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VINE VOICEon 11 April 2008
It is with a truly heavy heart that I find myself writing this review.
I loved season 1.
It was unpredictable; it was fun and most of all it was nearly always truly original. Every episode was full to the brim with new ideas, inspired plotting and rich characterisation. (Even the much maligned "Cyberwoman" showed some initiative). It was intelligent science fiction for an older audience.

When season 2 was announced I was dutifully excited but experienced my first twinges of concern as I saw and read interviews with cast and crew that suggested Torchwood had been somehow overhauled. They kept using phrases like "matured", "sleeker", "fast-paced", "all-action" and regularly referred to a "new format" one that improved on the "flawed" series 1. Still, I ignored the alarm bells and pressed on.
I felt slightly let-down by episode 1 but was pretty sure that was just because my expectations were too high.
Settling in for the rest of the series I became gradually more deflated as episode followed episode.
Where was the new dynamic series with improved writing, coherent structure and better characterisation I'd been promised in all those sound-bite interviews and previews?

What had happened to Torchwood?
I slowly came to understand that the sense of adventure and fun I loved in season 1 had been stripped away as collateral damage while attempting to deliver wider appeal to a much larger demographic.

Several episodes in season 2 were still exceptional and kept the spirit of season 1 intact; "To the last man", "Something borrowed", "Adrift" and "Fragments", but others seemed like missed opportunities.

"From out of the rain" and "Adam" had so much potential yet none of this was realised in the finished product. Murderous, breath-stealing, circus freak-show people from an old film coming into our reality should have been a license to create something truly terrifying but totally failed to capitalise on its existing strengths.
As I watched "Adam" I loved the initial concept but the plot structure was handled in such a plodding and uninspired manner that I began to lament the lost possibilities for what could have been a truly great episode. They even had the "reveal" so ridiculously early on in the episode that it must have been to hand-hold viewers who might be confused.

I enjoyed the cameos by several British TV stalwarts not forgetting appearances by "Jim Robinson" and "Spike". I really enjoyed the glimpses of "Old Torchwood" and can see massive potential in following that direction. I still love the concept and characters and will definitely still tune in for season 3 (if there is one) but sadly I felt that, overall, this was Torchwood-Lite, dumbed-down and heavily diluted in some parts to pander to a wider audience. I'm not saying that, as a viewer, I'm any more important than the "wider audience" but I certainly found my enjoyment was lessened by so many compromises.
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on 19 April 2009
Ah,Torchwood.That Dr Who spinoff that purports to be a darker,edgier show than its parent series.I began to watch on the basis of being a WHO fan,and I still haven't made up my mind about Torchwood.It has a great premise:an agency ("beyond the government,outside the UN"as the intro goes)set up to fight the influx of aliens that fall through the rift in time and space that runs through Cardiff.Lots of monsters,gorgeous,interesting characters and lots of SGI FX.What's not to love?Well.alas quite a bit unfortunately.
At times it seems like the silliest show alive with plot holes bigger than John Barrowman's teeth,(for example,when a character with a bomb locked on to his body handcuffs himself to a member of the team,no one thinks to just CUT his ARM off!)and just when I think I'm done with it,it hooks me with a storyline or character arc that is genuinely interesting.And just when I decide I'm in it for the long haul,they KILL not one,but TWO of the main characters in one episode!!!Aaarrgh!!Still,'Star Trek TNG' was pretty horrible the first few years and improved markedly over time.I'm going to keep watching,so I guess that tells you the show has something going for it.If you like quality SCi-fi,you could do a lot worse.
I must say though:the Beeb normally does an outstanding job with the packaging of their box sets(the Dr Who boxes are absolute things of beauty in glossy,strong cardboard,lavishly illustrated episode guides,and a ton of DVD extras)but they have done a HORRIBLE job with this one.A thin white sleeve over a red plastic casing,mine arrived cracked.There are no glossy inserts or beautiful inserts,and as a sister series to WHO,it just seems awfully sloppy(especially as Torchwood rates very well in the US.)to skimp on the presentation this way.The DVD extras are minimal(cutdown eps of Torchwood Declassified,and a few outtakes and bloopers).As there is a DVD of BOTH seasons for about the same price as Season 2,I'd reccommend buying that instead.
Torchwood is a worthy edition to any Sci-fi fan's collection.It's a flawed show,but a varied and interesting one.
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on 11 August 2009
It is amazing as there are lots of aliens and lots of action. I would definately recommend this DVD, I can't wait to see series 3.
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on 6 August 2008
This series is by far better than any other TV shows, I wish Torchwood will go on forever!
There is nothing more enjoyable than to come home from a busy day at JBS (John Bentley School - a secondary school - I am in year 9), switch on the telly and watch Torchwood.
I am usually so fixated on watching that I usually sit there for hours!

