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Customer reviews

3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
Bye Bye Standby Energy Saving Wall Switch
Price:£10.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 26 February 2010
Never managed to get this to work with my Bye Bye Standby products. Tried everything. A friend also bought the same item and also never managed to get it to work. We are both very familiar with Bye Bye Standby products and usually have no problem setting this up. However, this has beaten us. HELP!
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on 11 December 2008
How incredibly handy this is.

Linked to two table lamps in awkward corners it has paid for itself twice over already in terms of convenience. No more crawling to get to sockets or clambering to reach the lamps. Brill.

Two slight drawbacks thus 4 stars. "On" is the top of the switch and "off" is the bottom - the opposite of all our wall switches.
Also the sticky foam pads are a little weak. Use your own higher grade items.
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on 28 November 2011
I'm as guilty as the next person of "forgetful moments" wandering off & leaving stuff on when it need not be, but decided some 4 yrs ago now to change for the better with a selection of Bye Bye switches, remotes & this panel switch..

Great success.

I recommend you set one up in a childs room by the door in order that as they leave their room to come downstairs for breakfast a vast chain of modern equipment (tv, pvr, freeview box, wii, xbox, projector hi-fi ...etc etc, can all be turned off without a moments bother or effort, & turned on as necessary when they decide to hunker down in their room at the end of the day.
It also means that at night you can cut the power for another (estimated) 8 hours whilst they're asleep, meaning that if a glut of stuiff is on it's for a limited time rather than 24-7.

my daughter then 4, (now 7) is smitten with the simplicity & has reminded me to add another for other aspects of kit ,she's the same anywhere else around the house & hardly needs reminding, hopefully this is ingrained & will avoid big unnecessary electricity bills & possible arguments later in life.
It's helped ground her sensibilities overall with regards to the environment & waste in general ....all at the flick of a switch.
I should mention that we have not had to replace the battery yet very low power requirements from a small inexpensive battery.

As we also use power monitors previously an "OWl" & now an "Onzo" we are able to really see the difference, ....& it's big!

The sticky pads are pretty useless to fit this to a wall, i'd recommend you don't trust them & simply screw the unit in place, a 5 minute job.

Prise the front of the rocker off to access both the battery & the wall mount.

I will be getting a few more of these based on the long service & robust nature of this product ..well done whoever designed this, the range is excellent!

Currently I have one of these wall mounted & 4 ((tiny)) remote control units to power my remaining units which are always getting lost.

This gives me a lot of re-assurance that whoever owns one (or more) can simply turn off the majority of a houses "ghost load" & really economise.
paid me back the initial set price within months & has really brought us together as a family trying to save electricity & improve everyones lot in a small way.
This item was a gateway to change for us, we now (thanks to the owl / onzo) use our dishwasher & washing machine timers for middle of the night when demand is low, (even though we don't ave night tariff for our electricity, it's easy once you start chipping away at little things.

Therefore this is an ongoing success, do buy one or two & think about optimal placement to save the most energy & for otherwise awkward access.

invaluable purchase, especially around computer "gubbins" allowing me to have the bare essentials on without having the laser printer & dymo, various chargers etc on unnecessarily.
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on 25 March 2010
I am very pleased with the switch; I use it to turn on and off a wireless TV link. The one switch operates both boxes which is very convenient.

The range is good (it is working well over a distance of eight metres and through one wall). The frequency is no where near Bluetooth or Wifi so there is no interference.

The instructions that come with it don't tell you how to get to the setup switches or change the battery so here is how you do it.

Press and hold the switch in the on position, you will see a slot on the bottom of the plastic rocker. Use a flat blade screwdriver in this slot to lever the rocker up and release it from the three clips. When you remove the rocker you can see the setup switches and the battery. To replace, locate it on the clips and push firmly.

Several suitable batteries are available from Amazon, costing between £1.99 and £2.99.

It is best to set the zone switch on all your Bye Bye Standby units to something other than "A" because one of your neighbours might might get some and start operating your devices.

The switch would have got five stars except for the lack of instructions.
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on 28 February 2009
Unfortunately our light switch is the other end of the kitchen and meant walking through the darkness to switch on. Not now:- just touch the top for on and the bottom for off. It can go anywhere and operates any of the bye bye plug in sockets.

I am very pleased with this.
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on 30 April 2009
I bought this so as to be able to "switch my home off at the push of a button" (their words) with a switch by the front door. But I can't.

The blurb says "Will control one address code (can be either individual or a group of devices)" BUT 'group' is used with a narrower meaning from that used for the sockets --- it can only switch (a group of) sockets that all have the same number.

The Byebye remote control in Bye Bye Standby Energy Saving Kit DOES have a group function, as do the sockets. This switch does not. So the only way of using it for the purpose I want is to give all sockets the same number and so lose all individual control. This isn't joined up design, nor is the switch having double the number of zone and number codes, half of which are of no use with the sockets that you can buy.

I agree wholeheartedly with the other reviewer who points out the lack of a manual over-ride on the sockets. And as another reviewer comments, this switch doesn't come with any set-up instructions.

It's really disappointing that such a neat little device suffers from some basic design flaws.
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on 18 January 2010
I bought one of these for my girlfriend to try and persuade her to turn things off more. A great wee gizmo, although getting inside it to change the ID being used with the sockets is a bit awkward, I was very surprised the battery was not accessible through a hatch in the back with the ID toggle next to it. Given how nicely the sockets are designed this seemed a bit cheap and nasty. However, once set-up and in use it seems to be excellent.
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on 7 February 2009
We turn our DVD player off at the wall so the standby light is not left on. Scrabbling around behind the DVDs became such a pain. Now we have an easy to reach, discrete switch on the wall. The only drawback was that the instructions didn't actually explain how to open this to access the settings. I had to use a little brute force and was relieved that I didn't break the thing. Now its set up, we are very very happy with it.
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on 31 May 2012
I use several of these around the house, plus use the additional remote with the red and green buttons.

I do like these, they are inherently very flexible and with so many devices on different codes etc I've never had any problems with them.

Setting up is a doddle. Just turn the dials on the sockets and on this wireless switch to the same number code and your ready to go. Best of all - no wires!

Setup 1
I have one one the wall in my office just above the light switch which is paired with a couple of the standby 3pin 4amp sockets. When I go in I switch on the two switches and all my office equipment is ready to switch on when I need it or starts powering up ready for use.

When I've finished for the day I press both switches off and all the devices are powered off with no worries about items being left on or on standby.

Setup 2
I have these to the kids headboard and linked them with a ByeBye standby socket to their night lights. Now they can easily turn on and off their night lights without going anywhere near anything 240v.

Setup 3
I'm probably just lazy but I do like it when I can turn on all the separate room and table lamps on and off with just one press. You just need to set the codes on the ByeBye Standby sockets to be the same code.

Setup 4
A bit sneaky this one, but add a standby socket onto your TV, and/or games console and place the wireless switch up high. For anyone with young children you'll know how soon they work out how to turn the TV on! This setup keeps the TV out of reach, well for a bit longer anyway......
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on 25 July 2010
Yeah, so, as the others have said, this can only control one device or several devices if they all use the exact same address. That is, for example, Group A Device 1. You can't switch all of Group A and you can't switch a range of devices. No.

Also, the most irritating feature of this is that the TOP of the switch is on and the BOTTOM of the switch is off.

That's the opposite of EVERY ROCKER SWITCH EVER and you will never hit the correct half the first time.

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