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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 17 February 2011
Bought mine as an experiment for work, with some concerns over its usefulness, for a healthy discount and a standard Apple case included.
At the time, several months ago, it had iOS3 installed.
My skepticism seemed well-placed, because I struggled to find many useful apps for work. Sure, there was DropBox, basic email, and various (flawed and basic) word processors, but that seemed to be about it.
Of course, we found loads of apps for the kids, and they have loved it ever since. It has been fantastic for teaching numbers, animals, shapes, colours, letters, and so on, to our 2-yr old daughter.
Nevertheless I considered selling it on.
Then iOS4 was released, and for me this changed things a lot: the multi-tasking features made it considerably more useful, especially for work: now if I was listening to internet radio I could leave the app and start something else without the music fading. OR I could leave Skype/Fring running in the background when writing an email.
Finally I then found some very good apps that made it worthwhile: some useful work apps (even TeamViewer, where I can remotely access and control a colleague's networked PC/Mac anywhere in the world), more educational stuff for the kids, some fantastic newspaper apps (FT, The Economist, to name but two), and various reference apps (science, cooking, languages). The one app I found recently that I love is 'Air Video', which allows you to connect remotely to a PC/Mac on your home network (even if not at home) and stream movies from it: it works flawlessly!

I had an iPhone at the time I bought the iPad. Soon after iOS4 started working on the iPad, the iPhone started to feel fiddly and restricted. The much bigger screen and far superior battery of the iPad made the iPhone obsolete in my life. I therefore got rid of the iPhone and replaced it with a cheap Nokia with a much longer battery life.
So, the iPad has found a niche in my working day: it is my device for everything mobile except making phone calls from my O2 account (that is what the Nokia is for). For general purpose computing at home or a remote office, I have a MacBook Pro, which is of course a considerably more powerful machine that does many things that the iPad never will. But this is not such an easy computer to use on the move (e.g. on a plane or train), and this is where the iPad comes in very handy indeed. On the move, I now use my iPad over the superb '3' network in the UK, via a 'Mifi' dongle.

Other stuff which the iPad does brilliantly but is not well publicised:
Sat Nav: I run Navigon on it quite successfully.
Television: via the TVCatchup streaming service, or via iPlayer, it makes a fine portable TV.
Portable Radio: lots of useful internet radio apps.
Portable speakerphone: I use Fring and Skype for this functionality, and very well it does it too (better than the iPhone actually, because I think the iPhone's processor would struggle a tad with this).
Stuff I think could easily be improved:
1) The email app has handy features but I find it unforgivable that not even the font can be changed. Hopefully iOS5 will solve this.
2) The various word processors available are still very basic. For me, Office2 HD is the best.
3) iOS4 was buggier than iOS3 when it first came out (problems seem resolved now).

If you don't need
1) All-day battery life,
2) The processing power of a high-end laptop,
3) Fancy apps like 'Air Video' and 'The Economist',

then a light laptop like the MacBook Air makes a viable and much cheaper alternative than MacBookPro+iPad.
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on 18 October 2010
I was a little unconvinced before i bought this with its size and its usefulness.

But after using it for just a few weeks i have found it amazingly useful. When you can't be bothered to wait for you computer to boot up it its just there turning instantly on for you to surf webpages in amazing detail. The videos have made every flight i have made a much easier experience
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on 19 December 2010
Well, here it is, the iPad, the object of my desire since it came out! I finally have one, and frankly I'm pretty happy! It's not perfect, it's occasionally it's a bit restricting, but as an iPhone/iPod Touch owner, chances are you'll know what to expect.
I think it's fair to say that if you can justify what you're going to be using it for, and you can stomach that a new, updated model is a few months around the corner, then you're going to love this product.
It's certainly not going to be viable replacement for a main home computer, unfortunately, but as a secondary internet device, for example for surfing while watching television, while a PC is in the other room, it does what it does beautifully and with style.
The resolution of the screen is beautiful, everything looks very nice and sharp, the iPad is capable of viewing high definition movies, websites look fantastic, and the screen is extremely responsive, and the multitouch screen works very well. Double tap the text on a webpage and it formats it to make it a readable size, pinch to zoom in and out.
Standalone apps look fantastic. If you're a bit of an eBay nut like me (or even a light user of the auction site) using the eBay app is a great experience. I also really enjoy using the Amazon 'Window Shop' app, which is very original and a great way to shop online. The iPad is only as good as it's third party support and it's getting there; there is a huge wealth of available apps to download, covering many categories. There is certainly something there for everything, lots of free things to download to show off the potential, and lots of resonably priced apps too.
The iPad is a great way to view downloadable magazines and newspapers too. I have viewed a couple of issues of technology magazine T3, and it's all very flash, with videos embedded into the pages, interactive content and with a pretty nice user interface. Whether this is the final nail in the coffin of print media, though.. I personally don't think so. Magazines are available to view offline , just in case you're anywhere without an internet connection, and you fancy a read. Similarly, there are stores for buying comic books too, that are very readable, and that give you the ability to view screens of comics beautifully. i would recommed these kinds of things for fans of comic books who don't have a comic book outlet in the area.
The iPad (as with the iPhone and iPod touch) has come under fire because it does not allow you to view video and play games in the browser, that make use of Flash technology. Unfortunately, it looks like this is going to be the way it will stay. In all honesty it looks like this is going to be the way it stays, and this is probably the one advantage the iPad's main rival, the Android driven Samsung Galaxy Tablet, has over this product. However, web developers may be moving towards the HTML5 stadard of web design, which does allow integrated audio and video within a web browser, which will do whatever Flash does, presumably. So this restriction could be just a temporary setback.
As with other iDevices, however, there is a standalone Youtube app, pre-installed, which allows the user to view Youtube videos in an organised application, which is very organised and tidy, and it all looks very nice.
Another iPad controversy is in the size of the device; some people find it a little difficult to hold because of it's size but I can't say I've had much of a problem. You may find it a little difficult to hold at first, but I can confidentially say that if you stick with it you'll get used to it. And of course the beauty of the screen makes it worthwhile in the longrun.
To conclude, the iPad does what it does very well; it provides a great internet/news experience, has a wealth of third part apps at the users disposal, offers your iTunes library, plays HD video and makes you look cool. It has better battery life than most laptops but doesn't do nearly as much. If you're okay with this, then the iPad is for you. On the downside, it isn't cheap, suffers from greasy screen from all the times you're going to be touching, pinching and pressing it, and doesn't have support for Flash content. If you're happy to be handy with a cloth, and you're not going to be doing too much Flash stuff, then this is great for light internet use. For something more, you can get a very nice laptop for a similar price, which is going to do a lot more for you than this.
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on 24 June 2011
I have to say, like a lot of people, I have been anti Apple for a while. Had a number of iPod's which all broke etc etc. but they seem to have got things sorted.

