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on 17 December 2009
Forget the batteries...wind up and you're off...for a few hours anyway!!!!
This is the second light set purchased over the past year - one from the "bay" and one from here - Here was cheaper by a £:)
Anyway, i recommend this set easily for anyone young and ....the more mature among us.
The set imo is very bright - first purchase for my son and second for me/work) and provides pretty good visibility.
I wouldn't say it would be good for something such as trail biking but to get yourself seen it more than does the job. With steady on and intermittent flash modes front and back i would give the set a 9.5/10.
The lights are easily mounted and removed from their slots but when in use are also very secure - no wobbling or falling about and how long they last after one minutes winding i'm not sure but i can say it's a while - at least a couple of hours:)

The single issue i've had with the set was due to the cable - I found that on my lads bike, the cable got caught/rubbed a lot even although it was taped up and eventually snapped causing failure of the rear light.
Now, although the cable imo could be a little thicker, the problem was my lad - not really the cable itself so it's mentioned just so you know.

Overall good set and i would by one again - If it's good enough for me and mine - it's good enough for you and yours. Recommended 9.5/10

Oh and P.S.....ALWAYS wear a helmet...it only takes ONE fall as you only have ONE life...Trust me - i know!!!

Have a safe and warm Merry Christmas and a very sozzled New Year LOL
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on 21 August 2017
Long delivery time then sent out first class after estimated delivery date for some reason. Work well although link wire between back and front light could be longer.
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on 30 March 2017
Needs a lot of winding, runs out very quickly on constant beam, so have to use flashing.
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on 7 August 2017
Brilliant great buy
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on 11 April 2011
I read the reviews before I purchased these. It was a toss-up between these & a battery set from another reputable manufacturer. In the end, I am glad that I bought the Draper lights. They are well built & easy to fit. I like the rubber mounting for the rear light; this is a nice touch & makes the whole job fiddle-free.

The cable is just the right length; I taped mine to the rear brake outer cable. I figured that it would not sustain damage or be subjected to breaking, as logic said that the bike manufacturer would have installed the cables in the best possible places anyway.

Mine came ready-charged, so I just wound it for a couple of minutes & off I went. I was out for over half an hour & the lights were still going strong at the end of it. I like the way Draper thought of using the winding handle as part of the slide fixing: Nice touch. I expected the winder would detach, but (thankfully) it doesn't, so you don't need to worry about forgetting it. Both lights are very bright, too. The 'solid' light is excellent. Maybe it won't illuminate a dark road very well, but oncoming traffic should easily see it. The 'blink' function is really good: following traffic should see the 3 rear LED's without any problem, although I always use a second rear lamp for extra safety. The on/off switch can be a bit fiddly to operate, & Draper should look to improve this by fitting a switch that can be more easily operated with gloved hands.

The front light slides home on a guide. There aren't any clips to secure it, so I don't know if the light will slacken off after being removed a few times. If it does, I will update this review, but I think it will be OK. As I do a fair bit of off-road riding (which slackens teeth, never mind bike lights), I use the high tech approach: I secure the front light with a laccy band!! You can also use the front light as a torch when removed from the bike, which is a good idea.

The last comment is about a very nice touch from Draper: There is a small power outlet on the left-side of the headlight. This is for charging a mobile phone. There is a cable supplied, which probably won't fit your own phone (Murphy's Law), but what a great idea. I expect that cables could be sourced that would fit your phone.

An excellent piece of kit.

(NOTE) I wrote this review in April: it is now August & I have ordered a second set of these for my wife's bike because of the performance of my own set. There may be other wind-up lights available, but these ones are really reliable & the performance is first-rate. The elastic band is still fitted though!!
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on 11 October 2010
From having to buy new batteries for my bike lights every month and spending a fortune, I now have to only remember to wind up my lights before using the bike at night. I like the fact that winding up the front light, also lights up the back light. I cycle in a lit up area and am not sure if they would light the way sufficiently in a darker environment but they suit me.
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on 7 November 2011
Bought this set one month ago and I've been using it almost every day on my bike,

my experience:

it says: 30 minutes of bright light per 1 minute wind, it is true only when it is flashing. if you want to use it like a torch it will be steady only for 2-3 minutes.

I read here (before I buy it) that both front and rear lights will be off at the same time but mine is different!!! the rear light is still flashing when the front light goes off (after half an hour, which is not a disadvantage).

I am 100% happy with it.
Easy to fit/install,
No batteries needed,
high visibility (I would say from 150-200 yards),
removable front light (I can take it with me when I am away from my bike and the rear one does not work without it so it wouldn't be attractive for thieves).
Front light can be used as a standalone torch,
Good quality,
Good value for money,
100% would recommend it....
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on 9 January 2010
For something that is so simple it works a treat. i use my bike every day and these lights are very well made and bright(important bit!) the wind up saves on batteries good for the enviroment and my pocket, even being able to use the front light as a torch is brill.
would highly recommend these.
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on 5 December 2009
This has been excellent - holds charge well and gives a good light. Delighted with it.
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on 27 January 2014
I would have given this set up 5 stars but for one important shortcoming...the wire connecting the rear, red light to the charging unit is not long enough if a saddlebag / pannier top-bag / luggage is carried on a rear luggage rack. If the rear light is to be fixed on the seatpost which would seem to be the intended position, then the set up is fine, with nothing attached on any rear luggage/pannier frame.
BUT, if you have anything strapped/attached to a rear carrier frame the 'seatpost' red light is completely obscured...and therefore useless. In this case the rear light needs to be repositioned further back on the carrier frame...but this is not possible because the wire is not long enough.
I bought this set up for a tour in Scotland I intend to make when the weather improves, but short of cutting the connecting wire and inserting an extra 50cm of flex I can see no way that the rear light will be visible when my bike is loaded with rear panniers and a rolled-up bed mat on top of the rear luggage carrier. The existing wiring appears to be well and truly sealed in the units at both ends, so adding extra flex would involve significant disturbance of the connections...something I am reluctant to do.
So, in conclusion...a great product for a 'no luggage' bike journey, but no good if you have anything bulky strapped to a rear carrier.
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