sniper rifle. One shot, one kill. Great at clearing out guard posts and much fun taking out the driver of an incoming jeep, then his mate on the MG in quick succession.

2) It's too hard!

If your tactic involves running in, guns blazin' - prepare to die. A lot. Plan your ambushes. Use molotovs to burn out enemies. Use grenades to take out enemy vehicles. Plant your own as a roadblock. If you're after a diablo-esque shoot em up, get something else.

3) You spend too long getting from A to B!

Can be annoying, but if the road route is too long try the river or relocate to a bus stop. Enjoy the scenery and always try to save at a nearby safehouse before the action starts.

4) There's too much repetition!

There's repetition in all games. This one is no different. Killzone 2, CODs 4-6, Assassin's creed 1 & 2. You name it.

5) There are too many bugs!

I've not found any major bugs in the game. Probably because the update fixes them all.

6) Enemies blend into the scenery and have perfect aim!

Some truth to this one in the jungle sections. Could do with fixing, but is not as much of an issue in the more open areas. Again, try to plan your ambushes.

In summary, enjoy FC2 for what it is. Most of all, enjoy the fact that it costs less than a KFC bargain bucket!
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on 4 February 2009
Far Cry 2 captures perfectly the look and sound of the African bush and achieves a level of immersion rarely found in video games. The landscape and weather effects are incredible - you can go to sleep on a sunny afternoon and wake up in a nocturnal downpour. The scale is immense; this is not a game you will complete in a few hours as there are plenty of side missions to do as well as the main plot-driven objectives. However, this does mean that it is not ideal for those who like a quick fix and rapid reward - the pace can be quite slow at times.

There are only a couple of negative points: it can get a bit repetitive driving from place to place around the large map and constantly having to shoot your way through the same checkpoints, and sometimes the safe houses (where you can save your game) are a bit too far apart so you can play for 10-20 minutes only to get killed (being run over by a jeep means instant death , perhaps not surprisingly) and have to start again from the last save.

Overall, though, an excellent and well-plotted game which comes as close as most of us are likely to want to the experience of being a mercenary in Africa.
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