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on 10 August 2013
I've had this pad for a few years now so I've had plenty of time to test it.

Simple controls - press once for massage, twice for massage with heat and again to switch it off. It has an automatic safety cut out of 20 minutes, but if you feel you need more massage you just switch it back on again.

I use this in my high backed office chair which provides the perfect other half of the "sandwich". This way you can position it and lean against it as lightly or heavily as you feel the need.

I had initially considered the full seat-size option for one of these but then you're restricted to having massages in pre-determined points and, of course, everyone's a different height and gets pain in different places, so I don't really see much point in those, so I opted for the cushion instead - and am very glad I did.

This little miracle you can place anywhere you like. You can use it vertically or horizontally depending on what hurts most. I've used this for an intensely painful shoulder which no amount of prescription pain killers or muscle relaxants would relieve. THIS gave me the first relief I'd had in days in just under ten minutes of use.

I also have lower back pain due to an accident I had years ago - it is excellent for lumbar muscles! It can feel a bit uncomfortable initially as it's a pushing, rotating action - not vibration which is worse than useless - but all massage on painful spots is a bit sore initially. It goes very deep indeed and that's how it gets results. I've had a real life shiatsu massage before which was wonderful - but this is an excellent alternative for those who either can't afford the price of the sessions or just want the convenience of having it to hand 24/7.

Considering the price of a half-hour shiatsu session, this thing pays for itself in its first use - and I've had three years out of this wonderful little thing and it's still going strong. I often use it when I don't have any real pain, just to relax tense back and shoulder muscles after a stressful day.

For the amount of relief given at a low price, I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to recommend this shiatsu pad to anyone.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 7 February 2009
I have had one of the Homedics seat massagers for almost 3 years now and although it's not something I use every day or even every week I find that when needed it does the job nicely. Unfortunately it doesn't cover the neck or shoulders area for me, so when I spotted this cushion I knew I had to try it.
I have been using the cushion mostly on my neck and shoulders which is where it's intended for, but the shape easily lends itself to be used on legs or arms if you want. It gives a good massage with the intensity being dependent on how firmly you are pressed against it. The pair of rotating massagers work opposite each other to relax tense muscles and ease away aches. To be fair it does work well, and it's really simple to use too - there's only one switch which is well placed on the side of the cushion. The heat function is something that I have used but you don't really need to bother with it. That's because the massaging action creates a warming in the muscles anyway as it increases blood flow to the area.
It's quite a sturdy little thing despite being a handy size which can easily be kept in a drawer. The fabric covering seems to be durable and I haven't found any problems with the cushion at all. I definitely recommend it if you like a decent neck rub, and the good thing is that unlike a partner you don't have to return the favour and give the cushion a massage!
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on 8 October 2012
The first thing is that the three Homedics items I have bought through Amazon have looked a little bit second-hand, the packaging was dusty and has obviously been opened before. I think a lot of people try these items and return them so they get recycled.

This product is okay. It functions perfectly well and matches the description. It's a little furry cushion with a hard plastic device inside of it with hard plastic rotating heads about the side of golf balls. You can position it at the back of the neck or above the shoulders or on your back and the balls are positioned on either side of your spine, in this respect it's more versatile than the massage chairs. It's quite heavy, noisy and uncomfortable.