Have been looking for a tablet for sometime, to replace my Black 'n' Red A4 note pad, for use in meetings, but also something I can watch videos on, play a bit of music and ofcourse surf the web.

So far, I've has this for about 6 weeks, and not one problem. The wifi works great (some minor issues but that's down to the network I am connecting to), the screen is very bright and easy to use. The onscreen keyboard ACTUALLY works well, which I was a bit unsure about, and the App Store has everything you need (well it does for me so far anyway).

Some Bad Points
- Finger prints - typing away in meetings means finger print marks get on there pretty quickly. Get a screen protector and wipe the screen every so often (once a week for me).
- Camera - Not really that important I don't think. Haven't tried skype yet, but don't plan on taking any pics with it.
- Curved back - Doesn't make it easy to use flat or at an angle. Get a case for it. My TeckNet case was only £10 and it's perfect.
- Don't let people 'play' with it. I've had guys in my office just come over and start playing with it and they don't know what they are doing. If they want one, tell them to get one of their own.
- Flash - Is this really a problem? I've been on internet and not noticed it yet, so for me it's not an issue (yet).

General Points
- Do your research. Figure out what you are going to do with it and find out if people actually do that with it. For general notes in meetings, videos, music and surfing it's great.
-Get a case - This is a must.
- Get a screen protecor - This is a must.

The Good Points
- It works..... Straight out of the box and no problems.
- Apple - If there is a problem, take it to them and they will fix it.
- iTunes - I actually like itunes and it is very simple and easy to use.
- App store - got great stuff on it, like Dropbox and DocumentsToGo.
- Size - It's big enough to use, but not too big to creeat a barrier in meetings. Can easily watch films or TV shows in bed.
- Wifi - So far no compliants. Used it on my work network and home network (when PC broke). No issues.

It's so simple even my wife can use it well....

All in all a great product. A bit steep on the price, but this is Apple. You get what you pay for. A great quality product that works. And if there's a problem people will sort it for you, and will have a smile on their face when they do.
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on 16 August 2010
The IPad is a brilient item for what it does, and in my opinion is far much better than PSP.

So Ipad is designed for what it does, can i able to use 'youtube? Yes. Can i able to access the internet YES.
Ok it may not have FLASH, but can i able to access the websites that i can buy goods to be delivered? YES!!

If you have got the WIFI version then that's far better cause you saved money from the WIFI+3G VERSION.

You can get your own WIFI Dongle, and this lets you take your own WIFI with you everywhere. Instead of relying on Public WIFI Hotspots such as [...] - [...],

This WIFI Dongle will connect up to 5 devices at once and the reception is very good as well.
I use it myself and it works in Ipad. No need to connect this dongle to anywhere just turn it on and leave it in your pocket.
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on 15 June 2011
When I first saw these I thought they were just another gimmicky electronic gadget. Saw a friends and bought one myself. It must be the most used piece of equipment we own. Its used more than the PC at the moment and we are still finding useful apps that are cheap to buy.
Great gadget.
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on 24 January 2011
Just bought an iPad for my wife and she loves it. Now she does does not have to sit at desk to surf the web and watch her favourite videos. I am not sure about the original price of £599 (with £91 discount) for the 32gb WIFI on Amazon, because Apple, Tesco and John Lewis were offering it at £510 with free shipping and there were no discounts at all.
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on 8 December 2010
Great product, I use it from time to time for web browsing, there are some great apps available too. The delivery was fast and the iPad came undamaged.

Many Thanks
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on 4 December 2013
i pad received late, when i received it was faulty(wifi fried), i sent the item back they sent it back!!!
then iv had no response since....
iv been contacting for a month now,me being new to online buying i am not quite sure what to do next
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on 30 December 2010
I love the iPad and I strongly recommend the purchase of an audio docking station such as the iLuv Imm747 - available from amazon. I can honestly say that the iPad has changed my life. My lap top takes forever to start up and this is so quick and easy. It also allows me to play scrabble whilst watching TV. There are lots of good apps available and I now use it to listen to the radio and for all my music. I take it everywhere with me and LOVE my iPad. Strongly recommended. I also use it at work with the calendar and a brilliant word processing app called 'Pages'.

The picture is amazing - very clear and crisp.

Some of these reviews can be a bit off putting - perhaps a tad male orientated... Girls,get it . You won't be disappointed. It's made for us.
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