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on 2 April 2008
I honestly didn't think it was possible for me to enjoy series 2 more than series 1, but boy was I wrong! Series 1 was mainly Gwen and her development as a character, whereas series 2 shows us different sides to everyone - I loved the episode where they showed how all the team members joined up in the first place. This series had me in tears, laughing out loud, and really getting involved in storylines - you have to admire writers who can make you feel so many different emotions in one 50 minute episode!

Just a note to those viewers who gave the series only 1 star due to the gay scenes - if they put you off so much, why did you watch the whole series?! Even in Doctor Who, we know Jack is bi-sexual, so it can't have come as a massive surprise that the more adult Torchwood would have Jack exploring his sexuality. There is a hint in the broadcast time you know! Stop watching, and leave those of us who are broader-minded to enjoy this well-written and well-produced show.
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on 12 June 2008
Torchwood was originally a spin-off from Doctor Who about the character of Captain Jack Harkness. Since it's premier in 2007, I think it has really come into it's own, it's no longer a spin-off but a show in it's own right. It could well stand alone, should Doctor Who ever be taken off air, although I doubt that will ever happen!

Everything about Torchwood is brilliant from the acting to the alien concepts, although some episodes didn't quite please me, but everything else made up for that. Great job by the SFX team at Torchwood, along with the rest of the cast and crew. Superb acting by Burn Gorman and Naoko Mori in the series finale, i was weeping my heart out! This is definitely a show to rival our counterparts in America!
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on 20 April 2008
I really enjoyed the first series of Torchwood (even if it did have a bit too much sex in it) and was really excited about this second series.

Torchwood succeeds where Doctor Who stumbles, which is to create realistic storys and make them in such a way that is believable. I sometimes find that Who is too silly and unbelievable.

Overall, the second series is perfect. The first 8 or so episodes are fantastic, but a couple of episodes (namely Something Borrowed and From out of the Rain) are a bit rubbish. There is just something about them that isn't right. But then the series gets its act together with the last few episodes, espeically Fragments and Exit Wounds.

This series surpasses the last one mainly because it doesn't just rely on the sex, violence, gore and swearing as the first series seemed to. It has grown up into something much more mature and is up in the ranks of the best sci-fi series like Battlestar Galactica, Firefly and Stargates SG-1 and Atlantis.
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on 2 July 2008
Is it just me or is it that sooooo much of Torchwood is about Gwen??? Is it wrong to hate her for this???

Anyway, rant over. This was a truly wicked series (Even better than the first). Clever, Fast, Emotional, Tense, Exciting, Sexy, Sad, Funny. What more can you ask for??

In my opinion, I would ask for more on Ianto. He is my favourite character, with so much potentional, and yet he is mainly ignored!!

More Ianto and Jack too. They make a cute couple. Go away Gwen, you have Rhys!!!!

Anyway, second rant over.

Long Live Torchwood
Jack & Ianto forever!!!
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on 29 May 2008
It seems to bounce in different directions with each episode, but on the whole, another great series. More wonderful scripts, but why couldn't they kill off that screeching welsh harpie, Gwen?
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on 9 May 2008
Over all i tought it was a very good season, better then the first season. as in I liked it because of the story-lines and character delvelmoment (some eps made me cry, as well as in season one, if a show can make you cry or fell something about a character then i think that it makes it a great show, among other things.)
But i did notice that the feel of the show changed it wasnt as dark and adult like the first season, like the dumbed it down for little brats to watch. Plus some big changes happened, not going to say what just in case someone hasnt seen season 2 yet.
I have a felling because of this it wont be good when season 3 starts up, who knows maybe it will. As for the rumors 2 have come to pass, 1. two people leaving the show as well as making it 2. so younger viewers can watch it.

Also i hope the big guys or woman at the bbc notice this this last part, maybe they will see this and if the rumors are true about torchwood, maybe the wont frak it up as much as they would if the rumors are true. i wont watch it anymore, it was good the way it was!!!

As for Captain Jack leaving the show, only to be seen here in there, i hope it not true, you just cant take the main person and get rid of them or put them on the side line (YOUR NOT AMERICA, your BRITISH last time i checked. So if you want to FRAK up a show, if you take after us!!!, torchwood would not last is these rumors are true!!). I wouldnt mind of Martha jones joins up again, as for Rose (who is a GREAT character) frak just give her own show, as well as micky, who are rumored to join torchwood....
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