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2.5 out of 5 stars
2.5 out of 5 stars
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on 13 April 2010
Being a huge fan of Alien, Aliens and Predator (also Predator 2 if I'm honest), I bought this to complete my collection. I have seen some utter rubbish in my time but this takes the biscuit. To say that the characterisation and acting are one dimensional would be doing this car crash of a film a massive favour. Plot holes as big as Jupiter: check. Awful acting: check. Dialogue that a two year old would shake from his etch-a-sketch: check. This film has it all!

For the love of all that is holy, throw your money down the drain rather than making the mistake I did by buying this as the memory of having seen it does not wash away.
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What the hell? After the entertaining AVP film, I was willing to give this a chance. And indeed, some of the ideas on offer here are pretty interesting - handled well you feel this could have been a good film. The trouble is in the directing and acting, both of which are uniformly terrible. The directors seem to have never heard of lights - all the action takes place largely in the dark, and is so poorly lit that you can't see any of what is going on. You can't even make out who or what is involved in any given scene. It is appalling. At first I thought it was my telly, but no matter how much I played around with the brightness and contrast I still couldn't see what was going on. The acting is worse - they could have got better performances from the Thunderbirds puppets. One star only for this tripe.
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on 25 May 2008
I had been looking forward to telling everyone how badly wrong previous reviewers had it. Unfortunately, I can't. They were right. The film is so dark as to be virtually unviewable (my wife actually thought that we had a bad pirate copy). The story is simply a means to link a series of supposed gory killings (I say 'supposedly' because most of them are hinted at more than seen).

There was no suspense. Most of the human characters are so obnoxious (mostly know-it-all teenagers) it is easy to hope they will all be wiped out. Added to this, the ending was trite.

I hope there is another AvP film (I have enjoyed all other Alien/Predator films). I just hope that the next one is made by different people.
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on 31 May 2008
The directory of cinimatography must have put the wrong film stock in the camara, either that or he was on drugs or something. It's a piss take to even release this as a film. At most times the screen is as black as the film is disapointing.
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VINE VOICEon 30 September 2010
Here's a fantastic premise for a movie. Take half a dozen completely two dimensional cliched characters, get a bunch of am-dram wannabes to play them, film them in the dark and rain, get an ADHD sufferer to edit the scenes every 5 milliseconds, a cameraman that's too lazy to bother with focussing, sack all the lighting people so your terrible effects can't be seen, and then kill off the characters you couldn't give a rat's ass about in increasingly gruesome but, ultimately, totally emotionless ways (because you don't care about any of them anyway), but don't let anyone see any of it happening because your director forgot who is actually alive or dead at any point and your producer couldn't be bothered hiring anyone to write a plot...or dialogue....or raise any decent finance. Not that it matters, because most sensible people would switch off about 5 minutes into the movie in disgust at what a horrible z-list pile of excrement this franchise has now become. Genius idea. Well done Fox. No-one would ever think of it. Or want to watch it, for that matter.
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on 11 June 2008
What happened?

I don't know because I gave up somewhere around the swimming pool scene. I was quite looking forward to this and despite the fact I used vouchers and not real money for this I still regret stumping up the full value; in fact, any value.

The cinematography is so dark that you find yourself flicking through the TV setup menu for the brightness and contrast setting. It doesn't make any difference. One of the characters has a pair of night vision goggles which really should have been issued to the audience.

Save yourself some money, just sit in the dark and put on some random music and whale songs. At the same time. It'll make as much sense and you'll be just as entertained.
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on 29 May 2008
This is one of the worst films I have ever seen (try to see) and a shameful abuse of one of the greatest movie monsters of all time. The Alien is no longer scary. Gone is the elegance. Gone is the menace and chilling patience. Made by people who know how to make FX but have no real idea about how to make a movie. I sometimes wondered if they were making fun of what had gone before, like a Zucker/Abrams flick as it seemed to veer into what could be construed as parody. Sadly, no.

