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on 2 October 2008
I've had one of these for a couple of weeks now and so far, it's fantastic. When these came out, I thought it'd be an ideal time to replace my old 2nd gen Nano.

I cannot fault the design at all. It's very similar to the design of the 2nd gen Nano in ways and it's very sensible. I don't know why they designed the 3rd gen Nanos the way they did... it was taking a step backwards. The design of this Nano is excellent. It is a good aluminium casing, which doesn't get covered in fingerprints and doesn't scratch easily (the colour choices are fantastic too!), the screen and click wheel are well placed and the screen is the perfect size. The curved design works tremendously well... in width and height, there's hardly any difference between this and my 2nd gen Nano, but the curved design makes it feel a lot smaller. It is easily small enough to fit in the pockets of all my jeans.

I found set-up to be very quick and painless - I was ready to go with it in 15 minutes. Obviously, I already had iTunes installed, with all my tunes on the program already, so that sped things up, inevitably. But, if my experience of setting up my first iPod is anything to go by - that was quick and painless also. I believe it took me between half an hour and one hour (including installing iTunes, adding my songs to the library and loading everything onto the iPod). Battery life is quite good too. I use it for approximately an hour and a half a day, 5 days a week and so far I've only had to charge it once (yesterday).

In terms of using the device, it's ever so easy. They have kept things pretty consistent, so it didn't take me long at all to adapt to using this one. I'm sure that first-time users will also find it very simple. The menus are clear and intuitive, the click wheel is very user-friendly (ever so slightly too sensitive, but it's by no means a problem) and you can listen by album, artist, genre etc, which is great. The new shake to shuffle feature is a good one, though I can't say I've used it much, as I tend to listen by album. The cover flow feature is a nice one, though nothing particularly special. It's a nice alternative way of scrolling through your albums, but it's by no means a necessity. I do, however, love the feature that if you turn the Nano sideways when viewing photos or videos, that it flips the view to be horizontal - it's extremely handy and really enhances viewing. The screen is also sharp and bright and renders colours very well.

Onto the most important thing - sound quality. I've found it to be ok. It's not brilliant, but it's no worse than on my old Nano. The volume level is set too low, in my opinion. I've tried setting it higher, but it just reverts back as soon as I exit that screen. I have to have it at almost maximum volume most of the time if there's any kind of noise around (normal traffic, lots of people etc) to get it to sound decent, which is a bit of a pain really (there's nothing wrong with my hearing). It's the only reason I've dropped my rating of it a star. Still, having said that, it's good enough for me. I'm not looking for home-audio-system quality... just something that sounds fine and is easily portable so that I can listen to music while on the move and it's brilliant for that. The 8GB capacity is perfectly adequate for my needs and I think it's a competitive price. In my opinion, this is a great little gadget and I'm very happy with my purchase.
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VINE VOICEon 29 November 2008
This nano has had some vast improvements from the first generation all those years back. The screen has enlarged, and is very good. The colours and clarity is exceptional for something this small. It is a lot thinner, less than 1cm, and has a nice curved shape. It has a new feature not before seen on the nano, let alone any ipod, and this is a shaking the ipod to change track. The genius software is very good and I find very useful and selects suitable matches for my music library. Also, new with this generation is the accelerometer built in. This allows you to turn the ipod on its side to watch video. The price is very good, but is still expensive for its capacity. However, this is made up for in superb free software that is very easy to use and master. Also, this is by far, the most accessory orrientated MP3/4 player. However saying this; some of the new generation ipods including this one don't work on old docking stations. You may want to be aware of this if you intend to use old accesories.
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on 16 September 2008
I already have an iPod Nano 3rd generation, and I said to myself I wasn't going to purchase a new one this year. However I couldn't help myself when I visited the Apple Store and was completely won over by this little beauty. I was drawn to the purple one this time round (my previous ones being blue), and I just had to have one! It really is a fantastic gadget - design and function wise. You can't help but look at it in amazement. I can't fault it apart from the fact the battery doesn't seem to last as long as the 3rd gen and there's still the same old problem of missing artwork on cover flow. However the new functions and voice recorder capabilities (you will need to buy Apple's upgrade earphones with mic to use that function), make up for this (yay!) Also, it seems a lot lighter than the 3rd generation.

