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on 14 November 2017
Received exactly as described & game works fine. Prompt service to. Many thanks.
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on 18 April 2017
very good
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on 8 October 2016
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on 5 April 2009
I have had the pleasure of playing Gran Turismo 5 Prolugue which I thought surely would lead on to be the best car racer on Playstation 3. However, since purchasing this game from the developers Codemasters (creaters of the hit Colin McRae Rally Series), I have been totally stunned by the shear complexity and racing fun that this game has to offer. It is simply a stunner and in my opinion has a lot more to offer than Gran Turismo 5 as it stands at the moment. It also is more realistic having the inbuilt effects of every day driving and Fromula 1 (which Gran Turismo 5 doesn't offer). As you race you find other computer generated drivers make calculated mistakes as any other human being would. I find this makes the whole experience more realistic and gives you a greater challenge to overtake/dodge the other drivers. Unlike Gran Turismo you also slide/drift a lot more so you have to get used to counter stearing which takes some getting used to. You also have a greater range of cars to deal with from American Muscle cars to british/european cars to the Japanese Turbo Charged Drifters.
So there you have it - finally a car racing game to give the developers of Gran Turismo a run for their money and a game to either try to match or beat with an even better game program
The Game has also won the best car racer of the season in Top Gear Magazine and is rated 9/10 in Playstation Magazine UK
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on 29 November 2008
Over the last few years we've seen a lot of driving games. Some good, some decent and a lot of terrible games. The constantly improving Burnout series, in my opinion, still heads this race to become the GTA of driving games whereas other series, such as Need for Speed has spiraled into a pit of cheap and more importantly boring gaming and the long awaited Gran Turismo 5 is still very much in the works and promises to be another un-realistic yet car filled game - basically the FIFA of this genre.

And now finally we arrive at Racedriver: GRID. This was the first PS3 game I played on my crappy TV and I was blown away. The graphics are outstanding, the detail on the cars is staggering and are matched by the pure, fast and realistic gameplay. After I had settled myself into racing I tried out GRID World - which is the career on GRID. You start of with a beautiful (although crappy) old Mustang and have to earn money before you can enter it into any serious racing, so you must drive for other teams and get your reputation up. Once this is done, the game really begins. Racing your Mustang and buying new cars gets you into different races such as drift, touring, F3 and muscle car racing. The variation is incredible. Eventually you must hire a team mate, customize your car and gain sponsors. You also must earn licenses by completing races to be able to advance - which is far less tedious than GT.

To conclude I believe this is the culmination of the great driving series. It has the variety and customization of NFS, it is as spectacular as Burnout and has the depth of GT but despite this it still feels like its own game.

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on 6 April 2009
Guys - the bottom line is, just buy it.

Due to life/work commitments I'm kind of on the cusp between the serious gamer and a more casual alternative. Bottom line, I love Games but don't have the time to devote on harnessing skills to 'spod' level.

I've found GRID as challenging or accessible as you want it to be. Certainly the most appealing driving sim I've had my hands on so far (on any format).

Fantastic fun and mindblowingly sexy interms of visuals. Quite a claim for a game that's over two years old.

This game is to driving what COD4 is to shooters.
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on 5 June 2017
Dissapointed, it won't work properly will only play on arcade mode won't install the full game. Such a shame.
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VINE VOICEon 27 September 2008
The best racer available. Race Driver: GRID places its focus on actual racing, and injects a breath of fresh air into what was becoming a stagnant genre.
Simulation-heavy games like Gran Turismo & Forza are nothing like GRIDS arcade approach. In fact, its difficult to pinpoint exactly why GRID is such a good racer. Every aspect just feels refined and polished. It isnt perfect, but the closest thing available.

In the career mode GRID World, the aim is to climb the ranks. Simple aspects are introduced as the seasons progress, such as choosing sponsors and selecting a team mate. This is all done in a fashion not to overwhelm the player, and provides more objectives to chase than simply winning. Another great innovation in GRID world is the fact that progression is entirely dependant on the player. There are a total of 51 trophies to win, spread across Japanese, US & European racing. An almost unlimited amount of Driver Offers are also available, where specific criteria has to be met in order to win the cash.
Purists may complain there isnt more to tinker with (as all management is done above the bonnet); but this is all about fun.

Not every event in GRID has to be won. For example, if Drift isnt your thing then the whole section can be ignored and reputation points earned elsewhere. As your fame increases, so does your surroundings. Grids menu system is one of the most streamlined I've ever seen. Everything feels like a physical part of the world, viewed from inside the team garage. The whole thing is incredibly detailed.

One of GRIDs most innovative features is the ability to rewind crashes. A superb feature, again one that can be ignored, but helps prevent habitual replays. It doesent destroy the tension or that sense of accomplishment. The graphics are sensational, particularly in HD.
Just buy.
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on 8 June 2008
After initially disappointed with the effort that is GT5, I stumbled onto GRID. And wow does it do a number on the competition.

For a start, and like everyone else states, it's about a jillion times more fun than GT. There's so much going on in a single race, having to dodge computer crashed cars, debris on the track, walls of dust, the radio commentator telling you which driver is doing what. It's non stop race action.
It's tough though. Don't expect to becoming 1st place every race, but that's a good thing - finally a video game that offers a challenge with an equal amount of entertainment.

Someone mentioned that the crash system was pointless, and that crashing leaves you out of the race. That's incorrect, you can crash a fair amount of times before your car becomes a wreck. I won a race with only 3 working wheels at one point.
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on 15 July 2009
I love this game. The game looks great, and the tracks work well. I just play this with the regular gamepad, as to be honest, I think it works better with a gamepad than with a wheel. It's a great experience, it takes some getting used to but it is well worth it. One of the best features are the dramatic crashes and damage, something that so far Gran Turismo is lacking, and this is probably the most realistic damage systems I've seen in a racer.

The cars handle great, the tracks are realistic, Le Mans is fantastic, and don't believe what people say about the GT version being better, because it isn't, in my opinion. German Grand Prix earlier, that track is in this game along with a number of other real-world tracks. My only problem is that demolition derby, when you are in the lead, you always will get hit in a mid-air crash when going over the second jump in the course. Great racer. Anyone with a PS3 (or a PC if you get the PC version), get this game, you won't regret it
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