I knew going in it would be bad, and that it would probably be yet another nail in the coffin of my favorite sci-fi sequels ("Alien" in my case, though I do enjoy the "Predator" films). I had seen the "redband" trailer, and stared in horror at its frenetic menagerie of 80s teen slasher clichés; I even watched the "exclusive" online clip of the film's first five minutes, and hoped that they had been edited down from a better-paced original (as it turned out, they had not). But even so, I gave the movie a shot. Why? I'm not sure. Perhaps because if a beloved artifice that one has admired for years is to be systematically dismantled and thrown on the trash heap, one should be there to watch it burn. At least, I thought, with my expectations this low, this movie's directors would have to try very hard to undercut them.

They did. I mean really, they must have tried hard. It takes some kind of effort to take two of the most durable mythologies in modern scifi and make them a backdrop to a pizza guy's coming of age. Seriously. That is the only discernible story-arc in this entire film. Truth be told I could forgive even that if the characters hadn't came pre-assembled right out of the teen movie stock barrel. Instead this film spends 40 minutes trying to make us care whether Smarmy Teen gets it off with Hot Blonde before Blond Bully Ex-Boyfriend finds out. Thank God he has Troubled Ex-Con Brother (who trumps in along with his buddy, Nice Cop) to help him out once the aliens (who arrive courtesy of "disturbing" evisceration of Happy Hunting Dad and his son, Curious Preteen) start to take out the population (such as Mumbling Bum Who No One Will Ever Believe and Dense Cop Who Keeps Looking In The Dark After Everyone Else Has Left). They soon meet up with Screaming Bereft Mother and Military Chick, who saves her daughter Cute Little Girl after her husband Wussy New Man is vivisected in line with tradition.

Honestly, with this zoo of automated plot-bots to manage, how do the aliens and the predators (actually a Predator) get a look in? Well in truth, they don't. Very little time is spent developing either character (and let's face it, since neither character actually talks, that isn't surprising) and any tension built up between them is quickly dissipated as the film returns to the interminable "I Know What You Did Last Summer" slasher plot. I'm not sure what sort of budget this had but you can see that money spent on each subsequent Alien or Predator film is getting less & less, with average special effects, no name actors, bland locations & surprisingly cheap looking production values. Please stop embarrassing yourselves even further.
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on 22 May 2008
What the hell was that, iv just watched the film and have no idea what actually happened as I couldnt see anything except a black screen with the odd flashlight waving around and a load of screaming!!

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on 31 March 2015
Before watching I would strongly recommend turning the brightness up high on your tv, this helps the film a lot. I have watched this film 3 times now, once in the cinema upon release and once it was on sky probs the syfy channel and the 3rd time was on this blu ray. Without a doubt this is the best version by a country mile. I cant even recall being able too see anything but darkness on any over version but the blu ray copy. After turned the bightness up I had literally no problems with darkness except in bits here and there.

The major problem I found with this movie was the same problems I had with the first, The fight scenes are just way to close to the camera, I'm guessing it's because the way the alien is designed it's very difficult to get a close up hand to hand brawl with a predator, with the over alien films it not to much of an issue as if an alien is that close to someone it's likely that close up shot wont need to stay up close too long before that person is worm food.

The plot is only there to serve as filler between the alien and predator fight scenes. The acting is ok, there's some questionable scenes that made me scratch my head.

I think the major problem with the avp films is that they feel too much like a predator film with aliens in it, don't get me wrong I love the predator films as much as the next guy, but they simply don't compare to the masterpieces that are alien and aliens. Hopefully one day someone will make an avp movie with alien and aliens in mind, and take it seriously, but until then we have avp and avp requiem.

I prefer the alien and predators, and the fight scenes in this movie a lot more than the first, the final fight was a bit of a let down compared to the 1st one,but apart from that it's watch able as long as u have the brightness cranked up.
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on 2 August 2015
One comment frequently associated with this film is that it's 'too dark'. I assumed this meant in a disturbing sense, which figured early on when the father/son fall victim to the facehuggers. But it becomes clear that it is literally too dark, and a lot viewing time was spent trying to see/figure out what the hell is going on. The concept is decent, and there are so many ways that this film could have gone right, but somehow it conspires to play out as a nonsensical confusing mess... One-dimensional characters, wooden acting, laughable dialogue, unnecessarily gory deaths as a substitute for tension/suspense/terror - this has it all. The fact that this was OK'ed for release is simply baffling in itself. Managed to stick it out to the end, but could go as far as to call this unwatchable, and in terms of being able to see what is going on, this is true for a large proportion of the movie...
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