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on 3 January 2012
I cannot believe that GoPro, who create such an amazing camera, cannot make a decent mount. It is made of cheap plastic which snaps so unbelievably easily, I'm on my third already. If it was cheap I could understand, but for this rip off price, you should really get a much better quality item. It's such a shame because it could so easily be good....they just couldn't be bothered to spend a little extra time developing a stronger plastic.
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on 27 October 2012
This mount as a package is garbage, used it twice and twice the camera went for a road trip. The components are brittle and therefor just break with the/any vibration. I had thrown the broken parts in the bin in disgust. A week later I find myself buying a grab bag of mounts and notice they have written on the label Edition 2 Ha-ha GP have decided the original run of this product is crap and fixed it, I guess using a softer material

bottom line great product but first edition is brittle try to avoid buying this one

Second Edition had done so many more miles and not failed once! Buy this one :) (The part clamped to bike has never failed, just the other parts..
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on 6 June 2013
I was sorely disappointed with this product. I cannot believe that GoPro would actually put their name to a shoddy product such as this. I didn't even get the opportunity to try it as the long stem as mentioned in other reviews was broke on arrival. Now if a product is already broken prior to being mounted to a bicycle I don't hold much hope for it if it wasn't broken.

Fortunately Amazon have a speedy returns policy so I shouldn't be waiting too long for a refund.
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on 31 July 2016
I was slightly sceptical when I purchased this, given that other reviewer's said it snapped or shattered after one use. However I was pleasantly surprised at how solid it actually is. What impressed me more was the far superior sound quality you get with this mount versus the other GoPro mounts with 'quick release' clips. These other clips, in my experience, produce a horrible annoying clicking noise when moved, even if you have the rubber horse show thing inserted and all the screws done up tightly.
The bike mount however produces no such annoying noises, because it doesn't use a quick release.
You actually get to hear the sound of biking, be it the tyres on the road or people/animals going by. I can actually enjoy using my expensive GoPro for once. The variety of angles you can capture are good too, as you get a number of different angled sections to use. It's quite interesting to see your gears moving if you mount the camera in the right position for example. Well worth the money and the best of the GoPro mounts.
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on 26 December 2013
I purchased this expecting it to be a GoPro product. It's not. It is a cheaply made clone that you could pick up from a well known online auction site for £3. I would not trust a £360 camera to this. Please don't make the mistake of trusting the 'By GoPro' subtitle or not reading the reviews!
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on 22 September 2013
For the money you pay with this product you would expect it to feel very firm and sturdy, but it feels like cheap plastic and doesn't feel very secure at all!
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on 14 September 2013
Item was placed on bike for the first day of 12 day cycle challenge and on that first day the plastic snapped dropping the GoPro camera on a busy road, luckily not driven over and camera still works but is damaged and was useless for rest of trip
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on 30 July 2013
This was bought as a present for my son who is on a family biking holiday with his family. I haven't heard any complaints so I am assuming it is great.
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on 4 October 2013
This is not the proper GoPro item, but simply a poor quality knock-off. It wouldn't even fit together. Totally useless.
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on 24 December 2015
I sadly had to return this as someone else had bought this for my Grandson
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