In terms of effectiveness I personally don't find it very helpful. I think it would be fine if you have slightly tired or tight muscles in your neck or shoulders and just want a general massage. However, I think if you have a very tight muscle you'd want something with smaller heads which you could vary the depth of. I have chronically tight muscles around one shoulder blade and near my spine that needs regular deep tissue massage, and this didn't really do much for it. The side with the tight muscle felt like it hadn't really been reached, the rotating balls are too smooth and shallow to really dig in and are too large to get realy close to the spine. The other side of my back was bruised and painful for several days after using it once; although that's my fault, as I kept on using it after the time limit. This isn't a problem particular to this product, I'm yet to find a massager that does the trick.
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on 15 January 2011
This does work and is good and the price is great. I would have given more stars if I hadn't also purchased the deluxe version as a present which is superior. If you can afford it then go for that one. The delux version has a remote control and also a vibration mode which makes it much easier and enjoybale to use. Sorry, returning this one for another delux. HoMedics SP-39H-GB Deluxe Shiatsu Massage Cushion
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on 21 January 2012
I tried out a Shiatsu massage cushion from a friend and found it useful for low back pain and then looked for one to buy. This cushion had the best reviews and largely it lives up to them. Its small and portable,doesnt look particularily medical - could sit on a sofa like any other pillow. Reasonable length power lead. The massage function is good, you can lean back into the cushion for a deep massage or not for a lighter one. Its size makes it easy to concentrate on those areas that are sore or tight. To be honest I could take or leave the heating function - it just gets barely warm. All in all good value at this price
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on 22 March 2012
I have the homedics massage pad shiastu chair, had it for a few years now, i have a mild scoliosis and fibromyalgia and i wouldn't be without it, but the pad doesn't reach the neck area, even when i slope down, i'd developed a technique of piling cushions on it to work my buttock area, any one with fibro will know this area becomes tight and painful.

So i bought the cushion for my neck, its quite good, i am 5'3 and 6 and half stone so im petite,so the shiatsu massages are quite wide on my neck, but still give a realistic massage, far more than any other devices i've come across. the heat device isn't that warm, but its ok, i mean you can use a heat pad if need be, if you have fibromyalgia you probably have one already. so yes, i'd recommend this, it may be considered a strong massage for some fibro sufferers, but its better to get this, and you can always make it softer by place a blanket over it, or by wearing a thick dressing gown, whereas if you get one with to tough a cover, ie which the new one sounds like, then you can't make a softer massager harder (if you get my drift). so yes i have another electronic device to help me deal with this horrid condition which causes tight muscles, but remember massage with warm muscles to get rid of tight knots, otherwise the massager will just try to roll out cold muscle tissue, hence the heat device is a good idea, and im sure there are health and safety reasons as to why it only gets so warm, and why it only last 15 minutes before switching off, especially if you suffer a chronic pain condition and you don't know how it will react the next day after first use. I've suffered mine many years now. My big bone of contention was the box was battered and torn when it was delivered, and i was just relieved when opening it up that it wasn't damaged, this damage was deliberate as if someone had tried to look inside to see what it was.
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on 5 January 2011
I ordered this for my daughter in law and out of curiosity decided to try it out before wrapping for Christmas. I have 4 other types of back massager however none of them are as effective as this. It really does kneed your back feeling like you've been to a chiropracter. I promptly requested someone get me one too and happily sit for just 10 minutes on a chair at my dining room table, instant relief. For the price this is an amazing little device.
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on 12 February 2011
Having suffered lower back pain for several years I thought I would give this cushion a chance to help. Delivery was very quick and having used it for two days over three areas of the spine I can happily say I have had 3 painfree weeks to date. The massage/heat combination is very soothing and I find the fact it shuts itself down after 20 minutes very useful. It would be very easy to overdo the treatment as the feeling is soothing. Would really recommend this item.
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on 7 February 2011
I was dubious if I would like this product but I was sold as soon as I had a go.

I suffer with lower back pain and with this cushion I can sit back as it eases my back pain away, it is also very relaxing on the neck.

The heat option is very gentle and the massage is only ever as strong as you allow as this is controlled by how heavily you lay your weight on it.

Fantastic product, very relaxing. I would recommend any day, I even own a version which does feet!
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on 17 April 2012
It is very warm and soothing to place behind your back so for people with back pain its very good . However I did find it too harsh to use on my neck/shoulders . My husband does not mind it being so strong on the neck but I found it pinched a little . This was bought for mainly lower back problems though and for that it does a really good job . Great product overall
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