I can see the other reviews are complaining that the Nano 4th gen is not compatable with previous iPod accessories, in particular an fm transmitter to play it in your car. A couple of months ago I bought a Griffin ITrip Autopilot from Amazon for my 3rd Gen Nano. Well it works perfectly with my 4th gen too!, so I totally recommend it.
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on 11 January 2009
love love love it. Great new ipod, gorgeous purple colour I had a silver nano and 3rd generation I found did not have enough memory. Now I have 2 audio books, all my cds, podcasts, music videos and Im still not at half capacity. So glad I bought this new ipod. Would recomment to anyone. Only drawback I am having to buy another travel charger but I can live with that. So easy to use and when I am in bed listening to my audio books I can adjust volume etc with my thumb without looking. Such a novely being able to watch tv on such a little screen. What a great invention. Some people knock apple ipods but lets face it the design is stunning and the other mp3s just dont come close. Buy one you wont be sorry.Its just been on holiday with me and I hate flying get very bored and aggravated with noisy people that I seem to get stuck with. Not this time, 4 hour flight passed great watching Ashes to Ashes series one on ipod. Best thing I have ever bought.
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on 9 January 2009

As expected this 4th generation Ipod is another great iPod product, looks great, sounds great and functionally is expectedly easy to use. iTunes works really well and the combination of the two are spot on!! This gives the product 5 *'s IF you are only listening via the headphone socket or this is your first Ipod product (ie no existing other iPod sound systems).

HOWEVER this score gets REDUCED to 2*'s for the following reason .....

Apple in their infinite wisdom have changed the spec. of the connector (on the lower edge of the ipod) and the power is delivered in a different way to all previous ipods, resulting in your poor Ipod exhausting itself due to lack of power supply if using with existing docks/sound systems! I have access to 6 docks & home/car sound systems and NOT ONE OF THEM WILL CHARGE THE IPOD !!! (note that sound does still work)
The ipod will be compatible with many of the latest docks and sound systems coming to market, and there are a few converter docks becoming available but these are all at approx £30!!!!!

In my view Apple have been very sneaky about this by not making this incompatibility at all clear! Retailers including Amazon, should really make this clear also.

I feel 'conned', very disappointed with Apple (with whom i've always been a loyal customer) and am seriously considering if I should return my unit for a refund.

Mr V Disappointed of Hackedoffville (Jan 2009)
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on 7 January 2009
The iPod nano is a gorgeous little beast. When it arrived I couldn't believe how tiny it is! And with the curved sides it's very tactile and easy to handle. The purple version is very goodlooking indeed, and the 8gB is more than enough for my music and photos (so far that's all I've loaded on to it). The Cover Flow feature is pretty nifty (if hardly essential); the quality of the picture on the tiny screen is fantastic, my photos look bright and crisp and the album cover artwork looks great. The Genius feature is really good too, it brings up some great playlists although be warned, it doesn't work on every track. Most of them, but not all. I've had a go at the pre-loaded games as well, which are good fun. Sound quality is awesome - I mostly listen to mine through speakers, at home or in the car, and it sounds great. I love it.
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on 29 January 2009
This is the 4th ipod of the household, spread across successive generations sprouting from the Apple stable.

This iPod is aesthetically a work of art, no doubt. Sonically, it upholds the high quality I have come to expect from iPods (dependent largely on the quality of the source and compression ratio applied). I have no problems nor issues with the mild curvature of the screen - it's fine. It does however require a docking port or connector that charges via the USB pin, rather than the Firewire pin of old - hence the comments about it not charging with older connectors and docking stations.

I have docked it a star rating due to the disappointing battery life. With the display dimmed to 2 bars, and lag set to 10 seconds, and mainly listening to music rather than watching video, the battery lasts for about 5 hours. Tops. And that's with a full charge, not a quick top-up. 3 other friends who also got nano's for Christmas have all reported similar battery stamina disappointments.

Otherwise, a cracking product. Served well as a stocking filler.
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on 5 April 2009
While I had bought other MP3 players this was my first IPOD. I love it, the colour is perfect, it's easy to use and after having it for 4 months there isn't a scratch on it even though I just sling it in my bag all the time.

I knew already thanks to the salesman that it only worked on 4th generation compatible docks. Also be aware that it will usually only charge on ones that are licenced by ipod and not made by others (look for 'dock for ipod' not 'ipod docks'. For example my Roberts stereo works perfectly with it, charging the ipod and letting me control the ipod with the stereos' remote, while another sound system we have with ipod dock only acts really as a speaker for the ipod and all controls have to be done through the ipod, and it doesn't charge the ipod for you.
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on 28 January 2009
This is my third iPod - and I bought this generation because I wanted more memory (and a shiny purple iPod). I like the fact you can search by album cover and it is quite natty that you can watch films etc on it. I downloaded an episode of Spooks from iTunes to see what watching something was like - not bad, wouldn't make a habit of it as the screen is quite small for that sort of thing. Also it totally drains the battery. Still, I bought this as a music player and am quite happy with it - I have noticed that the battery life is not as good as my previous one (3rd generation I think), it starts to drop quite quickly after not much play.
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on 13 December 2008
VERY disappointed - was so excited to get this for my birthday as had been asking for it for months. To get it home and find that it does not charge on my BOSE dock which was last years christmas present or any other apple chargers I have had to buy because they refuse to put them in the pack when you purchase the ipod. Not even an option to buy a cheaper dock that would go with it for xmas?!!!!!! BE aware of all of this before you buy - I should have been - as I would not have asked for it.
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